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[Drama 2017-2018] Money Flower 돈 꽃

Go Seung Ji

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@triplem Yes i am going to take that as my ending too! :D But anyway thinking back it was pretty much obvious when he accepted her invitation to comeback as JEC it was the beginning for them as well, it is just that it was not given to us in black in white. I mean after all, for surviving those cliffhangers at the end for 23 episodes we deserved to see that edited out scene :wub:  But i think now i can be satisfied with that ending coz it was re assured by the main man himself lol. On a side note, is Misty good? Well i do not think it can live up to Money Flower yeah? 


Agreed with @purplebass on this "Loved that he clarified that there was a scene with Mo Hyun at the end but they didn't show it, it just means that the writer intended to let us see that they would finally be open to embrace their future together step by step. Maybe the writer wanted us to question if that was going to happen or not and who knows, her next drama will feature a couple like PJ/MH who start from where we left them (I mean, she'd use the premises of those characters but change their names). Overall, the feeling is new beginnings, in fact the last line that was uttered on the drama is "Now I will start" and it was our main character who said it as he was finally able to begin his life as Eun Cheon but also start again in Cheong A and with Mo Hyun."

Also please do send us the link, looking forward to seeing what you wrote :D


And @zinaa hope you will feel better with the ending now :D:D:D


I miss all of you guys and our ever so wrong predictions during that long wait for the next episodes to come!

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@Prettysup thank you for the article interview.. JH is so hard working actor.. since 2006 I following his work...


@mimisl123 yes after watching it with sub am very happy with end... the writer and director did good job with crew and actors...


I miss you all too... this Saturday would feel so empty without money flower...


@purplebass as I told in twitter I want that link for your fan fiction asap 


@triplem I also planing to watch misty this weekend... maybe if it's good and intriguing you would find me in misty's thread.. 







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40 minutes ago, maddymappo said:

Hope so, I really like Misty very much.

Oh this sounds good. This will be my next watch but I'm going to wait until it's finish. I have learned my lesson with Money Flower lol. 

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Thanks for that interview from JH on the ending. We were right to conclude it as a new beginning for JEC where KPJ is dead and the name return to the owner rightfully. 


And by JEC accepting the invitation from NMH tells us he is willing to try and accept whatever is in his stride.


I'm certainly looking forward to JH's upcoming appearance in a travelling show. I love to see his dorky self! So different from his drama image haha!


Btw a smiling KPJ! Doesnt this reminds us of his match making effort for JBC and NMH? Lol 



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 Ive waited 13 weeks (including the holiday season) to watch this becauae I love binge watching.. Im having withdrawal symptoms. Ive been a fan of Hyukie since FTLY and BM but this is my favorite Hyukie drama.i love the genre. The directing and storyline is amazing. My favorite scene is when KPJ revealed himself to grandpa greedy. Priceless. And his revelation with JMR OMG! I loved that scene. I was holding my breath! 


How come i didnt here the ost "waiting here for you" anywhere on this drma? Or did i just missed it?

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12 hours ago, jhjsw said:

 Ive waited 13 weeks (including the holiday season) to watch this becauae I love binge watching.. Im having withdrawal symptoms. Ive been a fan of Hyukie since FTLY and BM but this is my favorite Hyukie drama.i love the genre. The directing and storyline is amazing. My favorite scene is when KPJ revealed himself to grandpa greedy. Priceless. And his revelation with JMR OMG! I loved that scene. I was holding my breath! 


How come i didnt here the ost "waiting here for you" anywhere on this drma? Or did i just missed it?


No u didnt miss it, this OST was not played in the drama. In fact among the 5 OSTs,, only 2 or 3 of them were played in the drama.

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On 2/8/2018 at 8:35 PM, philosophie said:

I’m still having MF withdrawals. I did love the format that 2 eps were aired in a row so I hope that more shows continue to do that.

Me too I got home from work and got excited for a moment that Saturday is Money Flower day but then I remembered it's over:cry: I really liked the  2 eps back to back format too.


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Guest elenskivios38

Yes! me too after sat.work so excited to go home to watch MF but its all over now:(:cry:

Writer-nim you have to do something you left our hearts so sad ! Hope the viewers understand 

the last 2eps.i mean the old people whos following this drama.Hope JH and PSY will work 

again in the future.coz for me its the BEST of all dramas of JH.and PSY  actress you will 

never get tired of looking at her on screen,you  will cry when she cried.you will laugh when

she laughed it means she has something in her i cant explain perhaps POSITIVE AURA!:wub:

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Just now, Prettysup said:

In the last episode, there was actually a scene which Pil-joo and Mo-hyun look at each other, but it was edited out. If they have looked at each other, it would mean a new beginning. Editing this out leaves viewers with a lingering expectation.


Man!! Why did they edit this scene out??? Hope for this scene is what kept us hanging on!! <_<.


Brilliant end to an awesome drama tho. Mostly went how I expected it to. I was sure JMR was going crazy. I didn't expect that to happen, but she went even crazier than I thought! 


Just now, triplem said:

@mimisl123 It’s true , he did return on her invitation. I’d like to think she also nursed him back to health  :D.  Misty is good so far. It’s hooked my interest fr the get go. I think it’s different fr Money Flower. Misty has more similar vibes to Secret Love Affair 


Misty is on point!! I thought I had time recover from Money Flower, but Misty forced me to dive in immediately!


Does anyone know where I can watch the drama Solitude starring our Lee Mi-Sook? Its from around 2000. Hit me up on my inbox please....

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7INTERVIEW] 'Every film set is my boxing ring

‘Every film set is my boxing ring’
Actor Jang Hyuk talks about his acting philosophy

Jang Hyuk sounds more like a boxer than an actor when he says he fights his guts out in each film shoot.
“For me, a film shoot cannot be an easy process, where actors say their lines and act as they rehearsed,” the actor, 41, told The Korea Times in Seoul, Friday.
“I think great scenes can be created from where there is some positive tension running between actors.”
He recently added another successful piece _ the MBC weekend drama “Money Flower” _ to his filmography.
“The set is like a little ring for me,” he said. “As for boxing and other sports that have basic rules for fair play, dramas have lines and play script. But the way each actor delivers the messages included in their lines and what to emphasize is different.
“A set is like two actors hiding what they have and facing each other in the ring. Under immense tension, they exchange punches and counterpunches. If there is no tension while shooting a drama, how can we expect it to draw viewers?”
The show closed with a record 24 percent viewership.
“When I told my friends I’m shooting a weekend drama, nine out of 10 asked why,” Jang said.
“At the time I made the decision, I didn’t know the status of miniseries and weekend dramas. It was director Kim Hee-won’s debut drama and trying a very different style she wasn’t worried about failure on the part of viewers.
“If the drama flopped, whether it was a weekend drama or a miniseries, the fact I wouldn’t gain anything would be the same. But in case it was success, I can gain more from a weekend drama, scoring two points rather than one from a miniseries.”
He said the story was about Kang’s revenge, but it was not the revenge factor that drove the drama.
“If it had focused on what happens to Kang’s revenge itself, the drama should have ended in four or five episodes,” he said. “He had all the keys in his hands needed to bring down Cheong-A Group. Ironically, what deters him from taking revenge is important.
“In the intertwined relationship between each character, all the contrasting emotions make the drama really interesting.
“For instance, when Kang sees Jang Bu-cheon, the Cheong-A Group heir who grew up with Kang, he feels both hatred and sympathy. Kang uses him for his revenge, but feels guilt at the same time.”
The actor, who has practiced the martial art jeet kune do for more than a decade and has also been boxing for eight years, said he learned a lot from professional athletes in those fields.
“Although I’m not a professional boxer, I’m not practicing it like a hobby but more professionally. Looking at boxers enduring adversities and practicing fiercely, I learn a lot,” he said.
“There are a million reasons I don’t want to be on set. Sometimes it is too hot or too cold or sometimes I can be dreadfully tired because I’m short of sleep. But I know it is only after I endure and fight the day, that I can expect to be offered another project.
“Doing just okay is not in my dictionary. I’ve seen so many just okay aspiring actors getting no chance at auditions. Only the desperate ones can clinch that narrow chance. So the set is a boxing ring for me.”
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Interview with Jang Seung-jo


Jang Boo-cheon : The Beloved villain 


Although ‘Money Flower’ which ended recently on Feb 3, was filled with the elements of MBC's typical weekend dramas such as birth secrets, fight between chaebols, extra-marital affair and the endless revenge, it earned itself the reputation of a ‘well-made masterpiece’ thanks to PD Kim Hee-won and scriptwriter Lee Myung-Hee's delicate and synergistic effects, as well as the passionate performances of the cast. 

Jang Hyuk and Lee Mi Sook once again proved their names, and Jang Seung Jo, who supported them well, also captivated the attention of the viewers. His vast experiences on the musical stage  burst into flames when he met ‘Jang Boo-cheon’ of ‘Money Flower’. 

On the 8th Feb, I met him at a cafe in Sinsa - dong, Gangnam-gu. The visual and adorable charm of Jang Seung-jo makes one unable to hate Jang Boo-cheon.


◆ It was " 24 episodes, neat and good " 

Jang Seung-jo's character, Jang Boo-cheon, is the eldest grandson of Jang Kook-hwan (Lee Soon-jae) of the Cheong-A Group and the only son of Jung Mal-ran (Lee Mi-sook). Jang Boo-cheon, who grew up this way, subsequently found out that his real father was actually Oh Ki-pyung (Park Jeong-hak). The main theme of ‘Money Flower’ is about Kang Pil-joo (Jang Hyuk), taking revenge against Jang Boo-cheon and his mother.

"I love all the teachers, fellow actors, the director, make-up artists, and staffs who worked with me, I didn't let any of the actors forget to act at a good quality. The staff also worked hard on each scene, and everyone worked well together. "

Unlike the usual weekend drama, 'Money Flower' had a short span of only 24 episodes. So every time the speedy development was unfolded and the audience was thrilled by the unexpected ending. In the end, it exceeded 20% of the audience rating in 20th episode, and it recorded the highest record 23.9% (Nielson Korea standard) in the final episode.


"I never thought it'd be loved like this. Everyone on the set loved it because it went up in ratings every time. I hoped it would turn out well personally, but I'm sure it would have worked out like this. It would have crossed the 30 percent rating for the long run, but I think the 24 series was the best choice. We kept our story clear and neat. " 


◆ "My eyes were on Boo-cheon"

Jang Seung-jo acts as a third generation chaebol who is a little bit like a woman. If you are next to a heavyweight Kang Pil-joo, you will appear to be a light character by contrast. However, it was a major figure that should not be missing from the 'Money Flower'. A villain that can not be hated is born. 


"I was the last to be cast. The director said that the competition over the character Jang Boo-cheon was very high. "I was in the meeting when Bucheon fired up my eyes (laughs). He's not a bad boy by nature, but a poor and forgivable tycoon."
Jang Seung-jo acted mainly opposite seniors including Jang Hyuk, Lee Mi-sook and Lee Soon-jae in the drama. “I’ve been filming dramas for about five years now. The studio itself is the scene of learning. You can be nervous, but I was able to ad-lib and bring out Jang Boo-cheon’s attractiveness with the help of the seniors.”


"Jang Hyuk is an actor whom I wanted to take after so much. His eyes are really great and he is very considerate of his opponents. I was a blessed partner (laugh). He is so cool. He showed me a lot of attitudes toward acting. I was pleased to hear that he pretended to play poker in front of Lee Soon-jae. I was also praised for being a good follower Haha. " 


◆ ‘Money Flower', carved on the bone


Jang Seung-jo has recently received a lot of attention. 'Money Flower' hit the jackpot, increased recognition, and he won the Men's Excellence award at MBC's Drama Awards late last year. Above all, my wife is pregnant and he is going to be a father soon. Jang’s wife is a musical actor, Lina, a member of Heavenly Music.

"My wife cheered me a lot. In the beginning, she told me not to be discouraged when I played with the big players, but in the middle, she cheered me up with fun. Now I'll be good to my real wife. I was originally fully booked for this year, but I cancelled all of my work due to the pregnancy. I'm sorry and thank you. "


When Jang was asked about the genre he wanted to challenge next, the return answer was melachonly genre. Jang explained strongly, "Family and actor work are separate. As an actor, I could feel my passion for acting, just like a newborn”. 

"I want to do everything I can, but now I want to do a lot of emotion. It's not about the depth of your touch, it's about the depth of your love. Since I am no longer young, I cannot afford to keep on playing romantic and light stuff. For me, ‘Money Flower’ is a sculpture. As an actor, I was able to go one step further.  Jang Boo-cheon is like a newborn baby who gave me a new birth as an actor. Thank you very much for giving me such a big love. Happy New Year! "









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One more interview with JH. It's similar to previous ones because I think he was interviewed by several media outlets simultaneously. I tried to make sensible sentences from the google translated version of the Korean article but I'm sure true essence of the answers has been lost. Still there is something interesting about his future plans in the end.  
 Actor Jang Hyuk met the public for more than 20 years. He said he realised that he kept the passion in his chest even though the years had passed through  'money flower'.  In an interview with Herald POP in a café in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Jang Hyuk recently told his stories about the work along with the impressions of MBC drama 'Money Flower' (play Myung Hee Lee, director Kim Hee-won). 
In this work, Jang Hyuk has played the role of  Kang Pil-ju, who goes to the edge of revenge, and performed with young actor Lee Soon-jae (Chang Kook-hwan) and middle-aged actress Mi-sook (real actress). He played a central role in the play with his sense of being unmoved by his breathing with the grandparents. 
Center of image

Jagn  Hyuk said, "It has been 20 years since I started acting, but it was not easy to keep up until now. However, one co-star worked for 40 years and another one worked for 60 years. And they live with passion for acting in the heat. " 
Lee Soon - jae and  Jang Hyuk, combined their performance with Lee Mi - sook. He also admired their enthusiasm and their passion for acting and confessed that he also realised many things. "Those are the one who have experienced what I've experienced form the books throughout my life. Even though the years have passed they still feel the enthusiasm. And then I was wondering what I could at this age and how I could pass it to my juniors. Anyone can have passion but it's not easy to be keep it alive for over 40 years. " 

Center of image

Through working with his senior actors and by taking  this work, Jang Hyuk once again felt that his inside was full of passion. So, what kind of effort did he make to keep the heat going after 20 years of acting life? "I have been passionate. I do not think there should be a degree of 'I will do that much'. I think that I should go forward even if I do not go to the road to get compliments, but I swear I'll. That way, the next step can follow. I have to live my life with acting in the future, but if I stop here, there will be no next steps. I think there is no unconditional advance. I'll be taking other roles will keep moving forward no matter what. " Jang Hyuk, who debuted in 1997 SBS drama 'model' has come steadily after the work activities have created a large number of hits. As a veteran of his 21st year debut this year, he expressed his desire to produce his own work for the new year. "I do not know what will happen in the future, but I also have the desire to create a work. Many years have passed since I started acting, and I have friends who are making things around, and I have friends who write. Of course I am an actor, but I also have a desire to create my own genre.




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One more similar article. I'm waiting for interviews of the female cast members Park Se Young and Lee Mi Sook too. 

Why Jang Hyuk Keeps His Family Life Private


Actor Jang Hyuk works really hard. He stars in movies and dramas and he is often seen in TV shows too. His work always carries a stamp with unique own style and color from historical dramas to comedy to entertainment shows.

He starred in "Money Flower" as Kang Pil-joo and he showed a lot of affection for this drama and his character.

Many wondered why Jang Hyuk would star in a weekend drama because weekend dramas tend to be extreme.

"People asked me why I am starring in a weekend drama. Weekend dramas have different costs and pay, too. However, I just wanted to do it. I liked the character a lot. I wanted to do something like this since "Midas". I didn't choose to star in a weekend drama, I chose to star in "Money Flower"".

"Money Flower" foresaw an extreme turn of event in the story as it was based on the secrets and revenge of a chaebol family. However, "Money Flower" turned out to be better laid out than expected and people complimented the drama.

"Many people call our drama a 'well-made extreme drama'. I don't think it's extreme. I think it's based on possibilities. The story is fake, but it relates to many things. Every single character appears again throughout the drama and I can feel just how much attention the writer put into the script".

Jang Hyuk debuted in the 1997 SBS drama "Model" and he's been acting for 21 years now. He says the military was his turning point in life.

"I have to say the military [was a turning point] because I got married, had children, and turned into my 30s. Everything happened between my 20s and 30s. Then again, every point of my life can be a turning point depending on how you think about it. I think that applies to everyone else and not just me".

Jang Hyuk is still called Rapper TJ. He was on stage as a rapper once and that 'past' is still mentioned today. Luckily, he doesn't think of it as an embarrassing past.


"It's not embarrassing if you think about the gap in generation. Many actors starred in music videos between the 90s and the millennium as part of their acting profile. They would make their image through music videos and created diverse possibilities of character. So I decided to make an album. Rapper TJ is still being mentioned and I still talk about it, for 10 years now".

Jang Hyuk has had almost no absence. Why does he work so hard? He says that's how he is.

"Some people just need a break to find their own rhythm. However, I don't think I'm 'working' when I'm acting. I take breaks. People usually work 365 days a year, but they do it. I take one or two months off every now and then and I prepare myself for the next character. I think people my age to expand themselves by starring in many dramas and movies. I want to expand my spectrum, that's why I'm working so hard. Even an athlete who's been to more games does better".

He's been acting for 21 years, but he's never once revealed his family. He has three children and his love for his wife is widely known, but he's never brought them out on TV.

"I am used to being a public figure, but I don't know what my children are going to be in the future. So I want to give them an option. I don't want to open my kids to the public and have their future decided for them. I want them to decide what they want".


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I suspect this will be the closest we'll ever get to a K version of Nirvana in Fire and the Count of Monte Cristo. It occurred to me even in those early episodes how Count of Monte Cristo-like the narrative was. A child presumed dead who had taken on another identity and even went to prison in some else's stead. Then a long-term revenge plan involving large sums of money and public officials. Certainly it was riddled with overused K drama tropes like birth secrets, chaebol infighting and psychotic ridiculously ambitious mothers but unlike your run-of-the-mill weekend makjang, this was masterfully achieved. The acting, the writing, the direction were all top notch but there's no doubt that this series belonged to the wonderful Jang Hyuk who after Beautiful Mind and Money Flower has cemented his place as the best K actor of his generation. He was mesmerizing... absolutely mesmerizing... from start to finish. He made every single moment of every single scene matter. His Kang Pil Joo was both an enigma and an open book. For those who saw him as their running dog he was an enigma but for those of us fortunate to be privy to his inner life, he was a lonely but determined soul carrying the weight of death on his shoulders. 


I think I was hooked practically from the start constantly wondering what KPJ was up to... what his endgame was... how he would extricate himself from a very tight corner that he would inevitably find himself in. His patience... his doggedness (no pun intended) was inhuman. Except for Grandpa, I don't even if anyone else was even in his league. As the old chairman himself soon realised, KPJ was the true successor of his indomitable spirit. All the other actors were good but they were playing pretty much standard stock characters from your weekend family fare... the usurping imposter, the ruthless patriarch gleefully looking on while he wavers on the succession issue, the highly driven mother, who would do anything for her child, the good girl that's exploited, a public figure who falls from grace, backstabbing relatives, children born out of wedlock etc etc. But KPJ seemed to be above the fray. His apparent god-like ubiquity were our ears and eyes into the self-inflicted insanity of the fabulously wealthy driven by a ludicrous sense of entitlement. Luckily it seemed, KPJ was streets ahead of almost everyone and yet Hyukkie was able to imbue the character with so much humanity.


Even though he was largely painted as an anti-hero, I don't know if there was ever a time I was never on his side. Even when he helped orchestrate BC and MH's marriage, and convinced Congressman Na to work with the family, I always thought that ultimately everyone made their own choices. I don't doubt they were manipulated to some degree but if the desire/greed hadn't been there, he wouldn't have had much sway. Certainly I had a lot of sympathy for MH who was largely an innocent in all of this. However, I realise that monsters are made and in this the old chairman definitely has a lot to answer for. On top of that, his lack of self-awareness is galling.


The one thing I learnt from KPJ is that patience is truly a virtue. Maybe one of the most important ones especially in a day and age of instant-everything. Nobody waits much for anything anymore. But KPJ waited 20 years to finally expose Exec Jung for being the villain she truly was and reveal to Grandpa his true identity. But almost everyone else was anxious for things to happen quickly, take short-cuts without laying the groundwork that he did mainly because they feel entitled to as a birthright. Exec. Jung may have thought she was raising a dog to do her bidding but she relied so heavily on the dog to do the thinking for her that it turned around and bit her hard.


There's nothing pleasant about revenge. It's nasty and all kinds of innocent people get hurt but the thing I appreciate most about Money Flower is that in his bid for vengeance KPJ never entirely loses his head or his humanity... thus paving a road to redemption for himself. I was wondering about the stabbing scene at the end and the abruptness of it. In the end I could only conclude that it signalled a death to KPJ but the rebirth of JEC... a new beginning with no hidden agenda... just a gifted businessman looking for a fresh start professionally and maybe relationally too.


At the end of the day, KPJ was able to tear down a rotting house of cards because the superstructure had been weakened by corrupt practices. Like Mei Chang Su in Nirvana in Fire, he often used the weaknesses/sins of others to let them hang themselves.

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