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[Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] My Love from the Ocean, 来自海洋的你,

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My Love From the Ocean


Resultado de imagen para 来自海洋的你



Release Date: TBA
Status: Filming since June 2017
Main Cast: Li Hong Yi, Zhou Yu Tong
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Network: TBA
Episodes: 30

Production Company: Tencent, Hongquan Pictures
Director: Wu Qiang
Filming Location: Xiamen


The mermaid princess makes a bet with her father that she will be able to find love. Therefore, she plans to go on land and meets a surfer who “rescues” her from the water. She immediately falls for him and ends up going to his school while hiding her true identity.


Li Hong Yi

Zhou Yu Tong


source: mydramalist

source: mydramalist


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