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[Taiwanese Drama 2018] Tree in the River / Animal Type Lovers, 動物系戀人啊

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Animal Type Lovers




Original title: 動物系戀人啊

Director: Winiie (in thime with you)

Type: web Romance

Episodes: 20

Airtime: March 29, 2018

Network: Sohu



A group of young urbanites search for love and romance, but the unique twist is that their characters have animalistic traits.
Chu Zhi He who's a goodie two shoes and Wang Da Shu who has a personality that is rigid and sturdy like a tree learn to grow together as they fall in love. Like the show's namesake, animal behavior is quite representative of human nature. Take the giraffe and the squirrelfor example, they are a metaphor for two very different people who find a way to coexist.



Sonia Sui

Mike He

Gillian Chung,

Ray Chang,

Allison Lin


source: koalasplayground.com




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Aw~ I thought Mike He & Sonia Sui were going to have a loveline here but...nope. The drama isn't bad, it's ok. I've only watched 3ep. so far.. I'm glad it's just over 30min an ep. Makes for a more breezy watch. 

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I thought this series was so interesting.  Watched it on dramafever before it went under but not sure where it’s available now.  It was a bit painful to endure the countdown, but I guess T-dramas like to try to be unique and talk about more modern topics.  Sonia Sui’s storyline was the best part of this series.

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