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[Drama 2017-2018] A Korean Odyssey/Hwayugi 화유기

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Omg just finished watching ep 19 and I'm so sad, angry, confused and disappointed all at once!!!


The ugly tears came out today.:bawling:

So three ppl died in this episode? (Alice aka Sea dragon prince, JSM and GF)


Why didn't MW or the other demons help in the fight??! That selfish bull it't not like they don't benefit from the world JSM was trying to save.


Why does SOG keep lying to JSM?

They better not let KDS get away with killing BJ & JSM :angry:


My gosh I feel so sad, I'm not even looking forward to ep. 20 anymore 



Read translations and MW did help SOG by giving him some of his energy (thank goodness) to save the world!

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YEEEEEEEESSSS  - Son Oh Gong finally holds his bride in his arms once again (a bride who is wearing a royal wedding dress). Judging from OG's scarf this scene will follow the confrontation with the Wi

It took the Hong Sisters 13 long years to write a bed scene but they managed to  do it right on their first try. I might have issues with their writing in this show but this whole moment was FREAKING

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MW talks to the Grandson about PK. ASN faces PK..



MW: I’ll give it to you. I thought I was going to get it easily, but I’m being robbed instead.
Grandson: Oh, don’t worry about the money. I’ll just give it to you. Since Ma Wang-nim is a regular customer.
MW: I thought you were calling me “ajusshi”.
Grandson: I told grandmother that, and I was soundly scolded. She said that I can’t call Ma Wang-nim “ajusshi”.
MW: The goods peddler is doing well at teaching manners.
Grandson: Ah! That top star pig just came by.
MW: Pal Kae did? What did he buy?
Grandson: Oh, I couldn’t tell you that much for free. Hm? (making the symbol for money)
MW: Fine, I’ll give it to you! What did he buy?
Grandson: A lighter. In order to cremate a body. He said that since he doesn’t have any strength right now, he said that later he has to burn his little sister himself, and bought it.
MW: Oh, that pig. Should I have removed the restraint on him?

Man: Oh, you had a lighter. Would you lend it to me for a minute?
PK: This is a magic lighter, so it won’t light a cigarette. Sorry.

ASN: Is he not going to call me? (stopping a passing staffer) There is something you have to go and say for me.

Woman: PK, please go to the studio next door right now. They say they are going to do a sound check there.
PK: Okay.

ASN: I called for you. Because I had something to say.
PK: I won’t see you.
ASN: I’m not helping Kang Dae Sung right now. I’m helping Son Oh Gong.
PK: That’s why I can’t not kill you immediately. That day, I went there to kill you.


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Continuation of the conversation between ASN and PK.



ASN: You said that you wouldn’t kill me.
PK: Since I’ve completely realized that you’re not Bu Ja, I can kill you. She also wouldn’t want something like you in her body.
ASN: You can’t kill me, since the Great Sage Equal to Heaven is protecting me.
PK: The Great Sage Equal to Heaven is not protecting you. Since he’s risking his life to protect Sam Jang, he’s putting up with you. Since I can’t stand to see the sight of you, get lost!
ASN: Listen to me! (Pushes PK who drops the lighter. She reaches for it.) Are you carrying this around in order to burn me? You said that you hoped I would protect this body and continue to stay with you.
PK: Since I had been fooled. After I kill you, I’m going to find Bu Ja’s body and burn it for her.
ASN: Like this? (setting her arm on fire) While I’m in this body, you will definitely not be able to burn it. Since it’s not just a human body.
PK: Get out! Get out of my little sister’s body, you evil spirit!
ASN: I’m not an evil spirit! (she drops the lighter which sets PK on fire)
PK: No! No!
(ASN turns and leaves. In the hallway, she meets Alice.)

Alice: Is it you again? Now, he won’t be fooled by an evil spirit like you.
ASN: Move! Everyone keeps calling me an evil spirit. Fine. I’m an evil spirit. As an evil spirit, I guess I had better go call up an evil spirit.


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i can take sad ending but i kinda hard to deal with OPEN ENDING... please...writers, either give JSM back to SOG like you give back mi ho to Cha Dae wong years a go in my GF is gumiho, or.... make it a painful yet lovely good bye....:bawling: don't let us wondering after the pain in ep.19...pretty please

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Alice sacrifices herself for PK.



Alice: What’s wrong?
PK: Don’t come closer. You don’t have the strength to put out this fire. If you come near me, it’ll start burning you as well. I’m fine, so go call Ma Wang and bring him here.
Alice: What if while I’m doing that, you burn up and disappear?
PK: Even if that happens, I’m still Jeo Pal Kae. I’ll endure it somehow, so go quickly and bring Ma Wang here.
Alice: I may be weak, but I come from a water world. I’ll extinguish your fire for you. (embraces PK)
PK: Hey!
Alice: Pig, when the fire is extinguished, I, whose energy comes from water, will disappear. Just think of me as having returned to the underwater dragon’s palace.
PK: Hey! No! Hey! No! Don’t do this! Hey! No! Let me go! Quickly! Don’t do this! Let me go! No. Hey, you can’t do this! Hey! I said you can’t do this!
PK: I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.


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1 hour ago, lala2018 said:

It's true that SJ is dead. So, I think ep 20 will be an open ending, the baby in ep 16 maybe SJ reborn. But, I wish to see their wedding, SOG-SJ/LSG-OYS :heart:

i means its still chinese odyssey.. 

ending has to be what it is.. it has to reach there..


so both became deities in that one.. 


therefore, both will have to end in the same realm.. authors can take liberty in choosing the realm.. reincarnation/mortal beings/immortal beings/ghosts.. whatever.. but it has to be the same realm.. otherwise it won't be chinese odyssey..


Its like killing watson in the beginning and having sherlock solve cases and call it sherlock holmes adaptation.. you don't mess with integral parts of the story.. story changes

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Bromance between OG and MW.



MW: Is the dragon in there? If it’s growing because of evil intent, then if it’s left alone, it’ll probably continue to grow ever bigger.
OG: In order to wake that thing up now and take care of it, Ah Sa Nyeo is needed. Though I know you want to kill her, you can’t kill her yet.
MW: The heavens will take care of Ah Sa Nyeo. Examiner Soo Bo Ri has said so.
OG: This is going to become a big headache.
MW: I’m not on your side or on heaven’s side. I don’t want to come in between you. And, I don’t want to get involved either.
OG: Okay. I don’t want to ruin Ma Wang’s 1000 year long plan either.
MW: Son Oh Gong, the reason that you’re trying so hard right now (at cost to your own self), is it because of Sam Jang? I mean, if that’s what it is, haven’t you thought of taking Sam Jang and running away with her? Whether a black dragon comes out of here or not, whatever happens to the world, without thinking about things like that, you could just take that woman and go live far away.
OG: I don’t want to. That isn’t cool. I want to look good to her. If the black dragon appears and I say let’s run away, but she says that she doesn’t want to. Then, geez, I would be the only one looking pathetic. She thinks that I’m really great.
MW: Okay, then. Go ahead and keep being cool.
OG: I want to continue to become greater. She makes me want to be like that.
MW: When you first put on the geumganggo, you whined that you had become a pathetic mutt protecting a human and made sauces to eat her. Who could have seen that now you’re trying to capture a fierce dragon and risking your life to do so?
OG: If I’m cool, then that’s enough.
MW: However, wouldn’t Sam Jang also want to look cooler in your eyes? If Sam Jang coolly steps up, would you be able to stop her? What would you do?
OG: It’s because I wouldn’t be able to stop her, that I’m trying to do things while shielding her from it.
MW: When it’s all over, come to the house. Make sure you come to the house. I’m bored.
OG: Yes. Fill the bathtub for me, with warm water.
MW: Okay. Make sure you come. Okay?


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I just rewatched the scene of JSM dying with subs. Mann, how heart-wrenching is it for SOG that the one thing that he thought would give her comfort if HE dies is the one thing that gives her comfort when SHE dies. Sure, she died in relief that he won't suffer in pain and loneliness, but he knows for sure that that is what will happen to him and still can't tell her on her deathbed that he loves for real. Sigh. No wonder he just locks himself up in Suremdong after waking up.

@briseis I've missed your analyses! But am happy to take cute OTP gif sets as well.. :))

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As usual, I don’t yet have a full grasp of what happened. But I totally get the opening scenes. Love spoken like the true universal language it is. 


After reading thru the comments, I spotted something I that could result in an ending that would utterly annoy me.


OG: Remember my name......I will definitely come and find you.

(From several posts)


I say give the Korean Odyssey a different ending than the original, a lot of it was different anyway. A ‘monk’ falling in love and indulging in cardinal pleasure. Come on. 


If they do the open to one’s imagination sort of ending or something less than happy, the wrath of fans will need no imagination. 





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KDS stabs SM. The black dragon appears.



SM: I said that I could block you, didn’t I? You will definitely never become the owner of that dragon.
KDS: Heaven’s dragon has chosen me!
SM: That’s why I’m blocking you. I’m going to contain that thing and get rid of it. There is nothing that you can gain. The world doesn’t need a human like you.
KDS: Shut up! (they struggle for the sword) Don’t interfere! (he stabs her)

(the dragon awakes to SM’s blood)
SM: You’ve started your own downfall.


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Okay. Done crying. Done bawling. Gonna b a looonnng post. Phew... here we go...

This drama is def a player. They gave as 2mins or so swooning and daydreaming and then the bom dropped. Repeatedly. Granted, angst and the dramatic aspect. But seriously, up to this point my mental state is at stake. It is past midnight and i'm still blabbering here. With bulging watery eyes. 

I read prev posts... about the Death Bell and how it would be more dramatic as well if 50 stabbed JSM, let's say accidentally. I have to disagree. I can't see 50 as a monster/deity anymore. He is a MAN to me. With all his feelings towards JSM. Imagine if you killed a person that you love to death. Aren't you becoming suicidal? Let's say they both supernaturally survived, how about the trauma? A minute scratch on JSM's gand and 50 went in pain. If he is the one wielded sword to end JSM and therefore fulfilling Death Bell, it will all end in ep. 19, when 50 stabbed himself too in the end. Romeo and Juliet per se. And i'll flip. But, nooo.... 

These people are noble. They are up for better purpose. The world. Or at least human around them like Han-joo and his children. 50 has a weakness now, JSM. But in all his weakness, he is amicably stronger. He didn't want to leave JSM. But he had to. Amd he fought, and he won his battle. But he sacrificed his heart. I'm in pain.

I cried when 50 checked on JSM before she left with WG. It's like the last time he would ever saw JSM. And in the end, JSM proved her unconditional love to 50, ignoring the possibility of 50's love would be fake, she sacrificed, willingly. How pure is that?

And MW just proved how much of a good friend he is to 50. He helped. Not swayed. 

And as a comparison, ASN might be a strong priestess, but in the end what really matter is our heart. If you're kind, what you do will help others like JSM did. If you're bad inside, it's evil like ASN.

50 did lie to JSM many times over. But it is all due to his protectiveness and his determination to put JSM away from this danger. Ends up putting her in bigger danger. He should learned better, i know. But it's not that simple. 

I am sure that deep inside JSM understand well that 50 loves her. But she never had a thought of binding 50. So she let him loose instead, freeing him in the end. This is love. 

I wonder what else they would serve us tomorrow night. I would forgive all the sufferings this drama gave this past 2mos if they gave me a happy ending.

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OG escapes SBR and his minions, and rushes to try to protect SM from the black dragon. There is no dialogue for this clip, but it was next in the sequence.



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I just want to mention, how can an actor has so bad luck :D

LSG Dramas always ends up that he has someone thar disappears (Gumiho) or dies in his arms (K2H, You're all surrounded, Gu Family Book and now Hwayugi). He is always suffering. 

Just let this man be happy just once in a drama. 


I really hope that we get a happy ending after such a roller coaster of a story. Hands up for all actors to deliver the emotions so well.


After seeing sooo many kinds of coats I bought me 2 coats :D Ones who were buyable :D When we don't get a happy ending, we will always remember why winter was great. You can combine coats so well, which you didn't know. 



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SM dies in OG's arms.



(OG carries SM away from the canyon to Sureumdong, and holds her in his arms.)
OG: Jin Seon Mi. Jin Seon Mi.
SM: I’m sorry. You can’t be here. Go.
OG: I don’t want to.
SM: You have to go.
OG: I don’t want to.
SM: You do everything that I ask you to do. The Great Sage, Equal to Heaven, Son Oh Gong. Go and finish it for me. Actually, I…had hoped that your love wouldn’t disappear. But now, it’s okay. Since the geumganggo is there, I feel reassured. When you remain by yourself, since love won’t remain as well, it’s a relief. (SM dies in OG’s arms.)
OG: Jin Seon Mi. Jin Seon Mi.



Is it possible to cry any more?

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I just realised how emotional and dramatic i was  earlier during the broadcast (LOL).. now that i’ve calmed down.. and rewatched some of the key translated scenes (thank you @stroppyse !).. i kinda accepted the way this story has turned out to be.


the trauma from seeing his precious partner die in his arms must have been hellish for OG. Yet he picked himself up to carry out his beloved’s last wish and went on to destroy the black dragon, almost at the cost of his life.


with SM dying thinking that his love isn’t real, can you just imagine how much regret OG must be feeling? With SM dying because he wasn’t able to protect her in time, can you imagine how much he would have blamed himself?


I don’t like it when writers use this memory loss plot device. But it really makes sense for OG’s case.. just google memory loss and you’ll get this:


Severe injuries and physical trauma can also produce post-traumatic stress disorder, a condition that can cause temporary memory loss to help a person cope with the traumatic event that caused the injury


OG has a long long looooong life ahead of him. He needs something to cope with the death of SM. His love for her is true, and thus removing GGG cannot remove his love for her. GGG was his safety net.. and now that it has lost its effect, he literally fell to the depths of hell....

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