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[Drama 2017] Temperature of Love 사랑의 온도


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SBS Drama 2017

Temperature of Love 사랑의 온도WE47390066_ori.jpg




Drama: Temperature of Love

Hangul: 사랑의 온도

Genre: romantic-comedy

Network: SBS

Episodes: 40 (2 episodes of 35 minutes each day)

Director: Nam Gun (The Royal Gambler)

Writer: Ha Myung-Hee (Can We Get Married? A Word from Warm Heart, High Society, Doctors) (novel & screenplay)

Release Date: September 18, 2017- November 21, 2017

Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 22:00 (following drama Falsify)

Production Company:

OST: part 1 SeungHee (승희) - You Are

part 2 Eunha (은하) - 사랑 ing


part 4 Bonggu - It Has To Be You

part 5 스텔라장 (Stella Jang)-Let Me Love You (나만 아는 엔딩)

part 6 Fromm (프롬) - Wonderful moment

part 7 Jeong heum Band 정흠밴드 -- Then 그때엔

part 8 Cha-hee (차희) from Melody Day -It was good

Official site: http://program.sbs.co.kr/builder/programMainList.do?pgm_id=22000010537

Other sites: http://asianwiki.com/Temperature_of_Love




The drama depicts the complicated love lives of today’s young people who battle with loneliness and other emotional scars. It is about people with scars who are adrift, discovering the love inside themselves and love for other people. The four leading characters will bump up against one another’s worldviews and try to convince each other that their way of life is best, and grow along the way.

 Hyun-Soo is an aspiring drama series writer. She uses "Jane" as her username and begins chatting with username “Good Soup” online. “Good Soup”” is actually Jung-Sun. He dreams of becoming a French food chef. They meet in real life. (Asianwiki/ Dramabeans)


Writer Ha was awarded the 2016 Grand Award for producing meaningful content by Korea’s Cultural Tourism Department. Sheis rewriting her novel Nice Soup Does Not Answer.

A soon-to-be-married individual joins an online cooking forum, and on the first night, enjoys an interesting conversation that lasts throughout the night. So enthralled with this new experience, that person gets another friend to join as well, and they both get to know a man who goes by the handle “Nice Soup.” The original book explores how relationships develop in this Internet era where misunderstandings and prejudice abound because of screen-only-based communication.








Seo Hyun-Jin- Lee Hyun-Soo

Yang Se-Jong- Ohn Jung Sun (Jeong seon)

Kim Jae-Wook- Park Jung Woo

Jo Bo-Ah- Ji Hong-A

Sim Hee-Seop -Choi Won-Joon (sous chef)

Cha In-Ha - Kim Ha-Sung (chef)

P. O. from  Block B)- Kang Min Ho (chef)

Lee Kang-Min- Oh Kyung-Soo (chef)

Kim So-Young- Lim Soo-Jung (sommelier)

Lee Mi-Sook - Yoo Young-Mi (Jung Sun’s mother)

Ahn Nae-Sang- Ohn Hae-Kyung  (Jung Sun’s father)

Jung Ae-Ri - Park Mi-Na (Hyun Soo’s mother)

Sun Woo Jae Duk - Lee Min-Jae (Hyun Soo’s father

Gil Eun-Hye - Lee Hyun-yi (Hyun Soo’s sister)

Ji Il-Joo - Kim Joon-Ha

Song Young-Kyu - Min Yi-Bok

Hwang Suk-Jung -Park Eun-Sung

Choi Sung-Jae -

Ryu Jin - cameo

Lee Cho-Hee -

Lee Seung Hyung -


 Character descriptions


Lee Hyun Soo (Seo Hyun Jin) is a drama writer (finally begins gaining recognition after spending 10 years as an assistant writer), who would describe herself as frank and reckless. She’s a practical realist who can’t really lie, and she makes snap judgments and throws herself headlong into things. Having graduated from a prestigious university, she is known for her inteligence, confidence and honesty but she has not always been succefsul in her relationships.  She especially doesn`t believe in love at first sight.   

Park Jung Sun (Yang Se jong) is a chef-owner of a Michelin-star restaurant called Good Soup/ Good Chef. He seeks out good-natured people, but he’s very clear about his boundaries, and he hates being controlled by other people or managing others. He’s a competitive person who loves to win and enjoys sports, and though he seems perfect on the outside, his Achilles heel is his mother, who’s left him scarred. After leaving high school , he went to Paris to aatend a cooking school. He believes is no rank in the kitchen, everyone has a part to play and the important thing is to believe in one`s own intuition. 

Park Jung Woo (Kim Jae Wook) is  an entertainment agency CEO who likes Park Jung sun`s cooking and becomes partners with him to open Good Soup. But he’ll also fall for the heroine, and they’ll eventually go from business partners to romantic rivals.

Ji Hong Ah (Jo Bo Ah)`s father is a CEO of subsidiary of a large conglomerate. She is also an aspiring drama writer. She’s always been wealthy and never needed to make much of an effort in life. She’s used to always getting the attention when she and Lee Hyun soo  are together… except from the one person she likes, chef Park Jung Sun.



Characters stills












Teasers/ Preview


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Doctors writer returns with new drama Temperature of Love

by tineybeanie



The writer of last year’s hit summer drama Doctors, Ha Myung-hee, is rewriting her novel Nice Soup Does Not Answer the Phone into a drama titled Temperature of Love. The source material depicts the complicated love lives of today’s young people who battle with loneliness and other emotional scars, but writer Ha has revealed her intentions to put a brighter rom-com spin on the drama adaptation.

more http://www.dramabeans.com/2017/03/doctors-writer-returns-with-new-drama-temperature-of-love/


Screenwriter of ‘Doctors’ returns with new drama


Ha Myung-hee, the screenwriter of SBS’ 2016 drama “Doctors,” will soon return with her latest work, the new drama “Temperature of Love,” her agency Pan Entertainment said Tuesday.

The upcoming series is based on Ha’s novel “Good Soup Never Picks up the Phone,” released in 2014.

The novel tells the story of an aspiring screenwriter, Jane, and an aspiring French chef, “Good Soup.” They meet through an online community.

The drama will center on the love and relationships shared by those from the “internet generation.”

Ha’s past work includes JTBC’s drama “Can We get Married?” in 2012 and SBS’ drama “High Society” in 2015. She gained fame through the 2016 drama “Doctors,” which earned her a commendation from the minister of culture, sports and tourism at the 2016 Korea Content Awards.

By Kim So-yeon (syk19372@heraldcorp.com)



June 15 2017

Seo Hyun-Jin offered lead female role in drama series “Temperature of Love”


Seo Hyun-Jin has been offered the lead female role in new drama series “Temperature of Love” (literal title). Seo Hyun-Jin is currently considering the offer. The drama series is based on 2013 novel “Chakhan Seupeuneun Jeonhwareul Bakji Anneunda” by Ha Myung-Hee and she will also write the screenplay. Ha Myung-Hee’s past drama series screenplays include “Doctors,” “High Society” and “A Word From Warm Heart.”

If Seo Hyun-Jin accepts her offer, she will play Hyun-Soo. Her character hopes to become a drama series screenplay writer and she begins chatting under the username “Jane” with someone with the username “Good Soup.” They later meet in real life.



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Seo Hyun-jin up for new drama from Doctors writer, Temperature of Love

by tipsymocha


Seo Hyun-jin (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim) in another rom-com?! Man, if they manage it, I’m definitely tuning in. The writer behind Doctors and High Society, Ha Myung-hee, is preparing a drama adaptation to her novel Nice Soup Does Not Answer the Phone titled Temperature of Love, and an offer is out to Seo Hyun-jin to headline the show.

Temperature of Love is described as a romantic comedy for the Internet generation: Our heroine, Jae-in, is an aspiring drama screenwriter who one day strikes up an online rapport with a stranger with the handle Nice Soup, who dreams of becoming a French cuisine chef someday. Their relationship, and the stories of the people around them, will be the main focus of the show, which sounds breezy and slice-of-life. I can imagine the tone to be similar to this writer’s last drama, Doctors, except this time there will less doctoring for our main characters to do, thankfully. I enjoyed that show, and it was an easy watch, but I was constantly wondering how these surgeons had all this time to run around and romance each other.


more http://www.dramabeans.com/2017/06/seo-hyun-jin-up-for-new-drama-from-doctors-writer-temperature-of-love/



SBS Offers Seo Hyun Jin Upcoming Mon-Tues K- Drama Rom- com The Temperature of Love




Yang Se-jong up to romance Seo Hyun-jin in Temperature of Love

by girlfriday



Aw, will the second lead get the girl this time? You know I love it when that happens. There’s a potential drama reunion in the works for Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim alums Seo Hyun-jin and Yang Se-jong, who are both considering the leading roles in the new SBS romantic-comedy drama Temperature of Love, along with Kim Jae-wook (Voice), who has signed on for a supporting role.

Romantic Doctor was Yang Se-jong’s acting debut less than a year ago(!), in which he played Yoo Yeon-seok’s uppity rival surgeon who harbored an unrequited love for Seo Hyun-jin. He seemed like a puppy in that drama, but after that and Saimdang, Light’s Diary, he’s since gone on to steal the show as a set of clones in OCN’s sci-fi thriller Duel. He’s so good at playing three different characters in that drama that I actually found myself thinking about a week ago, Oh the evil clone is the better actor… waitaminute…





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Jo Boa up for Temperature of Love’s leading foursome

by girlfriday


Casting offers are now out to all four of our leads in the new SBS romantic comedy Temperature of Love, the new drama from writer Ha Myung-hee of Doctors, High Society, and Warm Words. Seo Hyun-jin (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim) and Yang Se-jong (Duel) are currently in talks to headline, and if they both sign on, it’ll be a reunion for the Romantic Doctor co-stars. Kim Jae-wook (Voice) has been confirmed as the second lead, and now Jo Boa (The Man Living in Our House) is considering an offer to complete the love square.

The rom-com is an adaptation of the writer’s own novel Nice Soup Does Not Answer the Phone, about a relationship that begins online between a chef and a writer. Seo Hyun-jin is being courted to play the heroine, a frank and sometimes reckless aspiring drama writer whose curiosity always gets the better of her. Yang Se-jong is up to play a chef-owner of a Michelin-star restaurant called Good Soup, a competitive character who keeps other people at arm’s length.

more http://www.dramabeans.com/2017/07/jo-boa-up-for-temperature-of-loves-leading-foursome/




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Block B’s P.O Confirmed To Join SBS’s New Drama


Block B member P.O has been cast in SBS’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “Temperature of Love” (literal title).

On July 25, a representative from his agency Seven Seasons stated that P.O will be playing a chef named Kang Min Ho in the drama.

So far, Seo Hyun Jin, Yang Se Jong, Kim Jae Wook, and Jo Bo Ah have received casting offers for “Temperature of Love.” The drama is scheduled to air in September, taking over the time slot that “Falsify” currently occupies.

Are you excited to see P.O in a new drama?

Source (1)



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July 26 2017

Seo Hyun-Jin & Yang Se-Jong cast in SBS drama series “Temperature of Love”


Seo Hyun-Jin & Yang Se-Jong are cast for lead roles in new SBS drama series “Temperature of Love” (literal title). For the drama series, Seo Hyun-Jin will play Lee Hyun-Soo. Her character has worked as an assistant writer for the past 10 years, but she has just written her first drama series screenplay. Yang Se-Jong will play On Jung-Sun. He works as the chef at a restaurant. After high school, he traveled to France and studied cooking there. He likes Lee Hyun-Soo when they first meet, but he doesn’t get close to her, believing love should be a product of mutual interest. Seo Hyun-Jin & Yang Se-Jong previously worked together in SBS drama series “Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim.”

“Temperature of Love” will first air September 18, 2017 in South Korea.


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29 minutes ago, angel2013 said:

Thanks for starting the thread! Will definitely be visiting more often in the days to come! Here's a trans I did based on a chinese news article on <Temp of Love> and the main leads.

 Thanks for the translations. I will include some of the information on the first page if I'm allowed. 

Seo Hyun Jin And Yang Se Jong From “Romantic Doctor Kim” To Reunite In New Drama


Former “Romantic Doctor Kim” co-stars Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong will be reuniting in SBS’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “Temperature of Love” (literal title).

Seo Hyun Jin will be playing the role of a drama writer named Lee Hyun Soo who finally begins gaining recognition after spending 10 years as an assistant writer. Having graduated from a prestigious university, her character is known for her intelligence, confidence, and honesty, but she hasn’t always been successful in her relationships. She especially doesn’t believe in love at first sight.

Yang Se Jong will be playing the role of a chef named Ohn Jung Seon who works at a Michelin-starred restaurant after attending a culinary school in France. His character tends to rely on instinct rather than rational thought.

The two characters in the drama try to work out their relationship and find the optimum temperature of love. Block B’s P.O is also part of the cast.

“Temperature of Love” is written by writer Ha Myung Hee, whose previous works include “Doctors,” “Can We Get Married?“, “A Word From Warm Heart,” and “High Society.”


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21 minutes ago, larus said:

 Thanks for the translations. I will include some of the information on the first page if I'm allowed. 


Sure. It was a write up from chinese news source, but I think it has more details than the Soompi news which is a more summarised version.

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 The drama is confirmed. I prefer Kim Jae Wook male lead  for another drama (tvNremake of J-drama MSFTS that starred Kimura Takuya)). Same goes for Yang Se Jong.

 But anyway...

The character of the male lead, YSJ reminds me of Jo Jung Suk character from Oh My Ghost. The female lead, SHJ, I check actually... in real life...has 7 year age gap with the male lead (YSJ is 23/ 24) The character of the second lead KJW- I find it typical (don't like) and then he'll become a rival to YSJ? A rival to a young man? But he's like 33 or 34 in real life!  So I think the female lead and the second lead is more suitable or complement each other  better :D

Not fond of rom-com. I seldom watch the kdrama genre but as long as well written, I'll watch. Yang Se Jong and Kim Jae Wook. For sure I'm gonna watch.,

 I'm sorry I'm not that familiar with the female cast. But I've watch Romantic RDTK.

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2 hours ago, jongski said:

 The drama is confirmed. I prefer Kim Jae Wook male lead  for another drama (tvNremake of J-drama MSFTS that starred Kimura Takuya)). Same goes for Yang Se Jong.

You watched the Japanese drama? I read about it when I heard about the remake. I still don`t know if I will watch the remake. Maybe I will watch the original version instead but I like your idea for Kim Jae Wook to be the protagonist in that drama. Maybe a great cast will convince me. 

I wish Kim Jae Wook and Seo Hyun Jin to be the couple on screen and Jo Bo Ah with Yang Se Jong too. But I like all four so let see their story. Maybe the second leads won`t be the rivals to the OTP too much. Hope they will concentrate in each other and let the other live their life. :)

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So all main castings complete though i thought KJW was confirmed earlier.

The synopsis did say that KJW character likes the female lead while JBA character likes YSJ so definitely there will be some love rivalry there. KJW character got to befriend YSJ bec he likes what he cooks at a restaurant and then got into venture to open restaurant with him explaining the age gap between them.

It's a noona dongsaeng romance as much as we like KJW who in terms of age and looks suit female lead more, it will be a love story between SHJ and YSJ character, and I just heard its going to be more melo and rom com.


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9 hours ago, angel2013 said:

So all main castings complete though i thought KJW was confirmed earlier.

 Yes, some said that he was confirmed but there were not articles for the official confirmation. I think the actors are signing before media receives those confirmation and sometimes there are just rumors. They reported some time ago that Park Hyun Shik receive the offer to be the protagonist but he hasn’t even received a synopsis.

About the genre... The original novel was not a romantic comedy but the writer said that she will adapt the story to make it a warm rom com. I am alright if the drama will keep some melo elements.

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Kim Jae Wook And Jo Bo Ah Confirmed To Join Seo Hyun Jin And Yang Se Jong In Upcoming Drama


Kim Jae Wook and Jo Bo Ah will be joining the cast of “Temperature of Love” (literal translation).

After previously confirming Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong, as well as Block B’s P.O, the upcoming SBS drama revealed on July 27 that Kim Jae Wook and Jo Bo Ah will also be part of the lineup.

Kim Jae Wook will play the role of Park Jung Woo, a genius businessman with an accurate eye for judging everything from business opportunities to people. His personality doesn’t allow him to let go of what he sets his eyes on. He falls for Seo Hyun Jin’s character Lee Hyun Soo due to her unique personality and writing talents.

Jo Bo Ah’s character Ji Hong Ah is born into a wealthy family, and due to her admiration for Lee Hyun Soo, she joins her as an assistant writer. However, as Lee Hyun Soo appears to be succeeding in both work and love, Ji Hong Ah’s jealousy begins to grow.

“Temperature of Love” is written by Ha Myung Hee, based off of her own 2014 novel. It will be directed by Nam Geon, who previously worked on “Jackpot.”

Source (1)

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huft i hope this is not going to turn out like triangle square love makjang with a family problem because the description is heading towards there and i hope i am wrong...aside that i love the main lead tho..yeay for RDTK reunion.l really love YSJ and SHJ as an Actor and if this drama turn out bad like the this writer previous Workss(not a big fan Of High society and Doctor.dropped it on second episode both of them-__-) and the director too-_- he/she directed jackpot which is not good...Hmmz i dont know i hope i can watch it for YSJ and SHJ and please please please at least make the story decent Writer and director-nim im begging you): i dont want to watch this drama only for the actor but for the story too...

and for the genre im happy its not fully romcom and warm romance is pretty good description tho.And I wish YSJ will Playing Cold character Lol..i miss cold character in kdrama): where are them now?): i know my taste sound bad for wishing cold character but at this time when we have so many colorful male lead why not using cold male lead to make differences xD

Edit:after saw YSJ as Sung Hoon in duel.. i Hope the character he portray will be similar like Sung Hoon Lmao xD.i dont know How the female lead will handle it though hahaha.only joking guys :v

and beside all of that.my expectation pretty much low at this point.so i hope when i watch it later.. it will surprise me in a good way..2 months left yeay.and Sorry guys for bad expectation from me.. but i cant help it because the writer and director make me worried):


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Hello all. Very exciting castings. Looking forward to Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong burning up my screen. Like everyone, the writer's previous works didn't impress, but hopefully Hyun Jin and Se Jong can work their charms should the script lacks the punch (like Strong Woman Do Bong Soon). Evil second leads who ruin relationships are outdated trend these days, so I hope the writer wouldn't make Kim Jae Wook and Jo Bo Ah's characters into someone like that. Here's to hope we get a fun, enjoyable, lively, cute rom-com and whatever other genre it may be. With our leads' versatility, I wouldn't even mind she turn it into a rom-com, mystery, chase drama (Oh My Ghost + Voice + Duel) in the end, hahaha. xD

The casting is all coming together now. Actress Lee Mi Suk is the next confirmed cast, portraying Yang Se Jong's mother.




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On 26/07/2017 at 5:42 PM, supergal99 said:

:wub:such a cute surprise...looking forward to their 'reunion'


Source: Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim

tag @lavender2love :tongue: yesss our Roco queen plus Mr Cute


Woo hoo @supergal99 you called ? MR CUTE.... ( see capital letters ) and ooohhhh..... Oh Hae Young !!! Love his impassive cool character in Romantic doctor vs hot tempered jealous Dr Kang. SHJ...... wow.... me likeeeeeee.

Whoa..... they're going to sizzle with their chemistry..?

200.gif#3-grid1  200.gif#0-grid1



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