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[Drama 2017-2018] Backflow / Reverse, 역류


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23 hours ago, jayakris said:

@Ldy Gmerm, thanks for some of the tips on what is coming.  I had a sneaky suspicion too, that YR actually likes DB (in addition to DB and YR having some connection in something that they are not telling, or maybe the whole thing being a game they are playing together).  There was that scene of her walking into inspect the other rooms upstairs just after moving in, and looking at the brothers' picture in DB's room.  She seems to caress the picture of DB, ad not JH...  I was unsure if that was deliberate.  Okay I will edit/add that above.


The other things you say also make sense.   Let me see a few more episodes.  I'm very sure that IY is not pregnant.  She will not drink beer if she is 7 weeks pregnant!

There is another layer going on as well.. Minion driver of the father seems to be doing the bidding of HM but he also seems to be doing the bidding of YR or likes YR.There is a scene in a later episode where he seems to be calling YR but she is not answering and next we seem him in casual clothing bringing in a cooler of some type of seafood but he is giving the eye to YR and IY may have noticed it. I can not understand what is going on there except IY has noticed something off about the man and has caught him trying to follow her in later episodes and from what I can tell from the clips on youtube has been ordered to investigate IY.


YR in DB's room touching his photo smacks of her being in love with him. Not sure if they were together at one time and broke up or she has always liked him and he has not paid attention to that. It makes me cringe though if he has been with YR as a lover now he is pushing her to be with JH. Its twisted since you can see that IY and JH belong together and DB and YR should be together. I wonder if both YR and DB studied abroad together or met abroad. They seem very guilty if IY walked into a room and looked fearful that she would notice them alone in a room together.

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Episode 6 recap:


JH and YR taking a walk near the Yangpyeong villa, and IY watching them.  She remembers helping a blind JH walk. She is chatting away, telling him about the walking path in front of him, but he asks her to keep quiet. Haha. He then walks by himself, hits something and is about to fall.. He asks if she caused that on purpose.  She says "you asked me to keep quiet". Haha. Then he asks her for her name (the conversation he remembered earlier). She sees the Rose Moss flowers (Chaeseonghwa) by the side of the walking path, and lies that it is her name. We later see JH remembering sitting on the bench outside in the rain and SH holding an umbrella to him.


IY enters a farm/factory building where her dad died. She imagines her dad being hit by somebody and dying there.  And a younger guy falling, hit by somebody too. Then she remembers her brother JM telling her that their dad might not have died from a heart attack like they were told, showing the same newspaper article about Taeyeon introducing the supersonic wave demolition technology.  He says it is the same thing their dad was developing. He thinks there is some connection. She didn't believe it then. Back from the flashback, she thinks, "I should have listened to you. Then I wouldn't have let you go there by yourself".  She goes to the cemetery wall and tells her dad's picture - "I am joining that family. I'm scared, and want to run away. But I am going there even if you say I am a bad daughter. If I don't, it is too unfair to you and Jae Min". She then calls DB and says she will go to his home tomorrow.


The Taeyeon family having food, and the dad again asks JH to start working. DB not happy but doesn't show it.


Da Mi is helping IY pack her clothes. She says she will take care of Mom and JM, because she is like family to her. "Your mom and dad are no different than parents to me".  They hug.  Then IY leaves the home, and they all think she is going to Namhae...


The chief maid comes to prepare the room for IY, as YR is inspecting that room. She tells YR that it is the room that an aunt was using.  For some reason it troubled YR, who goes and asked JH's mom, after some usual chit chat, if it isn't better for IY to be in a ground floor room, as the stairs could be difficult and dangerous for a pregnant woman. The mom says that the ground floor room will be too cramped to also hold a baby later. Not sure why YR is worried - maybe just that she doesn't want all 4 of them upstairs.


DB picks up IY and takes her home. She again thinks "to know the secrets I need to get in there".  JH helps with the bags.  Everybody sits and make small talk. Nothing serious here.  DB takes IY to her room and says it is his aunt's room. The aunt is on a 3-year world tour or something. She is abroad. (Hmm... does she have something to do with YR, which might have caused YR to not have IY in that room? No idea...). IY locks the door and sits on the bed, looking a bit scared...


IY is up early, helping the maids in the kitchen. YR comes and asks her to go rest, as she is pregnant.  Mom asks her to see her, and gives her a stern talk, not to mention pregnancy in front of the maids and others. But they make small talk and are friends again.


DB comes in asking IY to put the necktie on him, and says she has to do it every day (I hate it when the dramas show it like an unquestionable rule that a wife must do the necktie for her husband everyday. Give me a friggin break!)...


IY being very friendly with the maids. Surely trying to get them on her side.

The dad tells DB that JH should be given a briefing on whatever the project is.  He wants JH to be back at his position right after the briefing.  DBs assistant asks DB about it, and if JH will be placed even above them.  DB says he doesn't know.  He calls JH to tell that dad wants him back right away. Usual loving talk from him, though he has other thoughts. They decide to go for a 4-way "date" for lunch


IY is getting the birthdays of all the family members from the chief maid. YR comes and says she never thought of doing that, and that IY thinks deeply. She asks where IY's parents tombs are. She says their remains were spread in the sea. YR continues with the interrogation on who IY lived with after they died. JH walks in and saves her saying they are going for a date.  YR asks the mother to join, and she laughs about it - "all of you have fun".


YR goes to IY's room and IY asks her to help with the zip of her dress. She seems to not bother about YR seeing the scar on her back. She says she got it from a friend once.  Flashback to a fight where it seems YR pushed her down and she got the scar.  I guess IY wants YR to know who she is??   (The end.)

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Episode 7 Recap:


IY tells YR that she got the scar from a fight with her close friend. Repeat flash back scene of the fight when IY was pushed to the floor by her friend (SeonHwa then) and a coat stand fell on her back. YR is nearly in tears but IY is calm like she wanted YR to know that she is none other than her old friend (or she is still trying to make sure that YR is SeonHwa).  YR asks if she has ever heard from that friend again, and IY says that the friend never called again.
Awkward dinner. DB asks if IY doesn't look pretty. Seeing her in a one-piece dress for the first time, that too with makeup.  Not like in pants and t-shirts, her work attire, he says. YR says she looks pretty when DB asked. Awkward chatting. Nothing important.


Chairman tells HM that he wants to go on a date with her too - to a place that is a secret for now. She then brings up Kim Sang Jae (which is IY's dad's name), who had helped SH when he was at the Yangpyeong villa.  The chairman didn't remember the name at first, but she reminds him, "he was our subcontractor. The one who gave JH house-security then. When JH was at Yangpyeong, he helped". Then the Chmn remembers, "ah.. didn't he die of asthma?"... It didn't look like he was acting. Anyway, HM wants to at least find his family members and thank them for all the help, which she had forgotten to do while busy during JH's eye surgery. He says she should do just that.  He really doesn't look like he knows anything more, but a glance from Hm at the end seemed to suggest that she may have some doubt on that. 


[Here is what the MBC drama site says about the Kim Sang Jae:  "IY's father, who had a good interior/construction company that had gone bankrupt due to a betrayal by IY's friend. He was developing some new technique at a Yangpyeong barn shed that his daughter had got cheaply after she became an interior designer, but got killed by those who wanted his technique. On the side, he was also looking after a nearby villa".  So, that explains a bit about why IY was in Yangpyeong, and also about her father.  It appears that most of these Yangpyeong events were within the last 6 months to a year.]


Coming out of their couples date, IY trips due to a high heels issue and is held by JH who seems to suddenly be reminded of holding her just like that when she was about to fall, in the rain.  DB comes out after paying the bill and asks what happened, and if she felt dizzy again. She says its just the heels she's wearing after quite a while. They all leave but JH seems to have got something in his mind now.  At home, DB wants her to see the doc and she says there is no dizziness. DB wants to hear the baby's heartbeat and wants to go for that. IY again gives excuse that they can't just go like that.  She will tell when its time for the next visit to the doc.


JH recalls his time with IY in the rain. Holds a scarf or something that he is keeping. YR is also sitting and remembering IY telling her - "the back injury was fine, but the mental injury is not easy to get over".


Nothing much in the next scenes at home. IY doing a good job taking over kitchen and juice-serving duties.  Asking even the chief maid what food she likes, etc. Self evident... Upstairs, DB wants a kiss, but she doesn't oblige.


DB's assistant brings the list of names who joined the company in 1981. DB doesn't tell him what he wanted it for.


The Chmn shows some Alzheimers problems that his assistant Mr. Jang notices. The landlord lady wants IY's mom to go with her to do some contract for buying a shop or something. IY's company is doing the construction for it and she wants her to call IY about it or something. The mom wants to go to the hospital instead.  YR trying to act nice to IY in the room. She finds a hairpin with a cloth piece (made of a necktie?) in her bag that she says is pretty, and IY says she made it herself.  Looks similar to one that JH keeps in his bedside drawer. IY takes two books from her bag and hides it under the bed (we aren't sure what those yellow books have). IY looks at YR and JH having coffee in the garden. JH's mom (HM) is in her office, looking at an address in Eungam-dong, apparently of Kang Sang Jae's family.  IY brings lunchboxes, surprising her. IY says she she reminds her of her late mom and all that sugary stuff. YR is looking around in IY's room, as the chief maid walks in. HM is asking a shop woman about the address and she points out IY's mom and the "aunt" on the street.  She follows them to the hospital and finds them going to JaeMin's room.  She is a bit out of sorts as she gets home and DB helps her find her phone in her own bag. She tells the chairman about IY bringing her lunch. DB is preparing some steak. IY says she is so touched she can faint! ...


The 4 people eat at the table and talk about the work report briefing that JH is getting, on the project started when he was away from work. IY says that she would like to see it too. She would like to get an idea of Taeyeon's project protecol. DB says fine, as she may after all be their future designer. YR says she isn't interested in seeing it.  JH asks if she has told her American grandma about moving into the house. She hasn't, she says.


The chairman and wife are on a walk. He asks what happened to meeting Kim SangJae's family. She tells him that even their son is in a coma from an accident. "Even the son?", he asks. Again, it sounds genuine.  But Mr. Jang looks up, like he knows something.  He calls somebody.


YR calls her grandma in the US. (Oh, so there is actually a grandma??) ... She tells the grandma that she has moved into Jun Hui's house, and it is like the grandma knows JH and the family.  She tells JH that her grandma thanks his mom. He goes for a walk saying he ate too much.  Her phone is on the table and gets a message from "boss".  IY picks it up and YR comes out, asking "what are you doing?".  The end.

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Episode 8 Recap:


IY tells YR that she didn't see the message on the phone. YR: "I hope we can keep our mutual etiquette". DB comes and asks what's up. He seems worried that IY read something on YR's phone. The message YR got was - "Accompany JH to the briefing". DB tells that maybe YR has American ideas of privacy and asks IY to be just herself, that is, to be upfront and straight about things.


Baek San (BS, the chairman) takes MH to a traditional house (Hanok house). He says it was the first house he helped build, starting out 50 years ago as a 15 year old. He wants his company to last a 100 or 200 years. She jokes that he is still greedy. "I was just 12 when my mom gave birth to Min Ju and died. With a father who was drunk all day, I had to raise my little sibling while studying. Had to do this and that to make money". She tells him about not liking him at first for bugging her to date him, but that she liked him for how he cared for the little sister Min Ju. He says he is proud of how things turned out, and happy that HJ got through the accident and is back. He asks her to trust HJ, and she says yes.


At IY's place, DM is surprised that the aunt bought some good lunch for the mom (when they were out together). I suppose DM thinks that the aunt is too stingy. They haven't heard from IY, so the aunt wonders if she hasn't gone somewhere because she is seeing somebody!  They call IY. The aunt also talks to IY about helping with and estimate for the shop she is building or buying. She wants low-cost but luxurious design.  "You know my 'style', right?"... IY replies, "of course. Cheap but expensive-looking".  She hangs up saying she is busy, as YR knocks on the door and says that JH's parents are home.  Aunt continues to say that it is strange and that she must be living with some guy - to glares from the other two. She keeps prying to see if DM knows anything. The mom says she should stop and try dating herself.  The aunt has never been married.


HM says BS took her to the first house he built. JH: The traditional house in Wonju?". Mom asks how he knew, as she didn't know. DB is surprised. JH says he remembers going with dad when he was young. BS asks about this increasingly important-sounding "briefing". DB says IY will join to learn the company's processes and protocols and BS says that's good.


HM asks him when he took JH to that house. She is concerned that DB would feel bad (and he seemed to, earlier). BS asks what the big deal is (just like we feel). He says he wants more trips with her like today. She says she had talked to Min Ju today; so it must be the 'aunt on foreign travel' that was mentioned earlier. BS's sister. YR comes in asking if she could join this earth-shattering 'briefing' tomorrow. To help JH if needed. BS says fine. She texts 'boss' that she will be at the briefing. She lies back on the bed thinking "what on earth am I on to?"


Mr. Jang pacing in the garden, remembering what MH was saying about even Sang Jae's son being in an accident. He is concerned.


IY's mom (her name is Yang Su Gyeong, so I will use SG for her) is at JM's bed side, saying his sister is just like his dad, forgetting everything once they get busy with work. "Please wake up".  She goes to sleep there, and as expected his finger moves (they probably have a stock shot to use in every drama for this.  We all know when to expect it, and it happens perfectly!)


DM gives SG some money for her living expenses and she doesn't want to take it. The aunt says she will cut a month of rent too, to help with all the hospital fees. DM asks the aunt if it is only for getting IY's help for the shop. Nothing serious, as with all the scenes with the aunt, who actually seems to be a kind soul, perhaps.


HM comes to MJ's hospital room. The bed shows that he was admitted on 2017 Sep 16th. Somebody tells her that the guardian is away. She says she must have come to the wrong hospital and leaves.


IY calls her mom saying she will come home the next weekend. She takes a yellow book, where she has the 5 others in the house listed, with DB having a cross mark. She thinks of putting a mark for JH also but doesn't.  She goes and tries to help the maids for house cleaning, but trying to look around for clues on things. YR comes and says it's time for going to the company. So IY should get ready. IY says she is ready in what she is wearing. The chief maid suggests that IY dress better, as YR will deck herself up.  Small talk between YR and JH about how she looked in her dress. She gives him a peck on his lips and he is a bit startled.


The office staff on their useless talk about the briefing, and guessing who will be the real king in the company - DB or JH. The woman in the office seems to like JH better. Team-leader Jo goes to DB to brag about what a great job he has done with the briefing document, but DB asks him for stuff on a building at Paju.  "Is the Paju building or the briefing more important?" he asks. The briefing and whether JH comes back, are all internal matters but the Paju building is a business matter... Mr. Jo asks who will be in charge of the Paju building if JH comes back. He likes to ask for trouble, I guess. As he walks out, DB asks him to be ready for two external consultants who are coming today.


The 'briefing'! The office team leader Mr. Jo acknowledges JH and his fiancee in attendance, but doesn't know about IY.  She turns her phone on for recording. It all looks like something serious...


SG and the landlord lady are out, and SG texts IY that they are going to IY's interior design company office because "aunt Jo Hui's shop estimate matter is urgent". She wants her to tell her office chief's name so they can talk at least to him, as she is away. IY tells DB that something urgent came up and that she has to leave.  She calls Mom and says it will be uncomfortable for her if they go to her company boss, and that she will help later with somebody she knows more personally. She says she will meet her at JM's hospital soon.


The tough guy Mr. Jang is at JM's hospital and IY takes a cab and gets there too. Mom and aunt are stuck in traffic and will come soon, they tell her.  DM has to step out of the hospital room, and Mr. Jang comes in.  And JM opens his eyes. He leaves the room and IY sees that.  Here we go... (The end)

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Thanks for the recaps..


I wonder if it was not their company that stole IY's fathers idea? I get the feeling it may be going that way. I just do not understand why her brother was attacked unless he was on to something related to the theft of that idea. Who was the friend that did that to IY and her family was it JH and he was unaware?


Why is HM stalking around if all she wanted to do was truly thank the family? Someone did something they should not have that caused the company to go under. The question is who was the person who did it? I kind of feel like if it was JH I don't think he would have done it in his condition. I feel like DB could have done it if he was able to get close enough to take a look at what was out if IY had been looking it over.


YR is definitely the old friend who caused IY To be hurt and use to hang out with IY and her other friend. Who is she really with this American grandmother? What is her real relationship with DB?


In later episodes we see IY meeting with her friend and brother and he is telling her something. That is why I wonder if he did not find something out and was harmed because of it and I also suspect the one who did it was Mr. Jang.

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1 hour ago, Ldy Gmerm said:

I wonder if it was not their company that stole IY's fathers idea? I get the feeling it may be going that way. I just do not understand why her brother was attacked unless he was on to something related to the theft of that idea. Who was the friend that did that to IY and her family was it JH and he was unaware?


No, no... maybe my pieces above were not clear on this.  Though the MBC site blurb on IY's father gives no further details or dates, I am sure that there are two things that happened at entirely different time frames that they mentioned. 


The first was what happened to his company.  That is from several years ago (at least 10 years, but possibly more) when a friend betrayed IY and caused the whole family trouble.  That friend is clearly YR in their teenage period (then with the name SeonHwa).  Throwing IY down and hurting her was some small thing, after they argued about whatever SeonHwa was doing.  My guess is that she did some serious fraud, though no clue is given as of episode 8 that I just watched.  I thought I heard YR say something about changing a visa or something when she was at the river bank, feeling upset after she found out (from the real-estate office) that the whole IY family had gone bankrupt after she betrayed IY.  We will find out later what exactly she did.  She must have done something and then impersonated somebody to fool that US grandma and become her grand-daughter... Just a guess.  How that connects to IY's family and her father's company going under, is all unclear to me as of now.  But that was a long time ago.


The second thing is recent, within the last few months, when her dad died and brother got hit.  That was after her father had for some brief period helped watch JH at the villa, while he was developing his construction/demolition idea in the barn shed.  I assume that JH's own accident had happened before that, and that he was already blind when SangJae (IY's dad) was helping him. That's also when he had that short but beautiful romance with IY.  Maybe 4 or 5 months ago.  That ended as he had to leave the villa in a hurry for some reason, and he couldn't find IY when he went back to look.  By then SJ had died from a hit, the brother who was investigating it had ended up in the hospital (as recently as this September), and IY had started her revenge plan.


That is how I understand it, as of now (end of ep 8)

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10 minutes ago, jayakris said:


No, no... maybe my pieces above were not clear on this.  Though the MBC site blurb on IY's father gives no further details or dates, I am sure that there are two things that happened at entirely different time frames that they mentioned. 


The first was what happened to his company.  That is from several years ago (at least 10 years, but possibly more) when a friend betrayed IY and caused the whole family trouble.  That friend is clearly YR in their teenage period (then with the name SeonHwa).  Throwing IY down and hurting her was some small thing, after they argued about whatever SeonHwa was doing.  My guess is that she did some serious fraud, though no clue is given as of episode 8 that I just watched.  I thought I heard YR say something about changing a visa or something when she was at the river bank, feeling upset after she found out (from the real-estate office) that the whole IY family had gone bankrupt after she betrayed IY.  We will find out later what exactly she did.  She must have done something and then impersonated somebody to fool that US grandma and become her grand-daughter... Just a guess.  How that connects to IY's family and her father's company going under, is all unclear to me as of now.  But that was a long time ago.


The second thing is recent, within the last few months, when her dad died and brother got hit.  That was after her father had for some brief period helped watch JH at the villa, while he was developing his construction/demolition idea in the barn shed.  I assume JH's own accident had happened before that and he was blind already when SangJae (IY's dad) was helping him, and he had that short but beautiful romance with IY.  That ended as he had to leave the villa in a hurry, and couldn't find IY when he went back to look.  By then SJ had died from a hit, the brother who was investigating it had ended up in the hospital (as recently as this September), and IY had started her revenge plan.


That is how I understand it, as of now (end of ep 8)

Thanks for clearing that up.. that makes more sense.. So YR truly betrayed IY on a large scale if it impacted her family. It will be interesting to see why the father could have been hit in the first place.

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1 hour ago, Ldy Gmerm said:

Why is HM stalking around if all she wanted to do was truly thank the family?

I also think that she did or knows something.  My guess is that it has to do with orchestrating some eye-cornea donation, possibly.  Its only a wild guess from me, but we saw that she was very wishy-washy when JH asked her if he could see the family of the eye-donor.


There are at least 3 or 4 different bad things that were done at different times, but by different people.  YR's betrayal,  JH's accident, SJ's death and MJ's hospitalization.  Different people could be behind each of this.

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54 minutes ago, jayakris said:

I also think that she did or knows something.  My guess is that it has to do with orchestrating some eye-cornea donation, possibly.  Its only a wild guess from me, but we saw that she was very wishy-washy when JH asked her if he could see the family of the eye-donor.


There are at least 3 or 4 different bad things that were done at different times, but by different people.  YR's betrayal,  JH's accident, SJ's death and MJ's hospitalization.  Different people could be behind each of this.

I have a feeling that HM orchestrated the donor for the cornea's as well. I know for certain she really does not want JH to seek out the family. HM is telling her husband she wants to thank the family of the man who took care of the villa but I feel like she may be trying to find out if they are aware the man donated his cornea's if he was an organ donor. I feel like they may not know or if they do they are angry about it. HM did something she was not suppose to do all to save her son and although its not criminal if the man was a donor and her son was next on the list. But if she instigated the man's death to get his cornea's and jumped her son up on the list over someone who was suppose to get them if the man was a donor then it is a criminal act. Let's not even think if she harmed that man to get those eyes and he was not a donor.


Like you, I feel that there are 4 different bad things going on all by different people or different groups. So far 3 of those things contributed to IY's family having hard times and enduring the loss of a father and a son in a coma. One of those things (JH's fall) has nothing to do with the other three but could be related to jealousy and anger of an older brother.

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1 hour ago, jayakris said:

By then SJ had died from a hit, the brother who was investigating it had ended up in the hospital (as recently as this September), and IY had started her revenge plan.


I also notice that it must be after September 16th (when MJ was hospitalized) that IY started her affair with DB.  And she was saying she was 7 weeks pregnant by the end of November.  At least DB believes that he had done the deed necessary for that, by early October.  That means the woman moved pretty fast on her revenge plan, soon after the brother was in hospital!...

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Episode 9 Recap


IY sees Mr.Jang leaving JM's hospital room. Inside, JM has opened his eye. SG, DM, and aunt comes in and they are all happy. The doc says that the pupillary reflex of his eyes look good, so things should be fine. IY asks if he would be able to talk and move, and the doc says it may happen, and could be faster as MJ is pretty young. Perhaps daily improvements.  The family is happy. The aunt and DM also cry. IY gets a phone call that she doesn't take. She says she has to go back to work right away. She gives the card of a friend to help the aunt with her shop estimate.  She also gives DM a credit card to use for JM's expenses. DM says the card may not be enough. DM wants to give her retirement savings for it, but IY doesn't agree and says she will handle it. Then DM says she quit work, and IY asks if it was retirement amount itself and not savings for it!  DM is a kind girl.  IY apologizes, because she thinks DM lost the job because of all the trips to the hospital. She says it wasn't so. She doesn't like where she worked and left on her own, she says.


Some business talk between BS, his two sons and YR at his office.  YR says she can join as a manager with some roundabout talk of the marker being a living organism that can change at anytime, and all that crap. DB looks pleased. The dad says JH should restart from the next day. Now DB is not happy. YR keeps glancing at him. Then BS wonders what happened to IY.  She is at the Taeyeon home soon after, looking suspiciously at Mr. Jang bringing BS home.


BS nd HM talking about their sons. She says JH has been good at everything, but DB was more problematic, when she was raising them. BS also shows his preference for JH in the company matters, but the wife wants him to show more attention to DB too.


IY talks to DM who says JM seems to be locking eyes with people and seems to be getting better.  DB comes with tteokbokki for her to eat. She asks him how long Mr. Jang has been with the chairman.  DB says that ever since he remembers Mr. Jang was always with his dad.  He seems to have no ambition of his own, says DB. But DB has never been close to him. HM comes in and is happy seeing them being like a nice couple.  The family is at breakfast the next day making nice small-talk and Mr. Jang comes in. HM asks him to join for food, but he has already eaten.  They laugh about how he says what he ate. But IY looks dead scared seeing him, and JH clearly notices that. She leaves on a morning sickness pretext. DB, JH and YR (with some lemon tea) go up to check on her, and she says she is fine.


DM comes to the hospital.  She is sad that JM isn't awake to look at her (she has a thing for JM, I suppose?) ... Mom says he grasped her hand earlier and that the doc thinks he's getting better.  DM asks if they shouldn't let the cops know. The cops want to come when he can talk, says SG. DM wants to be there 24 hours and be like SG's daughter (acting all cute). SG: "So you weren't my daughter all this while, when I was making you food and taking care of you?"... Haha.


DM hears from the counter that hospital fees have been paid fully the day before. She is puzzled and asks who did it. The lady says that it was from a Foundation but no name was there.  They have set it up for any further payments too  [Note: I think HM is the chairman of a Taeyeon Sharing Foundation. The name was on the building, as we saw HM and IY come out after IY took lunch boxes to her]


Aunt has brought yogurt for everybody in the hospital room and is making a hoopla. SG tries to get her to do it quietly.  And DM runs in to tell them about a charitable organization paying all of JM's hospital fees. The aunt goes bonkers... Funny.


IY being nice to the maids. She asks them about Mr. Jang, and they say he is very close to the chairman. IY asks the maids for their phone numbers, and asks for the others like Mr. Jang and driver Kim too, giving her yellow book to write them down.  YR sees that from behind at the door. YR wants to watch TV with her but IY has to go somewhere and they can do that after she returns.  YR follows IY's taxi and finds that she is taking lunch to HM. HM is happy but says she shouldn't take trouble from now on, as IY says she didn't make the dishes but the maid did. YR walks in and complains that IY didn't tell her. IY: "I wanted to get close to Mother(in-law), but I guess I got caught". YR says it be more fun if all three of them were friends together. Fake camaraderie on display.


Mr. Jang almost hits somebody in the parking structure, and BS asks him if something is troubling him.  Mr. Jang says he's fine but he is not.  The chmn asks the secretary lady about the upcoming briefing, and she tells him it was yesterday.  He is having trouble. He asks for the Paju building document, and shakes his head in worry.


The office team-leader Mr. Jo brings some files and tries to suck up to JH, saying how he is different than DB, and JH tells him that is not how it is.  And DB hears that from behind at the door. Mr. Jo is in a soup, and he beats a quick retreat. DB does his usual 'so happy to see you' act. JH asks him if everything was okay with "sister-in-law" who looked a little off at breakfast. DB says it's nothing, and he just wants the baby to arrive soon. He thinks it's a boy but he wanted a girl.  Back in his office, Mr. Jo tries to tell DB that he is with him, and DB asks "what is with this 'with somebody' business at a company?".  Mr. Jo constantly running into trouble. Nothing serious in all this.


Fake loving talk between YR and IY as they walk out of the Taeyeon Sharing Foundation office. Both are happy the other is there as a friend, and all that honey-laced talk. IY talking about how much DB loves her, and YR says she is envious. IE: But you have JH, no? ... YR: I do, right?... And DB calls to ask her to dinner. YR says she will drop IY and after that have dinner with JH.


At the company, Mr. Jang is sitting in the lobby. IY shakes off YR on a restroom excuse, and goes to talk to him. She formally introduces herself, big smile and all that.  Boy, does she love headbutting straight with who she thinks is her enemy!


YR can't find JH at his desk. He is in their auditorium looking at files. He is having some focus issues on his vision.  He comes out with more problems, and IY is there as he falls down.  JH gets the memory of her opening the curtains at his villa, and says, "SeongHwa... Chae Seonghwa"  (The end)

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Episode 10 Recap.


JH says, "SeongHwa... Chae Seonghwa" as he passes out with IY holding him. YR runs in and takes over. After aking up in the office, JH says it must be from looking too long at the monitor.  IY comes in, a little shaken too. JH asks if anybody at the company saw, and YR says no. YR wants him to go to the hospital but he is curt with her, as he doesn't want to go on a break again, right after coming back to work.


The parents ware worried as JH was late in coming back, and relieved once he comes with YR. Looks like they went to the doc. Nothing serious. Mom wants him to rest tomorrow, and the dad says "depending on how things are tomorrow" and the mom is upset at him. Upstairs, YR tells HM that he has been out of sorts all evening. She doesn't want him working tomorrow and Mom says she will talk to dad and make sure of that. YR tries to tell JH in his room to take the next day off, but he cuts her off harshly. He doesn't want to make her worry. YR: "I don't know if I have the right to worry about you, but for me to be fine, all I want is you". He asks if it was IY who was there first after he collapsed. YR: "I don't know if she was the one there first, but when I got there, you were holding on to her".


DB and IY having dinner. IY feels that JH is having a tough time, and DB says its because he is being hurried to return to work.  She says it must be hard when you know that may never be able to see in front you. She wants DB to ask his dad to go easy on JH. He gives her sweet compliments as usual, about how she must have got much love from her parents, to be so loving in nature...


DM having some beer in the courtyard with SG.  The aunt comes in. Just shooting the breeze. DM complaints that the aunt finished all her beer.


BS unable to sleep and gets up for a drink, and DB joins. The dad asks if DB thinks that he is hurrying JH.  DB says no. JH has been gone for over 6 months. Though he tried to fill in, it is not easy. He says JH's health is most important for his  mother, so she is concerned, that's all. He trusts JH to do great soon, like they know JH is capable of.


IY is writing in her yellow book some notes on BS, HM, JH, DB, YR, etc. Basically notes on what they each do. She has now added a row for Mr. Jang.  She writes down his full name also (Jang Cheol Gon - JCG).  She draws an arrow from Mr. Jang to Gang Baek San (the chairman) and says "The one behind JCG is GBS. And GBS' objective is the ultrasound drilling technique" (what her father developed). "If that's the case... it's the company..."  But I am unsure what she means here, and what is really new to her (she must have suspected this all along, right?).  I guess she is thinking of knowing more about the company.


IY asks DB why he is drinking beer alone. DB: "You can't drink, right?".  She says she can still give him company, and sits down to make small chat.  She asks which team she was intending to have her join at first when he tried to hire her (at the time they started dating, I think). DB: "Planning & Design Team".  When he says that the one he hired quit pretty fast, she asks if she can do that work. She says she felt like doing company work, after she got excited while hearing the 'briefing'. He says no. Till their "shigshigee" (loosely means "brave boy", probably) is born safely, she can't work. She is surprised that the dude has even decided that it's a boy and given it a name, haha! (He had actually said the name to JH already, before telling her!).  She looks at him like, "are you real, you idiot?"


IY looking towards JH's room, thinking "Are you still unable to forget Chae SeongHwa?  I have already forgotten you. CSH was never anybody from this world, so you forget her too, please,"  tearing up.


Dad asks JH to take the day off. He wants JH to go at his own pace. YR says she will help him, and calls them for breakfast.


The office staff gossiping that right after he returned, JH will probably go back to hospital. Everybody knows that he fainted on the first day. Mr. Jo says that it means they will continue to be under the chief director (bonbujang), that is DB.  He was hoping to be under JH, I suppose. The lady complains that decisions to be made are not being made and things are delayed over a month like announcement for additional positions etc... DB overhears that.  [The guy has all kinds of inferiority complex, and the staff is adding to it].


Jang Cheol Gon is worried and pacing in the corridor. DB asked if he had something to see him about, and he says there's nothing.


BS is with his lawyer. He asks him to set up all his shares, land, and buildings for inheritance. The lawyer is surprised that he's talking about it this early. BS says he needs to do it. Don't make any noise, and keep it quiet, even from the sons. He then asked him to also release the affiliation of a subsidiary company (I'm a little unsure of this part).  DB comes in and greets nicely as the lawyer leaves. Mr.Jang is outside and wants to have a word with the lawyer - which we now see is why he was nervously pacing around around there.


DB says he is worried about the company rumors about JH's collapse. The dad says it's just rumors and brushes it off saying JH will do just fine. DB is again not happy.


Mr. Jang tries to see if the lawyer would say anything, and he just says BS called only to say Hi and have tea. When told that the Chmn is not in good health, the lawyer tries to say he looked perfectly fine.  Mr. Jang: "Didn't inheritance come up for discussion? It may be tough for the chairman to tell you, so I am just being cautious and telling you -- You need to be well prepared in advance". Didn't say anything clearly but the lawyer seemed to understand that something is serious here.


HM gets a call from the hospital to tell her that MJ has woken up. They called as she had asked them to tell her.  She goes to see JH who seems to have got better.  She tells him not to do things just to be nice and not to give others trouble.  HJ says he didn't know that he was like that. She wants him to carry on doing things he likes to do and going for what he wants.


MH asks IY for her number and she types it into her phone. She leaves and YR wants to know what IY is doing today...


She goes to the library room and finds JH there. He is nervous and takes some random book. He tells her about the book and she says he will still read it. HJ asks if he did anything wrong yesterday or say anything weird before fainting. She says "no, I didn't hear anything" and leaves.


IY goes to the hospital with a mask on, and asks the front desk lady about somebody visiting JM, and shows Mr. Jang's picture. The lady confirms that it is him. IY calls DM and asks him to be on constant watch of JM, because the criminals may still be after him. DM tells her that a social charity organization paid all of JM's bills.  IY calls HM and she wants to have lunch with her.  She says okay.


YR gets a text from the "boss" - "Marry in 3 months".  She is exasperated and types - "What's this all of a sudden. Marry in 3 months? How?"... She doesn't send the text.


HM and IY having lunch at a nice place. Some sweet talk - "you're like a daughter", "you make me miss my mother", "I will be like your mother when you deliver, by your side", etc... Nothing serious.


Now YR sends the text, also asking "tell me how to do it" (marrying in 3 months, that is). Boss replies - "7 pm. At that place" ...  She knows where to go, and leaves, after saying she has to go somewhere, to JH who is continuing to recall IY running to him as he fainted...


YR goes to an apartment, punches in the pass code and opens the door. I guess we know who is inside... (The end)

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Episode 11:


YR goes to an apartment, and the "boss" who is inside is none other than DB, as we expected. She asks how it is possible to marry within 3 months. "Moving somebody's heart is not an easy matter". He is upset that it's taken this long since her return to Korea. DB: "If that is not an easy matter, then is your flawless and beautiful face easy? Was a $3 million promise easy?"... She talks of the trouble she took despite BS and HM not wanting her coming to the house initially. And JH still doesn't like her. DB says that time is the problem. YR: "Plus, there is a woman he liked. I will need more time".  He says the situation has changed. Hurry up. "My role was to propose the goal and compensate you. Making the plan for that goal and carrying it out was your part". YR says that the situation is such, that she needs more time. DB: "Is a guy who hasn't budged in 5 months going to do that in 7 or 10 months?". YR asks what the heck she can do. DB: "You're asking me? Show your sad face, beg for sympathy, grab his feet... whatever, you handle it!"...  The dude is just ripping into her.  YR: "He is your brother, you know". That softens him. DB: "Yes he is; so help in a way tht doesn't hurt him".  Now YR asks, "then, what if I just continue living with him"?.  DB: "As long as you keep this a secret". YR: "What if it fails?"... DB: "$3 million is no loose change, after all. 3 months, it is".


YR asks if he could stay a little longer at the apartment (I guess she has feelings for him). He says they'd rather not meet outside anymore and leaves.


JH tells his dad that he'll go to work tomorrow. BS says JH shouldn't be doing that out of stress from the dad. JH says it's his own personal decision. If he stops trying now, it will only be worse later. Mom asks him where YR went and he says she had gone out saying she had some dinner to go to. Mom is worried about him. And DB comes back saying he had some too much to do at his office (yeah, right!).


Another round of pointless talk between the brothers with DB doing his loving brother act. JH asks how things are between him and IY and DB says he cannot believe how lucky he is to have her.  YR also comes back and they talks with DB in raised voice with DB showing some disapproval that she isn't spending time with JH.


DB trying to ease his way under IY's sheets with some sweet talk. Actually forcing his way in. Tries a kiss and she jumps off the bed violently.  He gets upset and leaves.  And YR is in the lobby with a knowing smile. Haha!!


DB beats around the bush and asks Mr. Jo if all pregnant women are sensitive. The office chief says it is absolutely so, and asks why he brought that up. DB says it was for no reasons.  He then goes to the chairman and asks that he wants to get married quickly.  BS has no problem. Talk to mom and do as you want, he says. DB wants the wedding once he successfully wins the order for the building work in Paju (a township at the western edge of the Seoul metro area).


DB sees Mr.Jang and asks about him being outside his office earlier. He says he was just walking by. DB doesn't believe it and CG (Mr. Jang) has a curious look on his face too. He is surely suspecting DB for something. JCG goes to the hospital and hears from the front desk that JM is conscious and recognizes people but can't speak for now.


Mom telling JM at the hospital to get up soon, so that they can go see his sister. His eyes moved and Mom goes - "look at that. Talk about your nuna and you respond!".  She wants him to be up, so DM, JM and mom can go to Namhae to see IY. And he says, "mom". The nurse comes in and says she has to now inform the police investigator (which I think is Mr. Jang, who had duped the nurse) about the improvement in JM.


DM leaving for the hospital but the aunt is upset that the company that IY recommended is costing twice what she expected, for her shop work. No use from mentioning IY. She can't get the 'cheap but expensive-looking' work she wanted. She will go to some other place. She wants to buy DM food, but DM says she's going a diet from tomorrow.


SG asks DM at the hospital if she saw an investigator coming to see JM. She hasn't. They think it sounds strange that one would come and just leave... Mom calls IY to tell her that JM said 'mom' and tells her that a cop had visited JM. IY tells her to immediately call the police to check if one of them had gone there.


DB gets a text from IY that she was sorry for last night. She was being too sensitive. If he calls her she will show her regret and make amends.  If not, she will continue to be sensitive and feel bad... He smiles.  The next text: "But still... You saw me and left the room just like that? I'll have to tell SsigSsig that his dad is a sulky one".  He is all pleased and thinks he shouldn't get mad like that.


YR getting ready to go somewhere and remembers DB's words that it was her job to carry the plan through. The chief maid tells IY that she has to run some errand for HM. The other maid has also gone somewhere, she says. IY gets DB's video call. "Okay now that I called, you will need to show regret and make amends, huh?".  She does her aegyo like kids who raise their hands and sit for doing something wrong. Not enough for him, as he called her a sulky one, so he asks her to be nice to him every night, as he is "sulky-one whose feelings are hurt".  IY is acting all lovey-dovey, which is about to make YR cry, as she sees it.  JH comes down and leaves with YR to the hospital for his check up. Now there is nobody else at home, so IY goes to the chairman's room...


CG (Mr.Jang) brings BS home, and asks why he left work early. BS talks about easing himself out from work, so he is practicing that. CG: "But you're still young". BS laughs it off...


IY is rummaging through the office desk. BS comes in, as she stares at a picture and grabs a book quickly. She apologizes for going in there without permission but BS is happy that she picked a book that he likes. He asks for a mid-afternoon snack, and tells her that he loves the cold noodles she made. IY says that her dad also used to love it. Her dad was also in construction but he was doing freelance work and never had a big company. She and her mom used to take noodles for lunch for him whenever he worked at a nearby site. BS asks if she got into interior design because of her dad. IY: "Yes. My dad used to tell that a house is to uplift people more than anything else, so I love traditional (hanok) buildings" [I think she saw that picture taken from the hanok bldg, and has some plan in mind]. BS agrees that nothing is as good as a hanok house. She gives him some good designer bullsh*t about sunlight in hanok houses and whatnot, and he is impressed/happy.


JH and YR tell HM that all is well, after the trip to the doc. He says he might start some physical work like swimming or tennis. Mom says no. She wants him to go slow. YR says JH is stubborn, and they laugh. She gets a call from the grandma who wants to talk to HM. Apparently the grandma says that YR has not asked for her formal approval of the marriage. HM apologizes that she should've made sure of that first. HM then asks YR if it's true that she never asked her grandma, and she says yes. She was worried that the grandma wouldn't agree, and apologizes [Methink, whatever game she is playing, she is doing it in quite a believable way!]


YR tells JH that she is so embarrassed that she would like to runaway somewhere. He thinks it's because of him that she had not asked the grandma, and apologizes to her. He offers to let her "run away", and takes her to a lakeside. YR: "I thought we were running away to a seaside, but it's only a lake". JH:"You want to go to the beach?"... She says no, she is perfectly happy there. They have a chat, after she asked how she felt when he first saw her etc. Nothing serious. She wants to go get drunk.  They go to bar and she gets drunk. She is worried of driving back, and he says they can call a substitute driver. "You are no fun, do you know? But why do I love such a no-fun-guy so much?"... She is dong a good job of trying to get him to have feelings for her.  She pulls out all the stops, telling him that she liked him at first sight itself because he looked like her dad. He was tall and good-looking like JH, and nice and straight like him.  Dad said he would come soon from the trip but never came back. So she doesn't want to lose JH too. If she were to lose him, she will never forgive herself.  He goes to the bathroom and she is recalling DB telling her to cry, grab his feet or whatever, to get the job done. Oh yeah, she is following through very nicely!


HM calls YR and she acts drunk. When HM asks if she was alright, she says "I am not alright. I'm sad". She says JH hates, actually really hates, going back home. "Jun Hui will be staying with me tonight".  She repeats that she will be with him.  HM is shocked.... So we are on to a next level of the game.  (The end)

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Episode 12:


Nothing serious with the drunk-act phone call from YR to HM. Take your time coming home, says HM, who tells IY that it's all fine. She tells BS that JH-YR will be late in coming back. He laughs saying it is a good thing if they take longer - because if JH has gone to that level with YR, there is nothing for HM to worry.  He tells her that DB's wedding can be done soon. HM is worried about IY's not having parents. She wants to make sure that IY doesn't feel bad about it. She doesn't want this wedding and JH's later wedding to get compared and for anybody to feel slighted. BS says he just wants at least one of the two busters to get married quickly!... Then DB walks in, hears that the dad had talked with mom, and is all happy.  He leaves saying he hopes to be married for a long time like BS and HM.  The parents are pleased.


DB goes to IY's room. She asks him about the presentation. He is unsure how well it is going. She says it will be fine, so he thanks her for her mental support, and asks for a hug. She acts sweet, as usual. He says "there's nobody upstairs now; so... you know..." and she is on her defensive posture.  Says she is nervous, and then escapes by saying that she is always nervous with him, because he makes her heart flutter. She has the guy wrapped around her little finger anyway.  Good job, woman.


At the bar, YR is now trying her 'sad lady' routine, resting her head on his chest and saying "I want to be with you today... Just the two of us".  Doesn't work. JH calls for a driver to take them home.  Haha.  Now she is on the "you don't care for me" routine. Throws a fit and walks away from him.  Finally they get home with a substitute driver. YR and JH comes upstairs. YR first, and she goes to her room saying she is going in, to DB sitting there. Then JH comes up and says they went for a drive and that's all. DB tells him to be good to YR who is "a good woman" as per the big brother.  IY hears that from her room too.


At breakfast, JH says he wants to be at DB's presentation. Mom asks him to take rest for today, and he agrees. HM tells IY that her morning sickness seems to have gone (of course, we know!), and IY says its because of care from the kitchen maid on the food items. YR is in bed still, and HM goes and tells her that she should be careful. She hasn't told others that YR got drunk last night. YR says she is embarrassed and sad. She was wrong not to think of her grandma, HM and BS.  She has been too self-centered. HM comforts her and YR thanks her.  She goes to JH to ask for the car key, and continues her 'I am still upset' routine.  She then asks IY to have tea with her.  Wants to know when IY's wedding will be. Won't she be showing her pregnancy soon? IY says a wedding after childbirth is okay too, but the date isn't something for her to decide by herself. YR wants IY's help to speed up her own marriage, and to tell HJ's parents.  IY agrees.  She then suddenly says: "IY, you seem to be very broad-minded (understanding)".  IY: "Excuse me?". YR: "You seem to like your friends," in clear reference to herself being a former "friend" of IY, though neither has acknowledged it nor shown that they are completely sure of it.


At the office, Mr. Jo asks if the presentation has been checked. The other two say that they have checked many times.  The guys run out as it's getting late. They meet chief HQ director (DB), and he says he will do the presentation by himself. The assistants are surprised/worried. Nobody seems to think that DB is capable of anything... They run into BS and CG, and BS wishes them well at the presentation.


BS wants to get some exercise and takes the stairs. He asks CG if he works out at all. "Your tummy is showing". Pokes fun at him for not having a woman as well. CG asks if the chairman is doing fine. "What do you mean", he replies. CG: "You aren't like before". BS: "That's why I am exercising"


DM and the landlord Aunt are at Taeyeon Group's "Home Day" showroom, evidently looking for interior design for her shop. So this is the other place she found, after the one recommended by IY was too expensive. The aunt says there should be an appointment for a Hong Cho Hui (her name).  The lady says she will inform the Designer about it. DM is impressed that the aunt has set up an appointment and all that. They walk around, and a designer by the name Kang Mi Na meets them. Da Mi sees a job announcement poster at HomeDay.


IY goes with her face mask to the hospital to check if that cop ever came back for JM. She is told no, but there was a phone call, and they had told him that the patient is getting better. IY asks if they know which police station he came from. The desk lady doesn't know that. She will check the next time. IY wonders if the guy is just watching JM, as he is still immobile. DM sees IY's back side as she rushed away but she isn't sure that it was IY.


JM asking, "mom, why am I in the hospital"... When SG asks "you don't remember?", he says "where is my father?".  So his memory goes back to before his father's death, as of now.  SG says that to DM, taking her outside after she got all excited that JM called her "Da Mi nuna" (older friend/sister Da Mi). SG thinks he will get his memory back slowly.  DM is worried that JM will find it weird not to have both his dad and sister around.


IY is trying her luck at the hospital desk to find out which organization paid for JM. The lady repeats that they can't reveal it because the organization wants to remain anonymous. Not even a phone number.


JH is working, but starts thinking. YR gets a text from him asking if she'd like to come to the garden, as it's nice and sunny. He pours her some special jasmin tea. She apologizes to him for last night. He asks if she is going to continue to be angry at him. She is not angry but upset at herself. She doesn't know if he will have feelings for her but she can't control her own feelings. That makes her angry at herself. She sometimes feels if somebody else is in his heart.  She knows it is not so (so she says) but she is still uneasy. And JH recalls some scenes with Seong Hwa (IY). Right then IY comes back home and sees them. JH asks if YR is cold and covers her with his coat. IY is about cry seeing that...


DB gets a call - "Is this a good time to talk?... It's about the Pak Du Sik case we looked into earlier"


BS and Hm talking about the mess about YR's wedding.  This is not a normal thing if she even lied to the grandma, but then, her coming to Korea without anybody around is also not normal. HM says they will have to do at least an engagement, if not a marriage. She wants to know what BS things, but he asks what JH thinks. She says she has no idea, so she can't even ask JH.  They are concerned. Now HM thinks she needlessly got YR to come to their house.


SG looking at SJ's picture and tells him that she told JM that he went to Canada to work. "So you are in Canada. Isn't it cold there?".  And IY calls her asking if it isn't cold at home.  She is surprised that the stingy landlord Aunt has turned on the "boiler" (the word Koreans use for heater). Nice mother-daughter chat. SG tells her that JM thinks her dad to be in Canada.


DB is drinking late at night, recalling his private investigator saying thta he has found the police inspector who was in charge of the Pak Du Sik case. YR comes to get some water. DB: "So now you've got even your US grandma involved. What are you trying to gain? My mother is all worried now. It seems you had more to lose than gain".  But YR asks: "Are you drunk? This is home". DB: "You didn't get what I said last time?". YR: "All too well".  She says if things don't move even with this, JH and others are never going to move. DB thinks she is making excuses and goes on, that this is way too important for him. He is determined to become the Vice President, and to get married too. If he has to go his way, she will only be a hindrance (I'm a little doubtful if I got this line right). She is peeved and turns to leave, and he holds her back. He says he will like to bury everything too. It's like opening a Pandora's box, not knowing what is inside. He looks very troubled.  She wants him to stop, as there is family around.  He gets up and asks, "Chae Yu Ran, I beg you this favor. Take JH and go away. Take the fellow and leave now.". YR: "Are you drunk?"... And they see IY come down the stairs, and are worried if she heard them. IY looks suspiciously at them.  (The end)

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Thanks for the continued Recaps @jayakris.


It seems that DB is determined to get the VP spot even if it means fooling his brother with a woman who we can tell is not really into him but also trying to get her to take JH away so he can have the way clear. It's a shame he can't depend on his own merit but also talking to his father about this. His father is very determined it seems to give it to JH who is prolly better for the company. I still can't shake the feeling that DB did something that made his father not want to leave that company to him.


No matter what part of the world everyone is located at.. I hope you have a Happy Holiday and safe travel.

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