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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] Goodbye My Princess, 东宫

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Posted (edited)
42 minutes ago, Lynne said:

@chsaf IKR???

actually sometimes I want to say.. "what is sub for a c drama watcher" because we already share a common language... that is "Go cry!!!" that's all we need to understand haha...




The drama made me feel like I experienced the heartbreak. It's like I can't live anymore. Sigh what happened to me. :cries:



Great acting from the whole cast and an engaging story despite heavy political issues and some gaps here and there.


Edit: I will be torturing myself yet again, I just paid for VPN hahaha and started watching Ep 1 on viki. Seeing LCY in the water already making my eyes teary omg! Thank you Director's cut! :yaaa:


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4 hours ago, chsaf said:

Too bad it's restricted in my region. I badly want to see the uncut version. 


The 55 Episode Director's Cut version is now also available at MZTV Exclusive Chinese Drama YouTube Channel with English subtitles. 

Link to Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpghCOjR4Qqqnyhqdk6xti-qcnUGn8DY_


They are currently in the process of uploading the episodes. So far, they have Ep. 1-43 available and are uploading new episodes each week. 

I do not know what regions the YouTube is  liscensed, but you can try it. Good Luck!


EDIT: I see you are using VPN. I am glad you found a solution. 


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