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[Drama 2017] Temperature of Love 사랑의 온도

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I'm happy to see there's a lot chingus here.  When YSJ OCN drama DUEL was airing a month ago, only several where and stayed till the end of drama.

I'm glad that YSJ got this lead. He is such an expressive impressive rookie actor. If you watched Duel, you would know what I mean. He'll likely win rookie of the year at the up coming drama awards. He deserve it.. Either him or Jang Dong Yoon (for Solomon's Perjury). Again with several big name starts doing Military Service, I'm glad we have future stars of kdrama and movies.

I like Kim Jae Wook, But I prefer him to have a lead role in different  type of drama. A different genre.

I'm satisfied with YSJ as lead and YSJ second lead. What I would just like YSJ to end with JBA and SHJ to end with KJW.

One more thing. I would like to see YSJ character with his Duel (Sunghoon) character hairstyle. Seriously, I prefer actors just stay with black hair. Ohmigosh so mundane post but.. there you. Because..hair matters too. Ha ha :D

Thank you for all updates chingus. I'll be waiting for the drama.

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Ow, SHJ is babying YSJ. I'm sure she'll have chemistry with both guys. But I'm getting secondlead syndrome fr the script reading stills. Hope the story can change my mind.

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From the first script reading

Seo Hyun-jin said, "It is Seo Hyun-jin who plays Lee Hyun-soo." She said, "Please give me a lot of expectations and love me."

Pio participated in his first drama, and he received applause for his cute rap scene.  He said, "Do you want to rap here?", "It sounds a bit strange."



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August 25 2017

First script reading for SBS drama series “Temperature of Love”


First script reading for upcoming SBS drama series “Temperature of Love” (literal title) took place July, 2017 at SBS Studio in Tanhyun, Ilsan, South Korea. At the first script reading, main cast members including Seo Hyun-Jin, Yang Se-Jong, Kim Jae-Wook, Jo Bo-Ah, Lee Mi-Sook and P.O (‘Block B’) all attended. The first script reading began with Director Nam Gun stating “I am honored to work with you actors, actresses and staff members” and Seo Hyun-Jin playfully stating “I will work hard to see you all with a smile when we have the after party” (an after party is usually held after filming finishes).

“Temperature of Love” first airs September 18, 2017 in South Korea.






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Thanks for the script reading pictures @mademoisellesia

My second lead looking happy! :wub: Wish he didn't cut his hair for the drama.



@d3in oh yes I saw SHJ babying shy YSJ there. :lol:





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YAY ..... !!!!! Script reading pictures.... !!! Thanks for posting them here. Nice ! Nice ! .... Lots of energy from the cast especially SHJ and YSJ relishing their roles. I like the laughter and this makes for a friendly environment. I think the script has many comedic lines and actions judging from the bursts of laughter.

Curious to know who the rapper is . Anyone ?

Eye contact..... !!! Hand patting .... !!1 All good !! It means that are they are comfortable with each other and will go into their characters very well.


And check out the body language ...... they are leaning towards each other and their smiles are genuine . There are no barriers regarding, status, age or the fact that YSJ is in his first lead role. SHJ is an exceptional actress and YSJ is a newly discovered talent. They will deliver. Hope the comic scenes race along a good plot.


On 8/22/2017 at 11:50 AM, supergal99 said:


Aw man...looks sooo 'juicy'...ops!:grimace:

  Reveal hidden contents



Ahhh... ok ... Cold vs Hot. Calling our Doc... (SHJ's ex partner):wacko:

Mmm... yess... agree with u Mr Manly looks less 'chubby' now:glasses:


@supergal99...... Good one. Your gifs always make me laugh from OHY to RDTK  to Introverted Boss ... haha.

Psssssttt...... I enjoy the ones of Yoon Woo Jin taking off his clothes before diving into the pool and his crazy dance.

This gif is funny. Dr Kang was so jealous he wasn't making any sense..... !! YSJ was good too , good timing with SHJ.




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Seo Hyun Jin, Yang Se Jong, Block B’s P.O, And More Hold First Script Reading For Upcoming Drama


Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong‘s upcoming drama, “Temperature of Love” (working title), recently revealed photos from its first script reading.

The read-through was held last month at the SBS building in Ilsan. The upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama was written by Ha Myung Hee and will be directed by Nam Gun, both of whom were present at the reading. Also in attendance were cast members Seo Hyun Jin, Yang Se Jong, Kim Jae Wook, Jo Bo Ah, Lee Mi Sook, Jung Ae Ri, Sun Woo Jae Duk, Hwang Suk Jung, Song Young Kyu, Gil Eun Hye, Ji Il Joo, Lee Cho Hee, Ryu Jin, Choi Sung Jae, Cha In Ha, and Block B’s P.O.




Director Nam Gun opened the read-through with the statement, “It’s an honor to work with these second-to-none actors and production staff.”

Seo Hyun Jin said, “I will work hard so that everyone can smile at the wrap party.” The actress plays a drama writer named Lee Hyun Soo and synchronized well with her honest, confident, but lovably quirky personality. Yang Se Jong, who plays the chef Ohn Jung Sun, was able to walk the line between falling in love and keeping a careful distance as the script required.

Kim Jae Wook plays Park Jung Woo, a businessman and luxury item collector with good manners and a good sense of humor. During the read-through, the actor showed off his excellent Japanese language skills. Jo Bo Ah, who plays Ji Hong Ah, a woman born with a golden spoon in her mouth but who aims to be a writer and cherishes her friendship with Lee Hyun Soo.

Lee Mi Sook plays Yang Se Jong’s mother, while Jung Ae Ri and Sun Woo Jae Duk play Seo Hyun Jin’s parents.

After the read-through ended on a positive vibe, Nam Gun said, “The script promises big laughs so I think the drama will be good as a result.”

“Temperature of Love” is about a man and a woman who dated and broke up due to mismatched timing in what they wanted out of their love lives. When they meet again, they try to work out the “optimal temperature” of love.



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3 hours ago, supergal99 said:

:grimace:Woah @lavender2love ...u are soooooo kind to me as usual.  Yess....our shy boss' s Hot 'moments' is more exciting than the recent solar eclipse ya? Haaa  juz joking... hopefully we get to check out some Hot scenes here too...*cough* was looking at the character info then... saw some words:


OMGosh....... @supergal99 the circled word " make love " made me jump. Whaaaattt ??? So fast ? Like RDTK first hot kiss in first episode.....? haha. On further reading it seems they had dated before but broke up and now ready to gauge the temperature of their love. ( Bed scene would score a melting point hotness.... misunderstanding would be bbrrrrr..... freezing point  ) Also is there a double meaning ( secret ) that they had a boy-friend-girl-friend or intimate relationship before but she found him too young so they broke up but actually that " boy " is or had turned out to be an attractive and manly man ? It says there is a secret to Jung Sun's leaving ? Earlier there was a description of him being emotionally scarred by his mother. Bad ... !!!!

Hahahaha......... thank you . You are witty. i loveeeeeeeeeeee it. So cuteeeeee. Is he cooking or drumming or clapping crazily ? Look at them syncing !!! He's putting his heart into it. Go Go Go ....... YSJ.



Thank you @larus for the write up. It's interesting to note that the script reading had a good outcome and promises ....... " big laughs ". I'm ready for belly ache laughter.

" After the read-through ended on a positive vibe, Nam Gun said, “The script promises big laughs so I think the drama will be good as a result.”

“Temperature of Love” is about a man and a woman who dated and broke up due to mismatched timing in what they wanted out of their love lives. When they meet again, they try to work out the “optimal temperature” of love."

Hope the love temperature is as sizzling as irresistible-grilling-hot BBQ meat. Love and food have the same yumminess.

I like the look he's giving his love interest........


Give me your hand . We can jump start the relationship by holding hands .




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Hot and cold romance begins at Temperature of Love’s first script read

by tineybeanie



Are y’all ready for a noona romance this fall? Because I know I definitely am. Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim costars Seo Hyun-jin and Yang Se-jong (Duel) just reunited at the first script reading for their upcoming drama Temperature of Love, a romantic comedy featuring a love story between an aspiring screenwriter and a renowned chef. The title refers to how being in a relationship requires that you balance the temperature of your passion with your partner’s and manage the timing of your feelings well. According to reports, there was an endless stream of laughter at the first script read due to all the funny scenes.

Seo Hyun-jin plays the wannabe drama writer who has a refreshingly blunt and honest personality; she’s a bright, lovable character with a quirky side to her. Michelin-star chef Yang Se-jong will instinctively love her, but because of his respect for her, he doesn’t dare approach her and ends up unwittingly setting up a fine boundary line between them. Initially, the two main characters have different levels of ardor toward each other and mismatched timing which leads to a breakup, but when they reunite, they learn to adapt to each other and come to the same temperature of love.


Along the way, there are obstacles that complicate the pair’s journey in love, like our two second leads. Kim Jae-wook (Voice) plays a talent agency CEO who knows how to spot quality when he sees it, and Jo Boa (The Man Living in Our House) plays an attention-seeking rich girl who has a tender side for Seo Hyun-jin’s character. I’m so excited for Kim Jae-wook’s comeback, although after seeing these stills, I can already start to feel the stirrings of Second Lead Syndrome coming on.

Also present were the leads’ parents: Lee Mi-sook (Jealousy Incarnate), who plays Yang Se-jong’s mother, and Jung Ae-ri (Good Person) and Sunwoo Jae-duk (Strongest Deliveryman), who play Seo Hyun-jin’s parents.

I’m also looking forward to performances from supporting cast members Ji Il-joo (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju), Ryu Jin (Run Jang-mi), and Lee Cho-hee(Mirror of the Witch), who’ve been excellent in the secondary roles I’ve seen them in. It’s a strong cast down to the minor characters, so fingers crossed that there’s plenty of chemistry on set.
































Temperature of Love will be helmed by Doctors writer Ha Myung-hee and Jackpot PD Nam Gun, and produced by Pan Entertainment. It’s on the fall schedule as a Monday-Tuesday drama that will air on SBS starting September, after the end of Falsify.


Via dramabeans

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9 hours ago, lavender2love said:

Filming for the afternoon treat..... !! Very casual style. Probably their own dressing.



They (Hyun soo (shj) and Jung sun (ysj)) belong to the same running club. So assumed they wore sweatsuits

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I would like to see the chemistry between ~SeoHyunJin & KimJaeWook since this is their first collaboration and  also bromance(hopefully there is) between YangSeJong & KimJaeWook in the drama. 

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2 hours ago, fallinlovewithHJ said:


They (Hyun soo (shj) and Jung sun (ysj)) belong to the same running club. So assumed they wore sweatsuits


You mean as in real life ? They have a lot more in common then and that can easily translate into a delicious hot sweet and sour dish of a romance. I want to see YSJ in his first lead role portraying a sizzling chemistry with SHJ ( Lee Hyun Soo )  He " lost"  Dr Yoon  to Dr Kang so it's payback time for Dr Do to give a great performance to create good romance in TOL. I'm mentioning this because he was good in RDTK. Next to HSK,  I enjoyed watching YSJ the most. I love SHJ eating style apart from her kissing  ( grilled clams, dry bread , ramen ... whatever.. !!! I hope food is going to light up my screen , maybe, just maybe they kiss across a bowl of soup.... and then slurp it down with more kisses. Not messy given their expertise. Wink .... !!! PD you got that ?

  Hmmnnnn......... I've been reading  a lot, and I mean a LOT about fans rooting for the second male lead. Why ? Am I missing something ? Will he upstart the lead ? We'll see. Writer please don't lead us to a messy 3rd party relationship.

This scene captures my imagination.

First, nice shirt with mandarin collar and eight buttons ... !!! Rolled up sleeves... nice !! Check the veins on his hand .... manly !!! Or too much pressure exerted on the knife like apprentice chefs? What's he cooking ? Making a salad ?

Quality shiny wine glasses. the light bounces off. The glass wine holder is a beaut, same with the ice bowl. But the bell peppers are so plastic.... ackkk !!

The counter top looks inadequate.... one burner and a PORTABLE one. Helloo.... isn't it a Michelin class restaurant ? Cooking is an art. Need more than 2 gleaming pans.

Love the backdrop..... the bird cage against the blinds... in earthy colour... Lovely !

Window display is charming with a tiny cute watering can .

That's all folks..... just having a bout of ennui . Pardon me.



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