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Something's wrong with page 85 of "While you were sleeping" . I already logged in. My username and avatar is supposed to appear in the upper right side corner but it says Existing user? Sign In and also Sign Up button was there.

But when I turned to next page my username and avatar appears.

Then I went back to page 85  it's back to: "Existing user? Sign In" and Sign Up button.

I tried page 84, the user name and avatar is there but clicked to page 85 it's same as before.

Is there something wrong with my account or the soompi forum page?

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31 minutes ago, MadraRua said:



It happened to me too but on the main forum page it was showing as 'Log in Existing User'. Can you further explain the problem? For instance, were you using the Mobile or Desktop platform and did you try clearing cookies and cache?

I was using desktop computer at first I didn't clear the cookies and cache yet, the page 85 was showing 'Log in Existing User' then when I tried clear cookies and cache, it's still appearing. 


But several minutes later My username and avatar appeared. It happened sometime before in few forum threads / pages:


Another thing is at that time when it was showing 'Log in Existing User' (though I'm already logged in) , when I clicked it goes to my email address settings link  https://www.soompi.com/login/?action=profile

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