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[Drama 2018] My Mister, 나의 아저씨 - Best Drama at 2019 (55th) BaekSang Arts Awards

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@Man-O-Man  it's very frustrating, isn't it?  I remember searching online for different translations of some dramas.  I would even download them and compare to see nuances that I might have missed.  Oftentimes, the devil is in the details.  I guess it can be difficult to translate certain words or turns of phrases which might have a unique cultural background.  Case in point would be the term used to refer to Yoon Hee in the last episode.  I remember how many discussions there were on how Dong Hoon called her.  Was it a term that is equivalent to "wife" or simple "the mother of my son"?  Oh well.  :)  

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This scene still makes me tear up whenever I rewatch it. I hope IU, LSK and My Ajushhi team will win many deserving awards for this gem of a drama.          

Detailed analysis - Last scene   If Dong Hoon was still being the old Dong Hoon, he would just say "가 / Go on "   Before the time skip, every time DH and JA had to part ways, he al

On-screen Text:   People who endure the weight of life This is the story about how through each other they find the meaning of life and heal each other   With each character d

I've watched it 5 times with french subtitles and I compared with Netflix. The choc is the way Park Dong Hoon speaks to Lee Ji-An. He always use the formal "vous" instead of "tu" (second-person singular in french). Very strange.


There is other big mistakes for me, even in english (french subtitles are english subtitles to french) :


Lee Gwang-Il said "Aujourd'hui Mon père est mort" (in english : Today, my dad is dead) on Netflix for a death anniversary. Of course, scenes about buddhism / Monk Gyeomduk are imprecise. They don't use good vocabulars.


Now that I'm here, if you want to look many pictures of My Mister, I've a thread here (and even more on the link Google Drive : +500 pictures) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zdEYjO1SaguBl1GCOae2OCr2w8oK4P3j?usp=sharing

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9 hours ago, Sscrew49 said:

I've watched it 5 times with french subtitles and I compared with Netflix. The choc is the way Park Dong Hoon speaks to Lee Ji-An. He always use the formal "vous" instead of "tu" (second-person singular in french). Very strange.


That is strange, especially when PDH clearly speaks informally to LJA. In the french culture, do bosses usually speak to their subordinates formally (vous) or informally (tu)?

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This commenter (fama ahmad) on YouTube got all of it right about the slippers. I don't think I had ever read anything as thoroughly explained as she/he did there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyPmRiH9d7I


Here it is copied and pasted:

I always thought that scene after the restaurant one was little random but after listening to you I realize once more that there is no such thing as random scenes in this drama. I Have Little something to add. It's long but I do hope you'll read it and tell me what you think so here's my take on the slippers JA gifts DH. 


JA notices how worn out and old DH's slippers are. DH can afford new slippers yet he keeps these old ones. The old worn out slippers can be a metaphor for several things. His relationship with his wife. His heart. The him that keeps everything bottled up. JA buys DH a new pair of slippers which he keeps in his drawer. He doesn't wear them but frequently looks at them. He keeps wearing his old ones but reassures himself by looking at the new ones as if just their presence is enough for him.  The new pair of slippers can be a metaphor for several things. JA and her feelings, of which DH is aware at this point. A new beginning for DH, the healing of his heart. So while DH has still not decided whether to stay in his marriage or not, he won't throw away his old slippers because that's just who he is. He is an honourable man


Then DH goes to his monk friend and has a talk with him, the talk concludes  with the monk friend telling him to stop living a life of sacrifice all the time. DH comes back and does two things. Confronts JY and then Confronts JA. What exactly does he say to JA? He asks her about the slippers. Where are they? Why did she throw them? Is he not worthy of them? But while talking about the slippers he also says that he won't fire her. That he'll see her complete her contract and then she'll work at another company. 10 or 20 years later when they meet again, he'll greet her warmly. At the same he mentions how its okay for them to talk and meet because he's met her grandmother.


Now this is how I interpret this entire thing: JA gave him the slippers signifying her love. DH keeps the slippers but doesn't wear them. He doesn't throw them away. He keeps them in a drawer close to him where he can sneak looks at them. But he keeps his old ones too. Because he hasn't yet decided what to do about his marriage. What to do with the knowledge that his wife cheated on him. The slippers also represent the him that is all torn and worn out from within because of his way of living. And because of keeping everything within. Once he decides that he's not going to live a life of only sacrifice, he asks JA for the slippers. She threw them away which angers him because its like she threw the feelings she has for him away too. By asking her to buy him new ones and by not agreeing to fire her, he's telling her to wait. If he's worthy of waiting (worthy of slippers he might not wear right now) they'll meet again and he'll greet her 'warmly' (with love). He wants those slippers even though he might not wear them right now. He's asking her not to throw them away just because he's not wearing them right now. He might not be able to pursue a relationship with her right now, even if he does divorce his wife, since it would damage both. But in 10 years time, it won't be that strange. He's telling her that's how long it will have to be before he can pursue something with her. When she's 31 and he's 50 something, no one will bat a lash at them being together.


I thought the whole 10-20 years line, topped with him saying 'im begging you meant alot more than simply what he was saying. Because why would her working somewhere else mean that they wont see each other for 10 years? And why say I'm begging you at the end of such an ordinary sentence? Especially for someone as stoic as him. It's because that's the intensity of emotions finally showing. It's also the first selfish thing he does. For a man who lived a life of sacrifice, this is the first moment of selfishness when he tells her that he won't fire her simply because she has feelings for him. He also asks her to wait. Begs her in fact. For someone as emotionally closed off as him, it was pretty intense. 


Also he could have rejected her feelings. Multiple times in fact. But he never does. Whenever she tells him she likes him, he never belittles her or rejects her. He either looks away or (as he did in the subway) asks her why she likes him. He never tells her to stop and he never says he doesn't like her in that way. He prefers to hide or run away or ask other questions. Why? If a man like him can reject an invite to dinner or golf from chairman of his company, he can tell a girl he doesn't like her just as easily. That he only sees her as a friend. But he never does. This show is not an explicit love story but the subtle signs are there and I love that

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:cry:You, guys.

Your post set memory back to MA era it almost 2 year yet still fresh and green, the sad, the hurt, the anguished and warmth flustered heart while watching each episode become one of precious feeling which never gone with the passes time. 

The solitude yet warmth and grateful nuance always solace me made me proud to  witnesses the masterpiece been represented in such depth and artistic work. 


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My mister is one of my Top 10 Kdrama on my 20 years of watching Kdrama. And so happy that Netflix finally airs this awesome show! Hope it can reach many people and attract them to watch My Mister.

I am agree about the quality of Netflix subtitle but because I watch and rewatch it for so many times, I already remember everything they said -- specifically what Jian & Park Dong Hoon said. :lol:


These are my favourite scenes of My Mister *Spoiler Ahead!*


1. Jian to Ahjussi: "You are a really decent person. You're a good person. Really"

Park Dong Hoon is a really good person. But he is the only one who didn't know about that. He has very low self-esteem and he really need a someone that say directly about that. And it more special because Jian is the first person who did it.



2. Their first and last hug :tears:

I thought he will reject her again like how he did when Jian ask if she allow to hug him for the first time. But he didn't reject it and even give her a hug first. People complain about how they never have any skin ship scenes except this hug. But for me, it makes the hug more meaningful and give big impact to the story.







3. Ahjussi knew about everything and said to Jian: I'll be happy.

About Jian stole the bribe money, intend to make him fired, wiretapping him. BUT HE WAS NOT ANGRY AT ALL. Instead, he didn't care about those all bad things and only care about at the end Jian is the one who always by his side. The only person who listen to his hidden life and decide to help him even though her life is not better than him at all.



4. Jian: It's not a big deal.

Park Dong-hoon: "You are a decent person. Hang in there. The mere fact that there is someone cheering me on like that .. helps me breathe. Thanks .. for being on my side.



5. Park Dong-hoon knew about Jian's dark secret but he said: "I had have killed him If I were her, too"

This scene is so precious. Actually it start with Jian disappointed with PDH because he lied to his team about the reason behind him recruited Jian. PDH is just the same like other people. Shame to be linked with Jian. So Jian decided to not listen to cellphone recording. But at night the old man told her that PDH knew about her past and now goes to Kwang Il. And Jian listen to all their conversation, their fight, how PDH stand up for her, want to repay all her remaining debts and even understand why Jian kill Kwang Il's dad. Jian is crying while listening to those. It is very heart-breaking but also heart-warming at the same time.



I think I will not be able to finish writing if I need to share all of my favourite scenes because I have soo many! So I will stop at least for now. :lol:

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Just binged the drama. I was really moved by the story. 

I loved that it was a story about love without kissing between the leads (that peck doesn't count)

I think the open ending was just perfect ending for this, didn't have to deal the the 40+ yr old man vs 21 yr old girl issue.

I loved the line where PDH talk to LJA about not acknowledging things they heard and they would be alright, that was just SO poignant.

I love the indictment of the cram system where people grow older without truly living

All in all an amazing series. A shame I didn't watch it when it first came out

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New My Ahjussi fanfic!

(not by me :D)



On 6/24/2020 at 12:37 AM, sadiesmith said:

I love this twitter thread. Click to read the whole thread.


There's a lot of My Ahjussi posts on Twitter now, I'm so happy :wub:


Hi to MA's new fan :dorakiss:

Please check out my IG account dedicated to My Ahjussi @my.ahjussi.fanpage B)

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Wow more posts since I last visited ( I will have to catch up on the last few pages). I was happy to see that our show is now on Netflix. More exposure!!! I haven't watched on Viki yet but I think I will rewatch. Not sure if I should watch on Viki or Netflix. Has anyone noticed a difference on the subtitles between Viki, Netflix and long gone DramaFever?


On another note I wanted to make a comment on chemistry in dramaland. Sometimes the casting and writing is not right so the chemistry is non-existent so I won't watch (5-10% of the time). Other times the writing is so good it creates chemistry between characters and although the casting is so-so I decide to watch (60% of the time).  At times the acting and writing makes everything click so I am invested regardless of the casting (20-30%).  On a show like MA the writing, the casting, the acting and the directing was perfect. I was totally invested. The chemistry worked. The drama still resonates (1%). Very, very rare!


One show I am currently watching has such chemistry between the leads that I'm not sure if I've ever witnessed it before. The story is not special but the interactions of the OTP are so pure, refreshing, often funny and very romantic. It is a situation of good casting and probably good acting but maybe just good natural chemistry. Their interactions just make me smile. I shouldn't be talking about another show on this site but 'Dinner Mate' makes me happy. MA was emotional and thought provoking but it wasn't always a happy watch. I wish JA and DH could have this playful magic in the future. I guess it does exist in fanfic. I just want to see it on film.



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18 hours ago, akhenaten said:

Hello! Hello! Hello, everyone! :)


How's everything? Just wanted to share this. Not sure if it's confirmed though. I can't read Hangul and I only translated the tweet.




Not confirmed yet.


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My Mister tells the story about Park Dong Hoon (Lee Sung Kyun) and Lee Ji Ahn (IU), who are living a hard life, meet to heal each other’s scars. Even two years after the drama ended, drama communities still call it a masterpiece and pour out rave reviews. Let’s examine four reasons why these people refer My Mister as the “Best Drama of My Lifetime.”



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People saying My Mister is the "drama of a lifetime"—totally resonates with me. It's been over two years, but thinking about this drama still brings warmth to my heart. I feel like every time I rewatch the scenes there's always an extra layer of depth to discover (and more tears to spill, surprisingly) and I'm so glad it's on Netflix now so I can rewatch properly and repetitively. I don't think I'll find anything that quite compares to this masterpiece.

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