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[Web Chinese Drama 2017] Beloved Enemy, 决对争锋


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It's interesting to see all these actors promoting what we all know is a "government friendly" version of the show, well knowing there's another version made. All the more fascinating is that they probably have more skin contact on these variety shows that are live than actually in the series and that's ... perfectly okay? 

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So like what @Wotad asked....is there a BL version? meaning they either filmed 2 versions or one is edited until non-BL.

Ok, my impression is they only film it one way, this tame, more brotherly feel. For the BTS and interview clips, they are more daring and fool around more.



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On 23/08/2017 at 2:59 PM, meifang89 said:

From their interview it's revealed apparently Shang Bai unusual name not his real name, he got it from a Master 大师 he met. He likes it so much that's why he used it :)


Here are more infos from Weibo and YouTube about Shang Bai who plays the main character Gu Qing Pei in "Beloved Enemy": 

* His Weibo account : @上白小叔儿 Direct Link : https://www.weibo.com/zhaojunshitaiyang?profile_ftype=1&is_all=1#_rnd1505602856721


* His real name is Zhao Jun. His stage name is Shang Bai that he indeed got from a Master. His birth date is May 3, 1990. He is now 27. He graduated from Acting Department of Nanjing Arts Institute in 2012. Shang Bai is a very versatile actor who played different roles. He starred in some historical dramas, such as "Marshal Peng Dehuai". He played the son of Mao Zedong: Mao Anying (the historical side of the role and not its political side since it is a tender subject in China and not just what people can do ; Shang Bai played the role while preserving his own purity as an actor, he did it without any stain), so we can conclude that the actor's own personality is noble and serious. He also starred in some literary films, such as the film "The Old Man" which was invited by the 2017 Rotterdam International Film festival. In addition, he also did the Snickers ads. Shang Bai will star in two other movies out in October 2017. Here are pics of the roles Shang Bai plays in his new movies :









And here are screencaps of the movies he played in last year :












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@pygmalion30 Thank you very much for the information and gorgeous pictures :) I have seen his weibo but not found his real name (my bad Chinese) :tongue: Like you said he is pure, noble and serious actor who chooses role which a real challenge to his acting skills. I hope we can see his 2 new movies later. 



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Ya, Shang Bai got some acting experience in serious roles....regardless of small or big roles. Think his presence in this drama probably benefit his less-experienced co-stars.




Sidetrack abit....the author of the novel of which this drama is adapted from....is 水千丞 Shui Qian Cheng. Someone made a fan-made teaser of his other BL novel 娘娘腔 Niang Niang Qiang (loosely translated as Sissy voice).


I only know the general storyline as one arrogant fierce guy knew this very shy and introverted guy from young....then they met up yrs later and the 1st guy aggressively pursued the 2nd guy even hurting him in the process....mmm...quite a typical char setup.


The teaser got scenes of popular actors from their own dramas....quite nicely linked together. William Chan and Li Yifeng acted as these both 2 chars. TFboys' Wang Junkai and Wu Lei as their younger version. Wallace Huo as someone who also pursued Li Yifeng's char.




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【遇见足球城】上白cut UP主: Shangbai_上白资源博 http://www.bilibili.com/video/av14035864


【上白】20170113红烧牛肉面广告 UP主: Shangbai_上白资源博 http://www.bilibili.com/video/av13748086


【上白】【顾景舟】顾景舟电影宣传片 UP主: Shangbai_上白资源博 http://www.bilibili.com/video/av13753440


上白小叔儿的广告 UP主: 新不了旧 http://www.bilibili.com/video/av13746692

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Just started this! I'm completely in love with this show already. Both are superb actors (AND THEY ARE BOTH SO HOT. I CAN'T EVEN DECIDE WHO IS HOTTER!!), with great on-screen chemistry. 


I don't like the fact that they took a BL novel, advertise it as BL and it's bromance that you need to read between the lines and squint to find. Not saying I don't enjoy every single aspect of this show (and now I'm off to read the novel) but meh. xP 

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