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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Dear Prince 亲爱的王子大人

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Chinese title: 亲爱的王子大人/ Qing Ai De Wang Zi Da Ren
English title: Dear Prince

Genre: Comedy, Modern, Romance

Episodes: 18

Director: Yu Zhong Zhong

Broadcast Period: August 30, 2017


Zhang Yu Xi

Melvin Sia

Chloe Zhao Yi Huan

Chen Zi You

Du Yan

Yang Qi Yu


It’s the moment that she has been waiting for all her life. Sun Xiao Tao (Zhang Yu Xi) is the biggest fan of idol singer Zhou Yi Ran (Run Chen). Her biggest wish has been to attend one of Yi Ran’s concerts, and she is finally able to realize her dream by going to a concert in Japan.

But Xiao Tao accidentally runs into Jiang Hao (Melvin Sia), and her concert ticket gets ripped. How will Xiao Tao and Jiang Hao’s fates become entangled now?

(Source: Viki)

Dear Prince 亲爱的王子大人 Viki Episodes

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Additional Links:

Dear Prince 亲爱的王子大人 Viki Episodes

Dear Prince 亲爱的王子大人 Raw Episodes


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raws 1-2


you watch the next episodes in that YT channel


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I started watching this drama and I got to say, it's kind of like a typical chinese drama with some twists and turns but it's not bad. I just want to know what will happen soon. 



Jung Hao is still in a coma, but it looks like he opened his eyes at end of ep. 16... So I can't wait till tomorrow to find out if he is back or not. Sadly, I hope they don't dive into the aspect of having memory problems. 



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Not sure how I feel about this drama, it's kind of nonsensical but a light watch? The lead girl looks Pan-Asian or as some observe, look...Thai? I only know Melvin from the cast.

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