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UPDATE: Forum update on 5th september 2017



Update on the update :D 

As you can see we've done some major changes to get things going. The default theme is now the Soompi theme so you can react, like and what-have-you all you like, no matter in which theme you are. If you're still experiencing problems, please post them here! We'll investigate and search for solutions while we "pretty things up" as @Hanyeoun said in his update on the announcement.


We've noticed that most problems can be solved by taking these steps. Check if the problem exists after each step (there's no need to continue with the next step if the problem is solved):
- Hit CTRL+F5, it reloads the page from the server instead of using the cache from your browser.
- Clear cookies and internethistory. In most browsers you can search for cookies and history from a single site. You only need to remove those from soompi.com
- Try a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge)

If, after trying these steps, your problem still exists, please mail to help@soompi.com and add a screenshot of the error you're getting. The more info you provide, the easier it will be to solve your problems. So explain the error you get, when and where you get it and add that you've taken the above steps.
We're currently collecting more data to show the problems to our software developer to get things done quicker.
Thank you for your understanding and your patience.


As you might have noticed, we had a forum update yesterday. 

I would kindly ask you to post below in this topic if you're missing something, if something's not working (correctly) or if something has changed and you can't find it. Please read through this first post before posting your issue. Chances are, your problem has already been logged. Together, we'll search for solutions to our problems. :) Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

BTW: if you've found a work around to some of the problems listed, feel free to share! :) 

Changes we know about:
- It is no longer possible to like posts, though reputation points are still available Fix: switch to the default theme (bottom of the page). It allows you to "react" to a post. "Reactions" will come to the Soompi theme in one way or another. Stay safe people! :wink: Fixed. Liking, as well as other reaction possibilities, has been restored/added.
- The red color for notifications and mail has changed slightly to a darker tint. We're using a temporary theme/skin atm with different colors. Expect the new colors and theme to arrive soon.
- Quoting someone and/or editing the quote to remove unwanted pics or text will create extra lines, eventhough those were deleted Fixed
- Avatars are showing the first letter of the user
- Linespacing after hitting enter shows double lines. Fix: to work around this, hold CTRL while hitting Enter. You'll only move down one line. Fixed
- GIF/Image embedding seems wonky Fixed
- Colors for next pages (at the bottom of a thread/section) have changed, we'll look into if it's suitable or not This is related to the theme/skin and will be fixed when the new theme/skin is introduced
- No notification received for replies to your thread unless tagged in the post Fixed
- Tagging someone only works when typing slow so pace yourselves :) Fixed
- Embedding Instagram/twitter posts seems wonky Fixed
- Twitter embedding seems wonky Fixed
- New posts in a thread are shown with a black star instead of a blue star This is related to the theme/skin and will be fixed when the new theme/skin is introduced
- Mobile site seems to respond badly to requests to open pages, etc. Fixed
- Pages not loading or not loading properly. Fix: hit refresh (F5) or use CTRL+F5 to fetch the page from the server instead of digging around in your cacheFixed
- clicking on the page number if you are on the same page it won't re-load, pls use the 'refresh' on your browser to refresh the page you are on currently Fixed
- Typing a tagged name will give you a list of max 10 names, scrolling the list is not possible (so for instance @camel would only list 10 names, but not mine). Typing more characters will narrow the list, making the one you wanted to tag pop out eventually. 
- Some signatures may be messed up because they made use of code that worked in the previous version but haven't been restored yet. This will most likely be automatically fixed as soon as the new Soompi theme is active
- It is currently not possible to move your avatar/profile pic around. Previously it was possible to move it around so you could cut out things you didn't want it to show. Currently this is not possible.


Changes we don't know about:
- Yeah, this is where you come in :wink:

As we go along, we'll find solutions and implement those. We'll find workarounds and list them here. We'll also update the list of changes as we find out more :)
In the (fairly near) future there are some new and exciting options coming and this update is to prepare for that. In the mean time we'll have to work with what we've got so please bare with us :) 
If you have any questions, feedback or anything else you'd wish to share about this update, feel free to post it right here!

p.s. As this section of the forum handles questions, it's possible to select the best answer to the question posted in the first post. More votes (the up/down arrows to the left of a post) means it moves up. This is intended to find the correct answer to the question in the quickest manner. However, this suggests that new posts (if voted for) are posted above older posts. This is only a feature for this specific section though.

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16 minutes ago, baduy said:

This is the fourth time in my ten years or so as a soompi user that this sort of thing has happened. The first couple of occasions, including the Great Soompi Crash when EVERYTHING, including membership details, was trashed, were back when the entire site was run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts on a shoestring budget. In those cirumstances the sort  of "cheer up" noises about hard work etc were called for when things went wrong and the admins could justifiably take comfort in them. Not any more. Soompi is owned by Big Media and operated to make Big Bucks for its owners.


A core principle of professional software development is that you TEST TEST and TEST again, BEFORE you release. Users ARE users, NOT testers.

Of course, minor things sometimes slip through, no matter how thorough the testing, but an update with so many bugs should never have been released to production. That list of issues up top should have gone to your developers with a demand that all these problems be fixed before the update went live. And until they met those demands you should have held the updates back.

잘가, soompi-ya.

Dear @baduy

I realise it's difficult to keep finding the patience to deal with the problems which occur by these updates and I sincerely apologise for them. I also wish to thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Indeed, minor things might slip through but many of the bigger bugs should've been caught by proper testing. What I can tell is you that the update was unexpected for us too, both admins and mods. I'm not pointing any fingers since it's rather pointless (ha...). We don't have as much power as we would like. But you're correct in stating that this should've been tested extensively and most of the bugs should've been cleared before release. Without going into detail though, it also has somewhat to do with our own custom theme. If you switch to the default theme, some things work as intended. Others might not as they were build on our own theme. But now I'm digressing into detail.

Again, thank you for pointing out your concerns. Eventhough mods and admins are doing this voluntarily in their spare time and we do enjoy receiving the cheer ups from folks in this community, we also appreciate heartfelt critisism as it allows us to better ourselves for the future. So here's drinking to a better future with less bugs and more consistent updates for Soompi :) 

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Update on the update :D 

As you can see we've done some major changes to get things going. The default theme is now the Soompi theme so you can react, like and what-have-you all you like, no matter in which theme you are. If you're still experiencing problems, please post them here! We'll investigate and search for solutions while we "pretty things up" as @Hanyeoun said in his update on the announcement.
Posts below this post will be considered as new problems so get to spammin' :D 



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Saw similar posts.   Seconding everything.   The"Like" button we all need,  please bring it back.    


The spacing to all posts eats up so much white (blank) space at top, between paragraphs and bottom,   Editing posts  all the time to fix the blank spaces is not practical.   Am keeping it this way to illustrate the situation.   People do use phones and iPads/tablets,  control button may not be a practical fix.


May I suggest to mods to please announce the prob, status and fixes?   Thank you  in advance!   


Btw...What is the up and down arrow with a number between,  to the left of our name and icon?    It does not exist in the regular forums.   Thanks again.  




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