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[Drama 2017-2018] A Korean Odyssey/Hwayugi 화유기

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YEEEEEEEESSSS  - Son Oh Gong finally holds his bride in his arms once again (a bride who is wearing a royal wedding dress). Judging from OG's scarf this scene will follow the confrontation with the Wi

It took the Hong Sisters 13 long years to write a bed scene but they managed to  do it right on their first try. I might have issues with their writing in this show but this whole moment was FREAKING

Oh no.. with everyone hating on the ending, i think i wanna step out to defend it a little. initially without the subtitles, the ending seemed like a whole mess. But if u really just focus on our OTP

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13 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

MW: On my path where I was just methodically building up my points to become a deity, how did the two of you end up on it and become enmeshed? No, that’s not it! Was it Sam Jang’s intended road, that we had ended up on?
OG: Even though it was a road that I was dragged onto against my will, that ultimately I could be standing here with you, Ma Wang, I like it.
MW: That the darkness here was cast off and things had become brighter is something that you did. It was great work. You were a little bit cool.
OG: See? This is why I just can’t regret it. Ma Wang has come to love me so much. Huh? What will you do about the boredom when I’m not around?
MW: Huh? Are you going somewhere?
OG: I have to keep going on my own path. There is someone waiting for me. So, I have to go.
MW: Okay. Go ahead and go on. I have to continue on my own path as well. For the sake of that child.
OG: Yes. In the middle of a different road, let’s meet again.



Okay... I still can not close this forum and take a rest... And here I mentioned the translation of the scene... So Hong Sisters really wanna back to the point of this plot story. It's all about SOG and Mawang's journey.


That's their important point messages after all Sam Jang and Son Oh Gong's stories from episode 1 till episode 19.


*BRB I need to get line to register for ER now... I should get the injection asap so I can back home and sleep...

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Final scene of the episode and the drama.



MW: Have you eaten yet? There is a porridge restaurant right over there.
Grandson: If you’re going to buy me nut porridge, then I’ve already eaten, but if you’re going to buy me beef porridge, then I haven’t eaten yet.
MW: Of course, you’e going to eat nut porridge.
Grandson: I don’t like it.
MW: Then vegetable porridge.
Grandson: I don’t like it.
MW: Why do you have so many things that you don’t like?
Grandson: Then abalone porridge?
MW: I don’t like it!
MW: But, hey, who do you resemble?
Grandson: Well, my grandmother says that I resemble my dad.
MW: Your father must have really been a good looking man.
Grandson: Is that right? I wouldn’t have thought so.
MW: Looking at you, he must have been a good looking man.
Grandson: Hmm. Here it is.

OJ: You’ve come.
MW: What about Son Oh Gong?
OJ: Yes, he said that he was going on a trip, so he’s packed his things and has left.
MW: So, he’s left. Seeing as how he’s packed up his statue to take with him, he must have gone a long way off.
OJ: He said that he’s going to the Next World to escort Jin Seon Mi.
MW: The Next World? The Land of the Dead? That thug, how much trouble does he want to cause in the Land of the Dead…?! Oh, that… (chuckles instead) Okay, you go there, Great Sage Equal to Heaven, Moron!

OG: Wait for me. Whenever you’re tired, scared, or in danger, if you call my name, I will always go and protect you. Since I love you.



So, this isn't the ending that most of us have hoped for. It really does feel like a bridge ending to a second season, which unfortunately, is pretty unlikely with the same cast and crew. It actually reminds me a bit of the ending of City Hunter with the protagonist having to go off alone. I was not a fan of the ending scene of CH either, btw.


As it is, the fight with the black dragon seems to have emptied OG of everything including his memories, so a large part of the episode is various people, including SM, trying to help OG become himself again. And, then OG finally regains his memories, only to have to say goodbye to his lover once again.


The BGM seems to want to put this as an upbeat ending with OG saying goodbye to his friends before he goes off adventuring to be with SM again. I actually think the only problem with this final episode really may be that it doesn't indicate OG's success in his quest to be with SM again. We just have to take it on faith that since OG is so persistent that he will succeed somehow in being with SM again.


So, perhaps this is a test of our faith as viewers in OG as to whether we feel that this is a happy ending or sad ending? Since, it goes without saying that SM has faith in her OG. Also, by SM no longer being a mortal, it opens the possibility up that no matter how long it takes, SM and OG can be together. In that sense, I guess it's a hopeful ending? At least, the bgm as OG goes driving off to the afterlife seems to think so.


Anyway, I don't know when or if I will actually watch episode 20 in its entirety, nor how I will feel upon viewing it. However, thanks to everyone here for sharing a drama that I unexpectedly fell in love with for so many episodes. Take care and hope to meet you again on other threads.

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47 minutes ago, maria_m2me said:


Same with me... I still waiting for that epiloge.. But maybe we will have that happy ending in real life. Yeah life must goes on, and SOG still on his journey and now his journey is to found his the one and only bride. As I know for this Hwayugi, the reincarnation route needs time, remember Mawang case. The last Princess Iron Fan's reincairnation as mortal around collonial times, when Japan came to South Korea right? What time was that? Around 1910 to 1949 right? And then Mawang meet again in 2017/2018? So need times right? That's why to let SOG wait that long, I think that's possible for him. Plus SOG himself still use his GGG in his hands... *honestly confused about this GGG, doesn't he burn that GGG in front of JSM's souls?*

He didn't have GGG .It was her secretary POV. 

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4 minutes ago, maria_m2me said:


Okay... I still can not close this forum and take a rest... And here I mentioned the translation of the scene... So Hong Sisters really wanna back to the point of this plot story. It's all about SOG and Mawang's journey.


That's their important point messages after all Sam Jang and Son Oh Gong's stories from episode 1 till episode 19.


*BRB I need to get line to register for ER now... I should get the injection asap so I can back home and sleep...


To be fair, MW does admit that it's SM's journey that he and OG have impinged on rather than it being his own journey that was the main focus, even though he started off with a self-centric interpretation.


And, in their parting, OG is saying that he has to go after SM, while MW continues his quest to become a god so that he can claim his son and protect him against whatever heaven may want to do.

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The ending like this.. Means that this story actually revolves around SOG n MW instead of SOG n SJ. Lol. And i only realise it like in the last episode? 

It feels like they are guilty of the ending that's why they are giving us more intimate scenes in the previous episodes? To give us candy before throwing bittergourds at us. -_-

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tvn Faecbook upload photos of Wrap up party 

I don't want to say about the ending anymore. It's not bad but i'm still sad about my OTP. But i really happy to see the journey of their love.

I'm going to miss this drama. It's really over :bawling:

Most of drama i seen, the main lead will not have selca together at the wrap up party, so i have no hope at this time lol <_<

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I'm sorry is this a joke? I don't understand. What happened? I don't... I can't believe it. I refuse to believe it !! I can't believe I watched 19 episodes to get THIS ending!!  I was prepared to almost every finale possible, EXCEPT an open one!! 

OMG! what a waste of resources, of actors, of a possibility of a great ending!!!  I'm disappointed.

Didn't we almost had it all?


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I'm fine with the story being about MW+OG's journey, but here's my issue: why call it "absolute romantic exorcism story" and throw us a richard simmons ending like that? Yes, the GGG loose end was tied up (and the scenes were beautiful) but imo there was no need for so much filler/flashback and that amnesia trope (or at least don't have it take up so much time). There are still more unanswered questions, and Hong Sisters had a chance to answer them but ugh... and since they rehashed OG's lines from early episodes, they should have had SM call his name to bring it full circle! I would've been ok if the episode ended like that.


I sincerely hope LSG and OSY can work on a project again together in the near future (with better story writers)

Edited by Jillia
Please do not circumvent swearing, thanks!
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To cure my broken heart, (I even sign up Soompi for this drama and end up I got to see this kind of ending ! Can both of you see how dissapointed I am Hong sisters ?!! ) I want to ship LSG and OYS. I will start follow the seungyeoncouple, keep update with their news as I did to songsongcouple. I really want them to be a real couple. From reel to real, consider it as the happy ending in Hwayugi, A Korean Odyssey. Full stopp

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Have not watched episode 20, only browsing to prepare myself for the worst which exactly it. So what happened to the baby story? Was it there so that the God can pass on the sword for the next butcher party? Also the Heaven seems to be a not nice place and whoever there obviously are colder than the group of Demon. No rewards for SJ or OG for eliminating that weird dragon (disappointed since I was expecting a grand looking one). :angry:

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So, I wasn't a huge fan of the Hong Sisters in the first place, so I don't have any particular urge to watch their dramas anyway. However, what this ending does do is make me wary of watching another LSG drama since now he has been the lead in 2 projects whose endings I really disliked: Gu Family Book and this one. I don't actually think that this ending is worse than the GFB ending, and the overall drama has been much better than GFB, but anyway, I think I will become even warier of the next LSG project. Perhaps there is just something about LSG that causes writers to write inadequate endings? As in, they can't bear to finish the drama and say goodbye to his characters, so they push it off as long as they can, and then have to slap something together quickly? I don't know. I'm just speculating now.


Still don't know if and when I'll watch the final episode. Still a bit sad at the ending that could have been, but wasn't.

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41 minutes ago, immortal_piglet said:

but Seon Mi ya... did you not realise that you have actually heard his heartfelt sincere confession twice? At the exact same location?


I think this scene is heart wrenching, but so so so beautiful. They both can finally see the truth, they have both came to the same understanding, that they have sincerely loved each other. 


Of course, rebellious monkey king will never let go of his love just like that. Eventually he is off to fetch his bride in his 99-5050 mercedes. Their initial contract is broken because SM has passed away. He is no longer bound by anything, but he continues to run to her side whenever she calls his name one day again anyway. Why? “Because I love you”


it’s a beautiful ending chinggus :) so don’t be sad! 



 I would agree with you. I mean I am not satisfied with the pace and I totally blame live-shooting (I mean for god's sake they were still shooting yesterday!). But I also find that this ending is actually quite symbolic. Like you mentioned, she gets her confession of love twice, at the same place.


I would also add that the beginning and the ending actually nicely echo each other in reverse. At first, SM and OG lived in different worlds and he ran away from her, erasing his name from her memory while she was chasing him, trying to remember his name. In this epsiode, we have the opposite in a way: OG is actively going to find her and he begs her to remember his name. Somehow, this ending seems quite fitting in terms of symbolism and to actually show how much OG has come to love her.



1 hour ago, stroppyse said:

SM and OG's goodbye at Namsan Tower part 2.



OG: Now you have one of the Great Sage, Equal to Heaven Son Oh Gong’s all-seeing eyes.
SM: You’re giving me your eye?
OG: Jin Seon Mi, listen to me carefully. I’m going to go find you. Wherever you are, however you may change, now I will always be able to recognize you. Remember my name. I will definitely go find you.
SM: I will wait for you. Since when I call your name, you always come. I will definitely not forget your name, and I will wait for you.
OG: We will definitely meet again.
SM: The time is almost up.
OG: Go.
(SM disappears, OG cries)




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Yeah it was a really beautiful ending. Fans are sad maybe because we all liked this drama so much and thought about what will happen in the end, we all imagined different scenarios that we wanted to see but at the end they gave us something different. 

I didn't like ep 19 and how they approached that black dragon there and I told my friends that they ruined my favorite drama but fortunately they saved it. 

And about the writers I liked how creative they were that almost no one could predict this ending. 

It was not a sad or open ending they just didn't show what we already know that will happen. Personally i don't need to see them kiss n times to enjoy their love story  so I'm okay with their last farewell but I totally can understand why people wanted to see another kiss. 

I think when everyone calm down lot of angry fans will see it was not as bad that they thought at first. Of course still there will be some who won't like this ending even then but I'm sure some will change their minds. 

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I dislike open endings the most, but it’s the most frustrating in fantasy dramas because literally anything can happen (because it’s fantasy). I guess the ending is neither sad or happy. It’s a giant question mark. 


Is SM now half demon since SG gave her his eye now? When he pulls her out of hell, is she going to be a demon, a deity, half demon, a spirit, a ghost? Is there going to be a next Samjang? What’s the baby’s purpose of appearing? Is the baby SM and SG’s? 

Even if they didn’t show what would happen after he got her soul back, there should have been some narration at the end, maybe a conversation between MW and Secretary Ma, maybe SMa asking what’s going to be of SM when she’s out with SG and MW would answer it while SG is driving on screen.

I don’t know if they’ve answered any of that because the sub isn’t out yet, but i really dont know how to feel about the ending. I would rather it be a solid sad ending than an ending that feels like there should be more to it. To me, if an ending feels incomplete as in there are still questions are left , then it’s not an ending, is it? 

 The overall drama is good, the acting is AMAZING, everyone did a fantastic job.

but I’m not fond of the ending. 


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A fantasy drama like this have same plot

The funny scene on earlier episode just an Appetizer for audience, but the the MAIN COURSE is always on 2 last episode, and after the drama ending they give us to choose a DESSERT for our feeling


Goblin ahjussi, Black Night Ahjussi, Mr monkey, 3 of them can meet and make a chatting group, u guys have a similiar love story ahahahahah

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1 hour ago, stroppyse said:

OG: Jin Seon Mi, listen to me carefully. I’m going to go find you. Wherever you are, however you may change, now I will always be able to recognize you. Remember my name. I will definitely go find you.


Thanks for translating all the scenes.


What I am curious about. Will she forget about him in the Land of the Dead? Why did he urge her to remember his name? Also how will she change? A ghost? A demon? An immortal? A deity? What does that mean? Can anyone explain?

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