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[Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama2018 ] Dragon Inn (新龙门客栈)


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                                  DRAGON INN






NAME  - Dragon Inn 新龙门客栈


Episodes -40



1. Ma ke 

2. Qi wei

3. Shen Meng Chen 

4. Daniel Chan

5. Yu Bo

6. Bao Jian Feng

7. Shen Meng Chen

8. Liu Yao Yuan

9. Du Jun Ze

10. Ye Zi Qi (Anna Kay).




***Directed by Zhu Shao Jie (Legend of Dragon Pearl and Chusen) and written by seven different writers, Dragon Inn has 40 episodes.******



Ma Ke plays the righteous general out to protect the youngin and Shen Meng Chen work together with him to escort Yang Minister’s son to an inn, which is operated by a seductive boss, played by actress Qi Wei. Friends and foes engage in long battles at the same inn.

The story is a battle between kung fu masters and the government-hired assassins who are out to kill the general’s last surviving children at a famous inn. 


@Credit -- A virtual voyage 

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Character introductions: New Dragon Gate Inn





 Ma Ke takes the lead as the titular protagonist Zhou Huai An. He is a righteous man who carries the weight of the world and a member of the Embroidered Uniform Guards, yet he leaves the organization to journey into the martial arts world.


Qi Wei as Jin Xiang Yu, the bold and daring innkeeper of an unlawful establishment. She is famous for being clever, resourceful, beautiful and alluring. 


Shen Meng Chen as Qiu Mo Yan, the standard martial arts hero. She travels the world and uses her sword for the sake of others. 




Bai Jian Feng as Cao Shao Qin, a Dongchang official. In the face of love, justice and ambition, he is conflicted by his actions yet ruthlessly resolute. 



Liu Yao Yuan as Ying Guan Zhen, the son of Old Ying Wang of Xibei. He is magnanimous and kind, a man destined for great things.


Du Jun Ze as Xiao Fang Fei. With only his feelings left to hold on to, he reminisces about a past that has long gone. 



Anna Kay (Ye Ziqi) as Bei Tiao Feng. She can be swift as the wind but possesses a steely determination in whatever she sets out to do. 

 Source -dramapanda

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