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[Drama 2018] My Mister, 나의 아저씨 - Best Drama at 2019 (55th) BaekSang Arts Awards

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This scene still makes me tear up whenever I rewatch it. I hope IU, LSK and My Ajushhi team will win many deserving awards for this gem of a drama.          

The moment he learned that she killed a man...   The moment she turned around because she was sure he would be disgusted and abandon her...   The moment he said he would

Detailed analysis - Last scene   If Dong Hoon was still being the old Dong Hoon, he would just say "가 / Go on "   Before the time skip, every time DH and JA had to part ways, he al

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I saw LSK congratulating IU on Lee Hee Yeol's Sketchbook program. I'm glad @widala made a post about it because I would have had no clue how to share that clip. I was so hoping that LSK would come out to surprise IU and make a comment. I was very happy when I saw it.


Recently, on 'King of Mask Singer' the current king sang "Adult" in his battle to keep his position as king. The judges were in tears and the king retained the title by a score of 15-1. The song sounded so familiar and it took awhile for me to realize what song it was but soon I too was in tears remembering our dear masterpiece.


On a final note while watching a reality program and trying to figure out how the show came up with the ages of some of the contestants I realized that many in Korea use the Lunar Calendar to celebrate birthdays. Usually, the lunar birthday falls up to a month before the birthday using a traditional calendar. So, we might see the birthdate as June 5 but it might be celebrated sometime in May. The day will vary from year to year. I have several friends who celebrate their birthday in this fashion.


So, DH's son could have had a birthday sometime in the Spring/Summer before he left for the US. When JA and DH met again he could have had another birthday even before the date listed on any documents. So he could be 2 years older than when we first met him. Why am I still talking about this? It just struck me suddenly. I still want the time apart to have been as short as possible!


Hope all of you are doing well!

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My Mister is still a frequently discussed drama on Reddit although the moderators like to take down any new threads citing that the topics have been discussed previously. :unamused:


But anyway, here's a recent and rather long discussion for anyone still starved for anything My Ajusshi. :)  Read it 'coz it may not be around for long.




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I see "Bernie" everywhere these days but never thought he'd appear with our gang too. He actually looks kinda cute sulking at the end of the table while the four are making merry. At least Sang Ho tries to cheer him up a little. :lol:



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I started watching 'My Mister' early last year but stopped after only 10 minutes into the first episode as I thought it was just going to be a silly romance/corporate politics type story. Luckily, as I was trying to find something to watch, I saw that it was on Netflix and decided to give it another shot.  And I'm absolutely glad I did as it is one of the best dramas I have ever seen from any country, east or west.  Kudos to the entire production team, the actors and writers.   I watched it once not knowing really anything about the plot and watched it again right after, following along with the comments, posts and analysis from the Soompi forum.  I can see myself re-watching this drama every 4-5 years and getting something new from it every time. 


I rarely write reviews, blog posts or anything but loved this series so much, I wanted to share an epiphany I had about an aspect of the drama.  In Episode 8, which is about half way through the series, DH and JA are walking together and DH is explaining to JA the difference between an architect and a structural engineer, about how buildings need to be designed to be able to withstand external forces, and that it's the materials used that creates the internal structure to withstand those forces.  JA tells DH that he told her that her internal forces seemed strong and wanted to know what he meant by that, and he says probably because she didn't list any qualifications or expectations in her resume, and just listing running seemed stronger, like he was unconsciously agreeing with his monk friend that having and acquiring external 'stuff' wasn't everything.  This conversation is so poignant and the fact that it's happening right before everything starts crumbling around DH makes the writing a masterpiece. 


It parallels their exchange in the bar when they are discussing their view when knowing someone elses vulnerability, DH would choose to feign ignorance in case the other persons internal structure isn't strong enough to withstand the pressure, whereas JA sometimes feels like she would rather have it broadcast so everyone would know it.  This illustrates that DH is not truly aware of his internal forces, he believes that by controlling the external forces (image of him) that he can balance the forces.  But as his image starts to collapse around him, he clings to the one persons whose internal forces he can lean on which is JA, until he has had a chance to develop his own, which is why he needs her even though he can't admit it to others or himself.  JA herself has very strong internal forces but has shut herself off to the fact that the internal forces and external forces actually need to work together to balance themselves out.  Her walls are so strong and high that she has self-isolated herself in her own prison where her belief of herself as a bad person and a murderer is all she sees and is the only perspective of others that she allows in.  It is DH's generosity, humanity and trust that allows her to start to see that some external forces from outside can be beneficial to break through the internal structures of her self-imposed punishment.  Which is why DH's character and integrity are so important to JA, because if such a good person believes that she is a good person too, it just might be true. 


This is also why I found the ending of the series amazing, because it holds true to the realistic fact that as long as they really 'needed' each other to heal themselves, they wouldn't really be happy.  They both needed to independently restructure their internal/external forces so that they could handle them from a place of wholeness.  We don't truly love from a place of need, but only from an abundance of love in our own hearts.


I could probably write an entire blog post but I'll leave it at that.  I really love this drama so much.

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