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Go Seung Ji

[Drama 2017-2018] Money Flower 돈 꽃

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@jongski - agree.

Jang hyuk looks hot- he takes care of himself well- exercise, boxing etc. 

Sy also very photogenic and her stylist is doing a great job, she looks very fashionable 

Looking forward to tonight's show :)

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'Money Flower' Jang Hyuk, Park Se-young


MBC's new project "Money Flower" released still photos of the main characters Jang Hyuk (Kang Pil-Joo) and Park Se-young (Na Mo-Hyun).


Kang Pil-joo is a complicated character who hides love and controls love. It forms a dangerous triangle with environmental activist Na Mo Hyun (Park Se-young) dreaming of fateful love, and Jang Boo-cheon (Jang Seung Jo) who is a no-brainer tycoon.


One of the photographs shows a drunken Park Se-young and calm Jang Hyuk. In the photograph, Park Se-young leans on Jang Hyuk's back and rests her head on Jang Hyuk's shoulder. While performing the acting performance, it showed a charm and a pure charm.


In another photo, Jang Hyuk is carrying a bare-handed actor Park Se-young. Unlike the cool character shown previously, here he seems to be warm and caring . The complex subtle eyes and facial expressions for Park Se-young led to the audience's curiosity.


According to UFO Productions, a producer of 'Money flower', the shot is a scene that symbolizes a fatal love story in the play. The contrast between Jang Hyuk, who conceals his beloved mind, and Park Se - young 's character, who dreams of fateful love.


The compatibility of the two is the best of the best. Jang Hyuk and Park Se-young acted in KBS-2TV 'Beautiful Mind' last year. After more than a year, they are reunited in "Money flower" and a couple is popping up. It is inevitable that viewers will be attracted to the love line of 'money flower'.


Money Flower will premiere today (11th) at 8:45 pm, two episodes a week every Saturday.









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Jang Seung-Jo turns into a chaebol


Actor Jang Seung-Jo is on MBC weekend special project 'Money flower' .


The drama depicting the desire and love of the human race that is dominated by money  (written by Lee Myung-hee, director Hee Won Kim, production UFO Productions). In the drama, the fate of Kang Pil-joo (Jang Hyuk), who holds the power of a big business (Cheong-ha Group), unfolds.


Jang Seung-jo recently acted in MBC's morning drama ' Teacher Oh-Soon Nam', which ended recently. Here, he is the eldest grandson of the founder of the Cheong-ah group, Jang Kook-hwan (Lee Soon-jae), and the son of Mal-Ran (LeenMi-Sook). Jang Boo-cheon has all kinds of good looks and financial power, but he does not have any important skills. 


Jang Seung-jo changed from head to toe into an attractive chaebol in this drama, donning luxury fashion. I expressed Jang Boo-cheon with a full face and full of fluffy eyes. It was also equipped with a loveliness that I could not hate even if I did it.


Acting with Jang Hyuk is also fantastic. Jang Seung-jo act as Jang Boo-cheon who is the boss of Kang Pil-joo (Jang Hyuk) and also his best friend, but actually he will be used as a bait by Kang Pil-joo to attain his desires. Both of them show perfect chemistry though they are acting together for the first time. He will also be entangled with Na Mo-hyun (Park Se-young) and his secret lover Yoon Seo-won (Han So-hee).


The production team of the "Money flower" said, "Jang Seung-Jo had a perfect smile on Jang Boo-cheon's character. "You can see the deadly chaebol who is a lady-killer."


'Money Flower' will be broadcasted at 8:45 pm on November 11.







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Jang Hyuk talks ahout the Respect He Has For Park Se Young

Two amazing actors have reunited for the upcoming KBS weekend drama “Money Flower.”

On November 7, MBC’s upcoming drama held its press conference; the entire main cast along with director Kim Hee Won were present for the event.

Actors Jang Hyuk and Park Se Young had previously worked together on KBS’s “Beautiful Mind” well over a year ago, this is their second project




Jang Hyuk talked about reuniting with Park Se Young whom he had nothing but praise for, he said,

“Me and Park Se Young have worked on a good drama in the past, back then I thought she was a sincere actress. Her mind is always open, when a senior gives her an advice she reflects it in her acting right away. I have fond memories with her.”




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Money Flower is first on naver search. On Daum too with Jang Hyuk no. 3 and Se Yong no. 5. i guess we got a good reaction in SK

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