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[Drama 2017-2018] A Korean Odyssey/Hwayugi 화유기

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11 hours ago, dvrels said:



Lee Seung Gi wearing silk and see through shirt which is make his body curve can be seen, that makes this scene looks hotter haha

*Is it just coincidence that Seunggi wearing it during this scene or not? *Giggling*


Theme song for this pic is Bruno Mars-David Guetta Remix *Versace On The Floor* :D

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Please do not quote pictures, thanks! :)
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YEEEEEEEESSSS  - Son Oh Gong finally holds his bride in his arms once again (a bride who is wearing a royal wedding dress). Judging from OG's scarf this scene will follow the confrontation with the Wi

It took the Hong Sisters 13 long years to write a bed scene but they managed to  do it right on their first try. I might have issues with their writing in this show but this whole moment was FREAKING

Oh no.. with everyone hating on the ending, i think i wanna step out to defend it a little. initially without the subtitles, the ending seemed like a whole mess. But if u really just focus on our OTP

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3 hours ago, YourHighness . said:


Which reminds me. Mawang's wife was sentenced to 108 reincarnations. Seemed pretty random a number? Perhaps she had stolen souls of 108 human children and so she was sentenced to that amount of suffering? It's so unfair that she suffered the least- 9 when Mawang suffered 88 and SOG suffered 10 in her stead. I am not counting SBR's 1 here. Imagine the pain that the mothers of those children went to. How is this fair?

The number 108 is not a random number. The number 108 is considered sacred by several Eastern religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, connected yoga and dharma based practices. In Sikhism all numbers, weekdays, months etc. are equally auspicious or inauspicious. The individual digits comprising 108; 1, 0, and 8 represent one thing, nothing, and everything (infinity), representing the belief of the ultimate reality of the universe as being (paradoxically) simultaneously one, emptiness, and infinite

In Hinduism


Hindu deities have 108 names, while in Gaudiya Vaishnavism, there are 108 gopis of Vrindavan. Recital of these names, often accompanied by the counting of a 108-beaded mala, is considered sacred and often done during religious ceremonies. The recital is called namajapa. Accordingly, a japa mala usually has beads for 108 repetitions of a mantra.


Srivaishnavism has 108 Divya Kshetras of Lord Vishnu, called as 108 DivyaDesam.




Likewise, Tibetan Buddhist malas or rosaries (Tib. ཕྲེང་བ Wyl. phreng ba, "Trengwa") are usually 108 beads; sometimes 111 including the guru bead(s), reflecting the words of the Buddha called in Tibetan the Kangyur (Wylie: Bka'-'gyur) in 108 volumes. Zen priests wear juzu (a ring of prayer beads) around their wrists, which consists of 108 beads.


The Lankavatara Sutra has a section where the Bodhisattva Mahamati asks Buddha 108 questions and another section where Buddha lists 108 statements of negation in the form of "A statement concerning X is not statement concerning X". In a footnote, D.T. Suzuki explains that the Sanskrit word translated as "statement" is pada which can also mean "foot-step" or "a position." This confusion over the word "pada" explains why some have mistakenly held that the reference to 108 statements in the Lankavatara refer to the 108 steps that many temples have.


In some schools of Buddhism it is believed that there are 108 feelings. According to Bhante Gunaratana this number is reached by multiplying the senses smell, touch, taste, hearing, sight, and consciousness by whether they are painful, pleasant or neutral, and then again by whether these are internally generated or externally occurring, and yet again by past, present and future, finally we get 108 feelings. 6 × 3 × 2 × 3 = 108. In Japan, at the end of the year, a bell is chimed 108 times in Buddhist temples to finish the old year and welcome the new one. Each ring represents one of 108 earthly temptations a person must overcome to achieve nirvana.

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I'm watching the preview again and when they hug, I'm thinking Oh Gong's face looks tense like he's acting and SunMi's face looks calculating, like she's acting too. :( So I'm betting the bed scene is definitely between OG & ASN and will get interrupted before it goes very far.


I have a feeling Summer Fairy wouldn’t agree with Winter General if she knew the real reason he was helping Ah Sa Nyeo. What little we caught of his conversation with her didn’t sound like he was telling her the truth. 


I’m really hoping that as SunMi lays there, she will process everything since she really hasn’t had a chance yet and will make a decision to fight (whether she goes head to head with Ah Sa Nyeo or calls Oh Gong). He’s grown to the point of deciding to fight for their love – she needs to do the same so they can fight for it together. In the earlier bedroom scene, he asked her to say she loves him and she basically said “we’re fated to be in love” – not “I love you despite what fate says.” Her staying in the dream sarcophagus is sacrificial and loving but also giving up. It’s believing in a bell more than she believes in Oh Gong. Now it’s SunMi’s turn to step to the plate and be there for her Oh gong who needs her.

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Idk about the other 3 pics but this pic looks like Sunmi?Those longing and teary sparkling eyes are usually hers. 

it's like she is finally back... OG looks teary too *or is it because i stare at the pic too much that it's my own eyes that making  everything look teary?* 


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Oh talking about the bts i  really don't know what reason i could come out with cos seriously the atmosphere of the filming is good. OYS and Lee se young seems to be quite close too....


I will take it that the two actors are too immense into their role that the bts might be too flirty /hot or the staffs are in awe that they forgot to press the record button on their bts -_-


I don't need to explain anything about Seung Gi right? A well known fact  Korea sweetheart and golden boy. Who doesn't love his personality?


but  i will brag and defend  OYS as the minority fans of the female lead here.  She is never shy on bts (idk about hwayugi .cos  she never have so many skinships with her male lead before).


Some Non fans might misunderstood her cos of her chic looks and her image as the rude sister in law role  is still stuck on her . She even said that although that role made her finally made a breakthrough, she had a hard time cos people start mixing her real personality with that drama role calling her "rude and richard simmons*


but regardless, she always have a lot of bts in all her dramas. She isn't a shy girl  like Sunmi role,  all her co stars say that she is not girly at all. She dances around the set and laugh crazily. Joowon and Rain confirmed  that lol... 

All these years of her career not even once she has even been late to set. She gets along with all the veteran actors,pd  and even the little kid from Jang Bori.

until now that little child actress still call her mum up to this day. Saw a pic of them both going to amusment park on children day..


In conclusion these 2 great personalities def have a great teamwork. 

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12 hours ago, dvrels said:

Lee Seung Gi wearing silk and see through shirt which is make his body curve can be seen, that makes this scene looks hotter haha

*Is it just coincidence that Seunggi wearing it during this scene or not? *Giggling*

 I try not to be a pervert but that butt though :tongue: 

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I read some comments in this article

And i found some hate  comment but there is a very nice and good point answer to the hate comments.


The comment of hating OYS acting and the angelic well said reply

  • Not believable, her acting is boring. Lee Se Young's acting is much more natural. Even her zombie and Ah Sa Nyeo role are really believable

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    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  
      Not believable, her acting is boring.

      LOL.... her acting? More like her characters on this drama. You know it's scripted right? You seem like hate Oh Yeon Seo not Jin Seon Mi. Honestly Jin Seon Mi's characters are understandable. What do you expect from a woman who was a victim of bullying since young, lives alone, and her family members always think she brings bad luck. Oh, don't forget every evil spirits always try to eat her. Her existence in this world is at stake. People around her always try to stab her in the back. She has a huge responsibility on her shoulders to save this world. Why would she be a cheerful girl like Jin Bu Ja after through all of those things? She can't do bad things too since she's samjang. She's protagonist here, you are fool if you compare protagonist to antagonist like Ah Sa Nyeo.

      I doubt you have watched another drama of Oh Yeon Seo. She's really good in acting even can pull badass woman role off


The comment of hating JSM decision and the very good reply which explain how JSM feels when she has to make that sad decision




"I hate how Sam jang just willingly slept in the coffin. It gave me the impression that her character has portrayed weakness . Sacrificing yourself will not solve anything im sure it will just caused hardship to everyone involved. Ah sa nyeo is a deceiver and they knew about it still she believed her words. I was so disappointed when she obeyed to sleep in tje coffin. So stupid." 

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    • ok. Putting yourself in her situation, what do you suggests her to do then? You know fate is smthng that you can't change and you know there's so much that you can do to take charge of it. Tell me again how is she stupid, for someone who takes responsibility to make a change for herself and the people that she loves?

      Again, sacrifice must come with a huge cause. For her, she doesn't want to hurt him and she doesn't want herself to be given a choice to be killed by him. I think that's a pretty legit considering how alone she's for her entire life and now that she has someone who loves her, she will do everything to protect him.

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    I’m a big fan of OYS and I’m not trying to be biased, but to me she is perfect. I don’t understand all the hate she/her character is getting. I think some viewers criticizing forget that Sunmi is in her mid-thirties + socially awkward and only started opening up more once she met OG again. Of course she’s not going to be the typically peppy Kdrama heroine. 


    I’m super impressed at the way she changes the emotion in her eyes/expression. LSG is excellent at this as well. This is one of the reasons why I totally buy the chemistry they’re selling. I’ve seen people say they have no chemistry and my reply is ... “are we even watching the same drama?” lmao

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    8 minutes ago, butterflyeffect said:

    I’m super impressed at the way she changes the emotion in her eyes/expression. LSG is excellent at this as well. This is one of the reasons why I totally buy the chemistry they’re selling. I’ve seen people say they have no chemistry and my reply is ... “are we even watching the same drama?” lmao

    Sorry for cutting your post, yeah i feel the same, when some said they have no chemistry, my reaction is really same as you are, "are we watching the same drama?" "Are we talking the same otp?" Lol


    1 hour ago, ParvinStar said:

     I try not to be a pervert but that butt though :tongue: 

    Hahaha I pay attention to that part too but to not really looks like a pervert i didn't mention it :D:tongue: but now you mention it, now i have someone to be partner in pervert things *high five* lmao

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    She is different from the typical k-drama

    heroine who is usally preppy,cute,  funny, sassy, etc


    she is a very serious character. . She went through a lot and yes it made her socially awkward. It's very reaistic..


    She is very old fashioned too haha. That's why she is frustrating in an endearing way... 

    Viewers just want her too look pretty hence the comments  "ASN is prettier blah blah blah", "Why can't Sunmi at least perm her hair?"*lookism at its best*


    i'm glad OYS is staying true to her role despite those shallow comments. 

    Most actresses acting as a poor girl who works 10 jobs a day but wearing expensive handbags, clothes, and mobile phone

    I find another similar situation of won Jin Ah and Kang Hana in Just between Lovers. The female lead is poor, wear comfortable clothing, and light make up while Kang Hana's character is rich woth good outfits and colourful lipstick.

    what are the comments? "Kang Hana is much prettier than the female lead"


    as for chemistry all i see knetz are craving for the otp same as us. Some of them posting message on Naver asking OYS to marry LSG  lol( which i think shippers should calm down and refrain from posting that kind of thing)


    only certain inetz fans( i don' t even know if  they realy watch the drama or just joining in just to hate) .

    I won't mention the name of that certain  blog.. but those people there are usually like that.


    even the blogger is very subjective, sometimes writing things like insulting the look of an actress. 

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    I’m not sure what constitutes good acting. As a viewer, as long as the characters’ and the story are able to reached out to me in a way that I care about their story, past, present and future, to me the actors and actresses has done a great job.


    I don’t see how the lead actors/actress must be the most handsome or prettiest. It all depends on what the story wants to tell us.


    LSG is doing a fantastic job (LSG fan here). But I think it is more than just his own efforts. OhGong character has a lot to show, charisma, character development, fashion etc. and obviously LSG did a terrific job bringing out all these to charm viewers.


    But what I love about this drama is the entire team work. No character (maybe except for Dragon Prince prolonged residency in Alice’s body) are just a “vase”. They role may not be significant so far, like Prof Kang, but we know they are they big bad going into the end of the story. So it makes us continue to be wary and mindful of this Presidental hopeful.


    6 more episodes to go and I’m all geared to prepare myself as to what come may. I can accept any ending (happy or sad) as long as the story line holds true. I don’t like fan service endings. I believe a good script writer should always have an end in mind and should stay true to it.

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    Thanks for the pictures! Aww... I may tear up when I see this scene. OG must miss SM so much and it is shown in his expressions. Same for SM with her expressions as confused but relieved to see her lover, OG, to save her. They both are hurt in love. Please don't separate our OTP anymore after this writer-nims! :bawling: :heart:

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