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Go Seung Ji

[Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

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JTBC Presents

Misty 미스티












Mo Wan-il

(co-director of Beautiful Mind and Dream High 2, producing credits on Healer, You’re the Best Lee Soon-shin and Big)




(no previous work)


Episodes: 16 


Broadcast Period: 

2018-Feb-02 to 2018-March-24

Fridays and Saturdays 23:00



Go Hye-Ran (Kim Nam-Joo) is a popular anchorwoman for a prime-time news show. She works hard at her job. One day, Go Hye-Ran becomes the suspect in a murder case. Her husband is Kang Tae-Wook (Ji Jin-Hee). He worked as a prosecutor in the past, but he now works as a public defender. Their marriage has also been on the rocks. Kang Tae-Wook decides to defend his wife and they fall in love again.




"Misty" took over the JTBC Fridays and Saturdays 23: 00-time slot previously occupied by "Untouchable"
First script reading took place October 2017 at JTBC building in Sangam, Seoul, South Korea.




Kim Nam-Joo - Go Hye-Ran



Ji Jin-Hee - Kang Tae-Wook




Jun Hye Jin as Seo Eun Joo


Supporting Cast

Jin Ki Joo as Han Ji Won
Go Joon as Kevin Lee Jae Young
Goo Ja Sung as Kwak Ki Suk
Im Tae Kyung as Ha Myung Woo
Kim Hyung Jong as Byun Woo Hyun
Kim Soo Jin as Yoon Song Yi
Lee Kyung Young
Ahn Nae Sang
Kim Bo Yun
Yun Woon Kyung
Lee Joon Hyuk
Lee Sung Wook
Kim Hyung Jong
Lee Ah Hyun
Jung Young Ki
Nam Kyung Eup
Shin Kang Woo


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SEP 25 2017

Kim Nam-Joo and Ji Jin-Hee cast in JTBC drama series “Misty”


Kim Nam-Joo and Ji Jin-Hee are cast for the lead roles in new JTBC drama series “Misty.” In the drama series, they will play a husband and wife who are not very close. Kim Nam-Joo will play anchorwoman Go Hye-Ran, while Ji Jin-Hee will play public defender Kang Tae-Wook. Go Hye-Ran becomes a suspect in a murder case and Kang Tae-Wook defends her in court.

“Misty” will first air January, 2018 in South Korea.


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Ji Jin Hee And Kim Nam Joo Confirmed For Upcoming JTBC Murder Drama


Actors Ji Jin Hee and Kim Nam Joo have been confirmed to star as a married couple in the upcoming JTBC drama “Misty” (working title).

The passionate, mystery melodrama is set to air next January, and will be about a famous news anchor, who is a suspect in a murder, and her lawyer and husband as the love they believed in is exposed.

Ji Jin Hee, who has been nicknamed “Master of Melodramas,” will be playing Go Hye Ran’s husband Kang Tae Wook, a lawyer with strong convictions who has maintained his marriage. He falls in love with his wife all over again as he is put in charge of her case.

Kim Nam Joo previously appeared in the drama “My Husband Got A Family” and is making a comeback to the small screen after six years. She will be taking on the role of Go Hye Ran, a skilled news anchor who has won the “Media Award Of The Year” five years in a row and works tirelessly to make sure her spot as the main news anchor doesn’t get taken away from her by younger rising juniors. However, she is summoned to the police station one day as the prime suspect in a homicide.

In regards to the drama, Kim Nam Joo commented, “I’ve always wanted to greet people with a good project. As soon as I read the script for ‘Misty,’ I felt something pull at me as if it were destiny. If it’s a project like this, I think I’ll be able to spill forth all the passion left in my forties into the project.”

When asked why he chose the drama, Ji Jin Hee explained, “The characters’ relationships entangling was interesting and the more I read the script, I became more immersed into Kang Tae Wook’s life.” On the two actors’ chemistry, he commented, “I appeared in Kim Nam Joo’s drama back in 2012. It was a short cameo but I remember it was fun working with her. I think I’ll be able to show [Tae Wook’s] love, hate, and resentment for Hye Ran; a complex sort of love.”

The production crew also stated, “With just the two actors’ names, it feels like we’ve got an army on our side. Kim Nam Joo, who has previously done many warm and righteous roles, will take on a career woman who chases her desires. This will also be her first comeback to the small screen in a while, so you can look forward to her transformation as well as her chemistry with the Master of Melodrama, Ji Jin Hee.”

“Misty” will be the first collaboration between JTBC and director Mo Wan Il, who previously directed “Drama Special – Sirius” and “Beautiful Mind.” Scriptwriter Kang Eun Kyung will also take part in the creation of the drama. The drama is planned to be partially pre-produced, with filming beginning next month, in order to increase the quality of the drama.

Source (1)


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@Go Seung Ji, thank you for all the uploads!

Is there any information about the characters of Jeon Hye-jin,  Jin Ki-joo and Go Joon?

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14 hours ago, africandramalover said:

I can't wait for this drama!! Adult stuff!! #Adulting


What do you namely mean by "adult stuff"?

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First script reading for JTBC drama series “Misty”


First script reading for upcoming JTBC drama series “Misty” took place in October, 2017 at the JTBC building in Sangam, Seoul, South Korea. Main cast members including Kim Nam-Joo, Ji Jin-Hee, Jeon Hye-Jin, Im Tae-Kyung, Lee Kyoung-Young, Ahn Nae-Sang, Im Tae-Kyung, Jin Ki-Jooand Go Joon all attended. Filming for the drama series began in late October, 2017. Story for “Misty” follows newscaster Go Hye-Ran (Kim Nam-Joo) as she is accused of murder. Her attorney husband (Ji Jin-Hee) defends her while they also rekindle their detoriating marriage.

“Misty” first airs January 26, 2018 in South Korea (takes over JTBC’s Friday and Saturday 11PM time slot after “Untouchable“).




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When I read this will be from  director of of Sirius (my fav drama spec. it's a psycho drama)  I'm going to check this.

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Teaser trailer for JTBC drama series “Misty”


First teaser trailer added for upcoming JTBC drama series “Misty” starring Kim Nam-Joo and Ji Jin-Hee. The drama series follows an estranged married couple. The husband (Ji Jin-Hee) who works as a prosecutor decides to defend his wife (Kim Nam-Joo) in a murder case.

“Misty” first airs February 2, 2018 in South Korea (takes over JTBC’s Friday and Saturday 11PM time slot after “Untouchable“).

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Yes there's a premiere date already. I'm gonna be here and watch. Thanks for the updates, Go Seung Ji.

I tried to click on the teaser but 'media could not be played." I just wanna say, next to OCN, JTBC makes good dramas.

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