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[Taiwanese Drama 2017] Memory Love 噗通噗通我愛你

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The premise for this drama reminds me of a movie starring David Duchovny (yea the X-Files guy LoL) & Minnie Driver called "Return To Me". But of course this drama was poorly executed. I'm not sure what's the deal with most of the Taiwanese dramas I've watched they all seem to have issues with consistency & overall quality. I feel like the recent ones (this drama included) are trying too hard to emulate Korean dramas. What with the cliched tropes & what-not. I also find a lot of the dialogue in this drama cringeworthy LoL. Although Andy is easy on the eyes, he is pretty much a one-note actor throughout LoL:tongue: As is Mandy & Jolin who could easily be replaying the same roles over and over again. It was a fun watch up until midway the plot just went awry & they focused too much on Ai Li's dead ex. I actually think Andy/Jolin's bromance had more chemistry than Andy with Mandy!:lol: But yea I just stopped watching as it got boring...

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On 12/4/2017 at 12:22 PM, whome said:









I'm confused! Did he die at the end, and the ending scenes on the mountain top & in the forest is her dream?

I think they died. There were small rocks falling before she appeared at the top of the mountain and I think a big one hit her. Everything looked "hazy-cloudlike" after.  

It's a bit sad.  I wish they would've have lived longer together though and had their own family ☹

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Didn’t like the ending. It didn’t make sense.  If it was so post to be realistic the brother would have died too.  What about the first boyfriend. She didn’t love him to end up with him in heaven.  What he was supposed to take care of her and he died and then let her die.  I wasn’t sure of the ending.  No closure if they died.  Should of had a funeral instead of whatever that was.  The ending didn’t match the theme of the show 

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