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@Sejabini You're welcome, chingu! :wub: Ahhh, those good old days when this thread was on fire with our crazy posts... :w00t:, making us pant and sweat and hyperventilate because of the intensity of RinSan Love :sweatingbullets:

That kiss in the bridge sealed the deal... It transformed RinSan forever...that's why, after the kiss, they could look into each other' s eyes with so much emotion...no more pretenses, no more holding back...just honest to goodness pure unadulterated love... :heart:

Hmnnnn...:mrgreen: I wonder if HJH and Yoona look at each other in this intense way everytime they hang out together with the other TKIL cast....just wondering....wkwkwkw :relaxed:

Thanks for sharing your first kiss experience, chingu...:blush: Heiii...you could write a one-shot fanfic just on that intense story of your first kiss...wkwkwkwkwkwk:love:

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On 7/16/2018 at 7:42 AM, Sejabini said:

is this true? OMG :rolleyes: feels so sexy.. wearing a man's jacket :rolleyes: indirect-hug ?? :rolleyes:




HJH's jacket.. HJH's smell.. HJH's perfume.. I want that jacket too :bawling: (if it's me I will never wash that jacket again anymore)


Is that HJH next to her? Looks like it is. Do you have the whole photo?

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