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[Drama 2017-2018] Backflow / Reverse, 역류

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Episode 23 Recap:


DB continues the line (which was edited in E22 for suspense) as "Chae Yu Ran, it is just for my Jun Hui's sake that you were even born, right?... I know you the most, Ms. CYR. Isn't that right?".  Basically nothing too bad, though weird. CG comes and helps take him inside, and IY apologizes to YR for the trouble, on DB's behalf.  CG leaves, saying it's the first time that he is seeing DB in this shape. HM tells BS that DB may not be quite fine, even though BS said things were fine after his chat with DB. BS asks her not to worry. Getting drunk is just how men can sometimes be.


IY is also seeing DB in this shape for the first time, as she tells JH. After he goes to his room, she looks at a passed-out DB and says. "I thought I was the only one having a hard time... What is the pain that you carry? I may possibly cause you more pain. So please get better, so as not to get hurt then" (she is actually caring for the guy a bit, I suppose?).


YR wonders if DB meant that she has been clinging too much to JH, but JH says it's not like that. He was just drunk, that's all. She doesn't know what it is, but something is making DB upset/sad. JH: It's because of all the work he took up from me all this while. YR thinks that JH is a stronger man than his brother. She has read somewhere that it is the weaker people who act like they are strong and powerful, but the truly strong people have no need for that. Like JH, she says. JH: "Really?" YR: "You didn't know? You are really a strong man". JH: "My brother is really not a weak man. He was just drunk today". YR: "Is that so? Then fine."


DB wakes up and IY was sitting by his bed on a chair. She says he was drunk and groaning all night, so she sat there and fell asleep. He says sorry but she doesn't want him to keep saying sorry. HM brings some honey-water and was surprised to see that IY was sitting there all night. She sends her to get some rest and sits down to talk to DB.


HM asks if something is troubling DB and he says no. Dad isn't making you sad, is he? No. She wants him to not be scared of his dad and tell him if he has anything to tell him. Then BS suddenly asks her how it was for her, after giving birth to him. She was a little surprised at the sudden question (but not rattled at all). He says it's because he and IY have no idea how it would be after they have a child. HM talks calmly, like any real mother would, about being scared, as she was just 25 years old. "When I saw you looking at me with your yearning bright eyes, it gave me the strength to do my best". That is how I became a mom. Once your baby is born, you both will experience such a moment too. (There was not even a minor hint that she isn't the real mother in how she talked). DB just holds her hands.


JH tells his dad that he wants to hand over the Hanbit Apartments work to DB. BS sits him down and asks if he is physically fine. He says yes. Then BS starts on a tirade about when he will stop being a follower of his brother, and what use his abilities are if he isn't willing to put it to use. "Its a problem to be like DB and reckless in doing things, but... if you are like this, doing this and that, you will lose out on what is right in front of you". (now we see DB listening outside the door). JH: "The VP spot having gone away, my brother really needs this project". DB: "On him, I have other plans. You just worry about your own work!".


IY comes and breaks up DB's eavesdropping activity. They will both leave for work now. Later, JH recalls something else BS said, probably after DB left. "Only if your Hanbit project is a success, can you and I survive. For Taeyeon's and my sake, whatever it takes, make this project a success. It's your assignment". He wonders what BS is thinking. And in his office, DB  recalls BS saying he has other plans for DB and that HJ should just worry about his work (but DB is probably taking that line the wrong way, as he always does).


IY has a list of partner firms and contractors of Taeyeon in the Yanpyeong area. She calls the boss of a "Myeongsang Wood" and asks if they know of a Kim Sang Jae (her dad) who was at a "Yeong Min House" (which must be the villa's name). He doesn't know, so he crosses that company out from the list. She gets interrupted by CG, who just asks if DB is doing okay, and tells her that he is so glad such a warm person with him. He then gives her some banana milk and leaves. Haha!! (and we find that it is the same banana milk that BS was amused about, in his office earlier - so that was also from CG!).


BS has called DB to his office. DB says that it wasn't because he was upset that he got drunk last night. He just drank too much, as he was happy to go drink with JH after a long time, that's all. BS again brings up Hanbit apartments, and DB again insists that JH is just telling BS that he can do it so as to not make him worry, though he is still not healthy enough. BS says he asked JH again and that he still says he is fine with it. BS: "So I talked about sending the project back to Dir. Pak to assign. But you are too busy with the Paju project, right?". DB is hopeful now. "no, I can do both". Now BS turns the table on him - "Then just help JH from behind". And DB is downcast, just as before. "I will do so", he says.


YR tells HM that she's done arranging the part-time volunteers for their function. HM jokes that the office manager will be nervous when she gets back, not that YR is doing all these things perfectly. YR says she was only finishing what the office manager had set up. They sit down for a chat and first thank each other for how nice it was thet they met, and she helped JH, etc. Then she says she is concerned about the big project that JH is taking up. He still rubs his eyes sometimes and gets nightmares. The doctor has warned that it will be very tough if any side effects starts now. HM says she understands. "Boss" calls, and she says it is spam.


DB is at the river bank, thinking, "is this some blind trust that is only towards the real son? What if he finds out that I know of my being an adopted son?"... He just shakes his head. And YR's red Mini Cooper drives up. She complains about the near-disaster he caused last night. She can give up on $3 million and go away, but he has a lot to lose. If it is found out that DB brought her to JH, he will be finished. DB: "You learned this only now? Yes, I will be finished if that happens. So do your job right". He shows her a news report that is going to come out, about Taeyeon group family's younger son dating and getting ready to marry the granddaughter of "Mrs. A, reportedly a big player in the US Korean community". The news talk about them meeting during his hard time after an accident, and ends saying that it is an alliance of Taeyeon with "a big real estate tycoon in the US". He says the news will come out tomorrow. YR: "No. What if my identity is found out to be fake?". He says he has a plan on all that. She just needs to take JH and leave for the US.


The usual time-filer scene at the Herbal medicine gift shop. The delivery guy thought CG was the boss. The real boss was out doing some rounds to generate customers. So she says, but CG knows that she was at the sauna getting a facial or something. Anyway, nothing important.


DM brings some fruits to JM who is studying a book titled "Community Nutritional Science" (지역사회영양학, if I heard it right). DM asks what it is. He gives an academic definition and DM goes, "sounds tough!" for a laugh. He says it's fun to study it. DM wants him to go with her to see IY, who is supposedly in town on a quick trip and has only a little time to see them. He finds it weird not to tell Mom and get her to go too. DM tells him that IY has something important to tell him that they should keep as a secret from Mom. And CG comes in. DM asks her to not let the aunt over-work her, as the aunt likes to goof off.


DB is on the phone with is private investigator. "Find the man who took Pak Du Sik's child. Also find the junior friend of PDS who had left the crime scene. That guy needs to be found, before they can figure out if he was a partner in crime, or not". 


IY comes in to say that she has to meet a former colleague for dinner. She brought a file with her just in case anybody asked why she was in the bonbujang office. He asks her to take her time.


YR is at the front of the office building, recalling the news article that DB said will come out tomorrow. JH calls, and she says she will come up soon to his office. IY walks out saying "Da Mi, where are you?". YR hears it.


IY tells JM that he had gotten hit. DM says the cops had confirmed it, and that his wallet and phone were gone. IY tells him that he had suspected of a company stealing their father's ultrasound technique and killing him. JM: Which company?.  IY: "Taeyeon"... and she looks at DM and lies to him that they didn't do it (to prevent him from further investigation, I suppose). She had checked and they had the scheme already before that. She just wants him to get back to studying and forget about it.


YR is near the restaurant. JH calls to ask where she was, and she lies that her shoe's heel broke and she had to repair it. She sees DM and DM saw her too.


DM and IY talk. IY: "Did you get home safely?" DM: "Yeah. And you? Got to the strangers' house safely?".. That makes IY laugh. DM thinks JM believed what they said. DM then asks if she had told that she had earlier seen somebody just like SoenHwa (YR's old name) at Daehak-ro. IY says she hadn't.  (Actually she didn't say that she just saw her - maybe because she was less sure today than earlier, but decided to tell her now about the earlier encounter anyway). IY asks how she looked. DM says her hair is now long and wave-permed (sorry, I know nothing about women's hair care, but that is what I heard). The face had makeup, so she is not sure, but the lips were just the same, like it would move the same way whether she is smiling or crying, about which she used to always  complain to SeonHwa those days.


YR is in her room - "Da Mi wouldn't have recognized me, would she? Looks like she has been doing well".  Then she remembers an old restaurant scene of DM telling her not to smile like she does. SeonHwa or IY is then telling her to watch her own lips first, because if she opens them, it's like she is ready for a fight. DM says its because other kids say it about SeonHwa and she feels bad for her.  DM: "If you are angry, just yell. Don't smile".  And SeonHwa says with a smile, "okay, I will do that". DM: "Look, she is doing it again"... So on... Anway, IY got upset that DM was getting on SH's case and walks out. DM goes to her and apologizes. IY asks her to show her angry face. They take a picture of the angry faces. Then she asked SH for a smiling face, and they take a picture of their smiling faces together. On a flip phone!...


YR gets a smile, and does her characteristic hand-caressing of one side of her face.

IY comes in, to call her to come out and eat some fruits. YR turns and looks at her with her hand on her cheek, slightly teary eyes, and a hint of a smile on her face.  (The End).

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Episode 24 Recap:


IY recalls YR's old habit of caressing one side of her face with a hand. She recalls what DM was saying about SeonHwa's smiling habit also.  She just asks if YR is doing okay, and leaves though. YR wonders if she would have recognized, and about what IY was talking to DM about, at the restaurant. She says to herself - "the moment my identity is found out, you will be in the same danger as me, IY".


DB is recalling the old lady talking about a young man coming and taking the baby, saying he was the dad's younger brother. IY comes in saying she was bored and wanted to kill time. DB gives her a foot massage. She wants to know how YR met HM, when she is from USA and has no friends in Korea. Was she introduced by somebody?. No, says DB. He gives the whole story. HM's bag was snatched when she left a bank and YR went after the thief to get the bag back for her. IY is surprised - "she is great. I didn't know she was capable of that!". So did she then get close to HM?.. No. They again met accidentally at the hospital after JH's surgery. She went to his room many times to chat and they all got close, becoming a friend and like a daughter to HM during that tough period. IY still says she is surprised how YR likes all the Korean food, and doesn't behave like a US girl.


YR again asks for that dried yellow corvina dish, and IY says she will get it for her, and that YR won't be able to find the place to go get it herself even if she told her. IY is surprised that YR likes it, when the taste is never to foreigners' liking. YR gives some grandma excuse. The 4 of them have some small talk while eating. Nothing important.


JM calls DM and hears the phone ring in her room. He checks the phone, as he wanted some app for finding temp jobs or something. He happens to see the picture of CG. DM comes home with some ice cream and he asks her to show how to find a temp job. Mom and DM want him to get back to school. He doesn't want to. They ask why he doesn't want to finish school and join the food industry like he had always said. He says he would rather become a nutritionist or a Korean food cook. Mom says she has enough money to handle his one year of remaining school study. He feels bad that his sister is working so hard, so he wants to work and earn some money too. Mom gets a bit upset and goes in without even eating her ice cream, and DM chides him for causing that. She wants him to also go back to school even if he starts doing some work. Then JM asks her about the man in the picture. She gives a lie that it is a 37 year old guy that she was supposed to meet for a "sogetting" set up by her friend Kyeong Min (a name used by DM and IY  many times, but we haven't seen this lady. "Sogetting" is from the Korean word "Soge" (소개 = introduce) and the English word "meeting". A date dinner arranged with marriage ideas). The guy is supposedly very rich, but DM finds him too old and ugly. Haha.


DM talking to IY about JM finding that picture, hiding inside a bed-sheet, as though that offers some sort of total sound-proofing. IY wants her to erase the pic if she remembers his face anyway. She says she already erased it, but what if JM gets the memory back that it was CG who hit him, and asks her about the picture he saw. IY says it may not be CG, for all they know, but wonders to herself, "if Mr.Jang is not the criminal and had nothing to do with the hit, then why is he tracking JM??". When told about JM's plans to not go back to school, IY says she will talk to him. The landlord aunt comes home and they get interrupted.


If the aunt is on screen, that means we get a time-filler scene.  Some stuff about putting on facial mask and then the aunt want to sleep in SGs room. I will skip the details.


IY is in bed remembering various scenes with YR. I suppose they have never shown that she was 100% sure that YR is her old friend SeonHwa (To be fair, she has not got any clinching proof on YR, like YR got when she saw the scar on IY's back and then saw Da Mi).


DB can't find one of his gloves and IY tells him that she will buy him gloves. He wants to wear a single glove, so that she will not forget her promise. They go downstairs and HM asks him not to forget their charity bazaar the next week. It is from 10 to 5, so  coming there during the lunch hour is fine, says YR. They will do so, promises IY. Then the mom sees that he has only one glove on. YR says nothing when DB says he lost the other one. DB is happy that IY will buy him gloves when she gets her salary. HM jokes if he will go with one glove till she gets her salary. He may have to, says DB.


JH is having a team meeting. Ms. Ha has set the time for the Hanbit Apts site visit for 4 pm. Mr. Yun is supposed to go with him, but IY also wants to. Mr. Jo thinks the chief designer should naturally be there. JH says it will be cold so he can just get pictures. IY says she has done site work on worse days, and this is nothing. So Mr Yun and IE will go with JH.  And somebody comes in to tell JH about the dating/wedding "fake news" that just hit internet. The chairman has sent the guy to call JH over.


The staff is on to the news story too. They wonder if the beautiful woman who came the other day was the one, and if they would get married before DB does, etc.


YR is out shopping, and buys a pair of gloves. 'Boss' texts - "The news is out. Get ready". And HM gets a call from BS, asking her to come to the office with YR right away. He will tell why, once they get there. YR comes in saying she was out looking for a  place for food for their function or something like that. She has contracted a good place. She offers to get some tea for her, but HM tells her that they have to go to BS' office.


BD joins HM and YR in the elevator and alerts them about the news story on an impending wedding of JH and YR. He says their PR team is taking some steps, and asks HM not to worry. YR sends a text to him standing right behind, with a wry smile on her face. After they leave, DB reads the text - "You satisfied now?". He replies - "I need output to be satisfied. Stop joking around and do your job". (아웃풋 - Output, said here as ah-woot-pooss, is Konglish. He means "I need results")


HM, YR and JH are in BS' office. JH shows them the story. The PR team is working on it. But HM is very concerned about "Mrs. A" hearing about it, and needs to take a headache tablet. YR goes to get water from BS' desk and finds a medicine bottle there, like she had seen hidden behind the picture on his shelf at home.  YR says it's better not to tell her grandma, and JH agrees. BS: "YR, you must be really shocked". Yes, says YR.  Outside in the corridor, she tells IY that she is actually happy - "anyway we are going to get married, you know. So it's not fake news after all". JH doesn't look too happy.


BS tells HM that they'll wait and see how things turn out. She is more worried about JH's health, that YR is worried about too. The new project may be hard on him, but he may not be saying it to Dad. BS repeats that JH seems to be just fine. She is just worried about his getting surgery complications again, which will  make things hard. HM wants him to think about having them marry and go to the US. She says BS won't let him rest easy if he remains here. He asks if she can be away from JH. She will just have to handle it, and travel to see him, she says. BS asks her to not even dream of it.  DB comes in and tells BS that there will be no follow-up story. This was a story by a reporter who followed JH's accident story and heard some rumors, that's all. Nothing to worry, he says. Since it is not really false news, there should be no problem. BS says he is not worried about the article, but is curious about who wrote the article.


JH finds IY taking a coffee break in the corridor. She asks if the sudden news surprised him. BS says it's YR who was more surprised. IY: "I'm told she was by your side during a hard time". JH: "Yes". IY: "The one who is by your side at the hardest time, is said to be a real friend". JH: "Though I know that in the end it was only YR who was with me, this isn't easy". IY: "By any chance, is it because of that person?... the dream house..."  He doesn't answer and IY gets up saying, "I'm sorry. I just got a feeling if it wouldn't be that woman. I suppose it's not her."  She gets up to leave, when JH says, "You're right that it was her... The one who brought light to me at my hardest time. And so the one that is still in my mind". IY: "But she... left you, didn't she?... And YR is the one who is with you till the end". JH looks down. IY: "YR, however you look at it, is very good match for you."


It's time for the Hanbit Apts site visit and the staff is wondering if somebody should go and remind JH. Then JH comes out and they are off. At the site, IY says that interior structural alterations seem to be necessary. Mr. Yun thinks a complete demolition would've been nicer,. Any part-by-part demoliton-repair will be too much of a racket and dangerous too. IY says this would be the kind of place to use their new ultrasound drilling techniques. Mr. Yun agrees. JH comes by and says they will go in.  IY asks JH about the "ultrasound technique developed with a Chinese company". JH says, yes, but it failed on site use due to depth and accuracy issue. So, is it a shelved scheme, asks IY. JH: "No, but perhaps the technical issues can be--" and he gets interrupted by the sound of a window screen falling. He holds IY and moves her away from the path of the falling object.  They stare at each other - tears in her eyes and some sort of "I found you" look on his face.  (The End)

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10 hours ago, UnniSarah said:

@jayakris.... Thanks again for the translation chingu :heart:.... :heart:


You're welcome, @UnniSarah... I just wish I could do shorter recaps.  Normal daily dramas would probably allow it, but this one seems to be different.  This is more carefully written, and a lot of the story dynamics seem to be in conversations.  The little twists and turns that come from that is what is interesting, rather than big events happening. So if I skip details in the conversations, it would not make sense for everybody to figure out what is going on... Hopefully I will continue to have time to do longer recaps, but once January comes and I get busier at work and travel, I may have to skip more and do quicker recaps on many days.


We have caught up to 24 of the 35 episodes aired so far, after starting 27 episodes behind. That is the good news...

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Episode 25 Recap:


The hug and stare. JH's relieved look is not from any "I found you" feeling but because IY and the baby are safe, he says.  [Don't we hate it when dramas do this to us; but of course we knew they would!]


It seems the window screen did fall on JH's head. They're at the hospital and he needed some stitches for a cut. He tells the doc that he didn't feel dizzy or anything, so all is fine. JH sends Mr. Yun back to the office to tell him what happened, and goes home with IY.


IY tells the chief maid that there was an accident during a site visit, but JH says there was nothing big. The maid wants to call HM and tell. She doesn't want her to find out later and get upset. IY wants call HM, but JH wants to tell her at dinner time.


IY wants to let at least YR know, but JH says no, as she is with HM who will get concerned. IY is sorry that she asked to go for the site visit. HJ asks why she should be sorry; it was a window screen that fell on him. IY: "But you got hurt trying to get me away". JH: "Wasn't that better that I got hit? What if you and the baby got hurt instead?". He doesn't want to tell that she was also at the spot where the screen fell, to keep her out of trouble and prevent everybody from asking her to stop working, as he knows how tough it was for her to start working again. She grumbles but he says he will handle it and she should just stay put. He jokes - "it's an order from your work boss!"


BS rushes home and runs in like somebody died, to check on JH. DB is right behind him. I am just fine, says JH. They even took an MRI at the hospital just to make sure. JH asks DB to go check on IY who was with him and must have got shocked. The dad is still visibly shaking. He feels bad for getting him to work hard, and asks JH to tell him any time he finds things hard, and JH says he is just fine, again.


IY says she hasn't called HM yet, and BS thinks it's better not to call. She will only be scared that it was some big accident. DB says he will call CG back just in case, and will go back to work. He gets outside the house and texts YR - "JH not in great shape, from an accident. Keep it quiet from Mom".  YR gets worried and he sends another text - "Use it as the excuse to go away". HM brings some coffee and YR doesn't tell her anything.


HM comes home and hears from IY about it.  She says she was also at the site and apologizes. BS comes out and says all is fine, but HM is so mad at him that she doesn't say anything and goes upstairs (TERRIFIC acting by the lady, the dad, YR and everybody through this whole sequence, as I notice).  In JH's room, YR is really upset and crying.  HM comes in and JH apologizes for making Mom and YR worry.  HM then goes to her room, and BS asks if she is upset at him.  He doesn't want to even talk. He says he thought a lot when he rushed home today. About the time when JH fell from the mountain and he thought it was not as serious as it was, etc. HM says that's all in the past. She doesn't want to even think about it.   Then she just breaks down, sobs, and starts going after him (in a perfectly acted sequence!). "Why does the company come first for you every time, rather the children? The moment you heard that the surgery was successful, you started your plans on bringing JH back to the company. Didn't you? When you never cared when they were small, I thought you were just busy and that it was because I was there. Once they grew up, rather than be a father to them, you were always a task-master teacher, testing them and teaching them lessons, and then their company superior. Didn't I ask you to wait just a bit more before his return to company work? (crying) You may be thinking that such a tough time may make JunHui better and stronger, but... I don't think like that. JH was always a strong boy. And he was down from a big accident. No matter it is you doing it, I just do not want to see my son being made to suffer like that again." She slumps down on his stool, and BS can't even open his mouth.


IY recalls JH's tender and caring behavior earlier at the accident site. She can only cover her face. DB comes in to ask why she hasn't eaten yet. Then she tells him that it was because of her that JH got hurt, while trying to save her from the window screen. He had told him not to tell the parents, for her sake. DB interrupts her and says "just do as he says", surprising IY a bit. He asks if she is fine, and she says she is, except for a scare.  He goes to his room, looks at the picture with JH, and recalls JH telling him - "you are my one and only brother; of course I would trust you. Brother, you were my idol. Wherever you went, I wanted to follow you. Whether its was a good place or bad, coming with you is what I thought I had to do." (about running away from home once).  DB says - "you affectionate rascal".


The filler scene with the aunt. She is sleeping in SG's room again because the heater isn't working in her room, and I think she is trying to save money by not repairing it. Something like that. She annoys SG but SG seems to like her too. Except that H snores and so SG can't sleep. IY texts and they have a chat. She says there was an accident at work today and somebody got a little hurt. She misses home and wants to coe back. Nothing serious.


DB wakes up after a nightmare (or true memory) of seeing himself running through the woods and then looking at his own hands, upset at himself as we hear a desperate scream from somebody.


YR doesn't want JH to go to work. He asks how he can just sit at home and never go out. She says it's just for a day, as the parents are really not doing well.


DB is at work recalling IY telling him that JH got hurt while trying to save her and the baby. Mr. Jo comes in. He says JH hasn't come to work yet. There are bad rumors in the company that JH was in an accident yet again. "I spread the rumor all over, just like you wanted". And DB asks, "When did I ask you to spread rumors?".  Now Mr. Jo says that he thought that would be what DB would want, as he was concerned about JH's health and wanted him not to work too much. What has that got to do with the fake news story, DB asks. "Just watch what you say".  He leaves, wondering how he can suck up better. (It is curious how the drama portrays the interactions between these two. Mr. Jo seems to do things knowing what DB wants, but DB actually never tells him to do his dirty jobs. Very nicely written).


Mr. Yun asks IY if the medical tests showed anything wrong on JH and she says no. If so, then why is there a rumor that something fell from the rooftop and affected his eyes again, wonder Ms. Ha. IY says it's not so. Mr. Yun corrects Ms. Ha that it's not from a rooftop, but from a window. it's not the eye but his head. Ms. Ha says she knows it, but was just telling what the rumor was.  And JH comes with "dabang" coffee.


Mr. Jo comes in saying, "Ah, with the Team's superior leader not here, am I going to have to shoulder heavy burdens? Everybody, let us pull together and do our best even without our Division Chief here".  And Ms. Ha gives him some coffee saying, "this was specially bought so as to take off the burdens that you shoulder, by our superior division chief, Mr. Kang".  Haha.


The chairman asks his secretary to let him know if JH has come to work or not. DB comes in to say that he is hearing all these rumors in the company that JH's accident was much worse than it was, in an attempt to basically make things look more serious to the chairman. And JH walks in with good cheer on his face. BS asks DB, "do we need any more proof? When he is healthy like this, the rumors should just rest". JH asks what rumor it is, and if there is any problem because of him. We see nothing further.


At the Moojoo Cheonma shop, the aunt tells SG that she wants tp be a tenant under SG, who wonder how the owner want to be a tenant. Some stuff like that. (As usual, I am not paying attention). Basically she wants some money to repair the heater or something like that. Skip...


DM and JM are looking for temp jobs on the laptop, but the one she found is too far away in Incheon. SG comes in with the old-fashioned newspaper ads. DM and Jm surprised that she now wants to look for a temp job too.


YR goes to HM's office to say that she is getting off work with JH. She wants HM to cheer up. HM smiles and says it's because of YR that she is even smiling.


DB is asking his PI if he has found the man (who took the baby), or the junior of PDS who disappeared from the crime scene. Looks like he has found neither. He tells him that there is a guy who retired from Taeyeon a while ago, whom the reporter of the PDS news had interviewed. He would know something for sure.


CG comes by in the corridor and DB asks him if his dad has left from work. No, says CG. As DB was leaving, CG asks if he met the person who is like a mother to IY (the one who DB had mentioned to CG when he asked him, as instructed by IY, why he didn't stay longer at the place where he and IY were).  DB says he has not yet met that person.


IY brings a file to JH, and says "I am sorry that I didn't tell you thanks yesterday". JH: "Is that why you said it all to my brother?". He says anybody would have done it in such a situation. She doesn't have to feel bad. And YR comes to the door and stops to eavesdrop. IY: "But still, if your eyes got hurt because of me...". JH: "Also, even if my eyes got hurt, I would still think it was better that I got hurt, rather than you, IY". Now DB walks in too, joining YR in staring into the room.


(The End)

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Thanks for the continued recaps @jayakris.


I do not know why I keep thinking that perhaps it is not DB who is the man's son but JH. I also figure that the younger brother man DB is looking for is JC. I think BS wants this project to succeed and have JH do it because JH is that mans son and perhaps they feel they owe the man a debt.


Of course I could be wrong and DB really be that child and HM does not know because she could have lost a child at that time and be unaware of a switch to this other child or blocked it out. I guess we will see how things shake out.


IY needs to think of her next part of her pregnancy plan. Soon someone will want to know why her stomach is not growing then what will she do?

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Episode 26 Recap:


Nothing happens in JH's office, as expected. YR overheard JH saying to IY that he feels it's better that he got hurt rather than IY. DB walks in from behind after asking YR what she is listening to. He says he came in to check on JH more than IY.


YR has bought gloves for the three men as early Christmas gifts. JH is happy, but DB seems not too interested, saying he wanted IY to buy it for him, in a bit of a rude way. HM teases IY for not buying anything for the women, which IY was said she was going to do later. IY then tells everybody that JH got hurt while trying to save her, and apologizes. The dad and mom say that it's okay.


HM checks with IY if she is fine, and wants her to go along tomorrow to get some traditional herbal tonic for pregnancy. IY gets worried and gives the excuse that traditional medicine has never been easy on her body. She says she is taking iron supplements and vitamins instead. HM wants her to eat better, as she is worried that she isn't eating enough.


YR in JH's room asking if he wants the room humidifier, to sleep better. He says it's okay. He'll ask the maid if needed. YR thinks IY as affected by the accident. JH agrees that it must have been uncomfortable for her to keep the details away from others like he asked her to. YR thinks he should've just said the details at first itself and he explains why he did this to avoid giving IY trouble, from everybody over-reacting. Jh says that it was supposed to be a secret from DB too, but IY told DB anyway. YR complains that JH should have told her too. If he gets hurt, she would want to be the first to know. He says "from now on I will do that". She jokes, "are you planning to get hurt again or what?".


DB is again trying to make a big deal with the parents, about the concerns about JH's health and how he could be in work-place accidents, with the parents. The mom is only happy to join him in the argument with BS. But BS says JH will be just fine. DB says this is the second accident, and BS reminds him that the first one was in the mountains and not at the work place. He also tells HM - "didn't you yourself say that JH was always strong kid?". HM can't say much, so she gets up and walks. BS asks DB to stop making his mom also so worried.


DB goes upstairs and (to our surprise, to some extent) says to himself - "whatever it is, JH should not be in any more danger. I have to stop that no matter what". The brothers have a chat over some orange juice and beer. DB says he hasn't seen the Dad as shaken as he was after the latest incident, unlike even the much more serious earlier accident. But he doesn't know why he is adamant about wanting JH to do company work now. JH thinks it is because the dad wants to keep him at close watch, to be less worried. "Are you a baby or what, to do that?" jokes, DB.  When DB asks if he still gets nightmares, JH says it's okay.  JH then starts talking about the accident in the mountains (and now we know that it was in the Palbongsan mountains - but there are two of them in Korea, in Gangwon-do and one in Chungcheongnam-do. I assume it is the one in Gangwon-do, which is nearer to Yangpyeong. There is a third Palbongsan in North Korea too, but I suspect he will be in a jail if he tried to sneak up there)


JH tells DB that he thinks somebody was behind him up there. DB acts a bit weirdly to squash the idea - "what fiction is this, all of a sudden?". JH says that as time went by, he started vividly recalling a hand nudging him from behind. That is why it repeats in his nightmares. DB wonders if he isn't imagining it because of the repeating nightmare. JH: "No, I'm sure of this. It was too fast for me to see, but I know I didn't just slip". DB asks why he is saying this only now. JH says because of the physical damage, he was in no shape to think about it then. DB still tries to brush it off as just JH imagining things, as dreams can seem real later. He also gives an additional (probably bogus?) story that he had, without telling the parents, checked with a private security firm whose conclusion was the same as from the police investigation - that he lost footing and fell. DB: "Who would do such a thing to you?". JH lets it go, saying he made his brother worry again.


And now somebody actually falls without anybody pushing. Our chairman... from his bed, as he wanted to go to the bathroom. But sadly, this is from his Alzheimer's issues. HM asks him to be careful, as he is not young anymore. He agrees. The next morning she gives him milk and says it's not IY but he, who needs health drinks. She needs him to be healthy, for her to even get upset at him. She apologizes for being upset at him lately. He says he understands.


JM is trying to convince his mom about letting him do part-time work. She is not buying it. He wants to help, as he feels bad for his sister working so hard. She tells him that going back to school is the best thing he can do for the sister. He says he is not dropping all his dreams - and he points out that his sister did just that and achieved her dream job even when the family went through trouble. He wants to do the same. He is an adult now, and wants to do his part. The mom is still not moved.


CG is on a stakeout in his car, at the street corner near IY's home, recalling DB telling him that he hasn't yet met the woman who is supposed to be like a mother to IY. And SG walks by, talking over the phone with the aunt who is bothering her - "okay, I am coming. If I am not there, you can't even open the store?".  CG happens to watch her walking away, but we don't know what (if at all) he knows about her. He looks possibly unconcerned about her - but he has a poker face and we never know what he is thinking.


IY seems to have found some company in Yangpyeong from her list, that knows about Min Yeong House. She leaves her number with them for their sajang (boss) to call her back.  And the chairman walks in and asks if she wants to have some tea with him. In the office, she asks why Mr. Jang is not around. BS laughs, saying he wonders if he has found a lady love or something, because he seems to disappear all the time. (IY takes note of that). BS says he has heard that she is doing great at her job, and she says it's all thanks to the help from her colleagues. He asks if things are going well with DB, and advises her about married life being never easy. He is in a good mood and wants to continue the advice in poetic form. He then goes on with some allegories on going to lakes and oceans, and waves being there on the calm surface even with mild winds, and stuff like that (I kinda fell asleep there!). He then tells her that she is just like his wife, Yeo HyangMi. HM doesn't overdo it or outwardly show it, but she knows how to show her warmth when needed.  CG comes in and BS complains to him that he takes off without even telling him these days. CG says sorry; he briefly stepped out for an errand because BS' afternoon schedule is only from 2 pm.


The PR team guy tells DB that he has taken care of stopping any further internet news on the JH wedding story. They are trying to investigate the reporter who published the story. Now DB is concerned. He says he thought they had him fully blocked from doing anything; so what;s the need to investigate? Since the chairman's report on this is done, no further investigation is needed, he says. Now the PR guy says that it is the chairman himself asking them to do it. Now DB is scared excrement-less.


YR comes with the volunteer list, helping in the Christmas event.  HM is happy; and thanks her. YR says she is happy with the work. She just wants to do some work wherever JH is, and live a peaceful life with no big ambitions, blah blah... The usual stuff. Then she takes the conversation to JH and her concern for his well-being. She asks if they can't go abroad after their marriage. If he stays here, he will be doing too much work. HM thinks that this idea only gets shot down as soon as they bring it up. HM gets a call from DB.


HM and DB are at a restaurant. He says that it is because he thought BS and HM were in a quarrel, as he saw it last night. He says he took mom out to get her to chill. She is touched. But DB's real reason, as we see, is to ask her to get BS to stop investigating the reporter of the news story. He thinks it will only upset them and it could get worse. HM believes him and agrees to talk to BS.


Ad BS is at the river, with YR. He tells her about the news reporter investigation. He has talked his mom. And he wants YR to deal with his dad. She doesn't look convinced. He thinks they will set up an interview with another news agency. She thinks it is too dangerous. He says he is just asking her to be ready. They may have to do it. (Basically he is reckless, like his dad said - and keeps on making things worse for himself and everybody else).  As he turns to leave, she noticed that he is not wearing gloves. IY: "please wear warm outfits. You will catch a cold". He just walks away, as she stands there.


(This episode is never-ending with nothing happening; so I will skip the herbal shop scene, as usual. nothing there)


SG comes back and suddenly agrees with JM's plan on working. She has one condition. He should got back to school at the same time. He feels bad about using dad's hard-earned money to finish school. SG says that taking care of his own studies and career is how he can help her and his sister. DM agrees with her. Then JM says he will do so. After Mom leaves, JM suddenly remembers something - "On the day of the incident... World.. Right!.. The world phone"


IY tells JH that she would like to see some files on the ultrasound drill, but even Mr. Jo isn't authorized to access it. He tells her the password and writes down the access ID for her. She is at her laptop but quickly realizes, "there is no blueprint drawing of the ultrasound drill. No files on the Chinese company either. I need those to compare against Dad's technique". And she gets a text, probably from DM - "call me when you get time".


YR is in BS' office. She says she is there to thank him for stopping the reporting of her marriage story. "For finishing off that story, thank you!". He says, "not yet, on that.. I think the reporter got some intel from somebody". She says, "no way!". He asks if she has any guesses on this. She can't think of anyone who would do that. BS says that this reporter has written many stories for money, from what he has found out. She asks if he couldn't just close it up, on this story. Her worry is about the US grandma finding out. He says he doesn't want such a thing repeating, so he will get to the bottom of it. She gives up on it for now. She asks if the gloves match, and he replies that his wife bought it for him (Alzheimer's showing again).  It was what YR had just given him earlier today. Outside in the corridor, DB wants her to follow him.


IY talks to DM in the stairwell, and hears of JM getting another piece of memory back. About a world phone. IY remembers and tells her that there was a world phone that was found when things were packed up from Dad's work-shed. They said not to bother about it because it was just lost there by somebody (we had seen him giving a phone-like thingy to IY, in one flashback earlier).  DM wonders if that isn't the clue, and if that was the reason why JM got hit. IY wants DM to not let JM do anything by himself.


Somebody walks into the below level of the stairwell. YR: "Father is more determined than expected. He is convinced that the story was planted. It won't be easy to remove his suspicion. If this goes on, we could get caught too. What do we do?".  And promptly IY makes a mistake, as her heals make a sound when she steps to the next step to see who was talking to whom. She sees YR and vice-versa. She doesn't see DB who is below the stair that she is on. YR smartly acts like she was talking over the phone.


(The End)

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15 hours ago, Ldy Gmerm said:

Of course I could be wrong and DB really be that child and HM does not know because she could have lost a child at that time and be unaware of a switch to this other child or blocked it out. I guess we will see how things shake out.


Yes, those possibilities exist too. It may be a while before we get to know the story there.  Only something like that could explain the way she behaves to the two sons.  Or she is putting on an unbelievable act as some sort of evil mastermind behind all this. Nah, I can't imagine it.


And we still have not heard the story on that sister of BS' who is traveling abroad. The way they have mentioned her a few times so far, it looks like she has some important role in the drama once she shows up. There could be some back stories connected to her too.

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5 hours ago, jayakris said:


Yes, those possibilities exist too. It may be a while before we get to know the story there.  Only something like that could explain the way she behaves to the two sons.  Or she is putting on an unbelievable act as some sort of evil mastermind behind all this. Nah, I can't imagine it.


And we still have not heard the story on that sister of BS' who is traveling abroad. The way they have mentioned her a few times so far, it looks like she has some important role in the drama once she shows up. There could be some back stories connected to her too.

Another possibility is could one of the boys be the child of this mysterious Aunt who has not shown up yet and Oppa took the child in as his own? Maybe that is what DB is the child of his sister.. so many secrets and murky depths we have not even explored yet.


I do have to say the more and more I see IY and JH I think they are perfect for one another. Its too bad they are both in situations where they could end up with people who they do not love and are with only for access and revenge and who has been put in the path to lure one away so that a brother can have all the attention and gain approval from the father.

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Episode 27 Recap:


So the sound of IY's heals caused a golden chance to be lost, for catching YR and DB in their game. YR acts like she was talking over the phone with her earlier business school boss, and comes up the stairs to get IY out of there, as DB breathes a sigh of relief. IY and YR make small talk about JH and the wedding plans. Nothing serious. As YR walks away, IY has a look of suspicion on her face. YR calls DB to say that IY didn't seem to suspect anything - "if she did, would she just let it go?". DB wants her to not let her guard down, and be careful.


IY runs in, to a team meeting that is just starting. To win the Hanbit Apts project, they need to differentiate themselves from other companies, so JH wants original and innovative ideas. Ms. Ha suggests making "categories", that makes a TIY (try it yourself) possible, i.e, to pick say a European style for the kitchen design and Modernism for the library in the apartments. Mr. Yun doesn't think anybody would pick both, but Mr. Jo thinks the husband can pick one and the wife the other (basically some BS!).  JH says it sounds good, but wants more ideas. IY comes up with some more BS about looking at it by following the Smith Axiom (huh? from economics?) and centering the designs on the precious memories of the people. Mr. Jo paraphrases it, as he seems to like it. IY: "If we can reflect the most precious memories of the customers, and preserve the memories, we can differentiate ourselves as people-centric rather than customer-centric that other companies will be".  Ms. Ha is happy - "There you go, see how  things have changed now that we have a chief designer!"


IY tells JH that she looked at the ultrasound files using his password, but there were no blueprints or R&D details there. So it is not easy to analyze it (I suppose the remodeling designer needs to know it?). She wants to know if he can find anything more. He says if it is not there, there is probably nothing he knows, because these are items that came in when he was away from work. He complements her on the idea she brought up earlier, and wants to know how she got the idea. She says it is site (personal) experience. Her mom's shop was supposed to get remodeled as part of a birthday present, but her grandmother was against it because she was sad about losing the memories with the grandfather (I it is suppose another made-up story? Wow, this drama has so many lies said with a straight face with by so many people!). JH thinks IY's ideas will work. She then asks if the wedding plans are wrapped up. He says yes, and that it has taken some stress off (I am unsure if he means that the plans are shelved, or that they are finalized - I think it is the former. I think the word used can go both ways).


DB is in his office, recalling (with extreme concern) JH's telling him that he is sure about a hand pushing him off the mountain.


The family is at the dinner table. HM says the aunt (BS' sister Min Ju) has sent some gift.  DB explains to IY that she grabs some things here and there during her travels and sends them as gifts. HM likes the gifts like the tea set and jewel box. She tells IY that she will give the jewel box to her. JH wants to know where she is now. In New Orleans, says HM. He asks if she sent some hot sauce or something from there. He knows that the New Orleans French quarter is famous for souvenirs like that, with European influence etc. IY says she read the travel book by the aunt. She felt like she traveling with her, and thought the aunt must be a warm, fun person. YR is silent with a curious expression through all this. JH says that she is one a one year desert-trip. The brothers have a laugh about their aunt.


In the library, DB tells JH that he is now concerned about what he said about the accident. He wants JH to tell him if he wants him to investigate further, rather than do something by himself. He also wants JH to join him for a lunch with their dad, to lighten the mood, as things are a bit awkward between him and BS. JH: "Done. Lightening the mood is what I'm good at".


HM tells BS what DB asked her to tell his dad, at their lunch yesterday. She wants him to stop further investigation of the reporter and making it big. Messing with the press could be trouble (just as DB had told her). BS is not buying it. He will take care of it; no need to worry. BS asks if Min Ju had called. HM says yes, and she said he had rambled a bit in the birthday wish. He says he wants her to come more often. HM - "well, isn't it because you keep sending her travel money that she hardly comes back to Korea?". BS says she doesn't even care if he sends money or not. HM says she is just concerned abut MinJu. She almost died from Dengue fever in some jungle once, and now she is in a desert for a year, God knows why. He says she will survive. HM thinks the brother and sister are similarly stubborn types. He just laughs. HM: "Happy, huh? Talking about your sister makes you happy."


IY tells DB that he saw IY talking over the phone to a friend of hers, in the stairwell. "It was odd. It was about Father being suspicious, and that if it goes on, (they) would get caught". DB: "You didn't hear wrong, did you?". IY: "I heard it clearly... And I think there is somebody helping YR". (Looks like DB had expected IY to tell him, and had already decided to throw YR under the bus, at least in talking to IY) DB: "If it was YR who planted the news, then... as she doesn't have any friends at all in Korea, she may have paid somebody for help".  IY says she doesn't know what to do, and doesn't think she can act unawares. DB says that they should just watch, as it is no a confirmed thing, and also "this is not something we both can step into".


DM, SG and CH are about to eat. DM thinks the aunt is freeloading but SG says that she is paying 200K Won (US$175) for eating and sleeping there. The funny situation of the landlord being a tenant in a room of a house that she renting out! DM says exactly that.  Haha. (I think the aunt wants to save money for the heater repair in her own room, as explained in an earlier episode - that is why). The aunt says it is "creative business". DM says she gives 300K, but why is the aunt giving only 200K. "Landlord's discount", says the aunt. Some discussion ensues on whether she has full 3-meals board or not. CH says it's only 2, as she doesn't eat lunch. SG says she will pack lunch for CH, as junk food for lunch isn't good for the aunt. Now DM says - "see, it is full board". The aunt then agrees to 300K, and DM says "could you not have said it earlier, madam?" in fake respect. But now the aunt says "if I am giving 300, this is all the food I get?" . haha. DM can only laugh.  DM goes in to check on JM.


JM is sitting with all their old cell phones. JM says that World Phone was not like one of their old flip phones. JM: "That world phone was from my father's work shed, right?". DM says she doesn't know, and has never seen it (I think we saw JM giving it, or showing it, to IY in a flashback). JM: "It was when I went looking for that World Phone's owner, that I got hit". He says he thinks that's right, though things are a mishmash in his mind. JM: "Could it be somebody who was after that World Phone hitting me on purpose?".  He will have to meet his sister, he says.  DM calls IY and passes it on. IY says she is hearing for the first time that he had gone to see the owner of the World Phone. They will need to meet and talk, so she will find a time and call.  Everybody comes in, and just as Mr. Yun says he will coffee, JH comes in, with coffee for everybody.


The boss of Sangir Housing (in Yangpyeong) calls, returning IY's call yesterday.  He says he knows Kim Sang Jae of YeongMin House, and they have worked together too. She says she wants to meet, and can go to Yangpyeong for that, but he says he is to be in Seoul sometime soon and can meet her. He will call then.  IY thinks to herself - "there was no sign of a physical struggle at the spot. Chances of a crime by an acquaintance is high. Somebody who knew Dad well, from among the Taeyeon workers, may well be the criminal".


A Reporter Choi calls DB, to say that the Taeyeon Leagal division is putting pressure on them, thet they will sue for false accusation and defamation, unless the intel source is revealed.  Now DB takes his next step - "Listen carefully to what I'm telling you now. This is the only way for you and I to survive." (We can guess what he is about to tell, but don't hear it).


CG tells BS that the news reporter of the story has revealed the source of his intel. BS: Who is it? CG: "It is...". BS: "What is the reluctance? Somebody I know?". CG: "He said it is Chae Yu Ran".  And DB comes to BS' office, and asks him to have lunch with JH and him.


They are at lunch and DB is acting like he knows nothing and, JH is "lightening the mood" as he was asked. DB says he feels like getting a drink during lunch, but can't, because of work. He says that the Dad was the one who taught him to drink and all that. The dad is not talking much. DB continues, asking his dad to watch his health, blah blah. The dad gets a smile but is also annoyed at DB's sucking up. BS: "Stop talking nonsense, but order a drink if you want".


YR brings the Foundation's plan info to post on their homepage for HM's approval. HM asks to add "Hope Orphanage" also among the supporting organizations. YR asks if it is the one with the nun that came earlier. HM says yes. She decided to keep them, though they are having some temporary issues.  YR: "Then she will be coming here often, right?". HM says no, because the nun said she'll give that work to somebody else. YR is relieved. BS calls HM, to call YR over to his office. YR is concerned - "why me?". HM says it must be to get her to help at the Management office. "Do it well", she says. YR is scared though.


YR runs to meet DB, now at a lake. IY is worried that BS may have told BS about the 'phone' talk. "He heard," says BS. He wants her to tell Dad that the reporter suddenly reached her and confused her, and that she said things about the marriage to avoid it being reported that they are even living together. She should just say that she couldn't tell at home because she felt she made a mistake. YR: "Are you asking ME to cover things up now?". DB says nonchalantly, "Nothing else is possible. Dad is pressuring the reporter, and you already got caught by IY. There is no choice". YR: "So, you are throwing me out?". DB: "It's not to throw you out. If I am caught, I have no way out, but you're different... You said lies, got caught and can act as a victim, using it for sympathy. You can just think that you are just like your US grandma" (Is this a a new hint? Perhaps the US grandma has done something that caused YR to do all this for $3 mil? One wonders...). YR: "Then, what if you are thrown out in the end?".  DB: "Mom and dad can never throw me out. Their character and honor won't allow it easily".  He leaves, saying he has thought through the situation well, and is doing this to stop the bleeding and get no further news reports either. (It's tough not to feel sad for YR here).


YR meets BS who is mad as hell, and asks how long she was going to keep this from them. She says things, just as instructed. It was not a story planted by her. "Please believe me" ... The reporter even knew where she lived, she got flustered, etc. It seemed he was going to write a sensational story and she wanted to stop it. BS lets her speak but is not happy at all. He knows people can make mistakes, but she had a chance earlier to own up and didn't take it.  YR asks him not to tell JH. He says no to that. JH needs to know.


YR sits helplessly in her room, and BS tells HM and JH about it. HM thinks this wasn't anything wrong by YR, if the reporter pressured her. It wasn't initially, but acting like she didn't know later was, says BS. HM thinks she must have been scared to tell.  HM asks what he is thinking of doing now, and BS says it's not up to him, but to JH. And JH says he will first talk to YR.  BS tells HM that they should no longer try to convince JH (to marry her) but should watch. HM still tries to say that she was only scared to talk but is not a bad girl. BS says she had lied to her grandma before too. Thinking that one can get past everything with lies is the problem, he says. Then he starts, "And also..." and HM asks, "And? What else is an issue?" (We don't hear what he said)


JH tells YR that he wanted to be the first to know if she had any issues, just the same ways she asked it of him once earlier. YR says that she felt she was already giving him stress and so didn't want to add to it by telling him of her mistake. He says he could've helped avoid the problem, but will now explain it to them. She asks what he himself felt about it, which somewhats surprised JH.  Then DB walks in and acts like he doesn't know anything, asking them to keep it quiet, whatever the issue is, for the parent's sake. He was in there for a quick check of the situation, I suppose.


DB goes and tells IY that what she suspected seems to be true. (She didn't ask and he didn't give any details). He says the situation looked grave between JH and YR. He says it's nothing for them to to get into. IY is actually concerned about YR and says she must have had a situation where she could no nothing else. He shows no such sympathy, and changes the subject to wanting to eat something. She goes to fix him something.


As IY is in the kitchen, DM sends her the picture of the three of them that they took in high school, which she found on one of the old phones that JM had pulled out. "I also recall SeonHwa often these days. Da Mi, shall we look for SeonHwa once more?". YR heard the conversation, and IY noticed her standing behind. They look at each other.


(The End)

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Episode 28 Translation/Recap:


Both IY and YR act like nothing happened, after YR heard IY speaking to DM about trying to find SeonHwa once more. IY says she is fixing something for DB to eat and asks if YR and JH want to join. She isn't hungry but will go up and ask JH.  DB comes down and asks if anything was up between her and JH. She says there's nothing to worry. Both are acting for YR to hear of course.  She is all worried, recalling IY's phone chat, once she gets to her room soon. Meanwhile, CG comes in, helping the chief maid with a box of something. IY asks if he wants to join for a snack. He looks uncomfortable and funny, while eating. When IY asks about it, DB jokes that this is about how comfortable he will look; otherwise he wouldn't even come in and eat with them. They ask him about what he does for food (he seems to live in an outhouse, or somewhere close by). He eats something small for breakfast and has dinner at the office canteen before leaving from work. That's it. Then CG asks when they two met. DB asks IY when it was, and she says it must've been a year ago. CG looks unconvinced. IY wants to know how long he was worked for BS. Not sure, says CG. DB thinks he has always been there since when he was small. CG says "that is probably right" in a rather curious way. Since which year, asks DB. CG again says he doesn't remember the exact year.


JM wants the bag he had, when he got hit. DM can't remember where it is, but quickly finds it. He finds his dad's cell phone in it. Why is it here, asks DM. He thinks he must've left it there for his sister to find, if something were to happen to him when he went investigating. He thinks even the hit on him maybe on it (not sure what he means).


BS wants YR to be sent out, and tells HM that. He is disappointed in her, but more than that, he thinks it's best for their future. If HM is uncomfortable asking her, then he can do it. If they continue living together when JH hasn't even agreed to marry yet, more news articles could come out later and then it will be real trouble. It won't matter whether they live together or not, if this is really their destiny. HM feels bad for YR but seems to agree in the end.


IY tells DB that CG has some special feelings for DB. She tells him that CG asked her to give warm care to DB when they brought him in drunk. DB is surprised. He really didn't know much about CG though he has been around for a long time. IY: "Maybe you didn't care?" and DB goes, "could it be that?". (She seems to be able smile and say some critical things to him, and get away with it).


JH finds his mom in the kitchen and agrees to share some milk with her. She tells him about Dad wanting YR to be sent out. She always wanted her like a daughter, and feels bad though. He hardly objects, but says he too knows that YR is a good person. She asks, "so what if you know? It needs to show in your actions". Then she wants to know if he had somebody else in his heart. He asks why she asks, and she says it's just a doubt she has. He doesn't answer immediately and she asks "so, is that true?" and he then says that there is nobody like that.  She asks if he will continue to see YR even if she leaves. He says, "of course. I should do my best". That makes HM laugh - "do the best?",  which is not what he should be saying at this point. She knows that he is nowhere near having YR in his heart, but she lets it go now.  JH goes to his room, only to look at the dream house in IY's portfolio and remember SongHwa telling him of her house design ideas.


SG and CH are leaving for work and JM tells he will have an interview with a department store food court boxed-steak place. The aunt wants him to buy them steak from there if he starts working there. He says he will do that anyway, even if he doesn't start working there. SG thinks steak shouldn't be eaten from packed boxes, but eaten hot. CH is fine if it is steak, hot or cold. "JM, please buy her some cold steak," says DM to take a dig at the aunt. She loves to do that and bother the aunt, who is cute though. DM says IY is again in Seoul for a client meeting with no time, but she wants to see JM today.


HM breaks it to a rather genuinely pathetic-looking YR that she has to leave. YR doesn't object. YR knows HM is sincere in what she says about how much she likes YR, like a daughter rather than a daughter-in-law. HM says she will explain it to her grandma, but YR says she will do it.  And she is off to the river-bank again for a chat with DB. She tells him that HM is looking for an apartment for her to move out to. "What do I do?" asks YR. he wants to know if JH knows too, but she doesn't know. He seems not to have objected so far. DB says he didn't expect it to go this far either. She thinks she will have to go back to the US. He wants her not to do anything rash, and wait. She reminds him that she had warned him against the news-article plan, as dangerous. And it was DB who did all this and caused her to slip and get caught by IY. DB: "And so?". YR: "I can leave when I need to leave, but I will need my fee for the work I did so far". DB smirks - "Aren't you giving up on $3 million rather easily?".  She says she has learned how tough it is to make $3 million. He says she should just wait. Not yet time to give up. There will be some way out. He turns to leave and YR asks why he isn't wearing gloves when it is this cold. DB: "Stop thinking of useless stuff, get a hold of yourself, and think of what to do with JH and my mom". He leaves.


JH tells DB about YR's leaving. DB acts like he knew nothing and asks why he isn't holding her back, in which case Dad won't do this. JH says of he does that, it is like they will get married soon. He thinks they both need more time. So he doesn't think it matters whether they live together or not. DB shows fake concern for YR's plight, as this is like she is being kicked out for a mistake she made. JH doesn't respond.


JM shows IY his dad's phone and tells her that the last call from that world phone was to his dad's phone, and the last call received by his dad's phone was from the world phone. (I assume he confirmed the second part from this phone, but must be remembering the first part by himself - as he doesn't have the world phone with him now). IY: The time of the call? JM: "Wasn't the call to the hospital emergency at 8:40 pm? That last call on the phone was at 8:05 pm". DM says it sounds suspicious. JM: "But when I checked that world phone's contact list, there weren't many. There were no call records with anything like normal cell phones. So I was then thinking if it weren't some foreigner that Dad knew, and that is when Taeyeon announced the ultrasound scheme just like dad's. So I thought there was some connection between Dad's scheme and the world phone owner. So I called the number that was stored first on the world phone". DM: "Who took the call?". JM: "It was a woman who took it. She said it was true that a friend of hers had lost a phone, so she asked for my number to pass on, and I gave it. I quickly got a call from the world phone's owner, whom I was on my way to meet". IY: "You mean you went there all alone?". IY is upset at him but doesn't say it. JM: "I wanted to just return the world phone and ask the owner how he/she knew my dad, what that last call was about, and what the reason why she dropped the phone in the work-shed". DM asks if he ever meet the owner. JM: "Before reaching the meeting place, just as I got a call and took it... I got hit from behind" (we see the flashback). DM says she is sure it is the owner of the world phone, who wanted to get it, as it contained conclusive evidence. IY says it may not necessarily be the case. DM asks where the meeting place was. It was to be a cafe, says JM. Now IY says the cops may be right then. After all, the hit wasn't at the meeting place, and a wallet was stolen with the world phone too. So there is a high chance that it was just an isolated assault, like the cops said. JM wants to ask the cops now to look for that world phone owner. IY doesn't think think it will help - "But you said it isn't even a regular cell phone. It could be some crazy foreign phone like you said. But we can't be sure, so maybe we will let the cops know".  She asks if he doesn't think it is dangerous if that person has some connection to Dad's death. JM is worried of that, but they have no evidence on it. IY again says she looked into the ultrasound thing and the company had it under development before Dad did (but we know that she is lying to get him out of this). He is still suspicious of that world phone, but she says he need not be; the cops have done their investigation anyway. She wants him not to tell Mom about the world phone or about getting hit while looking for its owner. He agrees, but DM senses that IY has some plan here. IY says all he should do is to give the worldphone's number to the cops and get them to restart. That's it; he should do nothing more on his own. She doesn't want him to be in danger again. DM is showing that she doesn't fully agree (probably because she knows that IY is on a more dangerous and stupid-looking plan right now!). DM reminds JM that its time for him to go, and he leaves.


DM tells IY that she has applied to be an usher at the Taeyeon showroom. IY says even she could be in danger now, and DM says - "more in danger than you?". She has to be near IY to offer help when she is in trouble, "like the last time". IY thanks her. DM says she will be embarrassed if she doesn't get the job though.


IY reads the message IY left on father's cell phone. "Nuna, I'm leaving a message just in case. I am now off to meet the person who called Dad's phone last". She calls that number from a pay phone. The call doesn't go through.


Mr. Jo and Mr. Yun are leaving to their showroom. M, Jo asks IY to go with JH later to the showroom. Mr. Yun has left a showroom check list for her. JH and IY are at the showroom soon after. JH observes her from behind with a smile on his face. After their meeting with some staff there, he asks her what she thought of the showroom design. She is surprised that he designed the layout of the showroom, though he says his brother set it up. She says he is talented, but he is humble and again gives credit to his brother. Her stomach grumbles. She asks if he heard it, but he lies that he didn't. But they need to go eat, as he is hungry.  A nice scene ensue, of them eating together. She says she heard from DB about the tough position YR is in, and apologizes for acting unawares. She asks him to eat well, but suddenly recalls what YR was saying in the stairwell. She wants to know if YR has any friends in Korea. He says probably not. She was wondering if she has anybody to call when she is having a tough time. He says, probably not, except him and his mom.


At the herbal gift shop, CH shows SG the picture of a guy who is the younger brother of that guy (probably the one who had a Europe trip?) who came to the shop. SG says he looks good but she thought it was for a match for the aunt, when the aunt says it is for IY. He is too young, says CH, but CG is not too interested. Nothing important, for now, or so it seems.


DB meets IY and JH and says this is hard, as IY acts like just an employee and leaves. DB thanks JH for taking care of the pregnant lady who must've been hungry.


YR is so worried that she is constantly at the water front. This time she thinks to herself. "I am going back. This is it, for Chae Yu Ran. I had said this was ridiculous, to start with". She remembers what JH was saying in one of their walks in an early episode, when he said she will also find what keeps her going, like he did, as he mentioned somebody giving him that drive. She also recalls HM telling her that she will always be like a daughter to her in any event. And HM calls to check on her. She asks if YR was crying and she tries to say she wasn't. HM thinks she wil get a cold, and wants her to go home and rest, when she says she was coming back to work. YR is really about to cry, seeing the concern from HM.


At home, the maids have got a call from HM and are taking care of YR. They are in the kitchen, talking of what to make for her, and about any medicine side effects. When the kitchen maid asks if the chairman doesn't take any medicine that she needs to be careful about, YR remembers the medicine bottles she saw in his room and office, and also about him forgetting who had bought the gloves he had with him.  She is out later, checking with a pharmacist on the tablet. She checks and says it is for old-age dementia. YR is shocked.  (The End)

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Episode 29 Translation/Recap:


YR hears from the pharmacist that the tablets were for Senile Dementia.


Lawyer Hwang(?) brings some papers to BS. He has left HM's shares as is, and settled things on only BS's shares. He has set up the successor also. He thinks it should be reviewed many times, because of inheritance laws. BS thinks the file is too big, and why the lawyer doesn't review it instead of him. He says he has done it many times, to the minute details. Anyway, he will explain things one by one to BS. He then gives him a subsidiary firms' comparison file. He thinks that Taeyeon Retail is the subsidiary that is best suited for removal(?) of affiliation (we were never told the details of it, or the reasons why, but my understanding, if I get it correctly, is that BS wants one company to be set up independently). DB comes in to give some marketing team file to BS, and the lawyer closes up the files quickly.  DB goes to his office and recalls the earlier with the lawyer when he said BS just needed some legal interpretation etc. DB thinks to himself that knowing how his dad is, this just has to be about inheritance.


Ms. Ha asks IY (who is back from the showroom trip with JH) where JH went. IY says he met the HQ chief (bonbujang) and they were talking.  Ms. Ha asks if IY knew that they were brothers and asks and goes on about how they are different. All the company staff are on one side or the other (in a light sense) and she wants to know which side IY is on... DB likes black coffee, JH likes cafe latte. DB likes action movies and JH likes melodramas. So on. Finally JH comes in saying he liked action movies more than melodramas. Ms. Ha is all embarrassed. IY wants to know who in the Business Managment/control office gives the subcontracting qualification of Gyeonggi-do (Gyeonggi province) companies. Ms. Ha wonders why, and IY gives a "just in case" excuse. Ms. Ha had some friend in that office and will check on it. IY then offers to get her a cafe latte (I think she had said she likes black, to ward off Mr. Yun earlier, but is caught now). Ms. Ha asks her to keep it a secret from Mr. Yun.


IY gives some Hanbit Apts design stuff, and tells JH that matching memories one by one won't be easy, as there are too many households there and they have only limited time. JH says within time limits, try to do some group meetings (something like that; it doesn't look important). He asks her about how she felt about their showroom today. She gives some good comments and suggests more domestic items there. JH says he now knows why his brother scouted her. She says nothing. She then talks about how his parents consider all the people working at the house like family, and then asks if they were close like that to the Yangpyeong villa caretaker also. He says he is not sure, but since there is a work-shed (factory) near the villa, perhaps he got some introductions to the neighborhood (I'm not sure I got this quite right; but basically he doesn't know much, yet again).


CH (the landlord aunt) is talking some bullcrap with somebody about someone going to school or some stuff. Not important, so let skip it. SG is waiting to leave from work and she writes down something for her to buy. As she is about to leave, a madame type lady walks in. One of the women from CH's "networking activities" to build a customer base, I suppose. CH introduces her as the president of a choir. "Prima donna of our choir for ever" says CH. His son is giving gifts to his employees. She thinks health products would be good this time. CH - "Health products will be great! Health should be watched when you are healthy". Haha. How many employees? 140  people, says the lady. A big order. The aunt is tongue-tied for a second but then starts yakking away. Let us skip it.


DM is shocked that they got a 140 box order, and says, "aunt's trips to the culture center weren't useless, huh? Business is all about networking, eh?". SG is not sure and thinks there's more to it, but doesn't tell DM. Then JM walks in. The interview was good and he will start work next week. They sell steak with fried rice in a box. Dm tells him to get money properly for any steak he gives the landlord aunt, as she just got a 140-box order at her shop.


Once Mom goes in, JM asks if IY isn't weird, the way she meets him and talks now. DM plays along with IY and tells him that there is just no way the world phone had anything to do with his dad. etc. She aks, "IY and I are normal, and you?"... JM: "abnormal?". Haha.  She jokes that it's okay, as he just left the hospital. Then JM wants to know if she had the blind date with that guy whose pic was on her phone. "Not my type... but why do you ask?... Huh? Are you jealous?" (DM is a trip!)


HM comes home and the maid tells her that YR did eat something, but went out saying she just might need a hospital visit. Then she says that the kitchen maid asked if the chairman should get some health food, as he isn't eating well. HM thinks the smell of some health food may not work, with a pregnant woman at home also. The chief maid will find what food will work. HM will ask the chairman what he will like too. Once she is in her room, the maid announces that YR is home, and YR comes into her room. HM is glad that she went to hospital to check on her cold. She thinks YR is losing weight. YR says she is okay, but HM doesn't buy it. Then YR tells her that she heard the kitchen maid saying that BS isn't eating well. She wants to know if he is not feeling well. HM says there's nothing. His medical checkup  only showed his heart and BP were fine. She thinks that age may make one lose the taste for food, that's all. YR goes to her room thinking that HM doesn't know of BS' condition. "If she doesn't know, then nobody in this house knows. In case DB learns of Father's dementia, what will happen?".


DB is with the private investigator, and he still hasn't found the man who took Pak Du Sik's baby away. DB wants him to find him no matter what. No clue on the younger man who was at PDS' crime site, either. The PI has found a guy who was in the jail with PDS. he is going to meet him tomorrow. He also met the retired guy from Taeyeon that DB had told him about. He seemed to know something but wouldn't say anything and won't return calls either. DB asks where to meet him. He goes to meet him himself. His name is Seo Seok Cheol and he is in an elderly care facility, playing Baduk (Korean version of Chinese chess) by himself. He asks DB at first whether he is a gangster, or the one who sent gangsters to him. DB asks if he talked to somebody from Taeyeon about PDS. Now the man asks how DB knows PDS, and DB gives the same story that PDS was his uncle, the brother who was separated in childhood from his mom. After some talk about life being different that Baduk, where you get a chance to come back but in life you can be finished, he gives a straight answer. "In fact, it is due to PDS' suicide that Chairman Kang Baek San was able to avoid police investigation".  When DB asks what if PDS hadn't committed suicide, Seo Seok Cheol aks - "then, could the subsidiary firm Taeyeon be able to get all the shares and become the Taeyeon of now?".  He doesn't want to say anything more.  DB goes to his car and thinks - "Taeyeon came out of my father's death. That is why I was being... That is why" (he doesn't complete the sentence)


JH recalls his brother telling of him getting a private firm investigate the accident and their finding that he fell from losing his footing, just like the cops. He goes to DB's office, but he is out (seeing the old man, as we know). He tries calling DB, but can't get through.


Ms. Ha aks IY what she plans to do for holidays. IY just wants to get home quickly, eat and rest. "Is there somebody you're dating?" IY says "can't say".  Ms Ha: "so there is one!". She wants her to know if she has a date today, and IY says she hasn't heard from him. Ms. Ha wants her to join her to go to some night club in Hongdae, but IY politely refuses saying she is tired from the showroom trip. Ms Ha goes to the restroom, and IY gets a call from that Yanpyeong company boss who is in Seoul now and can meet.


The man says that he was very close to Sang Jae, but he was abroad for some business when he passed away, and was sad about it when he heard a month later.  She asks if he knew anything about the ultrasound drill that her dad was working on. He hadn't heard that from SJ, though they occasionally went out drinking together. He then talks about what a great guy he was. When he asked SJ about how he can work like that at his age, he said it was not age that does the work, but his sense of responsibility, etc. So he used to help SJ in finding odd jobs to do. IY starts tearing up.  Then he says something important. Before he went abroad to China, he had offered to lend his truck if there was a lot of work (the way he said the line, it was unclear to me if he was talking about him lending it to SJ or if he was saying what SJ said to him about lending SJ's truck).  But he passed away the day after the truck was borrowed (which means SJ borrowed it from him, or his company?).  IY asks where that truck is, and he says it is parked on the roadside below where the work-shed is. IY asks if it would have a black box, and he says it has, though he asks what she wants it for.


DB comes to JH's office asking why he had gone looking for DB. JH asks for the private investigation firm's contact, so he can check if they have any clues by any chance. DB (who was surely cooking up that story) is wishy-washy and says he will have to go and look for them. He asks JH to go home and take care of YR and JH asks him to have a good date with IY.


At dinner, the aunt asks the "nutrition expert" JM for his opinion, as she has a complaint about not having enough protein in the food (she pays for it now!). SG says there is tofu in it. DM has the usual light argument with the aunt who basically slaps her when she says the aunt should have bought some beef then. haha. She asks for chicken feet for tomorrow and SG agrees, to the displeasure of DM who asks if SG is going to make everything the aunt asks for. They talk about smell in the shop if they ate boxed lunch at the store, and about the lady who ordered 140 boxes. Nothing serious at all here.


JH is in HM's room. As DB and IY are eating out, and BS has a company dinner, HM says it will be just them two and YR for dinner today. They talk about YR leaving the home. She is sad, and JH is sorry. He wants to talk to BS once more, but HM says there is no point unless it is to agree to marry her now. He isn't ready for that. After some more discussion on it, when they get up, JH asks how they met Sang Jae ajussi who was at the villa. (As before, that is one name that does bring out a concerned look on HM's face, and it again happens). She says somebody they knew introduced him. JH: "Somebody from that neighborhood introduced him?". HM: "Yeah" (in a passive tone)... "but why do you suddenly ask this?". He says he just suddenly got curious why he stopped working and whether he knows that the eye surgery was successful. He was such a nice man, and he had looked after him warmly. HM says she will try to find out. JH: "He will be happy if he heard that my surgery went well and that I have my vision back". Now HM just changes the subject and says "go up and rest". (We notice that, for some reason, she is deliberately not telling him that SJ has died, which she knows of, as she spoke to BS earlier about it and he knew it too).


IY is at dinner with DB, who seems to be bewitched about even her eating (or overeating). They joke about it. Then she suddenly asks. "You know, about that ultrasound drill?". And he looks up. (I think this is the first time that she is asking DB about it, though she has asked many others?)... She explains that she wanted to know if it could be used for the Hanbit Apts. She checked company computer files with JH's ID but there were no blueprint drawings or anything. DB seems to know something but says he also doesn't know anything about such technical stuff. Then he says it must have been removed. She asks why. He gives some bogus-sounding reason that it is a question of investment cost efficiency. Doing further research and keeping it secure must be unprofitable, so it must have been dropped. He jokes that the chief designer shouldn't have to worry even about demolition techniques. She says it's just that she saw it in the news and thought it was very innovative, because demolition noise and vibration are a main issue in building remodeling. He agrees that the idea was very good but there were technical deficiencies. It's still a scheme that isn't ready for use.


JH recalls DB telling him that it is sad for YR to be kicked out, and IY asking if she has any friends to talk to. He goes to her room and asks how she feels about being asked to leave. How does it matter what she feels, she asks. He thinks her feelings are more important and that he can talk to BS.  YR: "But I am burden for you, right?". JH: "It would be a lie if I said no. With the news article and everything, and having to be careful, it has been burdensome. But it is not because of you, but because of me. Hadn't I said once that I am not ready to take responsibility for anybody? It would be just the same if it weren't you but somebody else". She says in a dejected way that she knows she has to wait till he is ready, just like anybody else would need to. He again says he will try his best. She can only nod. She then tells him that BS seems to be taking some medicine, as she saw in his office. JH thinks it must be a nutritional supplement, as he doesn't have even blood pressure issues. She acts like that must be all it was. He wants her to come down to eat but she isn't hungry. He says she should eat when she has a cold, even if not hungry. It shouldn't be Dad that you should worry about now, he says.


DB and IY arrive and DB gets a call as they get out of the car. It is from the PI who met the jail-mate of Pak Du Sik. The day before he committed suicide, he had received a promise that his son and others will live, but he had to die. "He seems to have made cut a deal for his son", says the PI.  Just as DB hears this, the chairman gets out his car, helped by CG, as they had just driven in too.  The chairman calls him, "Dongbin". (The End)

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@jayakris Thanks for the recaps..


DB seems to really think he is the son. If BS feels he owes that man such a big debt I can't see him trying to keep DB from doing something to shine and prove himself. It will be interesting if DB turns out to be the child or not. I still in some ways feel like its JH but I could be very wrong and its DB.


In the last two recent episodes 36 and 37...


IY has left the house and DB is looking for her but she seems to have turned off her phone or gotten a new one and he has found out she is not living in that high rise flat. Not sure what happen here but she left at night after everyone was in bed with her suitcase. I can't figure out and will have to re-watch if SC or someone figured her out and threatened her or she decided based on DM and what she has noticed to leave.


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Episode 30 Translation/Recap:


After DB takes the PI's call and says nothing, BS jokes to IY that she should get "the rascal" to at least buy her good dinners, with a fatherly look on his face.


When HM asks about the gloves, BS looks lost, and YR steps in to say that it may not be as good as what she bought for him, to help BS out - as she knows he had forgotten who bought it for him. BS just goes in. In the room, he asks HM to find her an apartment, after they repeat the same things they have talked about before, feeling a bit bad for YR.


DB is watching an old movie in the library, thinking of the latest from the PI. He calls the PI, wanting to meet PDS' jail-mate. YR comes in and they have a chat filled with serious friction. She is just upset that he has messed things up and she is being kicked out. He should talk to the dad and fix it, she thinks. He says there is no way he can do that. He basically says it is no use telling him to handle this. She can work on HM or JH and find a way. So she says, "finally it ends like this, then!".  "I have done all I can. I am giving up now". Now DB gets back at her asking what 'all she could' she is supposed to have done. He was the one who paid for her plastic surgery, he got her the ID card in Korea, and he paid for all her expenses here. He hatched all the plans on getting her close to HM. Heck, he can even find another woman to do this, now that he is experienced at this. (Haha!). She doesn't have much argument in the end. Anyway, JH doesn't seem to feel fond of her. If she leaves, he will only be relieved, says YR. Now BS wonders if that is all there is. He thinks she actually likes JH. He can see that in her eyes. She is a bit shocked but doesn't protest much. Then he steps up the pressure tactics a bit more - "so you want to leave the JH (you like), when we don't know what dangers await him". And he gets the shocked response from YR, "what do you mean?". He says it is to protect JH that he wanted her by his side. YR: "who will be dangerous to JH?". DB: "That, I also don't know".  Now YR, who actually does like JH, is in two minds about leaving.


Meanwhile, IY, who remembers the concerned look on DB's face after that phone call, looks for him and comes to the library, breaking up the DB-YR talk that was anyway ending with a status quo. He asks if IY wants to see the movie with him. She is there only to check on whether something was badly bothering him. "Was the call something bad. Your face dropped and went pale".  He says it was nothing; just a call from an old friend. She wanted to know if they could go out tomorrow, but he says he has some work. So she will rest for the day, she says.


DM is again having her fun with the aunt about eating sweet potatoes and dieting. CH insists that SG should send the picture of that guy she found, to IY. But IY laughs it off, as he is too old. Then the aunt starts yelling into the phone - "where will you find such a rich guy?". She keeps yelling as SG walks out with the phone, and DM stuffs her mouth with a potato slice, saying she is too loud. SG and IY have a nice mother-daughter talk about her dad, and of how mom and dad met in school when he waited at the bus stop for her and she rejected him at first, and all that. Nice chat but nothing serious. IY misses her mother's smell.  And now DM and CH are in a physical tussle, arguing who is really the one who belongs in the house. DM claims she is like a real daughter to SG and CH claims she is like a real sister to SG too. "Shut up" says SG. The fight continues, with IY enjoying hearing it over the phone.


DB is leaving home, and CG asks why he seems to be in low spirits. DB asks how he knows that from looking at his face. CG doesn't answer, but then tells him that his dad is not in good health. "You may need to pay more attention to company matters". He says nothing else, but DB now has even more food for thought.


Upstairs, IY is asking JH if YR is doing alright. And YR comes from her room. She talks about needing to find a new place to stay. JH says he will also find some time to help in finding the place, though Mom is already doing it.


DB is in BS' office, recalling what old man Seok Cheol told him. The PI calls who has set up a meeting at a cafe with the jail room mate at 5 pm.


YR is thinking of his memory issues about the gloves, shaking his head. YR comes in with water and fruits, saying, "I thought you are taking some medicine, and would want some water. Please have the fruits when you take medicine".  BS checks the medicine bottle, and probably suspects that YR may be sensing something.


CH and SG are packing some food. The aunt is going on a winter mountain hike. DM wishes her a good hike and asks her to be careful. CH claims that her nickname in school was "mountain squirrel". She wants coffee mix packets, but DM takes away some she bought just for JM and herself. It is strong/bitter coffee. Now the aunt wants to try it. DM teases her that a big shop boss like her shouldn't grab things from a poor jobless one like her. CH - "You are peeved at me, huh? You wanted to set you up with that man?".. DM shows fake sadness that such rich guys won't dig jobless girls like her. "I should at least find a job, no?"... DM is funny, but this is all time-filler stuff. 


DM gets a call-back from an orphanage nun. DM introduces herself s a friend of SeonHwa's. The orphanage director says she of course remembers SeonHwa. DM will go today itself to meet and talk. She looks at the picture of the trio, saying "Bad girl. You are even able to smile? Wonder where you are, and doing what"... SG comes in and sees the picture. DM asks if she isn't upset about SeonHwa, and she says it's all in the past. She finds them all pretty. When were they taken, SG asks. DM thinks it was in the 2nd year in high school.


YR is recalling IY talking to DM that they may need to try to find SeoHwa. JH comes in to check on her and ask if she wanted to join for a walk. She thinks the breeze will be bad for her cold. JH will look for some performance or a show to see this afternoon. He wonders if IY and DB can  join too. YR wants to check with IY, and goes to her room. She sees a call coming from DM on the phone. IY says she will call DB and check on joining JH and YR later, because she doesn't know when DB will be back today. YR leaves when DM calls again, but hears from outside what IY was saying. IY hears about DM meeting the church orphanage director. YR hears IY say, "2 pm is fine. I will come".  She comes out and tells YR that DB will be late. She just set up some plans with a friend too, so they cannot join in the afternoon. YR says it's fine. She may also drop the plan, as she isn't feeling too well.


CG asks if YR needs a car. She says she is fine and leaves. YR sees them talking, and wonders what is going on between them.


JH comes back from the walk, and tells mom that he and YR had thought of going out with DB and IY, but they both seem to have plans later. Mom says she can join JH and YR. Then the maid tells them that YR left with IY.  Now they are all confused.


DM and IY meet the orphanage director. YR had followed IY, and is literally hiding behind bushes, all anxious. The mother superior asks IY about 'that injury'. She says it is all fine now. But the director has not heard from SeonHwa ever since that inident. She thinks SH would be happy to know that her friends were looking. They ask her to let them know if she hears from SH, and the nun asks for it vice-versa too. Nothing happened here, except it is scaring the hell out of YR.


DM and IY sit at the bus stop and talk. DM wonders if the lady she saw was indeed SH. IY thinks it may be just that we may feel that even a stranger looks like somebody we miss. DM acts like she doesn't miss SH, but YR says she misses SH. Seeing the picture of them together, she fondly remembers how much they liked each other. DM: "Bad brat. She should be coming and asking for forgiveness for the trouble she caused. Why is she making us go looking for her?". IY says that SH was not a bad girl. She was just a weak girl. IY had never once seen SH refusing to help somebody who asked for help. DM says that in this world, being weak is being bad. The most dangerous are people who don't plan on it but get dragged into this and that, because they can't say no. [And I thoroughly loved this exchange between these two. It clears up a lot about what they think, and what YR is. Quite an apt description of YR, that she is just weak and not all bad.]


IY gets a call from the Yangpyeong man, wanting to know where to send the truck's black box video card. And soon IY gets a delivery of the card. She goes to her office in a hurry and DB sees that from the corridor. She looks at it on the computer, saying she should look for August 25th... 8:05 pm till 8:40 pm... She finds a car driving up to the work-shed (and she thinks of CG bringing  SB  home in a similar car - utterly poor editing job here, that confused the heck out of me).  She does not see who was in the car but can see its number. 


(The End)

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10 hours ago, Ldy Gmerm said:

It will be interesting if DB turns out to be the child or not. I still in some ways feel like its JH but I could be very wrong and its DB.


In the last two recent episodes 36 and 37...

  Reveal hidden contents


I also feel that there must be some twists in the story, like DB being the actual son and JH being the adopted one. But then, the date of PDS' death is known to DB, and he would've checked his DOB first. I assume JH was born a year or two later and that may take that possibility out.


Anyway, some twists have to come in, because, so far, as of the end of Ep 30, things are going almost exactly like we were suspecting after the first couple of episodes.  There just has to be some surprises somewhere.


Thanks for that interesting spoiler stuff there. Wonder what IY is up to, but it was getting to be time for her to do something before people start asking about her stomach size.  Hmm.. I am curious now.  But I stay away from watching ahead, because that would affect my honesty in translating/recapping :) ... We are only 6-7 episodes behind now, so I have less urge to watch ahead, though.

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Episode 31 Translation/Recap:


IY looks at the truck's black box video from Aug 25th, 8:05 to 8:40 pm, and finds a car driving up to the work-shed. She can see the license plate number as it goes up, but can't see who was in it. She remembers the car that CG drives for BS. This one looks the same.  DB comes in and interrupts, asking what she is doing. She quickly changes the laptop screen to some interior design stuff. He asks why she looked shocked, and she says it's because he walked in suddenly. She was doing design and working on a rest day, and has a Paju building meeting - both of them lying, of course. She wants to go home together, but he says his 'meeting' may go on longer - so she can go home first. IY gets home and checks the number of the car, and it's the same as the one in the video. CG walks up and greets her. He is about to take BS and HM for dinner.


JH asks why she is back alone, and IY says DB has work. JH asks if she wasn't out with YR, which is what the maid had said earlier. He guesses that the maid must've been mistaken. He thinks IY looks tired. She thinks it's just the cold weather, but he asks her to be careful not to catch a cold, like YR.


The PI tells DB that PDS' jail cell-mate isn't coming this evening, as he got drunk or something. DB asks if they should even trust that kind of a guy. The PI says he is fine when not drunk. DB will anyway try to meet him himself another time.


IY checks the video on the home laptop and wonders - "it is the car CG drives, but who is the one in that car?".  JH knocks on the door, as wanted to return her portfolio. He asks about convincing the Apartment residents and making things easy for them. IY says she has made some design sketches. She will try her best to keep the definitions simple now, but the details will have to be done later at the project bid time. He says he will look forward to it. "I shall try my best" she says, in a formal way. He laughs, saying that one wold think this is their office. He says he now understands why his dad doesn't talk business at home!


YR is at a bar, looking pathetic, recalling the orphanage trip. She has called DB over because she has no drinking friend in Korea. She tells him she went to her orphanage today, but not saying why, and making it look like it was out of nostalgia. He asks why she would do something like that. What if somebody sees? She says nobody will know, as she is not like who she was earlier. "You made me like that, no? You made me CYR, the daughter of a US  real-estate mogul, and no longer the sad orphan, SeonHwa".  Then she starts on her story. YR: "You don't know, do you, how it feels to be abandoned right at birth?" (and we see his face, that says a lot!). She talks about her orphanage life and feeling sad at seeing other school friends' moms bringing lunch etc. She also talks about a school friend who used to share lunch with her, being invited to her home, and being given her clothes, dolls and even pencil cases.  That's when she knew how miserable a child she was, however cheerful she tried to act. (We know that she is talking about IY). DB takes a drink away from her and downs it. He too has a sad story. He thinks just having the parents doesn't get you love like YR was assuming. He wonders what fault of his it was. It would rather have been better to know from the start that it was not meant to be, for him. That way, he wouldn't have had hopes. (YR naturally has a puzzled look now). Who is better? - Somebody who had nothing and hoped for nothing, or somebody who has it right in front but can't have it and can't even be jealous? (Now YR is all out confused about what the heck DB is saying).. She starts to say, "is it perhaps...", and he cut her off saying he is leaving, asking her to not get drunk and take her time to get home.


IY having a chat with the maids about how they get groceries done, and channels the conversation to the cars used. When she asked whether they get Mr. Jang to use his car to get things, the chief maid says she drives herself sometimes. She uses the chairman's car. She tells IY that she should ask the chairman if she needs that car. IY asks who uses that car. Ms. Nam (the chief maid) says it is Mr. Jang who uses it. But sometimes the Madam also drives it if her car is at the Foundation. (Now, this gives IY something to think about)


IY continues to think, as she sets the food table. DB comes, saying she will help, but starts worrying unnecessarily - "She is not even looking at me. What in the world has she heard from the orphanage director?". haha. HM comes and tells IY that she will get some health tonic for her, as she was getting something for BS too. Since she can't take traditional meds for pregnancy, she can have at least the western tonic. IY thanks her.


The office staff is talking about their bid for the project being in good shape. They are fully qualified. JH thinks they should still put in their full effort. He talks about convincing the apartments residents first, and asks IY what she thinks of it. She is lost in thought and apologizes when Mr. Yun nudges her. Mr. Jo thinks that the chief designer looks tired. She says she was only thinking of reinforcing the balcony and utility room in the design (surely a lie).


DB is looking at a list of major shareholder firms in the Taeyeon group. JH comes in. Some business talk between them on the bid for Hanbit apartments and talking to the residents there etc. Then DB tells that the private firm who investigated JH's accident (which was a lie from DB anyway) can't be traced now. They have closed shop, it seems. JH wonders if he should start from scratch then. It is better than feeling depressed and concerned about it. DB discourages him, saying the cops and he had both investigated. There is nothing there. He asks if JH needs to have some psychological treatment or counseling. JH says it is nothing that serious. DB throws in the idea of going somewhere quiet, for a rest period. JH says he has done that already and it only makes him think more. Doing work is the best way to keep the mind off that matter. Then great, says DB. Just worry about Hanbit Apts. JH agrees.


BS is looking at his medicine bottle and worrying about his dementia issues. JH comes in to tell him of their qualifying for the Hanbit Apts bid. They go into some heavy duty discussion on the funding arrangements, liquidation damages, etc. I will skip it. BS then asks about YR. JH says there should be no issues and things won't change just because she lives elsewhere. "That is what I am worried about", says BS.  Things do need to change. He asks if he is going to love her enough to marry her. JH says good things about YR and that he would like to protect her. BS: "It is not love?". JH: "That, I still don't know".


DB is in his office, getting paranoid as always. He remembers JH's words and concludes, "he has no plans to give up".


HM asks YR to go with her to the Hope Orphanage. Just to spend time with the kids there and have some food with them. YR says she would like to see the kids too, but she had agreed to meet some sponsors of the charity bazaar that they just had - as an excuse to get out of trouble.


SG and CH are at the herbal shop. CH wants to go for a trip with her - to Namhae to see IY. The people in that choir are going to Guam, so she also wants to go somewhere. She doesn't want to go abroad because there is so much to see in Korea (and she is stingy, of course). She talks a lot, as always - and enough to get SG to agree.


SG comes home, and DM is leaving somewhere in a hurry. SG wants to know if she is free for the weekend. She is, but SG will tell her later why she asked.


IY tells JH that she has to leave for while, to go check on some interior design items at the showroom or something (an excuse, of course. man, everybody is always lying in this drama!). JH asks if everything is alright, because she looks tired, was lost in thought during the meeting, and he had heard that she was working hard even on the rest day yesterday. She says sorry to have made him worried. He says he was just concerned. IY says it's just getting used to working there, having just started. Nothing to worry. He says she can tell him if anything is a problem, and he will help boost his morale. She looks at him, and her eyes say a lot (and we feel sad that these two aren't dating).


DM picks up IY. We know where they are going, as DM asks "do any of the cops there know you by face?". IY says no. DM thinks it is better if she goes alone, because if the cops get any record of IY, it could be dangerous to her. IY asks if it's not the same with DM. "This is my job," says IY.  Anyway, DM convinces her to act like just a friend to DM who will act as JM's daughter.


At the police station, they show the video. The cop is uninterested. They argue that this is new evidence and ask why he isn't bothered. He goes on and on talking about it being a closed case, about there being nobody else at the site and all that, making "the friend" IY mad and the "real daughter" DM having to play the calmer one. Finally the cop says that this is all known to them. This is not any new evidence. They know that this car was there because the person in the car was the one who found SJ dead and called the cops. When IY insists that she needs him to speak clearly, and that they have a right to know, he says that this person was there to thank SJ for something, but found him dead. DM asks how they can believe that. What if this person hit him, dropped him dead and reported it. He says that would be the case usually. But seeing that this person had even taken a cake to give JM, it had to be true that it was to thank him. More than that, he asks, how it is possible for an older woman to hit with one hand, drop a man and instantly kill him. "older woman?" ask IY, and DM wants to know who it was. The cop says that it is something he cannot reveal.


HM is telling YR that she had a great time at the orphanage. She wants to go find an apartment for her tomorrow. Just as they leave, BS comes in, surprising them. He wants to take them both for dinner because they did such a great job with the charity bazaar.  Soon, BS, HM and YR are having tea somewhere. I suppose they have had dinner already.  Just small talk and nothing serious. HM talks about  BS having to watch his health, etc. YR says the cake was delicious.  HM asks YR whether they should buy one for IY. YR agrees.


DM is dropping IY somewhere, for her to go in a taxi from there. DM thinks that their trip got them nothing. Not so, says IY. "If it was an older lady, then chances are high that it was DB's mother". But IY thinks it would be tough for HM to drop her dad, like the cop said. And there were no sign of physical struggle and no particular external injuries. DM thinks that no external injury implies that it had to be somebody SJ knew, and IY agrees. IY says her dad knew Taeyeon people, as he took care of a Taeyeon villa.  DM: "But if a woman couldn't have done it, then it can't be DB's mom, right?" IY: "What if she was not alone there?". IY thinks that HM couldn't have gone alone if it was for some other purpose than just to thank him. There could've been somebody else in the car, and that would've been a man who was strong enough to drop Dad in one stroke. So, what will you do now, asks DM.  IY says she will definitely find some evidence.


IY reaches home, and the dinner trio also drive in. HM asks why she walked home alone in the cold. IY sees HM holding a cake box, and freezes. 


(The End)

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