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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] To Love, To Heal 我站在桥上看风景


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Chinese title: 我站在桥上看风景 / Wo Zhan Zai Qiao Shang Kan Feng Jing
English title: To Love, To Heal

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 40


Broadcast Period: 1/23/2018

Novel: The View Over The Bridge (我站在桥上看风景) by Gu Xi Jue 


 Li Xi Rui

Jiang Chao

Jiang Hu



The usually bright teacher Xiao Shui Guang becomes depressed after losing her boyfriend. Because of an incident at school, she gets to know the older brother of one of the students Zhang Zheng Lan, who is the boss of a games company. Zheng Lan discovers that Shui Guang is the one who once gave him the idea for a game and starts to pursue her. He soon realizes that she closed herself off and thus promises her: “You protect your secret and I will protect you.”

Cr mydramalist

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To Love, To Heal 我站在桥上看风景Raw Episodes


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  • 2 weeks later...
52 minutes ago, angelangie said:


hahaha....did you watch 'My Mr Mermaid' ? i love the light hearted rom com :) 

Yes I did!!! I have a thing for half naked boys. Hahaha. It was a cute drama, the second leads were a little crazy, but apart from that I did enjoy the romance and everything. Especially my Qui Rui Feng... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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13 hours ago, kokodus said:

Ohhhhhhhh @themarchioness, look who is here!!!!! The cupcake boy!!!!! Hahaha. The synopsis doesn't really interest me... Well let's see...


Edit : Oh the second lead guy is Ouyang from Mermaid!! Nice nice. I liked him in mermaid. 


Yeah, I've heard about this drama as well but it's plot also doesn't really grab me.  It'll probably be a pass for me.


(For a second there, I got my My Mr Mermaid characters mixed up and thought you were talking about Lin Zhi, and I was going to say that is NOT what you said when we were watching.  :lol:)

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1 hour ago, themarchioness said:


(For a second there, I got my My Mr Mermaid characters mixed up and thought you were talking about Lin Zhi, and I was going to say that is NOT what you said when we were watching.  :lol:)

No no no no I'm not watching anything with vampire boy in it. Haha. 

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2 hours ago, angelangie said:




@kokodus u gotta admit RuiFeng is crazy and it kinda balance the scale a little with YiBai being so uptight and smooth :D 

Exactly!!! Yi Bai was too much of a goody two shoes type of guy, I have to admit that I felt he was a little boring. LOL. Rui Feng on the other hand is a cute brat, like a cute little adorable but gruffy puppy. Hahaha. I was more interested in Rui Feng and Yang Yang's loveline than the main couple. Sigh. 


I'm sorry for going off topic here. Haha. Oh and have you seen Fox's summer @angelangie??

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  • sugarplum892 changed the title to [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] To Love, To Heal 我站在桥上看风景
  • 7 months later...

I didn't think I'd like this but am surprised that I did:D


At least Shui Guang won over her future MIL & BIL LoL. I don't exactly condone the way the male lead approached her, as it seemed like he coerced her into a relationship by manipulating the fact that they're "predestined" ugh. Cringe. 

   I'm currently at ep. 21-22, and I don't get what the big  deal is with the accident etc. Jing Qin is a staple character in every drama it seems, & so freakin' annoying! Not liking Luo Zhi even if he comes across as some knight but he seems so...gloomy LoL?! 


Anyway it's a reverse of stereotypes as the male lead is doin' the pursuing & is actually hyper. The female lead is cold & depressed. The second male lead is dark, broody. Still the plot is sort of cliche. 


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