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[Drama 2017-2018] Backflow / Reverse, 역류


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59 minutes ago, Ldy Gmerm said:

I still can't shake the feeling that DB did something that made his father not want to leave that company to him.


Yeah, I can't put my finger on what the back story on DB is.  He probably had something to do with JH's accident sometime earlier this year, but the inferiority complex DB has, comes from something else, and that has to do with this old Pak Du Sik story from 30 years ago.  I wonder if he is really BS' son.  Maybe BS suspects that HM had an affair or something and never believed that DB was his son??  That is a totally wild guess and I have no evidence.  The MBC site itself says that DB had always grown up with some odd feeling that something was not just right about his existence.  But it is clear that he grew up as their son all along, and that HM gave birth to him and raised him.  HM does not seem to show any preference between the sons, except the normal extra love for the younger son who is always taken as the baby.   But the dad discriminates, and the mom knows it too.  Then that story about the dad taking JH to that old house, and not DB, which came as a surprise to HM - to the point where she actually asked him why he did that. 


And I am not sure of the equation between BS and Mr. Jang, who seems to behave a bit weirdly and seems to look at BS as something more than just a boss.  BS does not show anything unusual about how he behaves to CG though - and is like most bosses are, to their body-guards/assistants.


There are many mysteries that they have not even started to explain, as of episode 13.

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Episode 13 recap:


IY asks DB what he and YR were talking about, and he says t was nothing. YR was surprised to see him drinking, that's all. He says he is drinking because he is worried of IY, ssigssig (the baby) and his dad. Just an excuse that IY probably didn't buy anyway. YR gets a text from him - "Careful. If caught, you and I are finished".


Cho-Hui (CG, the landlord aunt) brings some breakfast bread. She complains at the shop remodeling cost. But she also says that when she went to IY's company, they said they didn't know anything about a Namhae townhouse project. DM goes in and checks the internet on Namhae Townhouses. She calls IY to ask where in Namhae the site is. Beachfront in Namhae, she says. DM asks her if she knows a company called Taeyeon, and IY is startled. DM tells her of their job announcement that she saw as she went there with the aunt. The company looks good based on their showroom, and she want to apply. IY regains composure and tells her to go for it. I checks and confirms on the job search.


BS asks IY if she has time for a lunch with him. She says yes but is worried what that is about. MH alerts her that it must be to tell her to have the wedding soon after they get the Paju building contract. On asked, IY says she is not sure what to think of it. HM: "how come? what can we do once you start showing your pregnancy?"...


JH is having a very friendly chat with the office staff, who take turns to suck up to him. He asks what vacancy in the team is urgent to fill, and the lady says that it is for a chief designer. Since JH himself was unavailable for a while, they have struggled. Mr. Jo tries to tell the woman that the Chief Director (DB) has been working on that recruitment, but JH says he will try to speed up the hiring. And DB comes in with coffee, acting like he is happy to see JH there.  The brothers then have a chat in the office. JH says he heard the presentation yesterday was successful, and DB does the usual 'I did nothing much' show.  He asks if JH's "condition" (the Koreans' word for health situation) was fine. JH says no, and that's because DB keeps asking that question. DB says he will stop asking. JH says he heard from Mr. Jo that DB will become Vice President if they successfully get the Paju building order. DB says it's overblown, but that the director board guys probably think that. JH: "VP at 30 years of age... Isn't that a serious achievement?", but DB says it is not a sure thing - "Who knows what Dad is thinking?"


DB suddenly asks something curious - "was there no problem today when you had your car ride this morning?". JH says no. He reached work slowly. DB looks puzzled [I didn't get what this was about]


The secretary says over the intercom that their father is calling JH. Now DB is concerned so he decides to join too. BS says he called only to have some tea together. Probably worried that BS will raise JH to VP before he could do anything, DB now goes on the offensive and diverts attention, talking about the Paju building order that they may get tomorrow. He wants to show that it is not just HomeDay that their company is good at, but also Office interiors. He then asks if YR can start working in the company, as she quit her earlier job. JH aks, "Yoo Ran?" and DB says her management consulting background will help in things like Marketing. BS says they can think about it.


At home, YR tries to make sure to give the same story to IY as did DB, that she was surprised to see him drinking last night. The chief maid tells IY that BS has called her to go for lunch by 12:30. YR tells the maid to tidy up the 2nd floor library, as the briefing documents from earlier are lying around. IY suddenly says that she will do it, saying she needs to look for a book there.


IY meets MH. Trying to pry out of MH what BS' lunch with IY is about. MH says it must be to talk about the wedding. YR looks troubled and MH asks if she is feeling bad. She says it's because of her grandma.  Then the secretary comes in saying that the office administrator who was supposed to start working next week won't be able to join, due to a family issue. YR offers to help fill in at that post.


Now IY is looking at the 'briefing' on JH's laptop.  She reads, "Failure at site landscaping? As the accuracy drops due to problems in depth control and  estimation of vibrational energy, technology augmentation is necessary?"... "Laboratory? Laboratory...  I knew it, even this document mentions only 'a Chinese ultrasound firm'... Nothing about which firm. No detail on the technology patent either".  Then she leans back and thinks - "This is surely my father's technology".


Then IY remembers her father showing the drawings of a "drill jig" and explaining how just a slight augmentation with light weight and wavelength depth control will be enough.  She was surprised, asking, "whoa... is this really possible?".  The dad - "of course, who do you think this dad is?" and she says "the dad who loves IY and MJ".  The dad says their troubles are all over now, and that she should use this in her own company and make oodles of money. "With you, dad?" and he replies, "yes, with me!"


IY prints out some presentation slides and hides them in her book, as the chief maid comes in saying she will do the rest of 'tidying up', as it's time for IY to go for the lunch.


YR seems to be leaving after meeting HM. She texts 'boss' - "We have a problem. Let us meet and talk". He replies "6 pm. Han river park".


CG (Cheol Gon. Mr. Jang, that is) drives IY to the restaurant to meet BS. He tells her that if she needs to be taken anywhere from now on, she can ask him. She says, "oh no, you would be busy", to which CG replies that the chairman has asked him to do that. She asks for his phone number and he types that into her phone.


JM is on to physical therapy and trying to walk. Back at his bed, he asks when he can be discharged and DM says the doc wants to still observe him. He asks if they haven't heard from his dad, still - "he must be worried about me". Mom says he called when he was sleeping.  He asks about his sister, and wants to go to Namhae soon to see her.


IY is all nervous at the lunch with BS.  He says "relax, and eat" and she gets even more nervous, so he jokes about it. He asks if she can see herself for ever to be in the family, and she gives the usual "I am so deficient in everything" line that Koreans say, that doesn't translate well to English. The dad says that DB is lacking in so much too. He admits to having been on his case all along. "Complementing for mutual deficiencies is what is good about a marriage. I became so much better after meeting your mother-in-law".  She asks what he would feel if she were to join Taeyeon as a designer. He is happy.  They are later in his office, and in a bit of an interview mode.  Asked about her previous work, she says she did 7 years there. He will look into whether there is a suitable position.  Outside, she runs into JH.  She tells him that she was looking for DB. n hearing that he is in a meeting, she says she will wait in the office. As he leaves, IY hears him answering a call from YR.


YR is at the Han river park, telling JH that she is meeting some American frends and that she'll be late to come home.  She adjusts her hair and waits patiently for DB, as she is there half hour early. She must really love the guy to be so anxious to see him!


IY is in DB's office and he comes in. He didn't know about her lunch with his dad, but he is glad. He too wants to buy food - for his ssigssig baby. She gives her ever-so-enticing smiles and goes along. As they leave, his 'boss' phone is ringing from his desk drawer. The guy seems to have forgotten about it and is happy as a gopher in soft dirt, buying fruits for her and being fed by the woman he thinks is all his.  And I actually feel bad for the one who clearly is in live with him, YR. It's cold out at the river bank, but there is no sign of him.


DB is still with IY, and they're eating even more. Tteokbokki this time. She says he is a good cook, and he thinks his ssigssig might be become a good chef.  As she tries to talk about their wedding, probably trying to stall it, he says he heard from the parents. "Let's do it soon".  IY: "We haven't got enough dating time", and he says they can date after marriage. YR comes home, sees them together, and is heartbroken. Actually she feels ill. Literally.  She is about to collapse, as JH grabs her. JH comes and gets water or her and that's when DB remembered the text message from YR.


So, this is what YR had to do, to get JH to care for her. Fall ill, that is. Now he is by her side, thinking about all the things she said to him at the bar in the last episode (when she went through multiple routines on him and came up empty).  Show a temperature, and guys become all soft, I guess...


But now it's time for IY to be heartbroken, as she sees JH looking after YR. And JH says in his mind - "I'm sorry... for making you wait for me all this while.. Really sorry".  Then he says out, "Please wait a little more. I will try my best,"  as tears swell up and anger also shows on the face of IY, standing at the door.  (The End)

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I know, I know.. I should really cut down the length of the recaps.  I keep writing as I watch the episodes and just throw it up here.  So it comes pretty close to everything that is said.  Maybe I should watch first and then summarize, for the next few episodes.  I can't seem to do it that way though :) ... Here goes one more episode.




Episode 14 Recap:


JH applying a cold pack on YR's forehead and remembering her corny words. JH says in his mind that he is sorry for having her wait, and then says, "please wait a bit longer. I will do his best". It doesn't look like YR heard it, but IY saw it, standing at the door.


JH tells DB that YR is fine. DB wonders if it's because her grandma is causing some stress to her, and JH says it's because of him. YR is a good woman; nice, kind and loving. DB: "And so?"... JH doesn't answer but asks DB if he felt 'this is destiny, this is the woman' when he first met IY. DB says he isn't sure, but he felt great all the time about IY. He wants to know if JH had some other woman in his heart. JH doesn't answer and DB takes it as a yes. DB: "Forget her. She isn't with you now, is she? The one who stuck by your side through difficulties is YR. Forget the love of destiny and all that. Isn't being by your side through your worst period, love?  Why have feelings for somebody who didn't do that and left you?".  JH can't disagree.


IY gets a call from her mom. DM is in the hospital, so SG is home. She complains about IY not coming to see JM and being so busy. Nice mother-daughter talk. Nothing important.  IY tells herself, "get a grip, Kim InYeong. There isn't much time".


HM tells IY about BS wanting a wedding quickly. IY tries to stall, talking about DB's Paju building contract, but HM will have none of it. HM: "What are you talking about? What has work go to do with marriage? This is no child's play.  Whether they get the building contract or not, let us set a date".  Then IY changes the tune - "I think YR should get married before us. She is having a hard time due to her US grandma. I am just fine about getting married after childbirth too. I'm just thankful to be loved in a nice family like this.  But YR's situation is different".  Just some BS, but HM gets fooled. HM: "You seem to think differently from DB". HM is touched. "You're so sweet at heart". Then IY says she wants to work again, and at Taeyeon. She has told BS. He is fine, but DB is against it. HM asks if she is trying to get her to convince DB. IY is acting cute and all.  HM says she will help.  [Haha.. I have seen MILs getting fooled by DILs, but not by two at the same time. HM is such a pushover!]


HM is checking on YR and asking if she shouldn't go to the hospital. HM: Do you know who it was that stayed up all night beside you with a cold pack?... YR is shocked to know, and JH calls to check on her right then. Mom passes the phone to YR. He is quite caring to her now.


The office staff celebrates, as they got the Paju building contract. Mr. Yun says he was worried, and the woman says the BonBujang (technically HQ Chief) did a good job with the presentation. Mr. Jo takes the credit for making the presentation, but Mr. Yun says he was the one who made it. JH thanks them all. He gives them the credit card for lunch and they leave screaming "meat for lunch today!".  DB goes and tells the dad about it, and tries to hint that he now deserves more responsibilities. The dad says he will hear the director board's views. Now DB feels down, but BS tells him - "you've taken much trouble (done great)".  At least he got that from his dad for a change.


An actual cop is at the hospital, as he was told that MJ is awake. SG tells him that he has lost memory of the recent events. The cop wants her to let them know when his memory returns. She asks why he came a few days ago and left just like that. He says he never went there and this was the first time. 


SG goes in and tells DM and the aunt that JM may get discharged in a week. The aunt tells JM to just stay there, "after all, they still haven't found the criminal, so--" and DM taps her to shut up. JM asks, "criminal?".  They divert his attention, talking of something else. Then the aunt asks SG, "did you check into the Townhouses IY is working at?". Now SG asks what that's about. DM says the aunt misheard something, and tells the aunt that the construction is indeed going on. The aunt doesn't stop: "That's weird. They clearly said there was nothing like that". SG asks what this was, and DM says it's nothing.  DM drags the aunt outside and lies to her that she checked and found it on the internet. Aunt: "But why check internet, when you can call IY?"  (Man, the aunt is a work of art!).  DM asks her not to say useless things, as IY is doing perfectly fine in Namhae (lying of course). Now the aunt is sad - "you always take me too lightly. Makes me feel bad. I'm going to the bathroom". Poor lady. It's true that nobody takes her seriously.


YR comes out of her room, and find IY sitting there with a book. which IY says she was reading because she was bored. Then IY tells YR that JH was on her bed side all night long. IY: "The more I see, the more JH appears to be different than DB... He takes a while to open up, but once he does, he has unbounded warmth, that he displays for ever".  Now YR asks how DB is (in contrast). IY doesn't have an answer but is saved by a phone call from DB, informing her of the Paju contract good news.  IY tells him that she will put together a party at home with some good food, rather than go out like he seemed to suggest.  YR: "Now your wedding will be soon".  Neither of them look happy about it!


DB is buying a pair of rings. As the lady goes to pack it up, he asks for one more of the same kind. "Another set?".  DB: "No. Just one more ring".  What is he planning here?


IY is writing down grocery items to buy for the party and tells the chief maid that she will get them herself. She gets a text and she doesn't reply. She gets another - "I know you aren't in Namhae.  Come over right now".  It's Da Mi, of course.  She is in a park, remembering hearing from IY's earlier company - "Ms. Kim In Yeong quit work on Nov 17th". And IY comes to meet her. DM: What's with you?... IY: How did you know? DM: Is that important? What on earth are you up to, now?... IY tells her that before his incident JM had suspicions on their dad's death. He didn't think it was a heart attack.  It's when he went to find out about it, that JM had the incident. DM asks if it means that the dad's death was a murder, but IY is not sure of that. Now DM understands that JM is still in danger. She wants to know what IY has been doing if she never went to Namhae. IY won't tell, but DM insists that she needs to know. IY says that if JM was right, then she herself would be in danger too. DM: "So you were hiding because of that?". So IY got away without telling any further details.  DM wants to go to the police but IY doesn't think it works.  She wants DM's help - to stop JM, if he happens to get his memory and sets out to do anything.


Mr. Jo brings some files on projects that were started earlier and were dropped (as JH went away). On asked why he is bringing in bygone matters, Mr. Joe says that they were good projects. JH says his father will pressure him to be forward looking. Mr. Jo says he can get rid of the files any time, if JH asks.  And JH is called over to the dad's office. Mr. Jo says, "he is already pressuring you, it seems?".


Somebody is meeting BS and praising DB. That he is just like BS . He is happy with the Paju book building contract, and diversifying from home interior to office interiors also. The directors' response is all very positive. There should be no problem if he is installed as the Vice President. BS asks about who should take charge of the Myeonmok-dong Hanbit apartments remodeling work. The other man wonders if DB can't do that also. But BS thinks that it will be too much work for the HQ director (DB, that is).  And JH comes in. BS wants to know what he is working on. JH says he is looking over some of what he had started earlier, and just as he expected, BS tells him to leave behind the bygone matters.  We see him walking out, and CG watching him in the corridor.


IY is mixing jabchae (veggies mixed with glass noodles), and the maids are impressed. They think she must be experienced. IY says that she learned it form the internet. She has had the maids all sold on her all along. They think the chairman will be very happy to eat his favorite dish, especially as it's made by the senior daughter-in-law. JH and DB come in and JH tells IY, "it looks like he is making you work hard" (about the party).  JH goes and checks on YR and she thanks him. They all have a champagne and jabchae party at the dinner table. BS is very pleased with IY.  Just small talk. DB asks YR, "since you're looking for a job, how about joining the company?".  YR says she has been thinking of joining HM's office. DB looks unhappy, probably because YR is doing things without telling him. HM thinks YR can learn about the foundation and later take over from her. She brings up the matter of IY also thinking of working. The chairman says he told her to apply, and she says she applied for a career position at Taeyeon. Now DB is really miffed. He was against her working, as we know.


After dinner, DB confronts IY on it. The woman knows way too well how to handle him. "I wanted to be with you at the office. A work place affair?", making him think of extra activities in closets and bathrooms, I guess. Anyway, the man is all melted and he can only hug her, saying "how did I find this treasure?".  He wants to have a drink somewhere to preserve the great mood. She says she can't drink. He was talking of going to a cafe. She says she knows a a late-night place with a great atmosphere. And they are out at the garden table, which is the great cafe she had in mind. She says that is the 'cafe' where she hangs out. He is feeling bad that he has to be at home and be bored like that. He will take her on a weekend trip, now that JH is back at work and things are fine. IY gets that worried look on her. She tells him that it was not what she meant. She wants to work, at Taeyeon. He says she should, but only after ssigssig is born.


IY is looking at the scarf/hair-pin (whatever) he keeps as a SeongHwa memory.  He finds YR looking at DB and IY, from the upstairs window. JH gets into his playful mood that we have not seen so far - "shall we two go and disturb them?"


IY says planning designs are much different than showroom designs and should be easier. But DB thinks it will be a lot of overtime (late-night) work. He says no, and they argue a bit. But IY puts on her charm again. Pulls out a gift (a pen) that she says is a "bribe" (to get him on her side) - "as I feel thankful and grateful all day".  Now he brings out the rings. There are three. He says the third one is for (the baby) ssigssig. Once he is born, they will all wear the same kind of rings. She gets that deer in the headlights look again. He kneels down to ask if she would marry him and stay by his side for life.  IY is in a bind.  And they hear JH say "aren't you going to accept it from him?"  (The end)

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2 hours ago, jayakris said:

I know, I know.. I should really cut down the length of the recaps.  I keep writing as I watch the episodes and just throw it up here.  So it comes pretty close to everything that is said.  Maybe I should watch first and then summarize, for the next few episodes.  I can't seem to do it that way though :) ... Here goes one more episode.





LOL, when I did visual recaps for drama threads I had the same problem. No matter how many times you say you will make it short, keep it short or do a summary it always morphs into something longer with more detail and grows into a full blown recap.. We appreciate the recaps though they have saved this drama at least for me as I was going to give it up with no subs and no one watching who could provide a bit more understanding about the dialogue and story line.



I keep seeing DB as a leach who wants to get IY into bed lol. I guess if he thinks he already did the deed with a baby on the way and is in a hurry to marry to have him with him always its understandable that his libido is out of control. Normal male hormones to an attractive woman he desires and has the all clear to marry.


But I do find his sneaky tactics to take over or get JH out of the running for VP a bit much. I have to wonder if there is a birth secret for him like you mentioned possibly. Perhaps from the profile you mentioned its just a matter of his having an inferiority complex over his younger brother. Whatever it is when he finds out his father has alzheimer's he will want to take that company. Especially if he some how looses that bid for VP and they make JH VP over him.


I have a feeling that JH suspects or will suspect that IY is the woman who was with him but he has no real way to confirm it as IY will never admit to it. I think more and more things will make him realize who IY is or was to him.


YR is definitely in love with DB. I can't get a handle on if they were lovers or its one sided on her part. I keep thinking its one sided and she has had these feelings and he never noticed it. IT pains her to have to hear and see he is suppose to get married soon. I have a feeling that the wedding is not going to happen (at least i hope so..)


Now I keep wondering how IY will get rid of that fictional baby? Will she fake a miscarriage? If so she should hurry up because his parents, and DB do not seem to want to wait longer to do a wedding. They are also resorting to talking about a wedding to cover up the fact her tummy is big. IY better come up with something before someone gets wise.


 I can't see that it was JH who had a hand in the stealing of her fathers idea and did it mean so much to who took it that they harmed her brother too? I wonder if YR was part of stealing that as well or someone else found out about that idea and when the man would not give it to them or they could not buy it the resorted to murder and then harmed her brother because he found out or got to close to finding out. Either way it will come back to them. I can't think the man did not have notes somewhere unless they were stolen too that can prove it was his idea that was stole and used.

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Episode 15 Recap.


Tears roll down IY's cheeks, but clearly not out of happiness of being proposed to. She accepts the ring.  JH says they should've taken a picture. On asked to give a ring to DB, she puts it on his finger too, but she looks awkward, sitting silent all through.


The parents are in their bedroom. HM tells BS about JH caring all night for a sick YR. They're happy. BS wants a YR-JH engagement soon after the other couple's wedding - "if not, we need to send YR out". He gives a business analogy for doing that and HM smirks at that.


JH asks if YR is feeling cold. IY is feeling cold and goes up with DB, who hugs her once they're alone. He feels he should re-do the proposal because they got disturbed by the other two. She agrees that it didn't go well - "a little bit so, but I liked it".  She says she has told HM that they'll marry after the child is born, and let YR marry first because of her situation. He doesn't like it but says he will find a way. He wants to marry as soon as he becomes VP.


On asked what happened last night, YR tells JH that she was out looking for an apartment ("officetel") to move out to. She feels awkward staying there after a DB-IY marriage, and it is a burden for JH and the parents. JH: "I know you came in on your own, but shouldn't you ask me before you go out?".  She says sorry, and JH says he will call her grandma to tell her that they are properly seeing each other and not to worry. YR sends a text from her room to 'boss' - "This phase a success. 3 months".  Haha, this game is fun...


IY and YR having tea with HM, who laughs as YR says they went and spoiled the proposal as decided by JH. HM will organize proper wedding rings later, but IY is fine with this. YR tells HM about the baby ring, and about JH calling her grandma. HM: "My husband was right, then" (about JH relenting in the end, I suppose). YR wants to know what he said. HM: "That's a secret". She wants to go for some winter shopping. IY excuses herself on the pretext of meeting some friends, and YR agrees to go with her.


The lady in the office team says she has inside info from the HR office that due to the recent success, DB will become VP and Mr. Jo will be promoted too. I think she is pulling a fast one, but those two manage to get Mr. Jo to agree to buy them lunch with that. Now she says she isn't too sure, so it was a bait and switch.  She goes to tell JH that they're going for lunch and he asks her about what is a good show to watch these days. Like a drama or musical. She will ask around and tell him through facebook messenger.


The chief administrator or whoever brings the files on the Myeonmok-dong Hanbit apartments remodeling, to the chairman. BS asks him to put JH in charge of that, though the administrator says DB would want to be in charge. BS thinks it will be too much work for the "HQ chief" DB. He leaves as DB comes in. I wonder if DB has been working on that guy separately.


DB says he came from the middle of an interview (with a newspaper or something - "Economic Goods"?). He thinks the chairman himself needs to be there. Then he goes to his room and texts YR - "come to that place right now".  YR replies - "You mean, you aren't busy? Or you will forget the meeting, won't you?" (referring to him standing her up at the river park two days ago). No he actually dials her - "I have something to tell you. Come right away".


IY's mom trying once again to get the name of the organization that paid for JM's bills, and doesn't get it. She gives her number to the desk lady to pass on, if anybody from the organization calls and to tell them thanks.  IY watches with her mask on, as JM is wheel-chaired out.  To her horror, she finds CG following them. She calls CG saying she is feeling pain in her belly and to come immediately. She sees CG turning left as the taxi went right, and is relieved.  JM is brought home, and the aunt is yakketi-yakking. She wants a party, and DM asks her to organize it. DM gets a text from IY that they need to meet right now. She says it is from a friend, as the aunt asks if it was IY. She leaves.


CG is waiting at a cafe for DM and CG calls asking where she is, as he went to Jamsil Station to look for her. She says she is now fine, and sorry to have bothered him. IY shows a picture of CG to DM. When she asks if he is the criminal, IY says she isn't sure but that DM should watch for him. When DM insists saying "you don't trust me?", she lets out the details about Taeyeon, the possibly stolen technique from her dad, and about what she has done by joining the Taeyeon family. DM thinks it is preposterous. IY says she had no other choice. She feels so guilty that she didn't go to the cops when JM told her of his suspicion. IY wants DM to be JM's sister in her place (EDIT:  She said that the Taeyeon family will have JM under surveillance, so she means DM should actually act like she is IY)... DM unloads on her for screwing up her own life like this. She wants her out of that house. IY says it is too late. She is too caught in it. Tears come down her cheeks again.


YR meets DB by the Han river. She had to change the shopping/lunch plans with HM to see him. He wants to know what this "this phase a success" was, that she texted him. She is confident that she has secured JH's feelings towards her. He will call her grandma. DB: "You're more capable than you look". YR: "Thanks to a certain somebody"... She says it's his hurry to get married that is making it tough for her to do hers in 3 months. DB: "wedding or engagement, I just want you to go away taking JH with you". Now YR gets aggressive - "The goals may have been set by you, but setting the plan is for me to do, as you yourself said. I will do whatever way I choose to get married. You stay out of the way. It's not something to hurry just because you say it. I don't want to mortgage my whole life, I mean. If the times get bad again, I will go away". She turns to leave. He asks why she wanted to see him earlier. YR: "It was to set the wedding schedules". As he tries to see if she doesn't feel any issues with JH and HM, she says no, and she gets a call from JH. Asking her out for the drama in the evening. DB can see that those two are really getting along. DB: "You're doing great". YR: "As long as you don't get in the way"...


YR and JH come out from the drama. Having a nice chat. She didn't really understand the drama, but watching it with him was great. He wants to get her something to eat and she is fine with anything. She says she wants to do all the things that people do while dating, like fighting and all that too. JH: "Looks like I should pick the place with the most tasteless food". YR: "You're teasing me, right?". JH: "How did you know??". They go get some street food. The usual "ah, it's hot", "eat plenty", etc, and then looking at trinkets but not buying.


DM is talking to the aunt about the party food plans, and sees YR walking with JH. Looks like she recognizes that it is SeonHwa (YR's actual/original name) but YR doesn't see her. Later at home, during their small celebration party, DM tells SG that she saw a woman just like SeonHwa. "From a distance, I was sure, but seeing her close, I think maybe not". Aunt asks who this SeonHwa is. DM: "Oh yeah, there's one. A thief". The aunt then gets it - "Ah, that fried of IY's that ruined you, sister?". DM is mad and goes to her room - "She was no friend, okay?". The aunt thinks DM will never date anyone because of her temper.


IY still trying to convince DB to let her join Taeyeon. She wants him to accept it in good spirits, as BS has also approved of it. Do that after ssigssig is born, he says. She doesn't want to be joining after the marriage as the Taeyeon daughter-in-law with a backdoor entry to the job (낙하산/parachute job is what they call it in Korea). She wants to hide her relationship with him, and join the normal way. She wants to get close to the company people, but not as his fiancee. She also wants to give him support at work too.


JH and YR come home. DB wants to have a beer with JH who asks for YR's permission, which she doesn't give. So he agrees to drink some juice. He tells the brother than he is happy after the date. IY gets JH some juice and goes up.


IY sees CG pacing in the garden. She comes down to watch him as he is on the phone. She hears him tell somebody the street of her house. "I will send the house number by text. Whatever is going on, report to me right away".  IY calls DM and asks her to keep it a secret from Mom, but to stay right beside JM.


DB walks into the company to greetings from the employees, feeling all great about himself. But that didn't last long, as he sees the notice board and finds a Mr. Lee Ho Seong (who the heck?) being made the Vice President.  Haha!!! ... JH walks in and he looks at JH with venom in his eyes, as we all wonder what JH had to do with what DB's dad has done. (The end)

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6 hours ago, Ldy Gmerm said:

We appreciate the recaps though they have saved this drama at least for me as I was going to give it up with no subs and no one watching who could provide a bit more understanding about the dialogue and story line


You're welcome. It's a pity that this drama is not being subbed. I like it. Quite a convoluted story line, that is borderline-nonsense (at least in what IY is doing), but the writer has done a very good job of making it somewhat believable, with the actors doing a great part in it too.  Carefully directed and acted, so far.  I like the pacing of the story too. There is always some small things going on, so it doesn't get boring either.  Lots of mysteries to solve in the future, so there is much to look forward to.


6 hours ago, Ldy Gmerm said:

I have a feeling that JH suspects or will suspect that IY is the woman who was with him but he has no real way to confirm it as IY will never admit to it.


I think that hair-pin-scarf thingy will be the one that will prove it to him at some point.


6 hours ago, Ldy Gmerm said:

YR is definitely in love with DB. I can't get a handle on if they were lovers or its one sided on her part. I keep thinking its one sided and she has had these feelings and he never noticed it. IT pains her to have to hear and see he is suppose to get married soon. I have a feeling that the wedding is not going to happen (at least i hope so..)


She is surely in love with him. The way she asked him to stay with her, at that apartment, it is clear that they have had a relationship before.  Though she has done some horrible thing to IY's family in the past, the way she cried about it at the river back, and the way she does things now, it looks like she does have a conscience of some sort.  But then again, she did the old thing probably to make a life for herself (probably to get to the US, which is my wild guess) and she is doing the current job for a $3 Million, so maybe she is nothing but a crook.  My feeling also is that there will not be a wedding any time soon.


6 hours ago, Ldy Gmerm said:

Now I keep wondering how IY will get rid of that fictional baby? Will she fake a miscarriage?


That was precisely my guess too. At some point she will roll down the stairs or something and fake a miscarriage. But that is tough to fake, without the help of a doctor :)


6 hours ago, Ldy Gmerm said:

I wonder if YR was part of stealing that as well or someone else found out about that idea and when the man would not give it to them or they could not buy it the resorted to murder and then harmed her brother because he found out or got to close to finding out.


This part is entirely a mystery.  There is no hint at all, at this point, that the chairman had anything to do with it.  But Mr Jang definitely knows something.  I wonder if the aunt that we have not seen (BS' sister) could be behind things. Maybe she orchestrated the who YR-DB thing from abroad (possibly without DB knowing it), getting a "grandma" in place and all that, and has Mr. Jang working for her.  Maybe she wants YR to steal the company for her.  All just wild guesses again.  As of Ep 15, the chairman's interactions with Mr Jang don't indicate anything like they had once planned a murder together. BS looks like a shrewd and cunning businessman, but just does not give the vibe of an evil type who would organize a murder.  Somebody else is behind this, and Mr Jang knows it, or is involved in it.

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Episode 16 recap:


DB is all mad about seeing on the notice board that some Lee Ho Seong becoming the VP instead of him, and looks angrily at JH, as though he had anything to do with it. They go to the roof top to discuss. JH: "A subsidiary's director becomes VP? We would've never imagined it". He says DB's abilities were very clear now, and he can't see why this would be done. He tries to comfort DB.  DB thinks their dad has something in mind. JH thinks it may be to pull back a bit now to get ready for a big leap later. DB rather sarcastically repeats it, as he doesn't believe it. DB: "You are always good at digging deeper into what Dad means, huh?"... JH: "Am I?"... DB: "That is why he trusts you more than me". JH: "He trusts you more than me!". DB: "You really think so?". JH: "Of course". DB says he is all embarrassed after all the talk everywhere about his becoming the VP.


Director Park is waiting for JH to give him the files for the Meyonmok-dong Hanbit apartments remodeling project. (Note: That is the name of the guy, as we see later in this episode. I still don't know what his job is. It is unusual for there to be anybody between the chairman and the bonbujang, which is DB's position.  But this guy is high enough that he uses casual speech with both the sons, addressing them 자네 (janae = you). Very unsual. The director board members usually don't have any executive position that is high enough above the bonbujang. He could be the sajang, but that is unusual in companies where the chairman is actively the CEO). He tells JH that those apartments were built in 1988. They are in financial trouble and need remodeling. JH: "Exterior construction and interiors are both needed, and they picked us for exteriors too?". He thinks it is a big construction project. Director Park wants Division Chief Kang (the official designation of JH) to take it up. JH is unsure if he can take up something so big right after his return. Mr. Park reminds JH that he had done a remodeling of some middle school in Gangwon province into pensions. JH says he will review it.


As DB lets out a primal scream in frustration on the roof top, Dir. Park tells the chairman that he passed it on to JH and that he was reluctant. BS thinks JH will do well, though he may talk diffidently now. Mr. Park is worried that after not getting the VP spot and also this project, DB will not stay quiet, knowing his character. BS beats around the bush. Mr. Park asks him if he means that DB is deficient in his capabilities. BS says "you should know very well that a leader needs to have abilities beyond just the field business" and goes back to reading his newspaper. Whatever, but he is still not sold on DB.


BS and JH come home, but not DB. IY says he hasn't heard from DB all day, and he must be busy.  JH tells YR and IY that DB didn't get the VP spot, and that he seems to be quite upset, after all the company talk about him and the VP position.


HM asks BS why he did this, and if it is because DB is still very young to be VP or because of lack of abilities. He says it is neither. He just thinks it's not yet time. It may be fine later, but right now it is too much for him. There are about five projects that JH started that DB took over, including those that may not even go through. He asks if she thinks he can do more. When she says that he has done hard work after the JH accident, BS says it was just his ambition (greed). (I'm a bit unsure of something he said here about JH being already ahead of DB, so I will skip it to avoid misleading everybody). Anyway, he says that it is all for the sake of both DB's and JH's future. BS: "He should have managed things without causing chaos for me" (I am not sure what he means here). HM: "Still you need to give him at least something at some point". She thinks he will be as badly disappointed as how big his expectations were.


DB calls his PI from his office to say that he will have to meet the cop who was in charge of the Pak Du Sik case investigation. I guess he is on a war path with his father.


At home, JH tries to get BS to talk to DB but BS cuts him off saying he wants no company talk at home. YR asks if he could come tomorrow to start working at MH's office and MH agrees. She likes the fragrance of the tea and asks if it was sent from America. YR says her grandma bought it from some place in France as she went on a trip, and sent it to them. SB wants MH to call and say thanks. YR stalls saying it is work hours, when MH asks if it isn't morning in New York. JH says he will be calling the grandma and will tell her. 


DB comes in. The dad doesn't even look at him, and he goes up.  Mom goes up to try to pacify DB. He says he was late because he had a lot to think. He tries to put on a brave face. Mom says the dad worries for both of them, even if he is cold to them. He says the dad worries more for JH than him. She doesn't say anything to change what he thinks and leaves.  IY comes in saying their ssigssig was also waiting for his dad to come home, giving him a hug. He feels her tummy and thinks that the baby is moving. (I actually feel bad for the guy).


DB is in the library, recalling HM saying that his father worries for them both. He thinks - "If you were really worried about Jun Hui, this shouldn't have happened". YR sees him drinking and goes away without saying anything, to get him some snacks. She cuts some apples, throws them away, and goes to IY to say that she went to the library to watch a movie and saw him drinking without even any snacks. She wants IY to go get him some. IY does that. DB talks about repeatedly having to fall and get up in his life. It was suffocating to not know why. He was going crazy thinking it was his being good-for-nothing. Now that he knows the reason, it is clear who he is, and what he needs to do. IY: "what do you men, you know the reason?"... He doesn't answer but continues, "but now I also have something tangible. InYeong, you... you will always be with me,  won't you?... for ever, without betraying me.. with me and our baby".  IY is probably feeling terrible for the guy now.


As MJ is trying to walk with crutches, DM recalls IY telling her what she did, and asking her to act like she is IY, because the Taeyeon family might have MJ under surveillance. MJ asks if his walking is awkward and she ays no. He asks why his dad's phone is always turned off, and she says it's because Canada is a big country. So there may be no phone signal where he is working. She asks MJ to stop calling her "Da Mi nuna" but just "nuna" (oler sister). He has trouble doing that.


SG and the aunt are in the kitchen talking about JM. SG thinks it is better that he doesn't remember things, as it would be a big shock otherwise.


Mr. Jo brings JH the name that the working group picked for chief designer of the panning team, based on extensive experience. It is IY, of course. He takes it to the chairman. He is worried that DB is against it. SB says it is a company decision and he should just go with what his team decided. JH asks if he can do the Hanbit Apartment work with his brother. SB: "How long are you going to lean on your brother?". He doesn't give a hoot what DB thinks, basically...


Mr. Jo goes to DB to do some sucking up, saying how it is even possible that he didn't get the VP position. He hears a stern "why are you telling me all this?" and he retreats. DB is more troubled.


IY is calling a former division chief at the company where she worked, a Ms. Han. She is glad to hear from IY, as they couldn't meet before she left the company. IY wants to know if there was a way for her to meet somebody they talked about earlier. The person who was with the Technology Development team of a Moojin Construction company.  (I suppose she wants to talk about the ultrasound noise-abatement technique).  Ms. Han: "Ah, the one you couldn't meet because he went to the foreign training then? Okay, I will try to find out when I get time".


DM brings IY's design portfolio to her. She asks why. DM is stunned that she is trying to join Taeyeon. She asks if IY isn't scared, when she herself is so scared. IY is scared. The man who trusts her and loves her, and his parents... she feels pangs of conscience whenever she sees them. She is scared. DM wants her to find whatever excuse she can, and get out. No, just disappear from there. How can anything remain a secret in this world, asks DM. IY asks for a bit more time, saying she can't stay for long there. IY tries to change subjects to whether DM saw the guy whose picture she showed her. DM persists - "What is the reason why you say you can't stay for long there... Don't tell me you... Really??"  DM figures out that she has lied about a pregnancy. IY confirms it, and DM is flabbergasted. "Have you gone crazy? You brother and sister will kill me". (DM is such a true friend)


YR comes to HM's office. Hm introduces her to her secretary(?) who, for some reason, is shown to be pregnant. IY asks HM about whether BS said anything about DB. No, says HM, as he doesn't talk work matters at home. She asks when DB's wedding is, and HM tells her that IY has told her that YR getting married first is better.


So the aunt has got her herbal medicine gift shop ready (wow, that was fast!). It is a franchise store of Mooju Cheonma (Muju is a place and Cheonma is "heavenly hemp" or Gastrodia elata).  I think she will sell ginseng and other things. She asks SG if they should pour some Makgeolli (rice liquor) in front tomorrow instead of a proper ritual ceremony for the inauguration. SG thinks it doesn't make sense, but the aunt wants to save money (haha). Okay, do it, says SG. A couple of customers come in, and the aunt is all nice to them - she will give 15% off when they come tomorrow after the opening. She claims that she will certainly remember the ladies' faces.


DB asks Director Park if they can have a meal together. He says "fine, let's see when the chairman has time".  DB: "can't just the two of us do that?". He says he thought DB would be uncomfortable, that's all. DB says he won't be. "I know very well that you are my father's man. I want to know what his thinking is, about this VP decision". Mr. Park says he will have to find out himself what the chairman means by this, and walks away with a smirk. DB is called up to the chairman's office. He wonders, "is it only now that his justifications are ready?".  But to his disappointment, the dad had no such plans. Instead he will pile on more to his misery, telling her that IY is being hired. He is mad. IY says she didn't tell him because she thought she'd fail to get hired. DB tries to argue, but the father is in no mood to entertain it. "I knew this fellow will be like this; that's why I called both of you".  DB says, "If you were going to decide it the way you want, why did you call me? This is an issue between IY and me". When IY tries to say "Dongbin.." he gets up and leaves, saying "I cannot approve of it in good conscience/spirits... Do what you want".  Not sure way they showed CG standing right outside the door.  IY excuses herself and follows right after him.


An all-out argument between DB and IY (that I find enjoyable - as it is written and acted in quite a realistic way). Her it is, in full translation:

IY: Father did this with good intentions. If you act like this, what will I do?
DB: Look at you talk! You decided it all by yourself, applied and even did an interview. What are you doing in front of Father?
IY: I'm sorry about that. I thought I would fail (the interview). If it were to work, I was going to tell you.
DB: You should've come to me first. You didn't even ask my opinion and did everything like you wanted. You think this is right?
IY: I said so many times I wanted work, you know.
DB: I said you can't, didn't I?... With no concern about anything like an approval from me, you could just convince my father, you thought?
IY: This is my business, you know. We both could talk it out, right? I think this isn't something to get an approval from Father or you.
DB: Then... since you didn't talk it over with me, you went to my father for his help to bring me around?
IY: I was only trying to confirm my own ideas a bit more clearly. Dong Bin, whether you approve or not, I will be working at the company. (looks away determinedly)
DB: So what am I to you? (that makes her look up). Do you love me?... What I want... is not your career, but our marriage. When you feel no hurry for the wedding, why is working so urgent?... Why do you constantly make me uneasy? Though we have a baby in our relationship, I do not feel that you are entirely with me.
IY: There... What are you saying there?
DB: If not for the baby... do you really love me, I ask.
IY: How can you ask such a question. Don't you know well how I feel, Dongbin?
DB. Okay, fine. Then, let us... have the wedding first. You can do that, can't you?
(The end)

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OMO !!! Just started watching this drama and All I can say is WHY ISN’T RHIS DRAMA BE SUBBED.... l have been waiting a long time for subs.... So now decided to just watch it rash surprisingly the cast are doing a damn good job. I love the whole cast .... will come back after watching it all. Then will read the comment on this thread.

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Episode 17 Recap:


IY asks DB to not get emotional and talk about wedding. She then fakes a pain in the stomach, and DB is all concerned.


JH is looking at the Hanbit apartment project details. Mr. Jo and Mr. Yun come in. The Paju building's hand-over-transfer will be with the marketing team by the end of the month. JH says they should follow up, as their Planning Design team may still have some back-up work despite the hand-over. Mr Yun says he will follow up, as he feels bad about handing over something they worked for a log time, to the marketing team. JH: from now on, let us not feel bad and take all our projects by ourselves to completion. They ask what their next project is. JH says he is reviewing it. I think there's nothing too important in this, but we never know.


IY says the pain was from just stress. They both apologize to each other. She again says she wants to work. DB: "I am so against it, so must you really do it?" IY: "I so badly want to work, but is it really not possible?"  (I get a laugh seeing how the argument is dead-locked).  JH comes in, apologizes for disturbing them and leaves. IY is leaving, and DB offers to drive her. She says no need. It's work hours. She is fine to go by herself.


JM is trying to walk, and calls for "Da Mi noona". She is worried and reminds him to call her "noona". She doesn't like him doing things by himself, as he might get hurt again. She wants him to be sure to tell her first if he gets any headache or anything. He thinks it is childish that she asks for a pinky swear, and she says it is indeed childish, but they need to do the swear. They do. She is being a very good big sister.


Some kitchen talk between the aunt and SG as they make food for the store inauguration or something. Nothing serious. DM and JM come home. The aunt wants DM to come work at the store. She laughs it off.


It's evening and YR is still by HM's desk, learning the work there. JH comes in, wanting to take YR for dinner. To a 닭꼬치 (chicken skewers) place. [That is typically a roadside stall, so YR is a bit puzzled, but says she likes them and wants to eat it after a long time]. He apologizes to Mom, but she is happy to see them getting along. If you're sorry, then buy something really good for her, even some dessert, she says.


CG tells BS that he cancelled the dinner with a Chairman Kim, just as he asked. He asks if some urgent dinner plan has come up. BS says he has a long-time friend that he has such an attachment to, that he knows when he needs to have an outing with him. He is talking about Mr. Jang. "Your face has been showing that you want to tell me something. Isn't that right?"...


They are at a drinking joint that hasn't changed for a long time since they were there last. BS: "Only you and I have changed". He says he knows that CG is a little cheesed off with him lately. He knows that CG thinks of DB as special (Now, this we didn't know. We have no idea why)... BS: "DB is my son. After all, as the dad, won't I worry about him as much as you?".  CG says sorry. BS says he was even more self-doubting and worried when he was young, than DB is now. BS: "As you also know, I had no roots, nor anybody's backing me. None of it". But he didn't want to admit it, because if he ever did, he would be eaten up. Enemies were on all sides. It was a fierce life. BS: "If it weren't for that friend, Pak Du Sik at that time, I would be living with a forward tunnel vision even now.  Looking back, making amends and doing my duty to that friend is what has driven me so far. That is why I wanted to make our Taeyeon into a spot-clean and ethical enterprise... I don't ever want to feel how I felt then, I mean". He continues, "on that count, you are living a diligent life too, right?  If we ever meet Du Sik, we should at least be able to talk, right?"... Now CG speaks finally - "Du Sik hyeongnim (older brother/friend) won't argue either. You kept your promise, after all". (We don't know what promise he is referring to) ....Now the chairman asks if CG is still "that friend's man", to which CG replies, "how can I be?"... BS: "over time, won't this drinking joint also change, like you and I have changed?". He continues, "from now on, whatever decisions I make, and whatever form I change into, I hope that at least you can trust me and watch for me". He turns to CG - "If you are really my man, I mean".  CG shows no discernible reaction to it.  [I chose to translate this conversation in its entirety, because it is filled with riddles and important hints. Nothing is said clearly, but it paints an interesting picture of mysteries]


DB is meeting the investigator in charge of the Pak Du Sik case. DB claims (probably in a lie) that Pak Du Sik is a younger brother of his mom's, who got separated from her in childhood - this he was an uncle to him. He just wants to know how his uncle passed away. The retired-looking cop says that it was a bar fight after a squabble and that Du Sik just killed some guy; so it was nothing special. But the site evidences were questionable. There were no fingerprints or footprints. Not much evidences, and a friend of Pak Du Sik who was there, went MIA. So no witness either. DB asks, "you mean there was somebody else there?". The cop says there was this fellow high school grad who used to follow Du Sik around. He probably got too scared, and went MIA after the case was filed. DB is puzzled - "but no such thing was in the news or case files". The cop: "Anyway, PDS confessed to it. Maybe PDS said that he had sent him on some errand before the incident happened. So I guess there was no need to look further". The cop says the case was over just like that, as PDS committed suicide while in detention. DB says that he heard there was a roommate who lived with PDS. The cop is not sure about it, and says there was no need then to look more, like he had said. He says he wasn't sure if it was of any help, and DB says it sure was. He leaves.


And the PI who was eavesdropping at the next table comes and gives DB the address where PDS' roommate lived 30 years ago (Kim Yeong Suk, Soyu-ri Hill, House#54). He hasn't traced him after that.


JH and YR are taking a walk after eating and she asks why he keeps smiling. He says it's because of her trouble in eating the chicken skewers. She asks him not to laugh at her for her problem with spicy stuff. He apologizes that he could've asked to go easy on the spice if he had known. They see a couple with their small kid and pause for a bit. She talks about her childhood. A white girl one day, a dark girl the next. Asian for one month, and Mexican for the next month. A bunch of BS about how other kids looked at her, and about the grandma and parents and all that. (We know that she is making it all up, so I will skip it). She then hold his hand and walks.


At home in the upstairs lobby, they see IY. DB hasn't come home yet. JH asks IY to be understanding of his brother. Inside his room, YR asks if DB is really going to join the company. She thinks DB's opposition is understandable, because of possible gossip and rumors. JH wants her to act unawares. It's an issue for those two, so acting unawares is the proper thing to do. She agrees. He rubs his eyes, so she asks him to be careful and not to work too hard. They are called down for the ceremonial welcome of the dad (I always get a kick when I see the families and office staff do such things, in kdramas)


CG brings BS home, all drunk. IY is sharp in her DIL-type duties, and quickly gets some honey-water for him. HM is by his bedside asking why he is behaving like this to DB if he feels so bad about it inside. IY gets CG also some honey-drink to help his hangover tomorrow. YR goes to the kitchen to talk about her plans to work, and to say that DB must be worried about her health. IY: "I am way healthier than I look... Oops, I guess I look healthy anyway" (Haha! I love this kind of natural lines that the writer throws in. There are a lot of it, in this drama). YR wants to know if she has gotten close to CG. "You were even giving him honey-water". IY says, not really... IY gives her a little not-so-unfriendly advice to be a bit careful about getting too close to those who work at the family, including the maids. "This is not a usual household, so it won't hurt to be careful, you know?". IY agrees to be careful, but then says, as YR turns to leave - "But... I don't like to discriminate among people, as working people, and ordering people. Those who are in one household are all that household's people". (YR starts suspecting that she is hinting something) IY: "To me, those who live together are all family. You too, Yu Ran". (That last part must have made YR really think that she was hinting of the time when she lived in IY's family).


As he was leaving the house, CG asks DB who was coming in, if anything unusual happened. DB: "Should there have been something unusual?". CG says there's nothing, and leaves.


DB goes and asks IY why she didn't call him to tell she got home (after she said she would go by herself, from his office, earlier). IY: "You also didn't call, you know. The same reason". DB: "What reason?". IY: "You didn't call, thinking I would be angry, no? I was also not calling, as I was afraid of you. Dongbin" (boy, does she know how to play the guy like a drum!). DB: "I am sorry, I will think again about your joining work, and the wedding. I was thinking only of myself". IY: "I feel the same way. I should know that you need time to think.  Let us take our time and think it over"... (Haha. She twisted it and basically got her way! Classic).  The man is now really thankful and apologetic, giving her a warm hug.  He will go to the hospital for the next check-up, to see Ssigssig's ultrasound picture.


JH is getting a nightmare again. IY is outside, itching to open the door, but doesn't.


CH (Chong Hui, the landlord aunt) and CG have prepared some food for the customers on the first day of the herbal-gift store. She forces CG to say that she looks pretty in her hanbok. Just happy chat and nothing serious.


DB is asking JH if he is feeling alright. JH says he didn't sleep well, getting nightmares. A look of guilt on DB's face. He comforts JH and wants him to forget his accident. JH offers to help DB at some work, and DB asks him not to overwork. JH wants to know where DB is going. He is going for IY's gyno check up. JH finds it funny that they were fighting earlier but are all in-love now. DB: "fighting, reconciling, crying, laughing... That's what dating is. You need to learn!". JH says he will keep a mental memo of that.


JM wants to know where all of his dad's shoes went, as he can't see how he would've taken all the shoes to Canada. His feet are cold and he wanted his dad's exercise shoes. DM gives him some lame excuse that his mom stored them away.


IY has called DM to meet her. DM asks if they shouldn't tell JM about his dad's death. Not yet time for that, says IY. DM thinks they can't hold this up for too long though. IY needs a favor. We didn't hear what, but see the hospital with pregnant ladies all around... So, a plan is underway.


DB comes to join IY to see the doc. The nurse says they can be in the waiting room, till the next patient comes out. (The End)

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Episode 18 Recap:


So, just as they were supposed to go to the waiting room to see the doctor, the hospital intercom announces that the owner of a car needs to go to parking lot. It is DB's car. And we have Da Mi with some seriously crazy makeup, waiting there after causing a small fender-bender. She does enough to delay DB, who can't get her to leave even after he says he will just write off the damage to his car.  By the time he gets back to the doctor's office, IY is all done with the ultrasound test (or so she says!). He is all downcast about not hearing his Ssigssig's heartbeat. IY tells him that there is some app or something that helps busy dads like DB to see the baby's ultrasound video and even the heartbeat. He believes her, and is looking forward to it.


CH is entertaining a bunch of customers at her herbal gift shop inauguration. DM and SG are helping with serving them some meat dishes. Just a time-filler scene.


DM and SG take some food home for JM. DM says some younger ajummas from a dance place showed up and finished the food, or they both would've been at the shop till late at night. She is all annoyed at the aunt doing all the song and dance stuff for attracting customers.  JM asks when his dad will come home. SG says 1 month, and DM says 2 months. DM say she was mistaken, is embarrassed, and leaves.


YR brings a list of possible list of merchants for some charity bazaar that I assume the Taeyeon Foundation is organizing. HM asks where they should hold it, and she gives her suggestion of a place near the highway with some good eating places too (something like that. I didn't pay attention). HM says she has to see the sponsor for the charity bazaar and have a meal. YR: "Who?... Father-in-law??". YR asks if she can join too, and call JH along. HM is happy with that. YR calls somebody (who I suppose is the one acting as her grandma) and gives instructions to call when they are at the restaurant - "you remember the scenario I told you, right? It's a sensitive person, so you need to be careful". (The word "scenario" is Konglish - which implies slightly or sometimes grossly misplaced usage of an English word by Koreans. Here it refers to a "script" and is used rather correctly).


HM is seeing BS, the "sponsor", and thanks him for many years of help for the foundation. He gives her some nice words too. The check seems to be more than she expected. "You have changed a lot lately", she says. He asks if they should call YR, but HM says she will be there soon (to join the dinner). HM wants to know if his chat with DB went well. He asks her not to worry, but thinks DB's wedding may need to happen.


YR is walking with JH to the restaurant. She wants JH to help relax the parents as they have a lot of worries now. She gets the call, as planned. "Oh, grandma.. You are up early there?... I am here for a dinner with JH". She gives the phone to JH who gives greetings and says "yes, she is pretty" about YR. He offers to  meet the grandma in a little while.


Nothing serious was said at the dinner in the river-side restaurant. YR seems to have picked the place. She asks if BS likes the pace and he says he is happy as long as his wife is. The parents thank YR for being there for JH and tells him that he owes her a lot in his life.  


They all take a walk by the river, and BS tells HM that they got to take a walk by the Han River thanks to those two kids. HM thinks it has been 10 or 20 years since they did this. They still have not taken a cruise together though. BS asks if they should do just that soon, and she retorts, "in another 10 years, or 20?". They laugh. He thinks HM is feeling cold, and holds her hand that he thinks is cold. She asks what he had prepared for Min Ju's birthday tomorrow, but he had forgotten about it (Min Ju is his younger sister who is on foreign travel, as we were told earlier).


YR wants his life with JH to be like HM and BS who seem to be very close. She thinks JH will grow old with the same great qualities like he has now - warm, thoughtful and sensitive to others. She asks what he thinks she will be, and he feels she will turn into a cute grandma who looks like a maiden. A bit of a fuzzy type too. "Fuzzy?", she asks. He smiles and asks her to eat well and stay healthy, so as not to give him trouble. (The man seems like he has fully bought into the idea of YR as his future wife)


In a cafe, IY is fooling DB with some fake app video of an ultrasound baby check up. he wants him to stop and look at her. "Are you getting jealous?", he asks. Yes, she says. He apologizes and says he gave her stress, and was worried that their Ssigssig would get harmed. She asks if Ssigssig was the only reason why he opposed her working. He asks, "what else?". She wants him to accept her wish, at least for Sssigssig's sake. He asks if it wouldn't be uncomfortable at work when she starts showing her pregnancy. She feels she can keep it a secret for a while longer. He finally agrees that he will happily let her work. She breathes a sign of relief. He smirks, "sure, after saying you would do it even if I objected".  She gives him that look that melts him, saying, "if the one I love says he doesn't like it, how do you think I'd feel?". He says they will hurry up their wedding like he thought earlier. She says "okay" but looks worried.


All of them seem to time their return home, and DB says he is surprised at the timing, when they all get out of the cars. YR isn't too happy to see that DB has had a date with IY.  The dad asks if the baby is fine, and IY says yes.  DB says he has something to show everybody. The baby video on an app. DB tells JH about the parking lot thing that prevented him from seeing the test, and IY cuts in to say that it's why she got it on an app. BS and JH are thrilled, but YR looks at IY suspiciously.


DB tells his dad that he "lost". He is fine with IY working at Taeyeon. Seeing her work at building sites, he was worried... but this is in an office, so he is fine. The dad asks if it would be in the planning design team. DB says that it was after all for that position that he was scouting her earlier when they first met. He goes and tells IY, who shows discomfort in working in JH's office.  DB asks if she is uncomfortable and she replies, "it would be, no?".  He wonders if she should go to showroom design rather than planning design, but that would mean work outside the office. When he says he will check with BS on other positions, she says it is fine. She will work in JH's office. They talk about keeping things a secret at work about their relationship.

IY jots down in her diary for Dec 6th - "Ob/Gyn visit, Ultrasound app, Job start decision: Planing design office...", and she gets a call from that office senior (Ms. Han) to whom she had talked earlier. She has set up a meeting with the Technology development guy from Moojin Construction. Tomorrow at 12 noon at the coffee shop in front of Moojin offices. She thanks her and says to herself - "Planning design team. It's fine. I can do this"


DB signs something and tells Mr. Jo that the planning design team is all done with the Paju building project. DB: "A new chief designer has joined in the planning design team, I hear?". Mr. Jo says she will start tomorrow. DB asks if she's good, and Mr. Jo says all her resume details are great. Mr. Jo continues that Director Pak has given their team a big project. So there will be some urgent design work too....   Later, JH brings the details of the Hanbit apartment remodeling work to inform DB, who thinks it is a big project. The Paju book building project don't even compare. "I know, right?" says JH. It will get crazy right after he returned to work. DB says that with Taeyeon's technology and brand power, they will be competitive (so I guess they have not got the project, but have to do the design work for the proposal to win the bid). JH says that their dad thinks it is doable, so they can go with that.  But DB seems to notice something in the file and get concerned. (Note: The mention of the word "technology" by DB here may be important. Not sure though)


The guy from Moojin Construction meets IY. He asks if she is curious about Taeyeon's ultrasound drilling work. She says she thought he would know better details, as Moojin is Taeyeon's competitor. He says it's kept a complete secret with a tight lid on any talk or rumors. IY: "Still, as a competitor, you must have followed a lot of the news and reports on it". He says, "we also tried to see which firm is doing it. It was supposed to be some firm from China, but that is a bit...".  She asks "what?"... He continues, "In our country, there are many disputes from noise and dust from remodeling work, but that is not case in China, you know... So, that kind of technology to come from China is a bit odd... To put it mildly, isn't an ultrasound drill a dream technique? But it would be better if you check with Taeyeon directly".  She says she doesn't know anybody at Taeyeon. He apologizes for not being of much help, but she says it wasn't so.


DB asks Dir. Pak on the rooftop, if it was his call to pass on the Myeongmok-dong Hanbit apartment work to the Planning Design team. Dir Pak: "and if it was?".. DB aks if it won't be too troublesome a project to give JH right after he returned to work. Dir. Pak says it wasn't that he didn't think of it. He just thought DB would be too busy with the Paju building work. DB speaks nicely and politely: "You know that I'm not the type who goes personally to construction sites. If you were worried, why wouldn't you ask me?". Dir. Pak continues being a little harsh with DB - "Should I check with you on every project that we have to do?".  DB: "No, but the chairman should know". Now Dir. Park: "Not really... In my judgement itself, I thought division chief Kang Jun Hui was well-qualified for it". DB: "I see".


More kitchen talk between CH and SG. CH wants some help from SG at the store, as she hasn't hired any staff yet. She then offers SG a job, either as a part-timer, or if SG feels fine with it, as the store manager itself. SG says she will think about it. CH sulks: "What's there to think? Here I'm offering you the store manager job". SG agrees and CH is happy.


Just as JM walks in the door, we knew that CH will blurt out something... And she sure did, looking up and saying, "the heavens are careless. Why do the nice and kind people, and those who can earn money, always get taken away first?".  JM hears it but probably didn't hear the "I wish brother-in-law were still here" line that she said just before or as he opened the door. But there is enough there for him to be puzzled.  When they all leave and he is alone, he looks through the drawers and finds an envelope from Song Rim Charnel House. When others return, JM is sitting down with a picture of his dad - "My father is not in Canada, is he?"...


IY gets a call from DM's phone, and it is JM trying to confirm from her if it's true that their dad has died. "Father hasn't passed away, has he?... You are all fooling me, right? How can Dad be not there?"  Then DM tells IY - "It's too late for you to come home, no? The last train must have left,"  hinting that things are dire and that she should get her posterior out of that house and back home right now. IY: "No. I will just come. Da Mi. Help me. I am leaving from here now. I am coming home. Right away. Now".   She takes a bag and quietly leaves, but YR hears some sound. She sees IY leaving at the gate, looking from the upstairs window.
(The End).

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Episode 19 Recap:


IY leaves from the Taeyeon home and YR sees it from above. DM texts "nobody around. come fast". IY reaches homes and runs in to hug JM. In the lobby, SG is wondering how IY came so fast (Namhae is some 400+ km away), as there couldn't be a train this late at night. DM says she took a taxi all the way.  Inside, JM asks IY: "So, Dad passed away a month before my incident? How?". IY tells him that he fainted at the factory/barn shed. It seems he had asthma when he went there alone (Note: In the Ep. 6 flashback of IY and JM talking about it, they said "heart failure", but we heard BS saying "asthma" to HM, and now IY says it was supposedly asthma.  Perhaps it was written off as "asthma-induced-heart-failure"?). JM thinks it is nonsense. She agrees. He was looking for his medicine bottle but he had dropped it in front him and passed away. JM asks why he cannot remember any of this, and IY says she can only hope that she too could avoid remembering it all. She is still sad that their dad had to go just like that without anybody around. Then JM had his incident within a month and it has been so hard on their mom. IY: "So, Jae Min. Be sad just for tonight. But let's do our best from tomorrow.".  She wants him to get strong, for her mom's sake.  She tells him that he was like that earlier, after dad's death, and that helped Mom and her a lot then. They hug.  Then she leaves early morning to get back to the Taeyeon house.  Mom gives her some dried yellow corvina dish to take.


DM walks with her. IY asks about whether they heard how much the car repair fee is (as it looks like DM borrowed somebody's car for it), for her parking structure charade. DM doesn't know yet. She was worried about getting caught if somebody checked the CCTV footage there. Friendly complaints about the trouble IY is putting her through. IY says sorry. DM: "Don't apologize to me. Do that to that man... Hey, he looks really good. You don't actually like him or anything, do you?". IY says no, but DM gives the script of a possible drama-like love story between them. IY says no way. Then DM gets serious - "are you sure your aren't on a wrong path here?" IY says she will know only after her travel on this path. DM: "Will your dad be happy with what you are doing now if he were to know? What do you think Mom and JaeMin will feel when they hear of this later? Doesn't your life and your future matter at all". IY just says that she can only think about the present (I guess it is just an excuse, because she also probably knows that she is really on a nonsensical mission now!).  IY gets back to the Taeyeon house and goes into her room quietly, but YR comes out of her room and knows that IY was out all night.


DB and IY are leaving for work, and YR compliments her on the red jacket that suits her. While having tea, HM asks YR what she will be doing today. YR plans to get the final quote from the hotel or something, make a draft of the invitations for their charity function, get HM's approval, and print them. HM asks what the grandma thought after talking to JH, and IY says she was happy and had a good impression of JH. HM is happy. Then YR starts to tell HM about IY, but thinks against it midway through, and just says that IY's jacket looked good. HM says she actually worried that something was wrong, the way YR started talking.


JH introduces the new chief designer to Mr. Jo, Mr. Yun and Ms. Ha i the office. They are all nice to her. Ms. Ha shows IY her desk. She is happy to get a chief designer as they were going crazy with all the work. Mr. Yun wants to go get coffee. He claims he is the real coffee lover there and is happy that IY likes coffee shop (다방 = dabang) coffee. Others there like only plain black coffee. Mr. Jo offers to drink a good coffee today, but Ms. Ha is still a "no thank you". She is "for ever black". Haha.


DB and JH are talking loudly about "how is the new chief designer?" for others to hear that they don;t know her. But DB slips and says "uri In Yeong" (technically "our InYeong" but used to mean "my InYeong"). JH reminds him that they are at work!.. JH tells him about the new Hanbit project that Dir. Pak gave him. DB asks if he should help and IY says he can handle it for now. DB says their dad must have meant it that way too. JH hadn't suspected that his dad was involved. DB asks him if he really thought Dir. Pak would make such a big decision himself - "so, who would be behind it?".  (This man DB has such a classic case of insecurity and inferiority complex!)


The secretary brings the new designer to meet the chairman (I guess the secretary took the previous couple of times that IY was there, one with DB too, to have been for some interview or something, then)... The secretary asks if some chrysanthemum (국화, gughwa) tea is okay and IY says she'd like it. A nice chat between BS and IY. People had scared her about all new employees having to go through the chairman's teachings at first. "What I heard about the ethical standards of Taeyeon seems to be right". BS is only happy to agree (and we saw that he himself claimed to CG that it is how he has done business, since the PDS incident time, so he is probably not lying). IY asks what she had heard about him. IY: "I heard that you think of people first. The people who keep the company running come first, before even the company's growth. Isn't that right?".  BS: "Being a profit-chasing company, it doesn't always work that way, but I try to do my best at that". As the secretary brings the tea, IY thinks to herself - "Is it this profit-chasing process, that my father got caught in?".  The chmn asks her to enjoy the fragrant tea that is specially made by people at the Jirisan mountain area.


IY takes a walk around the company atrium, randomly looking for murder clues in the columns and hand rails of the building!.. DM calls her to say that JM is fine. He got up, ate well and had his physiotherapy at the hospital. When IY tells her thanks for looking after her brother and mom, DM asks her to not worry about that but to worry about herself. DM sighs, when told that IY started working today. "Be careful," she says.


CH is being great with the customers, sweet talking and giving "an aunt's free gift" for a lady's daughter as she buys something for her son. She acts like it is an extra customer, as SG walks in. SG asks later if she is some decoy there. "Not a decoy but my manager". The usual time-filler stuff between them. The aunt is unhappy that she didn't know of IY making a sudden trip last night (she lives in a room at the same house). She is sad that she didn't get to see IY, but thinks highly of the brother-sister love, as she came all the from from Namhae by taxi at night. When asked if JM remembers his dad's death, SG says no. CH gives her some health drink.


The others leave from work, and now IY has become bit smarter and starts to look for clues in random files on other desks rather than columns and handrails!... When JH comes in and she says she was looking for the list of partner companies that Mr. Jo was to give her. He has brought some pastries, thinking that others would be there too. JH: "Ah, you can't drink coffee. I will get something else". IY says it's fine. She thinks it would've been nice to eat with others. He says she should take a bite, as the pastry is better when it's warm. He went and got it because he thought she hadn't eaten a proper lunch. She asks if he got it just for her, and he says it was also for others at the office. When he asks if the work is okay, she says it's been fine as Ms. Ha was helping. He tells her that the three office staff are all nice and helpful. JH: "You are doing better than me. I am still a bit awkward and can't do my work very well... You heard from my brother about what happened to me, right?". IY: "Not the details, but I know you had in eye surgery". JH: "A comeback to work is never easy.  So I understand how you were feeling, when you didn't want to take time off and rest" (but the way it is said in Korean, as "I understand your heart", it is a bit more touching and it makes her stare at him momentarily).  They agree to be good colleagues at work.


YR can't find HM in her office, and picks up a call from the Jaeil Hospital that the guardians of Kim Jae Min who regained consciousness wants to know the name of the organization that paid his bills, and has given them their phone number. HM comes in and take the phone from her, to tell them that she wants the foundation's name to remain anonymous.  YR thinks and remembers that IY's brother's name was Kim Jae Min. She asks if they do donations to hospitals too. HM says they do that for those with urgent problems; not for older people but for children. IY asks why they need to remain anonymous when they are a sharing foundation. HM says it is not the foundation but she personally who supports some of the children, so she wants it to be anonymous. YR goes off to get the invitations that HM just approved, printed.


DB texts IY that he has some sudden plans that came up, and so can't take her home. He wants to know if he should ask JH to escort her. She replies that it is fine. She has some work and will take her time going home. "Also, I am only pregnant. Not a patient" (to which I disagree. she is not pregnant, but a bit of a mental patient, seeing what she has gotten into... but I digress :)).


Mr. Jo says if she is done she doesn't have to keep looking at him for approval, and can leave. She leaves. Then he gives JH, who is also leaving, some files and IY's portfolio, because "it has some good ideas in it". JH takes it to look over at home. IY comes out and sees DB leaving in a big hurry, not even seeing her.


It was to see YR by the river-side restaurant that he ran out. He is uncomfortable that people would see, and she says he should sit down quickly if so. It got cold as she waited, and so she came inside for a warm tea. DB: "What do you want to discuss?". YR: "What is the big hurry? You have no leisure to even have a tea with me?". DB: I think I'm not at leisure, nor have a reason, to have tea with the one who is marrying my brother". YR: "I wonder if you're impatient out of not being able to leave work with IY?". DB: "If you've nothing to say, I need to leave" (gets up). YR: "Family meeting. What do we do?". Now he sits down. DB: "Family meeting?". She says HM and JH want to meet her grandma, if the marriage talk gets serious. DB wants her to get the grandma to meet them. YR: "And then?"... DB: "Can't the grandma get sick the day before the meeting?". She asks if it wouldn't be tough to get the grandma to come. He says of course it is. He blames her for this situation. He thinks they would know in no time that she is fake (I guess the grandma idea was hers). He doesn't say anything and changes the subject - "Isn't this just like the sunset cafe in Brooklyn? The place where you  bought me dinner for the first time. You remember?"... He gets up saying he will leave if she has nothing else to say, asking her to come home a little later. He drops a glove as he gets up.


JM is looking at the courtyard bench, that was the first thing he made with his dad, as he tells Mom. His sister was busy so his dad asked his help to make it. He gave him the size to cut the wood into, etc. Mom says he built a sturdy bench. SG tells him about his dad's funeral hall where she and IY were crying their hearts out, but he didn't cry even once. He says he still doesn't remember it. She tells him how he wondered what must have been in your mind, that made him be like that, knowing how much he loved his dad. She wanted to die then, and go with her husband. Somebody who ate breakfast and left for some part-time work was in emergency surgery by lunch time, with his heart having stopped. She says sorry to him for having lost it then, which made him have to be strong enough to hold things in and not even cry. She says she has got a grip on herself, so he can trust her on that.


JH is looking at IY's portfolio.  He focuses on a few pages of a "dream house" she had designed. He suddenly remembers SeonHwa telling him about the types of house she wanted to design, and all the things she was saying like "glass windows on all sides, so that sunlight comes in from somewhere in the the 360 degree directions, and seeing stars while lying on the bed at night, like being at a camp site". Also about how the kids' room will be.


JH comes out and IY tells him that she is looking at the 1988 apartment building design. He says he saw her portfolio and found many memorable designs. She says she had been making many such designs since her college days. He keeps looking at her, and she looks up again. He wants to know if everything drawn in there are out of her own thoughts. She says yes. JH says in a voice that had a hint of choking in it - "A house here is so much like one that somebody I knew had thought of. Just like that person's thoughts had taken shape".  He shows the "dream house" page, saying "Here. This house".  IY is stunned. (The End)

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Episode 20 Recap.


IY says the "dream house" design is just a common design (which is actually true. The kind of amateur-ish all-glass-light-from-everywhere design that architecture 101 students make... My wife is an architect and I am civil engineer, so I know :) )


DB comes in and asks what JH thought of the portfolio. JH thanks him for scouting a great designer for the company. IY sits on her bed and recalls what JH just said and says, "He remembers everything. Everything"...


DB comes in. He hasn't eaten, which surprises IY, as she thought he had rushed off for a dinner appointment. He says he has an illness thanks to a certain somebody. A "wanting-to-rush-home" illness. This way, he will lose all his friends, he thinks. She offers to fix him something to eat. Then YR comes in. She has eaten, she says, and doesn't join them for food.


An interesting scene of 4 people lost in their own issues -- JH looking at the portfolio; DB looking at the address from his PI, related to Pak Du Sik's room mate; IY looking at the names she suspects on his dad's death; and YR looking at the glove dropped by DB whom she clearly seems to love.


Breakfast. IY seems to have brought the dried yellow corvina that her mom had given her. The parents love it. YR says her grandma didn't like the smell, so she hasn't had it in a while (but probably remembering having it from SG when she was with IY's family).


JH closes the portfolio as YR comes in. She asks if she can't see it. JH says a portfolio is like a designer's identity, and so it isn't right to show it to anybody without the designer's permission.


IY asks Ms. Ha, if she knew where there could be any files related to the ultrasound drill scheme, and if she could see it. Ms. Ha thinks it should be with the engineering development team.  Mr. Yun says it will be tough. He had checked there when the news came out but there were no open or safe files on it. Only the executive class employees can see it.


Mr. Jo leaves saying he has to go to the rest room, but goes to tell DB that according to a friend of his in Dir. Pak's office, the decision on the Hanbit apartments being put in JH's charge came directly from the chairman. Mr. Jo continues his sucking up, and DB asks him to watch his mouth.


JM gets a sudden headache or something when DM helps him walk. He suddenly remember being in a dark place when he got hit. He can't remember where. DM texts IY to let her know that he is beginning to get some memories back. She replies, asking to take him to the hospital and let her know if he is fine. Then she rushes out to call and ask if the guy from the picture (CG, that is) was seen anywhere around. DM thinks she did see a tall guy in suit but is not sure. IY is worried. She barges into BS' office and he isn't there. The secretary says he went to a meeting. "Division chief Jang?". The secretary says he didn't go with the chairman and she doesn't know where he is.  The secretary looks puzzled about a designer running into the chairman's office like that! 


IY calls DM from the elevator, and CG walks in. She cuts the phone off with an excuse and asks where CG was going. He is just going for a lunch. She is going to the convenience store, she says.  Later, CG is at the office asking the secretary where the chairman is. Off for lunch with the executives at the meeting, she says. Then she tells him that the PD teams chief designer Kim InYeong was looking for him. "For me?" He is puzzled.


IY did go to the convenience store. Gets some juice bottles for everybody. JH comes out, wanting to go for lunch. Ms. Ha: "IY has brought juice. Now the lunch?...". JH offers to buy that. Now she wants Mr, Yun to buy coffee, and he gives an excuse that he need to go find Mr. Jo, but she says he is out and he will have to buy coffee. Nothing significant here. IY doesn't join.  A minute later, JH quietly comes in to check if she isn't feeling well. Nothing to worry, she says. He wants to get something for her, that is not bad for the baby. She gets a little serious with him, and reminds him that DB and she are acting like they are strangers at the office. "Division chief Kang, you should do the same". He apologizes. He will be careful.


CH and SG are stufing flyers and coupons in some envelopes. Nothing important. The usual time-filler scene. Some older due who says he is back from a Europe trip comes in. CH is all "oppa, oppa" with him. He wants her to get some good stuff for his wife, after CH introduces him to SG. Not sure what this was about.


DM and JM comes home after a hospital visit. They tell SG that he is beginning to remember something more. The doc has told JM that now additional memories will slowly come back. DM pulls SG inside to tell her that she hasn't told JM about his getting assaulted. IY has told her not to. It is better for him to remember things on his own, rather than for them to tell him. "It will only cause a biases in his mind. After all he has to tell the police the details. So if we keep saying this and that it won't help". SG slowly gets the idea and agrees to go by that.


BS is looking at some banana milk, and looks thrilled. No idea why/what.  His attorney comes in. He tells the secretary that he will have tea in a little bit, and is careful that nobody is listening before giving BS the paperwork, saying it is for inheritance-succession plan, just as he had asked for. He has made it in such a way as to cut the taxes in a legal way. "What about the subsidiary company?", asks the chairman. The lawyer says it won't be easy to quietly set it up as a listed company, knowing the scale of Taeyeon. BS says he knew as much, which is why he asked the lawyer to be fully ready, well in advance. "Nobody is sensing any of this, right?". The lawyer said there isn't. Then he says that CG seemed worried about BS' health. BS shrugs it off as "he worries about useless things". But the lawyer asks if there really isn't anything in particular, why BS is making all these "rainy day" preparations. BS laughs it off - "what? you're hoping for something particular to be there?".  The lawyer asks him to review the papers and call him.


DB sees Attorney Hwang in he elevator. Small talk about seeing the lawyer a bit too often these days. DB tries to pry out some info, but the lawyer gives him nothing much except "he needs to run the company, so can legal matters be kept away? He needs some legal interpretations on things". DB asks "has something happened at Taeyeon that really needs legal interpretations?". The lawyer laughs it off. DB is suspecting something though. He goes to his office and recalls what Mr. Jo and Atty. Hwang told him. DB thinks - "something is up".


DB goes and tells BS that he may need to help JH on the new project. BS asks if JH asked for it. DB says he hasn't, but he knows that JH is still having a hard time after the surgery, and getting nightmares etc. JH himself has told him that. But JH is the type who keeps it inside and wouldn't have told you. Mom also hasn't been telling you, that's all. BS says he will check with HM himself.


DB is in his car, thinking that his dad is definitely not going to give him the Hanbit apartment project. He is only going to use it to build up JH.  And YR drives up on the side.  She gets into his car, saying "it is tough when you suddenly call when I am with mother at the office". DB: "CYR, the work you should do is not at the Foundation, but in helping in my matters". YR: "I know that, but the day Mother gets wind of this, you and I are over, which is why!". He tells her that he will postpone his wedding, but she should do a wedding, engagement or whatever with JH first. She asks why he decided this suddenly. He doesn't answer and she says, "okay, but help me from the side". DB wants her to take JH and go abroad ASAP. IY: "Is it JH that caused you not to become the VP?". She continues: "The way I think, JH is not somebody with such ambition, he loves you, and he is definitely not the kind who'll do anything to you".  DB is peeved now, and tells her that he had bought her for ever, when she did the contract with him - "your job is not to think, nor feel anything, but to do what I ask of you... JH is not greedy. He is nice and kind. That's all correct. That's why I want him out of here. That is the best thing I can do for his sake. Looks like things are going great, so why don't you take it as a bonus from me and just live with JH all your life?". She is exasperated but says she might just do that if she can manage to do it. He asks her to not get greedy and mess things up, but do what he asks - "Just getting JH the hell away from me pronto... That is your job".


BS is sitting in his office, looking rather lost. CG comes in asking if it's time to get off work. SB looks out of sorts - maybe the Alzheimer's effect.


IY is in her room, remembering JH telling her of the dream house and the interaction at work. DB comes in, asking if she isn't eating, and if the work is tough. She says she isn't hungry and will eat later. She is enjoying the work too.  Then he tells her that they can delay the wedding after the baby is born. She is happy, "finally we think alike!". He wants to get his work matters all steady and then marry her in a dignified way. She compliments him that he is already dignified. He wants his date tomorrow to be moved to dinner time because of a meeting, and she says she will take rest tomorrow and will go for a movie with him for a date. IY texts DM that she will come home tomorrow to have a chat with JM.


DB tells the parents that they will have the wedding after the baby is born. IY agrees. The parents are fine. DB asks JH and YR not to worry bout them, and move on with their plans. YR asks if they can all go together to the Yangpyeong villa this weekend. JH wants a barbecue party there before it gets even colder. BS says he has a golf plans with the company executives. DB says he has some plans too. Mom says then they can't do anything, so JH and YR should go themselves. IY asks if there is somebody else who manages that Yangpyeong villa. JH says there was somebody like that earlier, but not now. No unusual expressions on anybody's face. IY looks at BS who just takes a sip of the coffee. (So IY is still not getting anywhere with her "investigation")


The maid tells YR that the dried yellow corvina they had yesterday was bought by IY. Apparently IY has said that she will buy it again, now that everybody liked it. She looks strangely at IY who comes in. IY asks "what?", and she says why she hasn't eaten breakfast yet. IY says she is about to eat, and then YR thinks, "right, it is definitely the dish that Auntie used to make frequently, because Uncle and InYeong liked it. That night, IY must have gone to meet her mom". She smiles, as she is pretty sure now that this InYeong is THAT InYeong.


In the garden, CG tells somebody - "if he got his memory back, shouldn't you find out how much of his memory is back??" and hangs up. IY comes form behind. He asks her if she looked for him at the company yesterday. She brushes it off as nothing. She was just asking if he was there with BS when he went to the meeting. She is going to meet a friend, she says.  And YR quietly follows her, as she goes and gets some pastries/bread and takes a taxi. YR follows in another taxi.


DM is waiting outside a convenience store for IY. She texts - "Nobody around. Go in". She spills water and goes to throw the stuff in the trash bin. And CG drives in, holding the address - "Seoul, Eunpyeong-gu, Eungam-dong, Baekreonsan-ro #27".  DM didn't see him come, and couldn't warn IY.  She gets out of a taxi and walks straight into CG.  (The End)

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Episode 21 Recap:


DM manages to tell the ajumma of the store to go out and call IY saying."what are you doing there, Inyeong? Kyeong Min will be late and asked me to get you to eat inside and wait".  Then IY tells CG that she was there to see a friend. The ajumma is supposedly the friend's mom. YR who tailed IY and is watching from a distance, is puzzled. She probably saw DM as she ran into the shop (but we're not sure if she recognized her).


DM tells IY that she won't tell IY's mom; so things should be okay. She wants to go to the cops, but IY doesn't want to, because it could be more problems if they go to the cops without any evidence. DM again asks her to get out of that house but IY is adamant that she will be fine. DM asks her to promise to get out at the first sign of trouble. She agrees, and says it won't take long.


DM comes home and tells that IY called saying she can't come (I suppose she had said yesterday that she would come today). Something happened at the work site and she had to go back, after she had gone to the bus terminal to come home.


HM brings some tea to BS. He wants to know if JH's health condition is okay. He is worried after giving a big project to him. HM says he is fine. She is worried more about DB, and why he suddenly decided to delay the wedding. Should she convince IY to do it soon? Or, is it that he is still sad about not getting the VP position? The dad doesn't say anything.  She goes and asks JH what he thinks about the wedding postponement. He says it is their decision, so nothing to worry. She asks if he and YR should get married first. YR comes in and she asks them together, saying it is fine with the parents. JH says he and YR had decided to give each other some time before that. Mom reminds him that they've been together for quite a while, but he says they have formally dated only for a short while. He says they both need time, and asks YR if it wasn't so. She has no choice but to say yes.


DB goes to the address he had got from the PI, for the house where Pak Du Sik and his room mate lived (the house number has changed from 54 to 159, which makes sense, as Korea had changed the addressing system in the last decade). The lady doesn't know of any Pak Du Sik because 35 years ago was before she started living there. But she thinks her mom will know. But she is away and won't be there till tomorrow or the day after. He gives her his card.


IY is in her room remembering the encounter with CG. She wonders, "should I take it further?... or act like I am taking it further?"... And YR comes in with some juice that is good for pregnant mothers. She asks if IY met the friend she went to meet.  Then she wants the number for the shop where IY bought the dried yellow corvina (kkulbi), because she wants to get them to deliver some to her US Grandma. IY says she bought it while she was passing by, and doesn't know the shop number. She can get some and send it. YR wants to go with her. IY is saved by a knock on the door, as the maid says DB is home.


DB texts YR - "I have something to tell you".  YR - "Right now? What's the matter?".  And IY comes in. Now he gets another text. He doesn't check it and says he has been getting a lot of spam texts. They complain to each other for not calling. Then IY says she was sad today, because there was somebody she would have liked for DB to see today. The mother of a friend of hers. Somebody who is like a mom for her. DB asks if it is her former apartment ("officetel") room mate. IY: "No, it's somebody I met in high school. Kyeong Min, who works at a beauty parlor". She says that she got food and shelter at her house after her parents passed away while she was in high school. DB says he will meet her at some point. Then IY tells him that she saw Mr. Jang near Kyeong Min's place. He told her that he was there to meet a friend he knows. She asks him to talk to CG because that ajumma may have been rude to him and so she feels bad. He will do that. He finds it nice and caring of her to even worry about it.


YR is looking at the second text she sent DB - "Is it something important? I have something to tell you too". The 'boss' hasn't replied. She is sad, and hits the bed. Then he texts - "come to the garden".  She goes down, and he asks if she has been checking on JH's health condition. She is surprised and asks if anything was wrong. He tells her about JH's nightmares. YR: "I didn't know. Is it really bad?". DB: "What? You are worried now?". She says she saw at the hospital how tough it was for him when he was getting nightmares. It was scary enough that nobody could get close to him. DB says it's not that bad or anything now. But he says it can be made to look serious. She is flabbergasted - "You want me to make it serious?". DB: "Can you do that?". YR: "Tell me the way". DB: "For now, tell my parents about JH's health condition. About the nightmares and headaches. About the side effects of the eye transplant surgery. Say that JH is not in a  condition for us to relax, and thus make the worries serious". She says she will try and he says, "Not just trying. Just get it done properly".  He continues, "so what is it that YOU wanted to say to me?". YR: "A wedding in 3 months is too tough. JH just won't move". DB says she should just do what he just asked her to do, for now. Everything will just work out.


JH is telling his PD team staff that they are going to start the Hanbit apartment work in earnest. The team is confident. Mr. Yun thinks they've had a proper "warming up" with the Paju project. Ms. Ha thinks there's nothing to worry as they also have a chief designer that they didn't have for the Paju work. IY says she now has some real pressure on her, but she will do her best. When JH says they can start, IY asks if it wouldn't be good to talk to the residents at the apartments. Mr. Yun wonders if it won't be a lot of work. JH thinks it may be, but still it may yield a lot of useful ideas. Let us try, says Mr Jo, who promptly goes to DB for his sucking-up session, giving all the details. DB: "Hanbit apts is PD team's work. No need to report everything to me". But he asks him to tell him if it is too much work for JH, who is still not fully well. Mr. Jo is happy to oblige. DB then asks him to bring the Taeyeon vendor list or something once the Hanbit bid is a success (I'm not fully sure here - we will see later what it is).


YR is showing HM some sample gifts for men and women that she selected for their charity function. She asks if some pouches or something would be good. Noting serious. Then, in comes a nun (which always means an orphanage director in kdramas) who must've come to thank the Foundation for their help. YR is all flustered and runs out soon after HM introduces her and the nun says that she is pretty. YR is outside, thinking, "it is the director mother superior. She couldn't have recognized me, could she?.. As though IY wasn't enough, now this!.. What do I do?"


IY walks by CG who is leaving, and they greet each other. In the office, Ms. Ha asks IY when she needs Taeyeon's partner company list. IY: "At your leisure. No hurry". She says she will send it by email by end of work today. DM texts IY: "Okay to talk now?".  IY goes to the stairwell and talks. Actually just a all to see if everything was fine. DM hasn't left the home all day, worried about JM and sticking by his side. She again asks her to leave that house and says, "now you and I are partners in crime. Don't think about just yourself, okay?". IY says thanks.  And JM comes in asking if DM has seen his wallet. He has heard that his phone was missing when he moved to the hospital. He can't find his wallet either. She says it must be lost together. He is not buying it. (I guess she knows more about it, the way she acts).


As IY is looking at the partner company list, DB comes to her office. She is worried that others will see, but he thinks everybody is gone.  He gets a call.  It's the woman whom he met the other day. Her mother is there now, but she will be away from tomorrow so today is the only time available to meet her (and ask about Pak Du Sik). He lies to IY that somebody from his high school has suddenly passed away and he has to go. She says she will go home herself; not to worry.  DB calls JH who was about to leave, to go escort IY home, as he has to go somewhere urgently.


IY is marking some companies on the list, and thinking that one of them must be involved in her dad's death. JH comes in saying his brother was worried that she would work late. JH also tells her not to work like this and watch her health, or his brother would take her to task. Then he jokes, "looks like I'm also nagging you saying watch your health, don't work hard, and all that". She understands that it is out of genuine concern. He asks if he can keep her portfolio a bit longer. She is fine about it. He says he finds a lot of people-centric ideas there. She says she didn't think they were anything great. He sits on the desk and asks if she was inspired by Farnsworth House (Note: A famous glass-house near Chicago. It took me a few minutes to figure out what "pants-wuss ha-wuss" meant. How the heck do Koreans ever figure out English words, I wonder...). She says there won't be anybody studying modern art who isn't inspired by Farnsworth House. IY: "Is that why you thought you have seen my design somewhere?". JH: "Could it be?"... She says that she is embarrassed with the designs from her bored and inexperienced times. IY: "Even Farnsworth House, though it was liked by architects for the aesthetic quality, got criticized in the end for not being practical, you know". JH: "Aesthetics, and practicality. If you were to pick one from those, is it practicality?". She doesn't answer but says, "A house is for people to live, no?". JH: "That is interesting. The person earlier, who had similar thoughts as you, said that a house is for dreams to be made". He continues, "just from seeing the portfolio, I thought you were a similar person". IY: "That person seems to be an idealist type... Was it somebody you worked with?". JH: "No. Somebody who gave me strength during a hard time".  Now, IY is clearly getting emotional. JH continues, "Somebody who made me realize that the world can be seen in other ways even without the eyes... That even in darkness, if you open the heart, there can be brightness. That you won't be scared to walk then... When I fell, she got me to get up, and she mended by wounds.. There was such a person".  IY's look says a lot, and she looks away as he gets up - "No fun hearing this, huh?.. Let's go home quickly. Get ready and come".


They get home and JH asks her if she has been to Yangpyeong. She says she hasn't. He wonders if the team members should go together for an MT (membership training, as they call it in Korea) there and generate some design ideas. She says it sounds good. IY: "There is nobody managing the villa now, right?". IY: "Yes. We're looking for somebody. But whoever comes, it won't be like the uncle who was doing it earlier".  When IY asks how he was, JH talks of how great he was, and about him making him instant noodles etc. IY: "Why did he stop, then?". JH: "I don't know. Once I went back there after the eye surgery was successful, he had already moved from there. I wanted to pay him respects, but had no contact either. He would be the happiest if he knew that I had got healthy. Even from his voice, I knew that he was a warm and kind person".


By now IY is fully tearing up, and thinks, "he doesn't know if my dad's death. Really unaware of it all". He turns and looks at her, as tears are flowing down on her face. She thinks, "is it fine to tell Jun Hui everything?". JH walks back to her and asks, "did I say something wrong?".  IY: "I think I know the person". (without making it clear if it is about the designer JH knew, or the "uncle" who looked after him)

(The End)

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Thanks for the continued recaps..


I was waiting to confirm that JH recognized a design in IY's portfolio. I feel eventually he will really realize that IY is the woman he use to know. IY should just confide in him since he was also has fond memories of her father.


In the most recent episode it seems JH may have remembered that someone pushed him when he fell. I get the feeling that it was DB.

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Episode 22 Recap:


Hearing what JH had to say about her dad, it became clear to IY that JH had no idea about her dad's death. Tears flow down her cheeks. He comes back to her and asks if he did something wrong, and she wonders if she should tell him everything.  But she only says "I think I know that person", referring to the ajussi (older man/ uncle) that took care of the villa and JH when he was blind.  She starts saying, "My fa..." and stops. She decided not to tell him anything. "My father and he seems to be exactly alike... He must have surely been a great man".  She explains the tears all over face as, "I am sorry. Suddenly I was reminded of my late dad. My dad was just like him. He had a kind voice, was considerate, and knew only to make instant noodles for food.". JH apologizes for unnecessarily bringing up this matter. She says it is no problem.


YR comes in and tells IY to eat something, "at least for the baby's sake". She heard from JH that IY was crying after remembering her dad. She feels she and IY have much in common. She also wonders why her parents left her so suddenly. It was when she was really small, but the pain is the same. Blah blah, basically.  Then she wonders in her mind - "so, did ajussi actually pass away just like that?".. they both agree that they will get past it as time passes.


DB is meeting the old lady who remembers the upstairs tenants from 30+ years ago, as he shows her a picture of Pak Du Sik. She remembers that he was the father of a baby, and went to jail for killing somebody, and she thinks the cops set it up. DB wants to know if she remembers the woman who lived with him (I thought they said room-mate earlier but he seems to know that it was a woman).  The lady had helped her as she was a pregnant newlywed with no family to look after her. She used to make her seaweed soup (a key diet for pregnant moms).


Now DB is in his car remembering what she said. "When he confessed to the murder, she left a newborn baby behind and ran away. Then a young man took the baby, saying he was the younger brother of the baby's dad's."... DB thinks, "there was no real brother like that. Who brought me to this family?" (So he is already sure that he himself is the baby in question).  CG knocks on the car and asks why he is sitting and thinking.  DB tells CG about IY meeting him yesterday and wondering why he didn't at least have a coffee before leaving. He is just doing what IY asked him to do, to remove any suspicions in CG. 


DB goes to the room and thinks, "who on earth was that young man? For what reason did my father take me in as a newborn and raise me?" (Again, he is all certain about what happened here, but we are puzzled because HM has always acted like he was a real son).


JH comes in and asks why DB looks so down. He says he is tired after going to his high school teacher's funeral (the lie he had given earlier for the trip to see that old lady). JH alerts him that IY is probably feeling lonely these days, and that he should spend more time with her. DB agrees that he hasn't had enough time. DB asks if she said anything, and JH says no. Pregnant women are known to be more sensitive, he says. Especially when she has no parents around. DB thanks him for being just like how JH always is - caring.


I the living room, BS suddenly asks when JH and YR ar getting engaged (probably sowing a bit of Alzheimer's effect again). The other are puzzled. Some talk, with JH and IY stalling their respective marriage plans. Nothing new. The dad says, it is all fine. All of you take your time.


DB hugs IY and says "I've been asked to not make you feel lonely". IY: "Who asked?". The boss of designer Kim InYeong, Mr. Division chief Kang JunHui". Nothing much important here either.


DB sees BS taking some medicine and asks what it is. BS says the hospital gave it because he has some minor gastritis. Nothing to worry. When DB says he was there to get a drink, as he was unable to sleep, BS says "how can you drink when you have to go to work tomorrow? There is some sleep inducing tea your mom keeps. Shall I boil some tea for you?" (Sweet like a real dad!). DB says he will do it himself. BS: "Why do you stare at me like that?". DB: "Dad... you have become quite old" (in a nice way). BS laughs saying DB also has become very old!


JM seems to be a cook! He has made some Haemuljjim (braised spicy seafood). They are all happy. The aunt says the egg dish is terrific, DM says she made that, and the aunt drops it - "no wonder it sucks". Haha. JM says he wants to go to some cram school or vocational institute to do some studying.  Mom is concerned that it's too soon after hospital discharge, but the aunt thinks it will help him to be out and about. Mom says ok.


It's time to go to work but YR finds HM looking for the Jong-ri bazaar reports that she can't find. YR offers to help find it. She thanks YR because she has some meeting preparation to do too.  YR snoops around and finds a medicine bottle. The chief maid comes in. YR says she is looking for HM's files, and the maid finds the reports on another shelf. (Not sure what this was all about)


Mr. Jo is impressed that IY has already made a draft questionnaire for the Hanbit Apartments residents. "You are quick-handed". And Ms. Ha says, "it's not the hands but her brain that is quick!". Mr. Yun: "No, no. I just saw her do a drawing. Her hands are quick too". Haha! The office mates are cute. IY says the other two helped. She is asked to take it to the division chief. JH says he will review it. He then asks if her mood has got better. He couldn't avoid telling YR some details but did not tell DB much. She thanks him for being considerate. He wants her to tell his brother if anything is troubling her. He says some good things about DB and she agrees - "I know, that he is a good man". She says she is worrying a lot for JH and YR too.  She thanks him for being understanding last night - as she felt pretty embarrassed.  He gets a call and he says it's YR. A look of sadness flashes on IY's face. She leaves.


YR was calling to offer to pick up JH from work to go on a date. HM: "You guys are having many dates now!". YR: "JH is opening up to me. Shouldn't I do my best?". HM asks if she was sad that JH is asking for more time, and then gives some good advise that it is better to date for a long time and then marry. She asks for the US grandma's address, to send some gifts. As she is writing down the address, she wants to know if the "Hope orphanage" sister will be doing some support work for them. She says she is looking at their credit plan or something  (I suppose she wants to find a way to get them away from Taeyeon). HM says she hasn't decided, as there are budget questions also that she needs to look into.


DM calls IY to tell that JM is doing very well and will be start some institute study too. IY is happy that he has recovered that well already. The rehab center thinks he is the best patient. But DM thinks he is beginning to remember more. IY wants her to bring JM over, as she wants to tell him things to avoid him getting a shock later.


YR comes to the PD Team office. Mr. Jo knows who she is but the others are guessing who she is. She sits in JH's room, saying she will read a book till he finishes work. Some nice chat. Nothing more.


Mr. Jo is updating DB that if their Hanbit apartment bid is successful, they have 7% working fee and no less than 14% business profit. DB says, "14 percent?"... Mr. Jo says that in addition, there is a big chance for the company to grow even more with ties to rental apartments and studios (something like that. I didn't pay close attention). DB asks, "so if this is successful, JH's corporate approval ratings will surely rise, won't it?". Mr. Jo says "yes" and leaves.


DB thinks to himself - "Father's plans are not on me, but on Jun Hui. Then he shouldn't have raised me as his son, to start with". He goes to the window and continues - "You should have taught me to live as a side kick to Jun Hui, or as a sacrificial lamb to use when needed. What was the reason for you to raise me as the son of you both?"


DB goes to IY's office. She will get ready quickly and wants him to wait downstairs, but he apologizes that he can't get off work yet today either. He asks YR if he can borrow JH to go out and drink. JH feels bad that YR was waiting all the while for him. She says it's fine. DB suggests that YR have dinner with IY instead.


YR looks at IY eating noodles, like he is her dear friend, and she even looks genuine!  She gives some extra noodles to IY, who says she is embarrassed to gobble down food when IY seems to be hardly eating. IY: "I am reminded of old times. How did you know I liked warm noodles from road stalls?". YR: "I have seen in Korean dramas that people eat at such stalls when it gets cold" (haha, don't we know it!). IY agrees. She used to sneak out to eat noodles like this during her school days too. She would get caught and would do extra laps at the exercise ground. IY doesn't think YR has such school memories and YR agrees. Her grandma was too strict and she wouldn't even dream it. IY thinks the grandma must've raised her as the precious sole grandchild. YR: "That is why I became such an uninteresting person". IY: "Not true. You have such cute manners, and you're great to talk to, you know.". YR says that other kids in the U.S. looked at her as different, and so it wasn't great. IY thinks people are strange everywhere - USA or Korea. They make such a big deal of skin color or whether one has parents or not. If it was her, she would have beaten up those US kids. IY: "I would've been happy if I had a friend like you".


DB and JH are at the bar. DB wanted to drink to his heart content. He says whatever he does, it seems he cannot get proper acknowledgement from their father. JH asks if he is still upset about not getting the VP position. DB says no. What's so important about positions? He repeats that he wants to get Dad to approve of him. DB just keeps beating around the bush. He is just a good-for-nothing eldest son. It is hard on him. He is doing the company work only for Dad to acknowledge him. DB doesn't want JH to drink, because he wants him to just be a listener today. Nice scene, but nothing new here.


DB is all drunk, and JH takes him into the car.  As they wait for the substitute driver to come, DB starts talking about wanting to go to the beach. They go on to reminiscing something JH did when he was in 9th grade, when (if I got it right) the dad believed the Gym teacher and thought that DB had cheated to become #1 in something. JH says it was the first time he was disappointed in his dad. He trusted DB and followed him as he ran away from home or something like that, going all the way to Incheon to get him (I hope i got this right! weird story anyway). DB asks why he did that. JH says he thought his beloved hyeong (big brother) would never come back if he didn't do that. He had seen DB doing all the night work on the computer and trusted him.


Then JH goes out to get the substitute driver, and DB says in his mind - "don't trust me too much JunHui. Because I'm not going to be thrown away by Father, like that man was".  (He seems to be referring to Pak Du Sik, possibly his real father).


They get home, with BD totally drunk. YR and IY come to help, and IY goes to call Mr.Jang to help them carry him in. DB is about to fall, and YR holds him on the right side, with JH on his left.  DB looks at YR, puts his hands oh her shoulder and starts mumbling, "Ms. Chae Yu Ran... I know you the most, Ms. CYR. Isn't that right, Ms. CYR?... Oh, it is just for my Jun Hui's sake... Isn't it right?".  JH asks him to get a hold of himself. DB: "What I said is true, no?" (looking at YR).


(The End)

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6 hours ago, Ldy Gmerm said:


Thanks for the continued recaps..


I was waiting to confirm that JH recognized a design in IY's portfolio. I feel eventually he will really realize that IY is the woman he use to know. IY should just confide in him since he was also has found memories of her father.


In the most recent episode it seems JH may have remembered that someone pushed him when he fell. I get the feeling that it was DB.


I am sure JH has a pretty good idea that it was IY, just the same way that YR knows that it is the same IY that she knew. But they can't do much when IY flat-out denies it and gives them a semi-plusible alternate story, though a very flimsy one!


It has to be either DB or CG who pushed him. CG seems to have a soft corner for DB (as the chairman himself confirmed at the drinking scene with CG). Who knows!  many many mysteries.


I love the serious tone of the drama, and the good production qualities. It has the feel of a regular 50 episode family drama, rather than of the daily dramas with their cheap studio sets.  The acting by all of them, is the best part, of course.

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