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[Drama 2018] My Mister, 나의 아저씨 - Best Drama at 2019 (55th) BaekSang Arts Awards

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A new still was just released showing the three brothers having a drink.  I am looking forward to their bromance as much as anything and judging from LSK's past works, I believe this, too, will be funny and epic.


Photo - tvN


And here's the video from the script reading meeting:



I'm hoping someone would sub it in English.

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This scene still makes me tear up whenever I rewatch it. I hope IU, LSK and My Ajushhi team will win many deserving awards for this gem of a drama.          

The moment he learned that she killed a man...   The moment she turned around because she was sure he would be disgusted and abandon her...   The moment he said he would

Detailed analysis - Last scene   If Dong Hoon was still being the old Dong Hoon, he would just say "가 / Go on "   Before the time skip, every time DH and JA had to part ways, he al

5 hours ago, Joseph Lim said:

Now we know why the drama call Ahjusshi! 

Why video cant played..im really curious why this drama call Ajusshi 

someone pls help me?


to Moderator:sorry i cant delete the video above from my tablet,when i click DELETE..nothing will be erased.if u can help me I would be really happy :D

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5 hours ago, Joseph Lim said:


Hope this is not true. Please don't let this be true. He is a major cast. Replacing him now or cutting his part will have a huge impact on the production and plot.



I think the production team has no choice but to replace him with another actor.  To fail to do so would risk being shunned by viewers when the show airs in a month time, especially if the allegations are proven true.  Yes, unfortunately they will have to re-shoot his scenes, but on the other hand, they do still have one month.  So sad.  But it's better not to associate with a sex criminal, even someone as big as Oh Dal-su, given the existing controversy surrounding the age gap.

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  • Go Seung Ji changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨 - Lee Sun Kyun and IU - Premiere in March

I am very relieved the production team finally decided to remove Oh Dal Su from the drama, but very sad at the same time.  What a mess for this show.  I hope they take their time and not rush the re-doing of his scenes just to make the original airing date.  They should carefully select the replacement actor and my advice would be for them to pick someone who has worked with LSK before so the connection is already there.  Maybe Kim Hee Won from his last drama; they have had at least two projects together.  Heck, how about Ryu Seong Ryong, or Lee Sung Min?  I know they are big established actors in film, but so was Oh Dal Su.  Shoot, now I really want Lee Sung Min.

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TVN has pulled all the promo videos from their page in an effort to start from scratch.  Sigh.  I hope they are able to cast a replacement actor soon.  Can't imagine how low everyone must be feeling at the moment.  I don't mind a delay; just get things done right.

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  • Go Seung Ji changed the title to [Drama 2018] My Mister, 나의 아저씨 - Best Drama at 2019 (55th) BaekSang Arts Awards

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