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MBC Presents Different Dreams 이몽     Director Yun Sang Ho ("Saimdang, Light's Diary", Bride of the Century)    Writer Jo Kyu Won (IRIS, Po

April 17, 2019


HanCinema's News

Yoo Ji-tae Stills Released for "Different Dreams"


By William Schwartz HanCinema.net




On April 17th the upcoming MBC drama "Different Dreams" released still cuts of Yoo Ji-tae's character. In them, he can be seen handling a firearm and also riding a horse.

"Different Dreams" takes place during the Japanese colonial era of Korean history. The main character, played by Lee Yo-won, is a Korean doctor who was raised by the Japanese. Yoo Ji-tae's character, by contrast, is a Korean resistance fighter who through some specific means as yet unknown comes into contact with the doctor.




The new still cuts are intended to demonstrate that "Different Dreams" will be an action-oriented drama. Yoo Ji-tae's highly dramatic posing in the pictures has obvious heroic undertones. Saturday/Sunday timeslot notwithstanding the drama may be attempting to hit a filmic styled niche similar to that of "The Assassination" or "The Age of Shadows".




The production company behind "Different Dreams" has expressed strong confidence in Yoo Ji-tae's being well-suited for the role. They say he brings tough, manly charisma to the heroic life of a hot-blooded-hero. "Different Dreams" is expected to start airing sometine in June.


Written by William Schwartz




"Different Dreams" is directed by Yoon Sang-ho, written by Jo Gyoo-won, and features Lee Yo-won, Yoo Ji-tae, Lim Ju-hwan, Nam Gyu-ri, Lee Hae-young, Lee Young-sook. Broadcasting information in Korea: 2019/05/04~Upcoming, Sat 21:05 on MBC.

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April 16, 2019

"Different Dreams" Lee Yo-won Turns into Elite Physician

Source: OSEN via HanCinema.net




Still cuts of Lee Yo-won from "Different Dreams" have been released.

Her management released still cuts of Lee Yo-won from "Different Dreams", a special drama celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the forming of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea.


"Different Dreams" is an action drama taking place during the Japanese Invasion, and it is about a Joseon doctor named Lee Yeong-jin who was raised in the hands of the Japanese, and Kim Won-bong, the leader of a secret independence society.


Lee Yo-won plays Lee Yeong-jin, a Joseon physician who was raised in the hands of the Japanese, and a secret spy for the independence army.


In the stills, Lee Yo-won is wearing a doctor's gown and smiling towards someone. The white gown suits her perfectly and she looks like a real doctor.


In previous still cuts, Lee Yeong-jin was portrayed as the charismatic independence movement spy, which contrasts to these stills.


Lee Yo-won's transformation increases anticipation for her upcoming role as Lee Yeong-jin in "Different Dreams".

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Counting the day to welcome Lee yo wonshi acting:)

Thanks to my old pal,@QSD who devoted herself as number 1 fans of Lee Yo WonB)

I would cheers up this thread as well pal.

Can't wait to see her on white doctor gown again after long runs of  Surgeon Bong dal he..


Nice meet all old friends here:heart:

Vai...miss U


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