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[Drama 2017-2018] Money Flower 돈 꽃

Go Seung Ji

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Interview with Park Se-young


Park Seo Young had an interview on the MBC weekend drama 'Money' at the cafe in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 13th Feb.


Park said, "I really learned a lot when filming this drama, it is very meaningful to me. I learned a lot just by being among the seniors."


She said, "When Jang Hyuk asked me how I interprete, after I answered, he will offer me his ideas.” “There are many ways to express the feelings," she said, "I was ver busy, this work offers me a wide range to explore."


When Park Se-young heard that Jang Hyuk praised her in his interview, she said, "I should be the one grateful to you," she laughed.


Park also said that Na Mo-hyun of "Money Flower" is her life character. "Although I do not know what kind of character I would call my life character after 5 years, but if I look back on it after my debut in 2012, it seems that Na Mo-hyun is a life character," she said. "Na Mo-hyun resembles nature,  she is a strong person, and she manages to overcomes the difficulties in her life "


On the other hand, Park Se-young has received favorable response by her delicate portrayal of Na Mo-hyun in "Money Flower". After finishing the drama, Park Se-young will take a break to consider her next work.







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Hello everybody!!! So, I told you I started writing a fanfiction set after the last episode of the drama... Well, I finally published chapter 1 and you can read it here. It's just a start and nothing much, but I plan on writing a few more chapters. Tell me what do you think if you want.



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  Definitely 2017/18 best drama along with Secret Forest and Tunnel.



We watched  this from start to finish from it's first airing all the way to it's last episode. And really if one's going to re watch something. This is worth the marathon.


Lee Mi Sook.. from start to finish wonderful acting. Her charisma, screen presence. Her character as JMR.

Park Seyoung.. she was not the original choice but she got this role and in good drama.

Jang Seung Ho. terrific acting as well.  I don't know the actor. First time I've seen him act in this drama.

And Jang Hyuk, I've already said how I feel about him in this drama. Best actor! 






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