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[Drama 2018] My Mister, 나의 아저씨 - Best Drama at 2019 (55th) BaekSang Arts Awards

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13 hours ago, HRyujin said:

wht?most highlight Video part abt jian only TT

they only to show wht is jian seeing....

:cry: :astonished: :confounded:

so they will focus to only jian story??


so disappointed at least for me

:cold_sweat: :(:( :confused: .......


cant i to see other çast story here? As i watch the highlight video i only see how care boss park to worker jian.

very good boss!!

even we dunno if he was married n hv problem with his own wife.

so maybe they will wait kiyong to be changed.

we still not seen bos park wife.becoz its jian's  i will called him boss same with her.


so the brothers siblings i think they will entertain us,make us laugh with their interaction between three's. while jian will make some viewer cry with her difficult life.

did boss park no hv any problem?

did kiyong really be antagonist or just bad guy who feel unhappy due his personal life as kiyong said at interview.

im really curious~~~


even im very sad i will try the first week episode

lets see wht we will get :wink:

Hahaha... your posts never failed to crack me up.  I enjoy your honesty and insights very much!  I am anxious about LSK's story also, as you are.  But it is a short preview of the first episode; they can't fit everything in, so they focus on LSK-IU's dynamics.  I am crossing my fingers that the three brothers' stories will be given plenty of weight later on, because that's what we have been told all this time, and that's what the first episode synopsis says.  Let's hope the veteran actors are not shafted in order to gain/please younger viewers.  I like this first highlight very much; it's very melancholy and well shot.  Seems like the two brothers, especially the oldest, are a big mess, and PDH really has to be the one to keep it all together in their family. 


Too bad not many drama bloggers out there have chosen to talk about this drama, so I have had to resort to instagram postings and unfortunately kept running into comments wishing the male lead to be Gong Yoo and Jo In Sung, or some other "hot ajusshi'.  {major sigh}  


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Pann -talk  comments , and I agree.


Posted on 12:05 PM by kei z
It’s the still cuts from her drama <My ahjussi>
To be honest, it took me by surprise..! She suits it better than I thought


This one gives her a new aura. Although I found her Cindy character legendary, I’m sure that this one will be legendary too



Somehow, she looks pretty cool. Since she has natural makeup on, it makes her look more chic
Look at her aura!!!!!!! It suits her so much. I’m sure that her acting will be daebak
She might even be able to take over her Cindy role



She was so cute on the filming set but then changes into another person once she starts acting bbbbb
She almost has no makeup on. Her clean and simple looks make me feel comfortable
It’s a healing effect


post response:
original post: here
ㅇㅇ |2018.03.15 00:29 신고하기
This was made by Kim Wonsuk PD who made ‘Sungkyukwan Scandal’, ‘Misaeng’, ‘Signal’, etc. which all had really good viewer rating and it was written by Park Haeyoung PD who wrote ‘Oh Haeyoung Again’. The combination of the actors also looks fine so I’m looking forward to it. I seriously like the dark and thriller-type of works that Kim Wonsuk PD nim is known for 
ㅇㅇ |2018.03.14 22:36 신고하기
It’s said that this drama will be a heartwarming healing drama for the family so I’m looking forward to it!! Moreover, the main actress is…
ㅇ |2018.03.14 18:05 신고하기
Will I be able to see Jieun smile..?
ㅇㅇ |2018.03.15 11:17 신고하기
I watched the teaser and you can see the vibes of Kim Wonsuk PD-nim in it. It looked better than I thought which is nice. Furthermore, Prison Playbook’s Park Hosan who played KAIST will also be in the drama so I’ll look forward to itㅋㅋ
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15 hours ago, HRyujin said:

Sorry to say,i knew who i 've fan with..at least they should show us also little thing abt ahjussi daily life.i mean related the company.


See at "My Mister" asianwiki in synopsis the first name to tag is lee sun-kyun.it must abt park family.



maybe in time by time after ODS out from scenes they changes the focus thing.


do u read the episode 1 synopsis by @ IUteamstarcandy


they talk abt park family first before jian..but why in fact on tvn channel share too much abt jian.maybe the synopsis should be jian's first if she is one focused.


Plus im not hate lee ji-eun.i liked this becoz i updatè the page n i didnt find other stills except her.still we hv to see other cast character to see abt possibility loveline.now only we knew kwangil is bad guy.

now we just hv to see if episode 1 will reach good rating when first aired 21mar next week.


but the way u looked like iu fans too....

Well, it was just lil bit strange for me for someone who claimed herself as an uaena but always seems not happy with so many iu updates, bcs we're always craving for her updates, we all knew the IU is typical person who seldom to update her instagram post :lol:
If U twitter user u can follow TVN drama's official account, so u can find that there aren't only IU updates...


Well yeah im Uaena for almost 8 years not only just an IU fan! but im also fan of LSG I wacthed almost all of his dramas and films I always love his sexy voice. And I stand for him when some of 'childish' IU fans talked bad about him when the 1st news about the casting came up.


Ok let's see and enjoy the drama on March 21st... Peace! 



Today is Song Sae Byeok! D-5!!

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Jang Ki Yong as Lee Gwang Il the bad guy! :crazy:

From IU's lover (Modern Times & Friday MV) to Jian's enemy lol


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I am rather disappointed that with the replacement of Oh Dal-su the team may have lost many many footages on the brothers' relationship, and thus can't focus on that aspect of the story with these early episodes.  I really hope the director is able to re-shoot all of the lost scenes and avoid sacrificing his original plans.  


Has anyone found a subbed version of the highlight?  


Enjoy these BTS between the brothers and the actress who plays oldest son's wife.  There is a scene shown in the highlight where they are all dressed up.  Wonder what the occasion is?

'나저씨' 정영주, 김원석PD·이선균·박호산·송새벽과 친목샷

'나저씨' 정영주, 김원석PD·이선균·박호산·송새벽과 친목샷



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Found this subbed version of the highlight video.  Thanks to whoever subbed it.  So they are showing us right away how different the two people are yet how similarly weary they are.  And just as she probably thinks poorly of him for his age (based on what I remember from the script reading), he also seems to dismiss her outright.  I love this; it reminds me of the early bickering stage in a rom-com before the characters fall for each other.  This is much deeper, of course, right?



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Here's the latest released highlight.  There are so many versions and I am starting to lose track, but each contains some different scenes.  This one seems to focus a little more on Park Dong Hoon.  I also think he and his wife lost their child to death or something because in a previous trailer, there is a scene where his wife is crying, and there is a family picture in the background with father, mother, and child.  No wonder he is a hot mess.  I now know for sure there won't be a romance between him and IU.  He needs to find happiness with his wife again.


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Very intriguing.  Wonder if IU is going to be attracted to this bad boy.  In any case, her ship with Jang Ki Young is definitely dead.


I have very good news!  It looks like this drama will be recapped over at Dramabeans, although whether it's a full length recap of every episode or just a weekly weecap remains to be seen.  And drama blog bah-doo.com also plans to recap.  Yay for more places to discuss this show.  


An article came out today talking about the director's vision to tell through this drama the story about an average man.  The hero is neither a chaebol nor a genius, not a lawyer or a doctor, and he does not have any supernatural power either.  But just the same, he and others like him have their own stories worthy of telling.  Heck, I won't be surprised if the director chose Lee Sun Kyun, who many consider to be below average in looks, precisely because of his average-ness, which hopefully makes him relatable.  I can't understand the whole article, but hopefully some kind soul would translate the whole thing properly.  Paging @Vhttp://breaknews.com/sub_read.html?uid=566800&section=sc4&section2=


Image result

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I’m so pumped up for this drama! Please be good, show! 


From main leads’ interaction I’m sensing a little bit romantic vibe, am I the only one?

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