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[Drama 2017-2018] Enemies from the Past, 전생에 웬수들


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Enemies from the Past






Title: Enemies from the Past

Hangul: 전생에 웬수들

Network: MBC

Episodes: 123

Release Date: Nov 27, 2017 to june 1, 2018

Runtime: Monday-Friday 19:15



Go-Ya  supports her family by doing part-time work. Her father had an affair and left home 10 years ago. She is now looking for a regular full-time job. Ji-Seok is a lawyer who specializes in divorces. He is skeptical about marriage, but he meets Go-Ya and gets close to her. They face a difficult situation.



Choi Yoon Young

Gu Won

Ahn Jae Mo



Source: hancinema

official site: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/enemies/index.html


This drama will replace "Return of Bok Dan Ji"






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Good first episode and I can't wait to see the subs on the second. The preview for episode three looks good. Did her sister trick her into meeting the wife of the man who gave her the coat perhaps. Looks like she gets a drink in her face from the wife and our divorce lawyer is sitting there listening.


I wonder if he asked her anything related to the picture he picked up of his aunt?

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So after watching subs on episode two I now understand. The Aunt of our lead guy is the woman who had the affair with our lead girls father and he left his family with two grown daughters and his wife pregnant with the boy who has health issues. What I do not understand is why she is after the woman because she wants to rage at her for taking their father away and they having to struggle? Or is she going to go to the woman to demand she cough up some money to help the brother who is ill?


You can tell that she and her husband she stole from another family are doing well living in a nice house and she said his business is doing  well. What gets me is he just left his family with nothing? Does not do anything to see his family ? or is it they never wanted to see him after what he did.? I am happy to see that no one likes what the woman did and no once accepts the man as family. It seems like after ten years she expected people to start warming up to him.. Does not seem to be happening.


So I have to say if the doctor is not married I can see him falling for our lead girls mom. I don't know but I can see it. He has that air about him which is just what she needs after trying to raise three children alone. It was his words about her looking older than her age. Should be interesting. I wonder if he is the brother of the mother of the lead and Aunt who cares about him like a son.


I do not like the lead girls mother currently because she does not appreciate her. She is upset she does not have a full time job but how can she with a mother who is fighting and a little brother who is ill and has to be rushed to the hospital. Yet the woman says nothing about the Aunt/friend who mentions how this girl worked and worked and worked to send the sister to school having to let her own dream go.


So it seems like the sister has been cheating with a married man and our lead girl will end up taking the drink to the face over it.


Boy with a tangled web of family the leads will have a hard time getting together.

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@Ldy Gmerm


Watched all 5 eps subbed and I agree It's going to be a tangled mess for GY and JS. The love lines that will form will be GY/JS and ES/GB.    Right now I don't like the sister or the mother but more so the sister. She's just too full of herself and uses her sister and men   I think the mother feels ashamed and guilt ridden that her daughter became the breadwinner of the family and she hasn't been of much help. I can also see the mother and the Dr falling for each other. 


So JS's grandmother blames his mother for her son dying and seems to do everything she can to make the mother feel stupid and worthless. 


According to the charter descriptions and relationships on GY's side  the aunt is GY's father TP's sister TR and SD is her son. TP is now married to JS's aunt NR. On JS;s side the Dr. JW was NR's first husband. . I still can't figure out how the other woman HE is related to JS's family. She's  listed as cousin/sister to JS but the description doesn't say how she's related. Also sheis out to get revenge on GY's sister GB for some reason. 

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Welcome to the thread.. You can tell that JS and GY will end up together from the opening credits (at least we hope it stays that way) but the twisted way their families are tied is going to be a HUGE problem. It will not even matter that no one sees TP as a relation even married to NR and that TP has not been in contact with his 3 other children or ex wife since he cheated and walked out on them over 10 years ago. The fact that her nephew will fall in love with the man's daughter with no blood is going to cause many to scream. Especially his mother and grandmother. His Hyung (the school teacher) ES with the younger sister GB would they even dare to pair him with her and be double in laws? I don't even know lol.. but I can't see it happening. Of course given what the aunt did who knows.


I am not liking JS's mother she is a whiny mess and yes I understand her mother in law is always on her case but she is a bumbling fool or should I just say she seems out of her element even after producing two children and being in that family for so long. Sure her mother in law should lighten up and perhaps let go this thought she is responsible for her sons death but this woman needs to stop her behavior as well. Either stand up to her mother in law or get herself back out in the work force and do something.


I do see it coming that GY will end up working with Halmoni in some fashion. Perhaps Halmoni will end up judging the cooking contest that GY is preparing for and she will take her on as an assistant or apprentice. Of course if she does it will only cause further issues. As of now even with the man that NR stole the mother in law likes to push the sister in her daughter in laws face even knowing that they broke ties.


So the doctor is NR's first husband who will end up liking YS GY's mother? LMAO.. yeah its a tangle mess. You best believe NR and TP will dare to stand up and try to stop this relationship when they have no right to say anything after the way they did things.

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On 11/28/2017 at 12:56 PM, Ldy Gmerm said:

So it seems like the sister has been cheating with a married man and our lead girl will end up taking the drink to the face over it.

@Ldy Gmerm  I was so hoping when her mom was going off and how the sister don't like things because of GY that  her affair with a married ma and his wife was after her..  I think her mom some how blames GY for the dad leaving them.. All her moms anger or at GY never the twit daighter who thinks her body is gods gift to men..

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