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Go Seung Ji

[Drama 2019] Different Dreams, 이몽

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MBC Presents

Different Dreams 이몽






Yun Sang Ho

("Saimdang, Light's Diary", Bride of the Century) 



Jo Kyu Won

(IRIS, Poseidon, IRIS2) 


Episodes:  40 


Broadcast Period

2019-May-04 to 2019-July-13

Saturday 21:05 (4 episodes back-to-back)


About the Show

Set in Kyungsung, while the country is under Japanese colonial rule, and Shanghai, China.

Lee Young-Jin is Korean, but she was raised by Japanese people. Lee Young-Jin is now a surgeon, but she becomes an intelligence agent for the provisional government of Korea. She gets involved with turmoil during the Pacific War.




Production Information 

Lee Young-Ae was first cast for the lead female role, but due to scheduling issues, she withdrew from the drama series.
Filming starts in October 2018.

The drama is being produced to mark the 100th anniversary of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea.



Lee Yo Won as Lee Young Jin

Lee Young Jin is a Joseon (Korean) surgeon who has been raised by Japanese parents.




Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Won Bong

Kim Won Bong is the leader of a secret society fighting for Korean independence




Lim Ju Hwan as Fukuda

Fukuda is a Japanese prosecutor. With good looks and elegance, he is a character with gentlemanly manners. Though he is Japanese, he protects his belief between Koreans and Japanese. 





Nam Gyu-Ri as Miki

Miki is a singer who works at Gyeongseong club house and captivates the hearts of many upper-class men. In the beginning, she doesn’t see eye to eye with Lee Young Jin, but after discovering the truth about Lee Young Jin, they become joined at the hip. However, Miki later finds out that the love of her life, Fukuda, is in love with Lee Young Jin, and she becomes a walking time-bomb overloaded with jealousy.



Yoon Jong-Hwa - Ishida
Lee Hae-Young - Hiroshi
Heo Sung-Tae - Matsuura
Jo Bok-Rae - Kim Nam-Ok
Park Ha-Na
Kim Joo-Young
Jung Sung-Il
Lee Seon-Jin



Source: Asianwiki | Dramawiki | Koreandrama 














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OCT 3 2017

Lee Young-Ae cast in drama series “Different Dreams”


Lee Young-Ae is cast in new drama series “Different Dreams” (literal title). Lee Young-Ae will work again with director Yun Sang-Ho whom she worked with previously in SBS drama series “Saimdang, Light’s Diary.” Story for “Different Dreams” will be set in the early 20th century, when Korea was under Japanese colonial rule. Lee Young-Ae will play lead female character Lee Young-Jin. She is a doctor, but becomes an agent for the provisional Korean government.

The screenplay for “Different Dreams” is currently being finalized and filming for the drama series will begin sometime next year.


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October 3, 2017


Actress Lee Young-ae cast in mystery period drama

SEOUL, Oct. 3 (Yonhap) -- South Korean actress Lee Young-ae is returning to the small screen with a mystery drama, a PR agency said Tuesday.


The script writing for the new series, with the title roughly translated as "Different Dream," has yet to be completed and the shooting will start next year, the Seoul-based agency The Tik Tok said.


Set in the Japanese colonial period of Korea (1910-1945), the series revolves around a surgical doctor named Lee Young-jin (played by Lee) who is adopted by a Japanese couple and later hired as a spy by the Provisional Government of Korea in Shanghai.


The actress last appeared in "Saimdang, Memoir of Colors." The 28-episode series was aired on SBS TV from Jan. 26 to May 4.


This photo provided by The Tik Tok and Elle magazine is of South Korean actress Lee Young-ae. (Yonhap)

This photo provided by The Tik Tok and Elle magazine is of South Korean actress Lee Young-ae. (Yonhap)



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Lee Young Ae Confirmed To Appear In New Espionage Melodrama


Actress Lee Young Ae is set to make her return to the TV screen with a espionage melodrama “Lee Mong” (tentative title).

Producer Go Dae Hwa, who has worked on multiple large-scale productions like MBC’s “Jumong,” KBS2’s “Hwang Jin Yi,” and SBS’s “Doctor Stranger,” will be teaming up with director Yoon Sang Ho, who was in charge of MBC’s “The Legend” and SBS’s “Saimdang, Light’s Diary.”

The new drama will be set in Seoul and Shanghai under the rule of Japanese imperialism, and will be a blockbuster espionage melodrama that follows Lee Young Jin, a surgeon who becomes a spy for the provisional government in Shanghai and gets thrown into the hurricane that was the Pacific War.

The drama will begin filming in 2018.

Are you excited to see Lee Young Ae return with a new drama?

Source (1)


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This drama sound so intriguing. I wish I know who the writer will be but I am going to watch. I like the genre and the actress in ther lead role.


Funny thing about this PD. After filming Saimdang, first he wanted to do a period drama from late Joseon and he wanted Song Seung Heon in the lead role and now, he has another drama in the works and he cast Lee Young Ae. :D

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Lee Young-ae as graceful international spy in Different Dream

by tineybeanie


Well, that’s a quick turnaround—actress Lee Young-ae, who is most famous for her titular role in the Hallyu hallmark drama Dae Jang Geum, has already confirmed her comeback project. Given her 13-year hiatus before embarking on her most recent drama, Saimdang, Light’s Diary, I was expecting we’d be waiting at least a couple more years before seeing her onscreen, but it looks like we might be getting more frequent visits to dramaland from Lee Young-ae in the future.

Called Different Dream, the drama Lee Young-ae has been offered is a period melodrama (which I think she’s more suited for, because her present-day plot line in Saimdang was a bit of a snoozefest). Set during the Imperial Japanese colonization era, the drama switches between Gyeongseong (present-day Seoul) and Shanghai to tell a story of a double agent. Although nurtured by Japanese adoptive parents, the main character is surgeon who is originally of Korean heritage. The synopsis doesn’t give us a clear idea of her allegiance, but she becomes recruited to be an intelligence operative, and is sent to spy at the Shanghai Provisional Government where she becomes involved in the center of the brewing Pacific War.


Read more http://www.dramabeans.com/2017/10/lee-young-ae-as-graceful-international-spy-in-different-dream/

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10 hours ago, jongski said:

Is this a true story? She will be a spy for the government? I like! Sound something I want to watch. I'm also intrigue. I want to see good cast. And hopefully network that airs full hour drama.


I don`t think it is based on a true story. I like that is is a period drama depicting the early 20th century and I did not see many dramas from that times. I also like the genre and I am so glad that we have a heroine as a double agent. I am very happy because is a female centric drama. Lee Young Ae is a very good choice. I really don`t care who will be her leading man/ men (I know they will make a good cast too) but I am wondering if Lee Seo Jin will be the one. Lee Pil Mo is a good choice too. What is doing Song Il-Kook these days?  Maybe they will bring a movie actor. So many posibilities. :) I am curious about the writer. I am hoping for a good script.


I am eager to hear more news about this drama.

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According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Different_Dream, "Different Dreams" will be written by Jo Gyu-won, who wrote the blockbuster dramas "Iris" and "Iris II."


I haven't seen Iris" and "Iris II," but from what I've read from Wikipedia, both are espionage dramas and consist of only 20 episodes. Could this mean that "Different Dreams" will also have 20 episodes?


Also, Wikipedia says about "Iris":


"The series was a critical and commercial success, with an average viewership of over 30% in addition to ranking as the top program consistently every week after its debut."


With a good writer like Jo Gyu-won, I'm sure LYA's new show will have great drama and slambang action scenes. LYA doing action scenes? That will be something to look forward to!

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On 08.04.2018 at 3:12 PM, jongski said:

this is still pushing through, right?  Is this going to air around same time like Mr. Sunshine? any other casting updates? 


I don`t know. I did not read about an airing date, no other information either.

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Lee Young Ae’s Upcoming Historical Spy Drama Reveals More Details 


More details have been revealed about Lee Young Ae’s upcoming drama “Lee Mong” (working title).

“Lee Mong” is an espionage melodrama that has been confirmed to begin airing in 2019. The airdate is in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the forming of the Korean Provisional Government in 1919, which is seen as the foundation for Korea’s government today.


The drama will take place in Gyeongseong (present-day Seoul), Manchuria, and Singapore during the time of Japanese colonial rule. “Lee Mong” will tell the story of the fight for independence led by spy leader Kim Won Bong and Korean-Japanese surgeon Lee Young Jin (played by Lee Young Ae). They will become spies for the provisional government that is based in Shanghai, and play an active role in the Pacific War.

Casting is currently underway for its main characters including Kim Won Bong, and the drama will start filming in the fall in Mongolia and Shanghai.

Since 2019 is the 100th anniversary of the government and the drama is about the heroes who devoted themselves to Korean independence, there is heightened expectation at home and from overseas.

Vice President Han Suk Won who recently joined “Lee Mong” after serving as the production manager of “Descendants of the Sun” said, “It looks like ‘Lee Mong,’ which is drawing a lot of attention at home and overseas, will be the first example of a global project in 2019. We will show you a high-quality drama that will be a suitable for the 100th anniversary of the nation’s founding that will be perfect for domestic and overseas audiences.”

Source (1)


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AUG 14 2018

Lee Yo-Won offered lead female role in drama series “Different Dreams”


Lee Yo-Won has been offered the lead female role in drama series “Different Dreams” (literal title). Actress Lee Young-Ae was first cast for the lead female role, but Lee Young-Ae and the production team decided to part ways due to scheduling issues. The drama series is scheduled to being filming this autumn in Mongolia. Filming will also take place in Shanghai, China and South Korea.

If Lee Yo-Won accepts her offer, she will play Lee Young-Jin. Her character is a Korean, but raised by Japanese people during the time when Korea was under Japanese rule. She becomes a doctor and also an agent for the provisional South Korean government. Yoo Ji-Tae has already received an offer to play the lead male role. Both performers are currently “positively considering” their offer.

MBC is in discussions to air the drama series May, 2019, but that has not been finalized.


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Lee Yo Won In Talks To Take Over For Lee Young Ae In Upcoming Espionage Drama

There are some changes being made to an upcoming drama.

It had previously been reported that Lee Young Ae would be appearing in the drama “Lee Mong” (tentative title), an epic drama with approximately 25 billion won (approximately $22.15 million) invested in production fees.

However, Lee Young Ae announced on August 14 that she has decided to withdraw from the project. Her agency stated, “After much deliberation, a final decision has been made to not appear in the drama due to many factors, including Lee Young Ae’s schedule.”

With Lee Young Ae stepping down from the project, it has been revealed that Lee Yo Won is currently in talks to replace her. Her agency was contacted and they responded by stating, “It is true that Lee Yo Won is in discussions to take on the leading role of the drama. She is currently in the process of ironing out the details."


“Lee Mong” will be an espionage melodrama that takes place in Gyeongseong (present-day Seoul), Manchuria, and Singapore during Japanese colonial rule. If Lee Yo Won agrees to the role, she will be playing Lee Young Jin, a beautiful, bright, and confident surgeon who dreams of saving the lives of many. Yoo Ji Tae is in talks to appear as the leading male role of Kim Won Bong, the leader of a group of spies fighting for independence.

The drama is scheduled to begin airing in spring 2019 on MBC.


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Lee Yo Won And Yoo Ji Tae Confirm Casting In Upcoming Epic Spy Drama
Aug 15, 2018
by notclaira

Actors Yoo Ji Tae and Lee Yo Won have confirmed that they will be appearing in the drama “Lee Mong” together.

The drama is being produced to mark the 100th anniversary of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea. It is written by Jo Kyu Won and directed by Yoon Sang Ho.


On August 15, a source from the production company stated, “Yoo Ji Tae and Lee Yo Won will be appearing as the main leads of ‘Lee Mong.’ The drama will start filming in October and is expected to premiere in the first half of 2019.”


Originally Lee Young Ae had been cast to play the female lead, but the actress decided to step down due to scheduling conflicts.


“Lee Mong” is an espionage melodrama that takes place in Gyeongseong (now known as Seoul), Manchuria, and Singapore during the Japanese colonial occupation. Lee Yo Won will play Lee Young Jin, a Joseon (Korean) surgeon who has been raised by Japanese parents. Yoo Ji Tae plays Kim Won Bong, the leader of a secret society fighting for Korean independence. The two characters become undercover operatives for the Korean provisional government based in Shanghai.



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