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[Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] The Left Ear, 左耳

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The Left Ear


photo Ear 66.jpg


original title:  左耳

Release Date: 2017
Genre: Romance, Youth
Network: Anhui TV
Episodes: 40 (45min)
Original Novel: The Left Ear by Rao Xue Man
Related Content: The Left Ear (Movie)
Production Company: Yilin Media
Producer: Li Xiao Biao
Director: Chen Hui Ling
Screenwriter: Rao Xue Man
Filming Location: Zhoushan, Hangzhou, Beijing



High school student Li Er crushes on her outstanding classmate, Xu Yi. However, Xu Yi is mesmerized by Li Ba La, who's somehow involved with his rival, Zhang Yang. After a series of events, Li Er becomes good friends with Ba La. The story examines the relationships and misunderstandings between their families and friends. After graduation, the news of Ba La's death changes everything.


Main Cast:

 Mi Mi,

Zheng Kai,

Jacob Hwang,

Ma Yin Yin


Source: mydramalist

trailer (avirtualvoyage)


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photo Ear 82.jpg

photo Ear 89.jpg

Male lead Zhang Yang is played by Zheng Kai 2 (I added 2 because we have Run Brother‘s Ryan Zheng Kai as well).

photo Ear 76.jpg

photo Ear 75.jpg

photo Ear 93.jpg

photo Ear 94.jpg

Bar girl is played Ma Yin Yin.

photo Ear 84.jpg

photo Ear 88.jpg

photo Ear 74.jpg

photo Ear 73.jpg

Good boy turned bad is played by Huang Ren De (The Four Horsemen).

photo Ear 90.jpg

photo Ear 80.jpg

Amelie Xu Ling Yue as Jiang Jiao, the girl who provides money flow to our poor hero and acts like a possessive girlfriend.

photo Ear 92.jpg

Nerdy four eyes is Zhou You as You Ta, female lead’s protective cousin.

photo Ear 87.jpg

photo Ear 83.jpg

photo Ear 79.jpg

photo Ear 77.jpg

photo Ear 81.jpg

photo Ear 85.jpg

photo Ear 86.jpg

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