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[Drama 2018] My Mister, 나의 아저씨 - Best Drama at 2019 (55th) BaekSang Arts Awards

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This scene still makes me tear up whenever I rewatch it. I hope IU, LSK and My Ajushhi team will win many deserving awards for this gem of a drama.          

Detailed analysis - Last scene   If Dong Hoon was still being the old Dong Hoon, he would just say "가 / Go on "   Before the time skip, every time DH and JA had to part ways, he al

The moment he learned that she killed a man...   The moment she turned around because she was sure he would be disgusted and abandon her...   The moment he said he would

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I saw LSK congratulating IU on Lee Hee Yeol's Sketchbook program. I'm glad @widala made a post about it because I would have had no clue how to share that clip. I was so hoping that LSK would come out to surprise IU and make a comment. I was very happy when I saw it.


Recently, on 'King of Mask Singer' the current king sang "Adult" in his battle to keep his position as king. The judges were in tears and the king retained the title by a score of 15-1. The song sounded so familiar and it took awhile for me to realize what song it was but soon I too was in tears remembering our dear masterpiece.


On a final note while watching a reality program and trying to figure out how the show came up with the ages of some of the contestants I realized that many in Korea use the Lunar Calendar to celebrate birthdays. Usually, the lunar birthday falls up to a month before the birthday using a traditional calendar. So, we might see the birthdate as June 5 but it might be celebrated sometime in May. The day will vary from year to year. I have several friends who celebrate their birthday in this fashion.


So, DH's son could have had a birthday sometime in the Spring/Summer before he left for the US. When JA and DH met again he could have had another birthday even before the date listed on any documents. So he could be 2 years older than when we first met him. Why am I still talking about this? It just struck me suddenly. I still want the time apart to have been as short as possible!


Hope all of you are doing well!

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My Mister is still a frequently discussed drama on Reddit although the moderators like to take down any new threads citing that the topics have been discussed previously. :unamused:


But anyway, here's a recent and rather long discussion for anyone still starved for anything My Ajusshi. :)  Read it 'coz it may not be around for long.




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