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[Official Thread] Wu Yi Fan aka Kris Wu


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Guest HildaP

sis@YusMY we all feel the same way. That is your heart talking. Lets hope nothing else happens to any of them,I don't think we would be able to stand it. I know that would be the end of Kpop for me. Im giving too much of my heart,emotions to our guys.

             Oh gosh, this is too much >~< ♥


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FALSE!! Denied by YueHwa! → 

More re: "Kris found to have been in contact with top Chinese agency 'YUEHWA' " (sportsworld/naver article)

The most recent article by iQiyi, posted at 5.36pm KST today 5/30 http://www.weibo.com/1779850265/B6HmZ1uQ9?mod=weibotime , states that they have contacted YueHwa, which has denied this news.

In this news report, http://www.56.com/u40/v_MTE1MjM5NzI1.html released a day after Heechul's statement on Kris in War of Words, it clearly says: "There has been news that before ending his contract, Wu Yi Fan already made plans for his next step, to join Hangeng's company, but Hangeng's company denied this news."
Also, the report went on to say that there was no news of Kris joining any new company, and even his participation in Xu Jinglei's film was unconfirmed. 

Despite (according to the source of this rumor) contacting a top Chinese company, this news was released by the Korean media, and no Chinese news agency has had firsthand information.

Chinese news sites which have reported the info (most likely for the reason to gain viewership) have listed Korean sites as their sources.
Sina: http://ent.sina.com.cn/y/k/2014-05-30/14134150921.shtml (source: BNT)
韩国me2day: http://www.weibo.com/2482557597/B6FJbl4ra?mod=weibotime (source: sportsworld)

The source of the article is a Korean media outlet, one of the first few to publish an article siding with SM after the Kris lawsuit broke out. The goal of publishing this article here is to stir up further anti-Kris sentiments, as seen in the top comments here http://t.co/hMsyCCrqqg, where he is being labeled as a "traitor" and "betrayer".

The author of the news article (http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=shm&sid1=106&oid=396&aid=0000207517) , 김용호 기자 cassel@sportsworldi.com , is twitter user @charogne6 https://twitter.com/charogne6 , and you can see that he's very pro-SM.
[cr: AnnieHSJ]

Do you think really think SM is innocent??

cr. becca

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Guest HildaP

Hello everyone....I was looking at some photos of EXO and I found this one of Kris,it took my breath away. I miss seeing him,I miss his silliness,I miss him,period. This is for sis@yoyo_icecube who is Kris number one fan.


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SM/Reporters who are pro-SM will do anything in their means to make Kris look bad and SM/EXO is the victim...well! like I always reiterate before....no one knows the truth nothing but the truth except for Kris himself...or probably some EXO members....

i dont believe what ever the press statement given out by SM/EXO...that's media play....to calm down the situation while finding ways to strategise and attack Kris. i dont think EXO is allowed to SPEAK THEIR MIND (if you know what i mean....) If they are...then SM might be in the deep s**t..

for me....If EXO feels betrayed by Kris' action....Fans feels betrayed by EXO's fake smile?!! they can smile & laugh...but deep down in their heart...?

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we need your help.. 
these are wuyifan's anti instagram account.. we need your help to report them!! please... need your little time to report these accounts

There are several IDs on instagram which are posting anti-WYF content.
Please help to report them!



(at the time of making this post, it seems like they have deleted any wyf related content, leaving only 2 xiumin pictures, but as can be seen from the comments, they have definitely posted anti wyf content before)



instagram.com/mr.dulgi (there are no posts but they keep on liking the wuyifan_fuck_you's posts)








cr. flowerioo and becca

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sorry, i double posted. as you can see... there's alot of fanfan's anti accounts right now.. i hope alot of fans can help us to report on these accounts.. 
please do us a favor, even if you dont like fanfan anymore, please remember all the good memories that he left for us.. 

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Guest luehoney

What the hell??? How can they do that!!! waaa... so easy for them to forget Kris.. all the memories we shared with him... If you don't like him anymore, then just stay quiet and support the other 11 members! Don't need to bash on Kris and made an anti account.. you're just wasting your time..

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Is there any news regarding Kris' whereabouts or health? Is he really sick??
I think his decisions to leave SM has reasons, too bad people only saw the final result not some things behind them :(

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Guest dhebbie2t

Oh My God there were a lot   [-(

These people have nothing to do, instead hurt other feelings....

Why don't they just do their own stuff... aigoo

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Guest jelly89

@malamolly &  @HildaP Thanks for the Kris' pics you posted.   Kris is such a gorgeous guy honestly. 

Well I hope we can get news from Kris soon....I've been missing him a lot....I'm resorting to watching old EXO-M interviews lately.  I've watch Showtime few times...am I going crazy?  hope not. hahaha.    Hope he's well ....

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Kris just updated his Weibo...his updated with 3 sun emoticon....good to see that he's well and alive...regardless of where he is now....all i want to know that he's alive...

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Guest HildaP

good morning everyone,hope all are doing well. WELCOME to @Jelly89  and @mtp1nk . Good news about Kris but Im going to be cautious about any news of Kris. Is he legally still under contract with SM? He is free to make any choices after he gets released,right or wrong? Does anyone Knows?  

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Sis @HildaP ...good morning to you....and good nite to us...whose on the other side of the world...kih kih kih...what time now in your country....ours now almost 11pm...

speaking of Kris...we are happy to know that he's still alive..

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