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[Drama 2017] Mad Dog 매드독

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Building catastrophes and burning planes in Mad Dog





KBS’s Mad Dog already seems like it will be full of twists and turns. Yoo Ji-tae(The Good Wife) stars as the team leader of an insurance investigations team, who pursues his suspects with the tenacious determination of a mad dog (hur). In the newly released teaser, he’s shown following leads for various cases involving large-scale insurance fraud.


For instance, the teaser begins with the collapse of an entire building, which leads to mass panic, and Yoo Ji-tae asks, “Are you happy that you’re alive?” Later, a lone protester wears a sign that says: “Injured tenants were run out, but the building owners and construction companies profited from ten million won insurance payout despite the negligent construction. Does this make sense?”


When Yoo Ji-tae confronts a man regarding the incident, he smiles and insists that it wasn’t negligent construction work. A voiceover tells Yoo Ji-tae that he needs video evidence to prove his case. Yoo Ji-tae asks how much the insurance payout was, and the scene skips to a couple where the woman seems to be having a crisis of conscience. The man shakes her and demands that she get her head straight.





We see the genius computer whiz kid Kim Hye-sung (Falsify), who can even bring completely dead machines back to life, sitting at his cyber setup. Shots are shown of Jo Jae-yoon (Rescue Me), who plays an ex-convict and current insurance fraud investigator on Yoo Ji-tae’s team, leaving a hospital in disguise, and his Mad Dog teammate, sexy Ryu Hwa-young (Father Is Strange), sliding across a table. Contrary to his rough-looking outer appearance, Jo Jae-yoon is supposed be a loyal and polite man who has an innocent side to him, where he originally wanted to become a pediatric nurse because he loved children. And for some reason, he’s really passionate about cheetah print.


Meanwhile the copy reads: “A notorious case in Korea,” “A truth hidden by greed,” and finally “Find out the truth!” This is followed by pro con artist Woo Do-hwan’s (Rescue Me) chilling smile. He asks if this is all, and sinisterly asks if he may begin. He and Yoo Ji-tae have a series of tense, sometimes violent meetings, and Yoo Ji-tae asks if he’s supposed to be scared. The teaser ends in another tragedy: a plane crash-landing on a runway and going up in flames.











Hmmm, previous synopses seemed to indicate that Woo Do-hwan teamed up with Yoo Ji-tae to solve the crimes, but in this teaser they seem on opposite sides. Will we be seeing Woo Do-hwan as a criminal mastermind who tricks them all? Wednesday-Thursday crime drama Mad Dog begins on October 11.



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Premiere Watch

by girlfriday





Goodbye drought, hello flood! Chuseok week is nearing its end and all the broadcasters are lining up their October dramas, and of course they all happen to be premiering in the same week. When it rains in dramaland, it really, really pours—we have NINE new shows coming at us in the next seven days, so get your calendars ready, because your watch list is about to get long. Let’s hope there are some keepers among them.



Mad Dog



Time slot: Wednesday & Thursday
Broadcaster: KBS
Genre: Crime thriller
Episode count: 16


Reasons to watch: Woo Do-hwan! The breakout star of OCN’s Rescue Me isn’t even the main draw of crime thriller Mad Dog—Yoo Ji-tae is no chopped liver, and here he’s set to play a charismatic anti-hero who gathers a team of investigators to take down large-scale insurance scammers. It’s just that Woo Do-hwan is actually still sizzling from his star-making turn in a drama that just wrapped, so my excitement level is a little skewed in his direction. I really hope this drama is good, but I think we have reason to believe that it will be, with an ensemble caper feel that evokes Police Unit 38 and Lookout. With a team of con artists and expert double-crossers, I won’t be able to trust anything anyone says, but isn’t that the fun?






kbs updates poster








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