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[Drama 2017-2018] Backflow / Reverse, 역류


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I feel like Chae Yoo Ran is in love with the older brother Kang Dong Bin. I feel like they may have been involved before. Her looks when he gave Kim In Young that ring and asked her to marry him looked like a woman jealous and upset. Then we see her meeting him by the Han River the next day. They had to have had a relationship or she wanted one with him. I just wish I understood how she ended up next to the younger brother Kang Joon Hee.


KDB is definitely jealous and upset over his brothers promotion maybe. It looked like he could have tried to do something funny but his father caught on and seemed to punish him for it.


All I can see is two men who are with the wrong women. Two women who love the other brother but are together with the wrong men for reasons that include revenge.

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I just started watching this drama.  I didn't know that nobody was subbing this or giving episode synopsis.  I am not sure if I will have time to watch and regularly put in synopsis, but decided to give the details as I watch the episodes.  Let me put in detailed recaps for the first 5 episodes for now.  The early episodes have typically a lot more details for everybody to get their bearings right, so I will do it somewhat elaborately for now.  The later episodes may be quick summaries that are much shorter, but most viewers would be able to continue watching with those, hopefully.  Anyway, absolutely no guarantee on giving synopses quickly enough, and I don't know how soon I will catch up the current broadcast episodes. So here goes!   (If I make any mistakes in translation that any native Korean speaker notices, please post about them)


Episode 1:


Kim In Yeong, who is an interior designer, as per the MBC's drama website, walks past a few posh buildings, thinking about what secrets the builds might hold.  She stops at one house that she seems to know of, and thinks that if one needs to know that house's secrets, one must get into the household.

Kang Jun Hui, who MBC says is the youngest son in the family of the Interior Design/construction firm Tae Yeon, wakes up in that house, and puts some drops in his eyes.  He seems to have an eye problem (seemingly lost his vision, and is getting it back, as we find out later in this episode).  His mother comes in, asking him to go to the hospital for the eye-check with Chae Yu Ran (whom we don't know about).  He says he really want to go alone.  She comes out and the older son Kang Dong Bin reminds her about the dinner plans with the girlfriend he is introducing to them. She seems happy about seeing her for the first time. She asks DB what he thinks of her plan to let Yu Ran (YR) come and stay in the house. He says he is fine if JH would be happy.  As DB is leaving, the dad tells him about their trip to see their showroom at Jamsil (a part of Seoul). The mom (Yeo Hyang Mi) reminds the dad about the older son DB bringing his GF tonight.  He asks her to find out from the doctor about when JH can start working at the company again.  She thinks he is hurrying him back (JH seems to have been off work due to losing his vision).  She asks if YR can stay with them. He thinks it is not proper before a wedding (so I guess they expect YR to get married to JH). He says it is discourteous to YR's grandma (not sure who that is). She says YR can get JH to have feelings for her that way (so we know that JH is really not into YR), and that staying at a residence hotel for months now, doesn't look good for a girl who is going to get married. The dad asks why she likes YR so much. Hyang Mi says it's because of her character. YR's attitude did not change even after JH had lost his vision and had all the eye transplant side effect problems, and so she trusts YR's character. The dad is not really impressed.


YR is on a morning jog, and stops for espresso.  She gets a text from a "boss" who says "the eye treatment at the hospital is today. Accompany".  She replies, "I know".  Hmm... So somebody is making YR do whatever she is doing with JH??  Who is this "boss"??


In Yeong (IY) is at a building site. She is "Team leader Kim" for the workers. She seems to be good at keeping them all happy. The foreman guy sees the picture of that house in her wallet, and asked if it was for a remodeling project.  She doesn't like it. She comes out and burns the picture and a news article titled "Tae Yeon introduces supersonic waves technology for building demolitions. Expect reduced noise complaints" with the chairman (JH and DB's dad's picture).  She tells DB on the phone that they'll meet soon. I guess she is the one going for that dinner at DB's house. Does she know that it is the family of the Taeyeon Group she has a problem with?


DB looks at some map and walks up to a not-so-well-kept grave, with a board "Pak Du Sik, 1952-1986". He looks sad or guilty about something.


IY comes home and has food with her mom and Da Mi (who the drama website says is IY's best friend - I thought she was her sister, but apparently not so; but she lives with them, as we find out). IY says she has to change clothes and go to meet a "client".  No mention of her boyfriend.  I suppose she is not telling her family.  The "aunt" who is doing her work out says she is dieting, and doesn't join them (and I see online that she is not an aunt but IY's landlord).  No explanation why Da Mi (DM) seemed sarcastic towards the landlord "aunt".


DB is taking his dad around at their "Home Day" interior design showroom.  Looks a little weird that he is trying to impress his dad, like he is a visitor or something. The dad is the chairman of the company, after all.


JH gets his eye tests and comes out. YR is with him after all (though he said he wanted to go alone, to his mom). He is nice to her but doesn't show much chemistry. He gets a little panic attack, but she comforts him and tells him that it's natural - ater all it's only now that he is getting fine, after three surgeries.  He says it's not easy.  She thanks him for hanging in there for 6 months, and not giving up after 2 failed surgeries. She tries to help him walk, but he brushes her off.


The dad and son are at their company offices. The dad acts nice to people, and walks up the stairs instead of getting in the crowded elevator. He says the exercise is good. The son continues to curry favors with the dad. Some blah blah. Nothing serious. The dad (Kang Baek San) asks his tough-looking assistant about his schedule for the day. He then calls home. Mom tells the good news that the eyes are fine. YR is all sweet, telling HM (Hyang Mi) to convey to the dad (BS) the 0.5 and 0.3 eyesight numbers (whatever that is). They all thank each other.


JH asks mom if he can find out who donated the transplanted cornea, so he could thank the family. Mysterious music. The mom seems to give excuses that the hospital won't allow or whatever. Mom knows something more on this, that she isn't telling. He goes up to rest.


DB calls JH. Some loving brotherly banter about JH coming back to work and all that. After the call, we see that the older brother knows something more. He says, "this is a good thing. Yes it is" like he is not sure it is.  He gets an email from somebody with "Pak Du Sik investigation files".  It's about the guy whose tomb he had visited. The document talks about a Pak Du Sik who had somehow got under Chmn Baek San as he was just running errands after highschool graduation, and had risen up to his Head Secretary at a very young age. "Presumed to have taken the blame for the backdoor deals of TaeYeon Group at the behest of Chmn Baek San. Arrested on 1986 Jan 5th for the murder of an accounting executive, but he committed suicide in prison on the morning of Nov 16th. Though the prosecution's digging up Taeyeon corruption became a fairly big talk of the town, the suspect's suicide ended it."

YR is still on her sweet act with JH's mom. She is wondering if the dad agrees to her moving in with them. Mom says he is just being careful, etc.  She asks which room she can be in, and YM teases her asking "what, you want to move into the same room as JH?" ... YR asks about DB bringing the GF to meet them. Mom says she is surprised that he suddenly started dating somebody and got serious. Somewhat of a curious look on YR's face. I am not sure why the drama focused on that look on her face, as though she knows something about DB and is surprised or puzzled that he is dating.


IY's mom and Da Mi are at the hospital, crying by the side of somebody - apparently, Min Jae, who is IY's younger brother. Then the nurse says that he will be moved from critical care to a general ward room, as his vitals have stabilized. Mom calls IY, asking her to tell the docs not to do that.  IY says she has some work but that she will go to the hospital even if its late at night. She looks at a company office with some determination in her eyes. Her mom tells Da Mi that she is going to the police to tell them about Min Jae being moved to a general ward. The mom seems to be all troubled. I guess the police is investigating a case about MJ's condition. DM texts IY that mom is going to the police again. They both don't seem to want the mom to bother the police anymore.


At the Taeyeon Group offices, IY looks at posters with the same article as she burned, and sees the chairman walking out. Her eyes show that she either knows or is seriously suspecting him to have done something wrong.  Then DB meets her.  I am unclear if she knew that he was the son of the same chairman that she has some serious issue with, or if she thought that he just happened to work in the company. If she knows he is the son, then she is scheming something.  Not clear at this point.  Anyway, she shows him an ultrasound baby pic, sitting at a cafe.  He is all pleased. So she is pregnant with his baby!! (or so she says...).  She asks him not to tell his parents about the pregnancy yet when they meet.

The chairman is told by his doc that he seems to have Alzheimer's disease.  More tests and an MRI needed to confirm. Back at home, his wife tells him that she wants YR to be with them, as she'd like to have a daughter-type. He isn't even listening. He doesn't tell her about what the doc said, and just says he is tired.


YR seems to be free enough in that house to knock and walk into JH's room and sit on his bed, continuing her sweet act, asking about what he thinks of her moving in like his mom asks. He looks uncomfortable, though he says he isn't. Says he is not ready to 'take responsibility' for her. She jokes about it.


At IY's home, the landlord aunt runs her mouth about hospital fee, so IY's mom gets peeved and goes to her room. DM chastises the aunt, who looks like a bit of a loser - "I was just worried, that's all. We don't even know when he'll wake up, so--" and Da Mi screams at her. haha. Landlord aunt says to herself that nobody understands her...


DB drives in with IY. She goes, "is this the house?". Not sure if she is just asking or if she is actually surprised that it is the house whose secrets she wondered about at the start of the episode. I assume the later, and that she had deliberately gone for the guy. But I am not fully sure.


Inside the house, YR greets them first.  YR and IY look at each other with bewilderment, like they clearly knew each other but didn't expect this.  Then JH comes down and says Hi, and now IY is utterly shocked.  That looked like genuine shock.  So, even if she deliberated started dating DB so as to come to this house and find the secrets because she has some issue (or suspicion) about Taeyeon, she seems to have been totally unaware of these two people YR and JH that she meets there.  
What exactly is going on here?  We will have to wait to find out...



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Episode 2


IY is shocked to see JH and YR.  YR and JH seem to know each other, and they say nothing. JH shows no recognition of IY though IY is shocked. YR is shown to think, "It is IY. Kim In Yeong. This is impossible!"... IY is silent through the dinner.  YR and IY seem to glance at each other with concern.  JH doesn't seem to know that IY knows JH or knows of JH.  JH doesn't seem to know IY.  Huh, what is going on?


DB explains to the family for IY is an only child of her parents who died from a road accident when she was young. YR looks up hearing that. She seems to know that can't be right.


Mom and dad seem unsure of IY.  Mom is concerned.  JH says he finds her good for his brother.  DB drops IY at a posh apartment bldg, and seems to think that she lives there with a room-mate who is an aspiring writer who doesn't like her boyfriend coming to their apartment. So IY is clearly is lying and he doesn't know that she lives with her mom and sister somewhere else.  She says a genuine-looking "sorry" to him.  She thinks after he leaves, "that man is DB's brother and a son in the Taeyeon family?".  She sits by her unconscious brother at the hospital and thinks, "JM, I went to that house today. I wish you could get up and tell me if we are right about what we are thinking, and if this is the only way"... She looked troubled about whatever she is trying.


IY gets a call from a police guy who is bugged that her mom keeps going there every day to push them to do something. She  goes home and tells her mom not to do that and that it could be counter-productive. Mom gets all mad at her.


The brothers talk. DB tells JH that his parents will have to agree to a marriage with IY.  He doesn't tell him of the pregnancy trump card he expects to use.


As they are going to sleep, Da Mi asks IY if she is still hasn't got over "that man". IY asks who, and DM says, "who else? That blind man you met at Yangpyeong!"... IY says "it is all in the past. I'm not thinking of that man"... Her face says that is not the case.  NOW WE KNOW what is going on.  She has met JH when he had lost his vision!!!  So JH didn't recognize her but she did.  DM comforts her that it wasn't going to work, which must be why he ran away then. So they think JH went away then...


YR is in her room, all worried. "She must not have recognized me... No, she must have.  What do I do now?".  She thinks of sending different texts (must be to "Boss"), like "I can't do this anymore. I need to go back to US.." and "You need to come here", etc, but doesn't send any text.


DB whines to his mom about why she doesn't like IY, when she liked YR on first look itself. "Because YR is the grand-daughter of an American real estate mogul grandma, right?"... Mom defends herself.  He is being a bit too pushy with his mom.  The Chairman asks JH to get back to work slowly. DB doesn't look too pleased.


IY asks DM if she remembers "Seon Hwa".  DM shows disgust. "Why talk about Seon Hwa and spoil the mood?". Even thinking of how she looked bothers her. "But what about Seon Hwa?".  Then IY says she saw somebody just like Seon Hwa. IY says it can't be. DM recalls what a bad thing SH did to IY, back whenever... IY says, "I keep wondering why SH did that. Maybe she had some pressing situation?".  DM says whatever the situation is, people don't kill or steal money.  "You are in this plight all because of Seon Hwa". So we know that YR was once an SH that IY knew and did something terrible to her.


YR goes to a house somewhere and reminisces her younger days when she was drawing a picture of somebody a bit older than her, which I assume is IY.  Shen then goes to the real-estate office to ask if they can tell her what happened to the people in that house, telling them some excuse that she likes the house and want to talk to the people who got that house built.  They say that they have no contact info because those people left in a huff a long time ago, being chased by debt-collectors. YR looks stunned and sad.  She drives to some place, gets out of the car. "There was nothing else I could do at that time. I was out of options.  If what I'm doing now works out, I will repay my debt to you. For sure."... She looks genuine about it.


YR has some more sweet-talk with DB's mom. She tries to see what HyangMi thinks of IY, but doesn't ay anything bad about IY.  Just that she thought DB liked IY more than IY liked him.


IY tells Mom at the hospital that she won't give up on finding the culprit behind what happened to JM.


JH is taking a walk...


The private investigator gives some Pak Du Sik case files and basically tells the same thing as what he had emailed him in the last episode. About PDS taking the fall for Taeyeon's corrupt deals and then committing suicide while in jail. DB wants him to do more, finding friends or women who dated PDS, or people at Teyeon who may know. The guy says it would be tough, as it's from 30 yrs ago, but agrees to try. "Nobody can know this", says DB.


DB calls IY at her work site, and asks to meet for lunch and dinner, and she says she has to work.  He says "I love you" and she replies, "I love you too" with a pause.


And JH walks into her, smiling broadly and behaving like he had just met her as the one his brother is going to marry.  IY is stunned, but puzzled whether he recognizes her.

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Episode 3:

KH compliments IY for the good inerior work she has done at her work site.  The crew foreman asks if they are dating and IY and JH both say they aren't.


YR drives in and JH is leaving. He says he went there as it is a house being remodeled by the company IY is with, and he accidentally got there while walking. She drives him home.


The doc confirms to the chairman that he has Alzheimer's. The chairman has only a couple of years of regular life left.  It's serious, so he should tell the family, says the doc. The tough-looking assistant drives Baek San to the Kang river, and he sits down and cries as the assistant watches from afar.


HM tells YR that she wants YR there even if DB were to get married to IY, though YR says it may be uncomfortable.  She gets a call that she says is from the American "boss".  She says she is resigning to him, and tells HM that she is quitting her work.  She wants to find another job and spend time with HM shopping and watching movies.  How sweet :)


DB and IY having dinner. No serious talk. Drops her at her "apartment".  She gives him a cheek peck, and he asks for it on the lips, she gives a lip-peck. He tries to force a kiss and she doesn't really respond. He leaves and YR is watching from her car.  She follows IY into the bldg and she has disappeared.  She finds out from the security guy that there is no Kim In Yeong living there.


DB pushing his mom again, and she agrees to meet her again. She tries to talk to the dad but the chairman is totally out of sorts.  DB remembering what the investigator said about the dead PDS. JH comes in and chats.


IY tells Da Mi that he may have to go somewhere for a while on a work assignment. To Namhae (which is a city at the southern coast, often picked in dramas as a place far away from Seoul... Also because the name literally means "South Sea").  IY goes and sleeps with her mom, and reminisces about  the days when they used to live in the Yeomni-dong house, when they used to travel to Japan and Hawaii and all that. About her dad's camping truck, and JM's high school graduation... They become sad.


The chairman is drinking late at night. He asks HM to decide things on DB's marriage. He has mellowed down a lot, and it surprises her. He doesn't tell her of his condition, still.


Some food time stuff between DM and the "aunt". Nothing noteworthy. It turns out later that IY's mom had made her do it, to get rid of the aunt!  And IY gets HM's call. She tells Mom and DM that she has to meet a "client".


Tough assistant (Jang Cheol Gun is his name) comes to take JH to work.  JH tells his mom that he met IY at a remodeling site. He says he is impressed with IY and that she will be good to his brother.

Dad and the two sons takes a tour of their showroom.


YR is moving into a room at the house. She is happy. She also does an inspection of the other rooms upstairs. What is her plan?  She looks at a picture of the brothers, but curiously caresses the picture of DB rather than JH... Is that one more hint of something, for us?


IY comes to the Taeyeon house. She gets her philosophical thoughts -- "can a lie to catch lies be forgiven?" and all that. Her thoughts end with, "I am going to become a bad person".


HM says DB wants to marry quickly. IY says she is not ready and that she wants to know DB better... She then gets morning sickness and wants to throw up.  Everybody sees it and are immediately suspicious...  But is it real, or is she making it up?

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Episode 4:


The morning sickness scene from the last eisode.  IY apologizes and leaves.  Doesn't say that she is pregnant.


An assistant is tries to curry favor with DB by saying that it's unfair for JH to take over their Showroom at Singyo after DB did all the hard work to set it up. DB doesn't encourage the brown-nosing and says the showroom was JH's idea originally.  The guy says there are company rumors that JH will be placed above DB, etc.  DB asks him to stop talking useless things.


JH and dad talking. Looks like JH will get back into the company matters quickly. Then DB asks him if the Singyo showroom looks lije how JH had originally wanted it. He is all thankful to the brother, but DB may be acting too nice. DB tells him that IY must have meet their mom and YR by now.


YR drives IY to her "apartment", and asks for a coffee together. YR says she was born and brought up in the US and has no friends in Korea. That her parents died in a plane accident and was raised by her grandma. She says he works for the Korea branch of the US company. "If you want to kow anything about me, please ask".  She says she happened to meet HM and it was through her that she was introduced to HM's son, JH.  She asks IY about when her parents died. IY repeats what she said to the family, that it was when she was in high school. IY says it must have missed her attention.  IY says that they died during a wedding anniversary trip. YR - "Bad luck struck on a happy day, huh?"... That lines seemed to strike a nerve, as they both stared at each other.  Neither is believing each other of course, but they may have shreds of doubts as well.  Then IY volunteers the info that she is indeed pregnant. 7 weeks pregnant. She wanted to keep it a secret initially, as it would be misunderstood. YR - "So that is why Dong B-- I mean, brother-in-law... was hurrying things".  Aha, so she clearly knows DB on a personal level to blurt out the name by mistake... What is the back story there? ... IY ends it by asking YR to help tell HM to trust her.


YR tells Hm about the pregnancy. She tells HM - "I had wondered if she was latching on to DB, knowing that he is rich.. but I think it is not so.  She doesn't seem to be that kind of a person".  That surprised me. She actually helps IY here. She finishes by saying "mother, please think nicely about IY.  Maybe it is because we both have lost ur parents when we were young".  She goes to her room wondering what the hell she has gotten herself into, basically.  She texts her "Boss" -- "There is a problem. Let us meet. We need to meet urgently".


JH sitting and trying to sleep, but getting a panic attack, remembering his accident, falling froms ome height and having a sharp reed of grass cutting across his eyes.


Mom takes DB to task for not letting her know of IY's pregnancy. "Do what you want" she says. She is upset.


YR making small talk with JH about the Singyu showroom and all that. He asks how she knew about those things. She is a bit taken aback and says maybe the mother told her. She tells him about IY eing pregnant.  DB walks in and unloads on her in a bit of an unusually (perhaps made-up?) impolite way.  JH tried to stand by her, but she is silent. DB tells him "you be careful too".  JH offers to go for a walk with her.  They run into the chairman and Mr. Jang, who says "they suit each other". The chairman asks, "sincerely?" and he says yes. The chairman jokes - "you never say anything that sounds sincere". The chairman seems to have got a grip on himself after the doctor shock though. HM then tells Baek San of the pregnancy. She wants him to tell her what to do.


DB calls IY to say that his mom knows about the pregnancy. She whispers and he asks why. She lies that her room-mate's boyfriend is there so she is in the bathroom. he wants her to leave that "apartment" right away.  But "Aunt" bangs on her door and she hangs up.  Some useless banter then with the aunt...

YR tells JH that she has never felt the love of living in a family, and she likes it now.  He asks her to close her eyes and learn how you can feel things even with the yes closed. He seems to like her, but probably only as a friend.  Later, she brings juice to him and says she is quitting her job. He says he will be spending some time by himself and not to worry about him. She says she will help but he says no thanks. She comes out and DB, reading a newspaper in the lobby, says without looking at her - "sorry about yesterday". She says "no issue" and walks, but then throws a glance with a very curious smile.  Are these two playing a game together? Nothing obvious, but she is clearly playing a game.


The chairman tells HM that he will try to meet IY.


IY brings some food for Mom at the hospital, and tells her that she will have to go on a work assignment to Namhae for a while. Mom isn't happy about it. She says she will come back often.  Mom gets a text from some real estate firm or something in Yangpyeong, asking to hand in a key of some building that IY's dad had worked on (he was an interior designer).  When she says she will send it by courier, IY says she will take the key to Yangpyeong.


Dad asks DB to call IY over. He calls her. She says she will go there.  They meet the chairman, and he asks her - "Do you trust DB?" - she says yes. "Are you ready to look after her for ever?" - he says yes. The dad tells her - "Till you get married, for the time being, come and stay in our house".

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Episode 5:


The chairman tells DB that he will tell his mom. She thanks him.  Outside, she loses her balance, and says she felt a bit dizzy.  He says she needs to be careful while pregnant.  She tells him that it is not easy for her to move in suddenly though she is grateful to his dad. He wants her to not work today and take her home. She tells him no in a curt way that startled him.


Mr. Jang tells the chairman of a missed appointment and he can't find the phone where he had texted. He realizes that he is starting to forget things.


The driver takes JH to the vacation villa in Yangpyeong.


IY is troubled. She again thinks to herself outside the Taeyoen house. "So I am joining this family? They may possibly be the enemies who did all that to my dad and brother. The man I loved, and the man I am showing fake love to, are both there. What should I do?"... She walks away for now.


IY tells mom that her firm wants her to go to Namhae even tomorrow if it's possible. She says they have set everything up and she just need to pack her clothes and go.


JH is at the Yangpyeing villa. He picks up a couple of letters in the mail box addressed to "Chae Seong Hwa".  Then he remembers a conversation.  JH: "What is your name?" SH: "You ask too quickly. What about you?" JH: "I am just.. a blind man". SH: "I am just... Chae Seong Hwa". [by the way, "chaeseonhwa" is also the name of a flower in Korean -- The rose moss]


He walks into a room and remembers a woman opening the curtains and saying "why are you so selfish? Just because yu are in darkness, does it mean that even I should stay in pitch darkness?".  Pretty clear that it is IY but we don't see the face clearly.


YR hears from the maid that Driver Pak has taken JH to the Pyeongyang villa. She later comes in and tells her that the driver is back and JH has asked to be picked up the next day, after he spends time there tonight.


JH looks at the letters which seems to be what he had left for Seong Hwa, asking where she was, apologizing for leaving without telling her because he had a situation to handle, and asking her to call him when she sees the letter.  The second letter says he was back there looking for her and had to just go back without finding her. "Was the woman named Chae Seong Hwa real, or just somebody in my dreams?... Please call me. You must call me".  He looks outside and remembers himself sitting there in the rain and a lady holding an umbrella over him.


The chairman tells his wife and YR that he asked IY to move in. They discuss which room she will be in, and DB asks "why not my room" and the dad/mom aren't pleased.  HM tells the chairman that he is being weird. He explains that it is a good thing to watch her.


YR asks it wouldn't be uncomfortable to have IY move in. He asks if it is only she who is uncomfortable. She says she will go find JH next day, and he asks her to get along with IY when she joins the family.  Weird scene; not sure what was meant here.


Landlord "aunt" tells DM that the mom knows about IY leaving for Namhae.  They decide to order in some food. DM asks IY what food she wants. Fried rice, she says. She gets a text from DB that he is outside her "apartment", asking her to come out.  She runs out and find him there with the excuse that she went to get some food.  He is all happy about his dad asking for the room to be readied for her, but she is worried when they hug. IY gets back home with some beer and has a glass of it in front of her at the food table. So she is certainly not pregnant (A drama will never show a pregnant woman drinking!)...


YR calls JH ans complains that he had the phone turned off. He says the battery was dead, that's all. She offers to go right away to see him, but he asks her to come tomorrow.


Now we see IY downing beer with her mom. Oh yeah, she is creating the whole pregnancy story, then!... She has a nice mom-daughter chat where she gets the mom to be okay with her going away.


DB tells YR to have a good time taking some walks near the Pyeongchang villa, as JH likes taking walks.  YR talks to HM who asks her not to worry and that they too should get married after DB ad IY.  She says she is unsure of JH's feelings for her, and HM tells her not to worry.


IY is gets out of a bus near Yangpyeong.  YR has already driven to the villa.  She is having a chat with JH who says how he doesn't feel time pass by when he is at the villa.  She tells him that IY has been asked to come home. She feels it was because of her being there too, and feels bad. JH tells her not to. She is there because his mom looks at her as a friend and like a daughter. YR: "But how about you JunHui?  Am I just a friend? Not a woman to you?"... JH says she is of course a woman to him.  She is all happy and says they should go for a walk.


IY recalls finding a depressed JH banging his head on the window glass, as she walks along... And she sees YR and JH taking a nice walk together.  The end.

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@jayakris Thanks for the recaps from the first 5 episodes. It cleared up and confirmed a lot of what I was thinking concerning the characters.


I feel like IY and JH had a relationship a while ago and he disappeared on her and of course she never came back to that villa to get the letters. Not sure if it was due to what happened to her father and brother at the time or not but she had no idea who his family was when they were together for sure. I see they both still like one another and I feel like JH prolly has figured out or is close to figuring out especially from the portfolio that IY is the CSH he once knew even if he could not see her.


Also from the later episodes I get that YR and DB are working together. I can not figure out if he is just doing this to get the company from JH as he knows his father is favoring JH over him (I wonder what he did that messed up so much that his father is wanting JH more than him to take over or promote?) I also feel that YR and DB have known each other awhile and I feel like YR is really in love with DB. Some of her facial expressions when he is with IY or some of her reactions when she hears something related to DB and IY make me think she is.


From a nightmare DB had in a recent episode he was running away in the woods with someone yelling out it seems in pain or hurt. Did he cause JH's fall from the cliff that hurt him it seems he was there that day or was it just he got scared and ran away when his brother got hurt? Did they argue that day and he pushed him causing the fall or something? Whatever it is DB has a guilty conscience about something.


Also HM and DB seem guilty or trying to cover up something. HM was lurking around IY's brothers hospital room as was the minion driver of the father.  They were very worried about the boy waking up and I wonder why. Did the minion attack him? Did she order it on the father as well. I feel like her reaction to JH wanting to thank the family for the cornea's he received means his mother did something she should not have to get them and I wonder if they came from IY's father? I don't believe his family knows if it is true.


Also later episodes seem that IY is not really pregnant because there is a whole scene where DB takes her to the hospital and her friend plays the part of her car being hit or hitting his to get him out of there before she can go in to see the doctor. By the time he came back she gave some excuse that all was well or something else so he won't asks too many questions. (not sure if she had a fake or real Ultrasound or anything at the time or just made excuses why she did not have one so I will have to go back and find that episode to re-watch.)  So I still wonder if this is a real pregnancy and if she really slept with DB or made it seem like she did. I know her friend has asked her what she is up to and is trying to tell her not to do it but IY is determined. Also we see in later episodes that IY and YR where school friends even before the flashback of when YR was leaving and IY ended up with the wound in her back.


I have to wonder how long will IY be able to get away with this lie that she is pregnant if she is not. Will there end up a miscarriage if she really is or (fake one if she is not)  or will she be exposed? The more I see YR and DB sneak off to meet one another I keep thinking YR is in love with him and is helping him secure his place in that company. I just do not understand why he would do that to his brother is he that jealous of his younger brother?


I had high hopes for this drama and started it because of the actor playing JH. I was disappointed when the drama in this time slot was not subbed and wonder if MBC rotating time slots on drama's to not sub since the last daily drama they did not sub was Return of the lucky pot  a drama in their evening time slot and now they are doing a morning drama to not sub. 

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@Ldy Gmerm, thanks for some of the tips on what is coming.  I had a sneaky suspicion too, that YR actually likes DB (in addition to DB and YR having some connection in something that they are not telling, or maybe the whole thing being a game they are playing together).  There was that scene of her walking into inspect the other rooms upstairs just after moving in, and looking at the brothers' picture in DB's room.  She seems to caress the picture of DB, ad not JH...  I was unsure if that was deliberate.  Okay I will edit/add that above.


The other things you say also make sense.   Let me see a few more episodes.  I'm very sure that IY is not pregnant.  She will not drink beer if she is 7 weeks pregnant!

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