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4 hours ago, Juni Asat said:

Yoona talk.about kissing Hong Jong Hyun :wub::wub:


Yoona said that they are overly closed to each other 

hehhe i loved that part too how close they were really for that to be stated...

also i just went and rewatched the bts breathless mentioned and i agree HJH instantly removed his hands from her waist or shoulders after any such close scenes. he was such a cute gentleman...

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Bodashiri replies on the end of RinSan in the novel:



Did you read the novel? If so, how does it end? I know Won forgives Rin and blesses RinSan, but do they move away? Rin is not next to Won during his rule?




Rin and San moved to a remote village in Taklamakan Desert, and lived there happily ever after. They never came back to Goryeo in the novel.

For about 14~15 years after Won, San, Rin reunited and said good-bye, Wang Won had lived a spectacular life as the most powerful royal in the entire Yuan empire. However, after the two Yuan emperors he enthroned (Kulug Khan, Ayurbarwada Buyantu Khan) died, Won was falsely accused and exiled in a Buddhist temple in Tibet by the new Yuan Emperor, Shidibala (Gegeen Khan)


One day when he was usually spending his time in meditation and Buddhist painting, he happened to meet a beautiful teenage boy who said he’d come from a village in Taklamakan Desert in order to deliver something his parents wanted to give back to their old friend, the previous king of Goryeo. The boy’s parents didn’t know their old friend had been staying in Tibet until quite recently because their village was so remote that the news had arrived too late.

Won gradually realized that this boy was San and Rin’s son, even though the boy didn’t say their names. Not knowing Won was the king he was looking for, the boy asked him to give it to the previous king of Goryeo on behalf of himself. After the boy left in a hurry, Won found the thing was the old picture of 3 friends playing musical instruments together which was drawn by Won himself to give San in the past.


After that, Won was released from the 3 year exile because his brother-in-law (Yesun Temur Khan, the younger brother of Won’s Mongolian princess wife) became the new Yuan emperor. Yesun Temur asked Won to come back as the Goryeo king for the 3rd time, but Won refused his offer. After 2 years, he died peacefully in the capital city of Yuan at the age of 50.


Source: https://bodashiri.tumblr.com/post/165585980056/did-you-read-the-novel-if-so-how-does-it-end-i



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