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[Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

Go Seung Ji

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SSK looks really pretty here.... better than her others drama... I hope KRW can make her show good acting... I don't say her acting is bad... just average and sometimes her face is so stiff....but she in the teaser looks so good, sometimes partner can make big different and positive vibes.. if you know what I mean :) I am looking forward this drama   

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Seo Ji Hye Transforms Into An Elegant Femme Fatale In “Black Knight” Stills


On November 24, KBS’s upcoming drama “Black Knight” released behind-the-scenes stills from Seo Ji Hye’s teaser shoot.

“Black Knight” is about a man who risks a dangerous fate for the woman he loves and stars Kim Rae Won and Shin Se Kyung as well as Seo Ji Hye in the lead roles.

Seo Ji Hye’s character, Sharon, is a fashion designer with a prickly and selfish personality. Despite her beautiful and youthful appearance, she often acts unpredictably and has in reality lived for over 200 years along with the character Jang Baek Hee (Jang Mi Hee).


The production staff stated, “Although Seo Ji Hye’s character Sharon has a lot of greed and selfishness, she’s not simply a character to hate. Seo Ji Hye brings out a lot of different sides of Sharon. Please look forward to her aura.”

“Black Knight” is slated to premiere on December 6 following the end of “Mad Dog.”

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  • Go Seung Ji changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2017] Black Knight 흑기사 - Kim Rae Won, Shin Se Kyung and Seo Ji Hye - Premiere on 6th of December

I just know about this drama recently and i'm soo looking forward to watch it.. fantasy-romance are soo my cup of tea beside sageuk-romance... plus kim rae won for the main lead totally makes it worth watching for me..he's sooo swoon-worthy~


Loving all the teaser so far.. all the beautiful scenery.. truly magical.. can't wait to see more~ there's just little things that being said about the drama so i'm curious for more of the storyline..


also there's nothing much but here's a short mv i make with just the 3 teaser..hehehe



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16 hours ago, nevill said:

hi knighters since the interface change im having a lot of problem posting am i the only one?

any way love the posters and teasers thanx everyone for posting, ajja fighting

hm ...i also sometimes have this issue . 

fighting !!!


3 hours ago, thea2410 said:

also there's nothing much but here's a short mv i make with just the 3 teaser..hehehe



thank you !! nice , nice ... :D



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More stills on our second lead -SJH


Gosh she looks stunning 








I dont mean to compare lol! but here are some new stills of SSK






cr https://twitter.com/KorenesiaCom


And the main cast poster release






Who's the short hair lady in the green coat?? :huh:


Nevermind I found the answer.. she's Rose Hee though Im not sure what her role will be. 

Credit  read Naver article - http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003184699

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Hidden truths and vague mystery in Black Knight posters




The posters for KBS’s Black Knight are pleasant on the eyes and carry a romantic, moody vibe, so I’m really trying hard to shake the Bride of the Water God flashbacks they’re giving me. Because we don’t want to jinx a show before it’s even begun, right? (Bride of the Water God was beautiful to look at, but oh my god so boring. Not an association I want to carry over!)

Perhaps it’s just the Shin Se-kyung connection, or at least I’m telling myself that, since she’s going from one fantasy-romance drama to another; Black Knight spans 200 years and tells of a pure-hearted man, played by Kim Rae-won (Punch), who fights a dangerous fate for the woman he loves. In the group poster above, the two leads are joined by Seo Ji-hye (Jealousy Incarnate) and Jang Mi-hee (Madam Antoine, Unkind Women), both of whom are described as playing characters who have lived for two centuries. Meanwhile, the copy reads, “Things that are seen, and things that are unseen.” That sort of seems like an unfinished thought to me, but I can see the mysterious air it’s going for.

The couple poster below, on the other hand, tells us, “A fateful love that travels through time to begin again.”




Each individual character poster also bears its own copy, with Kim Rae-won’s saying, “Because I’m your black knight.” (Note that his name, Su-ho, also means guardian. It’s a common name, but in this context I’m sure it’s no coincidence.) Shin Se-kyung plays a character named Hae-ra who keeps an optimistic attitude in the face of struggle, and her poster says, “If I meet you, will I be able to turn my life back?”




Seo Ji-hye plays a character named Sharon, a selfish and mysterious woman whose copy tells us, “What you see is not all there is.” And last but not least is Jang Mi-hee playing a character named Becky, which seems oddly chipper for someone with as commanding a presence as she has, and her poster says, “Everything must go back to its place.”




The drama certainly has my interest piqued with all its roundabout mentions of centuries-long lives and fateful relationships, and all of its promotional material has been picturesque and atmospheric thus far. Directing is PD Han Sang-woo of melodramas Equator Man and Unkind Women, both of which he worked on with writer Kim In-young. But more than those two dramas, I’m intrigued by her past credits, which include The Woman Who Wants to Marry and its charming follow-up, The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry, as well as rom-com Mae-ri vs. Dae-gu Battle and Women in the Sun. Her work has taken a more melodramatic turn in recent years, but somehow I’m reassured in knowing she can be funny too.

Black Knight will follow in Mad Dog’s Wednesday-Thursday slot beginning on December 6.


Via Dbeans

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