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[Drama 2017-2018] Money Flower 돈 꽃

Go Seung Ji

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8 hours ago, alekaonu said:

Hi @larus you are here too chingu.

Hi! I am here but I am still not convinced that I will follow this drama. I keep an eye on it :) I will watch the first episodes and if it would capture my interest I will comit to the long view.



6 hours ago, Prettysup said:

Another news says Park Se-young be attending script reading with Jang Hyuk on 26 Sept? I am so confused now haha

I saw that Jang Hyuk and Lee Soon-jae are confirmed and Park Se Young is under review. But the actress has to decide quickly if she hasn`t accepted yet. If tomorrow is the script reading she can participate even without finishing the negotiation for this role. 


I want to read more information about this drama. I think the cast will be good and now it is up to the script and direction.




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9 hours ago, alekaonu said:

Annyeong everyone :) hi @Go Seung Ji thanks for creating this thread.


I will watch this drama because of Jang Hyuk, same as @jongski Janghyuk is one of my fave top star. Hi @larus you are here too chingu.


I would like to invite my chingu deul here @moodypie @nonski @bebebisous33 @plappi @Sarang21 @maplekist @Mau_Cherry @onnififi @she_ann


Will look into it, thanks for the heads up chingu @alekaonu

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15 hours ago, Prettysup said:


As far as I know, he has confirmed for this drama. It may not be 50 episodes though, I have heard that it will be 24 episodes? But nothing official yet.


And yeah he has just finished Swordsman, and is now filming a 6-episode KBS variety programme with the Dragon Brothers. The timing looks just nice for him to film this, he is not one who likes to idle, all his projects are usually done back-to-back.

Make it just 24 please.  Even better if it's 16 or just 20.  When a drama is  longer than 20 episodes, we usually see stretching of story and adding unnecessary scenes. And then I get bored. I would understand if it's daily drama /after noon or morning drama,  but this is Prime Time coveted slot so fingers crossed only 24 episodes.  That's my preference. And I'm happy it's modern drama. Though I missed the  Chuno/Slavehunters character for Jang Hyuk.

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Han Chae-ah out, Park Se-young offered Money Flower

by tineybeanie


Will this prove to be a casting boon or casting disaster? It’s been reported that the anticipated reunion between Jang Hyuk (voice) and Han Chae-ah (Introverted Boss) is no longer happening, but another reunion may occur. After Han Chae-ah turned down the offer for the female lead in weekend drama Money Flower, MBC sought out a replacement in Park Se-young (Whisper).

Park Se-young had actually been offered the role in the drama’s early planning stages, but had stated that she was reviewing other offers. Earlier reports announced that she had dropped out of the project altogether. However, most recent reports have reversed that statement; her agency, Hunus Entertainment, has said that Park is reviewing the script, while a source with MBC said she is in talks with them to appear.


read more http://www.dramabeans.com/2017/09/han-chae-ah-out-park-se-young-offered-money-flower/

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Actor Jang Seung-jo joins 'Money flower'.


According to a number of broadcasters on Sept 26, Jang Seung-Joo confirmed his appearance on MBC weekend drama 'Money Flower'.


The drama is a drama depicting those who live in the illusion that money is dominating money but they have actually been consumed by money. The main cast members such as Jang Hyuk Park Se-Young, Jang Seung-jo and Han So-hee are confirmed and the talks are ongoing.


Jang Seung-Jo is an actor who plays an active part in various fields such as musicals and drama. He is currently appearing in the MBC daily drama 'Medal of Honor'.


On the other hand, 'Don Pyo' was directed by Kim Hee-won, who wrote 'Air City' and 'Jang Yeongsil', a play written by Lee Myung-hee, 'Love you like fate', 'Gorgeous temptation' and 'Golden pocket'. 'Thieving Thief' will be broadcast in succession.



source: http://news1.kr/articles/?3111914


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[OSEN] Actors Jang Hyuk and Park Se-young joined MBC's new weekend drama 'Money Flower'.


On the afternoon of 26 Sept, the producers and actors of MBC new weekend drama 'money' proceeded to read the script. Actors Jang Hyuk, Park Se-Young, and Jang Seung-Jo participated.


The 'money flower' depicts the story of those who live in the illusion that they are dominating money, but actually they are consumed by money. Lee Hee-won, who wrote 'Air City' and 'Jang Yeong-sil', plays the play and plays 'I love you like a fate', 'Gorgeous temptation', and 'Golden pocket'.

Jang Hyuk and Park Se-young will lead the drama with breathing as the protagonist of 'money flower'. Park Se-young announced on 25th that he had tried the casting of "money flower" on the 25th, but he changed his position that he is considering the appearance of the work soon.


Since then, Park Se-young has joined the "Money Flower" and attended the reading of the script. As a result, the cast of the "money flower" reveals the outline and gives an expectation.


On the other hand, 'money flower' will be broadcast following the current 'Thieving Thief'.




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Guest elenskivios38

                   Im so glad Park Se Young is back on screen :) were waited her for so long ...happy Jang Hyuk

      is leading man:)reunion of the two ..really nice! hope Jang Hyuk since his senior his going to take care

      Se Young.Looking forward for this drama and im excited so see Park Se Young.s beauty on screen.

      Jang Hyuk is very good actor with Park Se Young as leading lady im sure this gonna be GREAT!


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Jang Hyuk - Park Se-young, reunion with MBC 'Money Flower'


MBC said on the 29th that Jang Hyuk and Park Se-young will play the roles of 'Kang Pil-joo' and 'Na Mo-hyun' in the 'Money Flower' which is broadcasted in early November following 'Thieving Thief'.

It is the story of those who live in the illusion that money is dominating money, but in fact they are dominated by money.


Kang Pil-joo, who is played by Jang Hyuk, is a man from an orphanage to the chief of the Justice Team of the Strategy Planning Department of Cheonga Group. It is a brilliant elite, but it is also criticized as 'the dog of the child'.


Na Mo-hyun, who is in charge of Park Se-young, is an environmental cryoprene and a middle school science teacher. Dreams of fateful love as a bright and positive character.


Jang Hyuk and Park Se-young have been together as lovers in KBS 2TV 'Beautiful Mind' last year.





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Park Se Young Confirmed To Replace Han Chae Ah In MBC Drama With Jang Hyuk


It has been confirmed that Park Se Young will be taking the place of Han Chae Ah in the upcoming MBC weekend drama “Money Bouquet” (working title) alongside Jang Hyuk.


Park Se Young will playing Na Mo Hyun, an activist for the environment and a middle school science teacher. A free-spirited individual who is a great listener and loves to have fun, Na Mo Hyun is someone who dreams of finding her soulmate and sharing a sincere love with them.


Jang Hyuk will play Kang Pil Joo, who grew up as an orphan and became the head of Chunga Company’s legal team. Kang Pil Joo’s quick thinking and attention to detail makes him an integral part of his company, but this also puts a target on his back as his coworkers become jealous of his achievements.


Originally, Han Chae Ah was set to play the role of Na Mo Hyun, but she had to step down from the position. Her agency explained, “Filming for the drama was pushed back, and it ended up causing a scheduling conflict. Therefore, Han Chae Ah has unfortunately had to make the decision to leave the project.”


“Money Bouquet” will be story of those who believe they control the money, when in reality, they are being controlled by money and greed. The drama will begin airing in November as the follow-up to “Good Thief, Bad Thief.”



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