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Go Seung Ji

[Drama 2019] Different Dreams, 이몽

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Thanks guys for  updates, videos and photos... and above all, for keeping this thread alive. :) 


On 1/18/2019 at 1:02 PM, samecut123 said:

That preview is more than what we expected.LOL I was not asking for more than 2 minutes because I might be disappointed but this is really unexpected. Wow! I love the setting. I can't believe we'll still be waiting for months before the pilot episode. Nevertheless, we're really grateful we have that loooonnnggg preview as of now. :wub:


Yeah, it's a surprisingly nice treat from MBC that we got an actual trailer instead of 30s teasing videos with MBC logo and the drama's name appearing slowly for 10-15s. (as known as teasers :lol:). 

I have some thoughts from the trailer (I have no clue about what actors are talking, so they are just my guessing :) ):

1. Look like KWB is a cold-hearted, tough and somewhat merciless person in his job, which makes him perfect for it. I would clap if he turns more evil on the way. However, it's hard to expect or imagine sweetly romantic scene b/w him and LYJ (not that I expect anything... for now). Thanks God, we have heart-warming Fukuda. It's so pleasant to see him and LYJ scenes together. This ship would be ultimate ship later on in this thread, and I predict heart-aching shippers sinking with overloaded ship in the end

2. I thought LYJ was on the same game with KWB from the beginning, but look like they start as strangers (even against each other when KWB tries to kill her patient), then she gets along with him in the middle of his journey. 

3. I think the "Unnie" (the nurse or doctor whom LYJ addresses as Unnie) has important role in "inspiring" and "dragging" LYJ into KWB's path. I'm just not sure if she is on KWB's side, or sent from another force for a killing mission. She and KWB don't have any scene together in the trailer and they don't try to kill the same person, so it's hard to guess. 

4. I hope for more developments for Fukuda and LYJ's characters in the drama. KWB's character is almost fully built already... while I expect stronger reactions or expressions or changes from both Fukuda and LYJ when more truths are revealed. I guess because I'm a bit evil, I don't like 100% nice characters in this kind of dramas. 


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LYJ's back :)




The drama show deep difference b/w classes. One is modern and luxury, the other is like slumdogs, which MBC gets chance to utilize its period shooting site. If I were not in this drama's thread, I would think this is BTS from Queen Seondeok drama.





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Regarding to Unnie that LYJ referring to, I think she’s a doctor as she doesn’t have a white thingy on her head like the nurse above.  Looking at the other 2 images, I think it’s the same guy which both Unnie and KWB trying to assassinate.  Not sure if she is on the same side with KWB though.  I also think that Unnie could be inspiring/dragging LYJ to becoming the secret agent later.

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