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[Drama 2017-2018] A Korean Odyssey/Hwayugi 화유기

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YEEEEEEEESSSS  - Son Oh Gong finally holds his bride in his arms once again (a bride who is wearing a royal wedding dress). Judging from OG's scarf this scene will follow the confrontation with the Wi

It took the Hong Sisters 13 long years to write a bed scene but they managed to  do it right on their first try. I might have issues with their writing in this show but this whole moment was FREAKING

Oh no.. with everyone hating on the ending, i think i wanna step out to defend it a little. initially without the subtitles, the ending seemed like a whole mess. But if u really just focus on our OTP

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Hmmm.. someone in this forum highlighted that the constellation of Eurydice lighted up when SOG first showed JSM the stars. Perhaps he has to go into the underworld to bring her back?? But.. I don't see how they're gonna do this satisfactorily in one freaking episode. Arrggghhh just let them be together already!!!!! 

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Remember our OG the great sage who won't just stay still and give up so easily 


he may have locked himself in Sireumdong due to the pain of losing her but there are only two choices for him: get Sunmi back or kill himself with the sword.


I hope we will be left with happy feelings for the last ep not a bitter one. You guys need to sell the dvd for money you know.. tsk

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4 minutes ago, immortal_piglet said:

Ok i strongly believe that SOG is faking his memory loss. Maybe he is faking it so that heavens will grant him one more time to see SM. 


I think with the one last chance that SM can go back to Earth, she will go back to that Namsan Tower and call his name. 


The GGG WILL be removed, they kiss.. and they make a promise to be reunited again one day. and then SM is gone and SOG looks up to the sky and cries :'( 


As much as I would like to deceive myself...this is strongly hinting towards the reincarnation route.

Nah, I think he will go to heaven and bring her soul back and then turn her into a deity just like he became one.

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I really have a bad feeling about this...


I think this will be a reincarnation route... WHICH I CAN'T ACCEPT. WHY??? JUST WHY??????


And if she will be reincarnated, she's not sam jang anymore right? So she'll die again??? Wtf is this Dokkaebi??? At least in Dokkaebi, the reincarnation thing is a foreshadowing already and it is already given. 


But this one?? I can't... I can't accept it. I will not accept it.

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Ep20 text preview:

흑룡과의 대결로 온몸이 부서지고 기억마저 모두 잃은 오공은 겨우 살아남아 수렴동에 스스로를 가두어 버린다. 
천계로 돌아오지 않고 계속 폐인처럼 살고 있는 이유가 금강고 때문인 걸 안 천계는 금강고를 빼기 위한 방법을 강구하는데...
한편, 피의 주인인 삼장(진선미=오연서)이 사라졌지만 소멸되지 못한 아사녀는 숨어있던 끝에 팔계를 찾아오고, 아들의 행방을 쫓던 우마왕은 뜻밖의 곳에서 단서를 찾게 되는데...
Rough translation:
after the deadly fight with Black dragon, SOG survived but lost his memories and locked himself in Seureumdong.
Heavenly realms believed the reason why SOG refuse to return to heaven and living like a pauper was due to GGG. Heaven try to find a way to remove GGG.
although JSM has disappeared, ASN survived and went into hiding but eventually she went to look for PK. MW tried to find out about his son and found clues of his whereabouts at an unexpected place.
pardon me as my Korean aint that proficient. Hope I get the gist of it right.
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OG: Jin Seon Mi. Jin Seon Mi?

SM: I'm sorry. You shouldn't be here. Go.

OG: I don't want to.

SM: You have to go.

OG: I don't want to.

SM: You, didn't you do everything I asked you to? JCDS Son Oh Gong, go and finish it in my place. The truth is, I used to wish this love won't disappear but now, it's ok. I'm relieved that there's Geum Gam Go. When you are left alone, it's a relief that your love will cease to exist.

OG: Jin Seon Mi? Jin Seon Mi?


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like the granny shopkeeper said OG already defeat GGG it can also mean that he can fully control his feelings to JSM and admitted he really love her, when he took it off and said to him self  that SM is even prettier , and he said to MW also that if he win the battle he will took it off and say all his feeling to SM, so one beside OG can take off the GGG. The JSM he wants is the JSM who loves him and always call his name when ever she need him. i guess he has no desire to get back to skyland, all he wants just his JSM. will skyland give his JSM back to him? if in the end the are kissing in the tower it means skyland give him back his JSM somehow, couse he only respon to "active" mode when he face the real JSM. maybe in the end OG will be free from skyland punishment because of his sincere love for JSM.


ohh pleasee make it memorable and heartwarming ending :bawling:

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Text preview from the tvN website. Here's the link to the text preview, with the translation underneath.




Having destroyed his whole body and ultimately having lost nearly everything while fighting the black dragon, Oh Gong barely survives and locks himself up at Seuramdong.


Thinking that the reason he doesn’t return to the heavens but continues to live as a cripple is the geumganggo, all of heaven look for ways to get the geumganggo off…


Meanwhile, the owner of the pain, Sam Jang has disappeared, but Ah Sa Nyeo who has not died but has stayed hidden finally goes to find Pal Kye, and Ma Wang who has been trying to find out about his son, finds a clue where he isn’t expecting it…




After watching the video preview and reading the text preview, I think the SM who tries to take the GGG off OG in the video preview may not be the real SM, but a simulacrum of some kind sent by the heavens to try to get the GGG off OG. In which case, the Namsan scene is actually going to be a major tearjerker in the next episode. Anyway, that may be why OG is pleading for SM to remember his name and to call him so that he can go to her.


What will SM do with the one day that she has to be able to return to earth if that is what is being indicated in the video preview?


Haven't watched the episode yet, and after so much indicated sadness at the ending, not sure if I will be up to actually watch it until the finale is out tomorrow, and then depending on the finale, maybe not even then. :(

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Okay I will keep replay this part again and again to heal my hearts




Okay I will believe in Hong Sister... I ever mentioned that I want that bed scene and morning after scene not only like common one, I want scene like THE SECRET where the leads in one blanket, then... tonight I got that kind of scene... Eventhough still not smooth enough in the end because they showed that JSM wore white shirt....


I believe Hong Sisters knows what we want... Reincarnation route is a big no...


I need JSM and SOG. Not the reincarnation one.. *then remember BLACK KNIGHT and GOBLIN*


I want the hotter bed scene than episode 18/19. Added the scene where JSM open the buttons one by one *like ASY-SOG scene* then they looks each others...

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