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Kim Bum 김범 [Current Drama: SBS - Mrs. Cop 2 미세스캅 2]

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12 School K-Dramas To Binge When You’re Bored This Summer



It’s no secret that summer is the time of year most students live for. No classes, tons of free time, and nice weather — what’s not to love?


But despite all the positives of summer break, sometimes so much time away from the classroom can get boring. You just might even find yourself missing school — everything from the lunches to the lessons to that cutie in your math class. If you find yourself wasting away summer wishing to get back in the classroom or you want to be reminded of your school days, we’ve got a list of dramas that will make you feel like you’re in homeroom already. Let’s get started!



Boys Over Flowers




The elite and extravagant Shinhwa High School is ruled by the notorious F4, four rich and spoiled boys who are used to always getting their way, especially leader Gu Joon Pyo (Lee Min Ho). But Shinhwa High School and the F4 are flipped on their heads when commoner Jan Di (Ku Hye Sun) is offered a scholarship to the school. If you’re looking to watch something iconic, then this drama is the perfect cure for the summer blues!


Catch the first episode of “Boys Over Flowers”:


Watch Now




credit : soompi news

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15 K-Drama Couples That Turned Into Real Life Relationships

Fans could tell they were dating before it was announced.



These celebrity couples met in front of the camera, but with sparks flying all over the place with strong chemistry, they took it off the screen and began dating in real life!


9. Kim Bum & Moon Geun Young




Actor Kim Bum and actress Moon Geun Young met on the set of Goddess of Fire and started dating in  2013. This couple’s departure to Europe as a couple became a hot issue in Korea. The relationship lasted only about 7 months.



(skipped unrelated.....)



source : koreaboo

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5 Times Famous Actors Appeared In Live K-Pop Performances

These actors are taking idol collaboration to the next level.



While many actors and actresses are also talented singers or dancers, there are others who are not known for anything but acting. But in a few rare instances, these famous celebrities suddenly turn up in the middle of a K-Pop live stage, either as a story driver in the performance or an honorary member of the group, singing and dancing along – and add that something extra to the performance.


3. Kim Bum stuck in a “Princess” dance battle




Boys Over Flowers actor Kim Bum was caught in a dance battle between the “princesses” of K-Pop – Girls’ Generation, Kara, Black Pearl and Wondergirls at the 2007 Mnet Music Festival. He looks a bit stressed by all the attention from such talents!



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source : koreaboo

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Kim Bum and Oh Yeon-seo Break Up After 10 Months




Kim Bum and Oh Yeon-seo ended their romantic relationship after 10 months of being together.


Kim Bum's agency King Kong By Starship and Oh Yeon-seo's agency Celltrion Entertainment officially admitted that they broke up and the reason remains private.


Previously, Kim Bum and Oh Yeon-seo, who is two years older than him, made their relationship official in March of last year. They apparently met through friends after "A Korean Odyssey" and developed a relationship. They also made their relationship official fifteen minutes after word got out.


Their relationship hit the news again a month later when Kim Bum had to join the army. However, due to a genetic illness, he served in public service and not active service. There didn't seem to be a problem between them even after he enlisted.


However, the couple came to an end at the end of last year while the news only just came out.


Meanwhile, Kim Bum debuted in 2006 and starred in several dramas such as "High Kick!", "Boys over Flowers", "That Winter, the Wind Blows", "Mrs. Cop 2", and more. His most recent work is "Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead".


Oh Yeon-seo debuted as a singer in 2002 and became an actress who starred in "My Husband Got a Family", "Oh Ja-ryeong is Coming", "Jang Bo-ri Is Here!" and "A Korean Odyssey".




Source : biz.heraldcorp.com/vi...

Translation : Hancinema

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February 14, 2019



Kim Beom, Oh Yeon-seo have split




After dating for nearly 10 months, actors Kim Beom and Oh Yeon-seo have officially called it quits.

According to local news outlet News1, the couple, who started dating last March, decided to go their separate ways at the end of 2018. Their agencies refused to explain the reason for their break-up.

Their relationship was made public in March 2018, after the actors’ agencies revealed the two were first introduced to one another through mutual friends. They began dating after Oh finished filming the tvN series “A Korean Odyssey” (2017-18).

The two continued dating even though Kim started his military service in April, working as a public service officer.

By Yeo Ye-rim



credit : JoongAngDaily


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