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Can't post/reply? Seem logged out but can't login? Read this!



The last couple of days people have been coming forward stating they're unable to post. At the top right, Soompi forums tells them they're not logged in but logging in is either not possible, not working or doesn't solve the problem.


If you're experiencing these problems, please send a mail to help@soompi.com and list the following:

- In the subject of your mail, write the following "Forum problem, unable to log in"

- In the messages, write your login name and the problem you're experiencing.

- Include the link to this topic in your mail as well as staff can collect all the people experiencing this


We're working on fixing these issues as soon as possible. In the meantime, please accept my apologies for not being able to post to the When You Were Sleeping thread (and other, less important threads). I feel for you, really! :( 

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@CamelKnight Sir, sorry for tagging you...but may I ask for your help in behalf of a friend of mine who is also a soompier? 

Her problem is, her existing Soompi account has "disappeared." She can log in using the same email and the same password, but the account that opens is a newly-opened account with her same username, but all her previous posts in forums and all her pm conversations are gone. Her profile is that of a newbie who is starting from zero. It's like her account has been deleted,,but she has not made such a request! 

Her username is sejabini, sir. I am making this plea for help as she is right now so despondent with Soompi, and I don't want her to leave Soompi with bad memories in her heart. I know she enjoys being in Soompi so much and it would be such a "waste" for her to leave just because of this. She is not so much concerned with the lost reputation points as with the loss of her pm conversations with her newfound friends, myself included. It really appears in my pm - that our conversations vanished, yet, none of us has left the conversations... 

Can it really happen, sir? For an existing account to just be deleted without any request being made? Can it still be restored?

I hope you can shed light on this, sir. Thank you so much for your kindness...

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4 hours ago, HL12 said:

just for your record keeping. I cannot read comments nor open the forum box anymore for weeks.

This problem has been fixed long ago. As such, you are most likely experiencing something else.

Can you try removing internethistory and cookies from your browser? You only need to clear those related to Soompi. The rest shouldn't affect your browsing here.

After that, close your browser and restart it. That should fix your problem :) 

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6 hours ago, CamelKnight said:

@Eun-San That really shouldn't happen. It seems a problem with our database and it's not something I can solve. However, if @Sejabini mails to help@soompi.com, they should be able to restore her account.

Thank you very much, sir! You have given us hope... Our eternal gratitude...:love:

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