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[Official] Katayose Ryota & Tsuchiya Tao (RyoTao | 涼太鳳) - Anikoma couple

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@ryotatao9495 I have only heard Tao say in interviews that Ryota knows a lot of things and would teach her them patiently and that he reminds her of a famous lecturer (?) but I haven't "witnessed" it myself so thank you for the clip and translations! 

As for Tao. I knew that she is good at sports, dance and instruments. I have heard that everyone including her did their own stunts in Rurouni Kenshin. I think it would be nice to see her in another action movie in the future. I have watched that marathon. I think Tao is amazing and really hard-working. After she had finished the run she could barely stand so the staff took a chair for her but she declined it at first saying that her seniors are all standing so it is not okay for her to sit. When they gave her the microphone she didn't talk about how she felt but rather she started to promote her drama. Everyone was really touched by her. 

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There will be another event on the 31st of July but only Ryota and Takuya (the third male lead) will be attending. I don't know if it is because Tao is busy filming her other movie but it does feel sa

@Transition Woa just right when I was wondering whether Ryota has written lyrics for any of his group's songs, thanks for the info and lyrics translations! He's really multitalented.  Personally

Ryota's letter to Tao: Although you are always saying that you are really happy that the role as "Onii" was played by me but in my heart Tao is the only choice for Setoka. At the stage-greetings

Hi guys, it's been forever since I logged in Soompi forum. But thanks to Anikoma, my shipping heart again found its paradise. I just went through this thread and I'm really grateful to you all, especially Transition and Ryotatao9495 for not only keeping this thread active but also all the inputs and detailed analysis of our adorable couple.

I've been a fan of Generations since 2015, even though Ryota is not my Gene bias, but I'm always fond of him. When I got to know Gene by watching their variety, music show appearances and BTS, Ryota initially gave me that "arrogant" vibe, coz he looked calm and serious most of the time or he barely joked along with other members. But later I found out he's actually thoughtful, like he always thinks carefully before saying something and I can totally feel the sincerity in his talks. And like you guys have mentioned, Ryota is a very smart boy and he learns things quickly. Akinoma is his first acting project (if we don't count GTO), but he doesn't pale beside Tao. I'm glad Ryota has become more outgoing lately, like how he smiles much more a lot, may be due to the influence of someone special :wub:

About Tao, she's simply one of my most favorite Japanese actresses. Because of Tao and her genuine acting, I finished Mare even though Asadora is not my thing. I just pre-ordered P to JK Bluray...2 more weeks and I can finally see Tao on screen again *yay*. Tao is a versatile actress and I'm sure she will go further in acting department.

I think Ryota and Tao are very compatible, from their calm attitude, their care for people around to their passion for works. Hopefully they have chance to cooperate in another movie or drama. I'm thankful that they remain very close after Anikoma, and whether they end up together or not, I will continue to support this couple and their future projects.

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@amyanhn Welcome to the thread! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed watching Anikoma and like this couple. There's no need to thank me I'm just happy to be able to share things about Tao and Ryota here with you guys :). It is nice to hear that you are a fan of Generations. I have started to listen to their music now after Anikoma and I think they are a talented group consisting of good singers, dancers and now actors with humble personalities too. May I ask you who your bias is? Except for Ryota I quite like Hayato. He is funny and cute. Yes, it is indeed something to be happy for seeing Ryota smile more and being more outgoing now. He has a nice smile and contagious laugh so he should do that more often.

Tao is one of my favourite actresses as well. I have watched a lot of her productions but not Mare yet. Like you, Asadora isn't my thing either but I'm glad that she was chosen for this project. Her career started to get better and better after being in it. I'm looking forward to watch P&JK too.

I agree with everything you said regarding Tao and Ryota :). I'm also hoping that there will be more chances for them to collaborate in the future.

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@Transition My Gene bias is Ryuto, he's the closest member to Ryota since they both auditioned and went under training at the same time. He may have a rough appearance but he's very gentle and hilaious. And Hayato is really cute too, his personality is somewhat similar to Tao's, nice and caring. I remember Ryota once described Hayato as someone who always cares about his surroundings even though he's the youngest one in the group. Ah when Ryota was doing livestream for his birthday with Gene members, he saw Anikoma Acc greetings comment then the boys got excited "Tao chan is watching, right?". Then Ryuto was like "Is it okay?" since he was wearing only a towel at that time haha. Gene members are very close to each other so there's no surprise if Ryota already introduced Tao to his brothers ^^

I just saw some spoilers of Anikoma movie and my excitement has gone through the roof. Now how I am supposed to wait till next year for the Bluray? T__T

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@amyanhn Ryuto has humour, which could be seen in the lG live you mentioned where he just wore a towel. Haha, so cute that he got conscious of his towel-look once he thought Tao was watching. Yes, I also think Ryota has introduced Tao to the members because the way they call her doesn't seem like they haven't met before or that they have only met once. 

I'm with you. The wait for the dvd/bluray is tough. Hopefully, the subtitles would be out not long after the release. 

You guys have probably already seen this but I just came across this again on IG and wanted to share it with you because both of them are so cute here. Ryota is like a kid and Tao is sweet as usual, running to Ryota to give him a spoon. 


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@amyanhn Thank you for the news! It is a long wait indeed. I was hoping for December. It is good though that Tao's P&JK is going to be out soon as you mentioned before. Can make the wait a little easier. 

Speaking of other productions a few fans saw Ryota filming today. Could it be for a new movie or drama? He just cut his hair and changed his haircolour too. Someone was saying it would be cool if it is a special for Anikoma. That would be nice but the chance is small because I don't think any movies have gotten a special before? 

Another thing that a few fans noticed is that Tao has started to follow Shotaro Mamiya (and also Kyoko Yoshine, her co-star in Kasane). Someone will probably get jealous when Tao likes Shotaro's posts :tongue:

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@amyanhn. Hello, welcome to this thread. Thank for your information. I also guess DVD will be released in December or Jan, 2018. So long!

@Transition. Maybe Ryota filming for MV, for LDH & GENE's activities. I don't think Ryota will have a drama or movie soon. Gene still have Mad Cyclone concert and Ryota's voice isn't well now since Anikoma's promotion. 

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@ryotatao9495 Hm, perhaps it isn't a movie or drama afterall? I haven't seen any pictures so far actually. I just read that some fans saw him filming for something. Yes, I have heard that his voice hasn't been that good so he has gone to some throat theraphy hence you could sometimes see some marks near his neck.

This user has done many comparisons pictures of Ryota and Tao. Really cute. You guys should check them out. Here's one of them. I think both Ryota and Tao look really good with glasses.

Little Ryota and little Tao (and her younger brother Shinba)



Credits: 片寄涼太應援博 and 土屋太鳳烘焙坊

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Except for the movie itself what you will get when you buy the dvd/bluray box is also the BTS, compilation of the stage-greetings and the events. 




I'm crossing my fingers that the kissing scenes and bathroom scene will be included in the BTS. As for the stage-greetings I hope we will get to see the one where Ryota read his letter to Tao and the last one where Tao read hers for Ryota. Both of them were emotional and cried in respective stage-greeting. 



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About philosophy of love, Ryota said that he changed his mind recently. Before, he conveyed things straightforwardly (it didn't mean he say everything straightforwardly). But recently, he thinks there are many other ways to do it. 

Ryota also said after Anikoma, he has more experience, he isn't shy or embarrassed when he watches heart-throbbing scenes (laugh). And GENE's members seem to happy about that. Ryota said His sense gets numb a little bit. 
Alan said Ryota's role is very popular, it brings more benefits (for them). Ryota was shy and said "thank you". 
I notice that GENE's members like to talk about Anikoma and tease Ryota. While they don't do it for Alan.
GENE (include Ryota) also remade Anikoma poster

Hayato is the one who really love Anikoma. I think so. He remembered almost situations and every characters' callouts. He often comments in some Anikoma posts on Ryota's instagram. He said Anikoma is really funny, while they were watching, they thought "Eh, it happened like that?", "No, it was impossible, wasn't it?". They said that it was easy for them to know/understand Anikoma manga. 
When Hayato was asked what he wants to do this summer, he said "I want to see fireworks or go to summer festival. Everyone wears yukata and after 10 minutes, two of us go separately from the group..."
And Mandy said "It's "Anikoma" . all members laughed. Ryota said it's one scene in movie (laugh), Hayato said it wasn't promotion, he really want to try it. And Ryota said "Firstly, you need a cute little sister"
Alan said when GENE visit the private showing of Anikoma, when they saw Ryota was with the other actors in movie, Ryota looked like different when he was with GENE. He was surprised. 
Reo also said Ryota had a bit of difference. Ryota was fired up with his co-stars (laugh), unlike Ryota of GENE. All members got like "what happened with you before?"
Alan said when he saw Ryota like that, his parental love was bloomed "Ryota, you can use such words" (laugh). Ryota laugh "Ahaha, parental love!".

In latest ESP of GENEKOU, Ryota was disappointed when the girl chose him to act as a couple play in Game Center, (he was cute while angry *like a kid* and saying something). And when acting, Ryota was uncomfortable. GENE's members teased him. And when he acted "baby Oni". I wonder if they said something related about Tao or Anikoma? I wonder why Ryota's appointment is always destroyed by members? 

 Ryota asked Ryuto and Mandy kissed lips together when they destroyed Ryota 's appointment. So cute LOL. 


Honestly, I really love the way Reo dated a girl, so cute, like a normal couple, Reo is a type of boyfriend that girls always wish. I really jealous with that girl >_<

Alan and Mandy made everyone scared. 


Sorry if I spam about GENE. I really love this ep, I wanna date with GENE, especially Reo T_T I love GENE so much, all members. 

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@ryotatao9495 Yes, I think something is wrong with soompi because I can only read your text and then there are a lot of blank spaces in-between. 




Thank you for sharing Gene's things here. Feel free to do so since it does concern Ryota and Tao too. Anikoma has indeed changed Ryota, as we all talked about before and I think the change isn't small either since the members and fans have noticed it. I just read a post about Song-Song couple. Song Hye Kyo said too that Song Joong Ki's character in Descendents of the Sun has changed him (he has becomed more manly while his glance would have this gentle and warm look). She said that she thinks the SJK right now is in his best condition. The same could be said about Ryota.




The guys in Gene sure likes to tease Ryota whether it is about Anikoma or Tao. Speaking of that. I recently read Gene's interview on CamCam magazine for August where they was asked all kind of things of love. I translated Ryota's part on last page and then there was another question to which I found his answer interesting. 




Q: Please tell us readers "the point" that will make unable to stop yourself from starting to date (someone).




Ryota: Compared to what the girl does I would take more notice of the things people around me say such as "How is it going with you and her?" and "She is quite nice". 




It made me think of Gene members. The way they always mention her make me think that they would most likely ask Ryota privately about him and Tao too. Are there any more girls around him recently which he is close too and who his friends will ask him about, except Tao? I don't think there is :tongue:.




Another thing I have noticed is that Ryota seems shy about giving compliments to Tao. He seems to always do that indirectly such as the thing he said to Hayato that he needs a cute little sister first to make that kind of date happen and in a line live they had there were a lot of comments that they got to which he just read for himself while he read the one out loud "Tao-chan is very cute." and in the BTS when she had the flower tiara on her head he said that it suited her instead of saying that she looked pretty or cute with it. 



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Hi guys, seems like there is something wrong the forum, the page is just blankly weird.




Oh Tao just updated her Insta with a photo with Ryoma...I wonder if onni chan will like it or not :D



Tao's Tori Girl is not doing well on the box office, but at least she has gotten good praises for her acting as a sassy and energetic girl. 



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Although Tori Girl isn't well in top box office, Tao-chan receives more good review about her acting, her role. They said this is the best role of Tao recently. I'm happy about that. 




After Tokyo Girl Collection, Tao made fans crazy when she updated more pics with co-stars in Orange, Aozora Yell.




I saw Ryota like Tao - Dori pic, he also liked Tao with co-stars in Tori. 




But I don't think Ryota won't be jealous with Ryoma LOL 




I saw a pic about Roadshow which have Kento & Tao. Maybe they meet again, but don't know if they will take a pic together?




someone said Sugino (Anikoma) changed his hair & hair color on the same day with Ryota cut his hair. And fans saw Ryota filming recently. She said maybe they will have a project again? Not sure! 







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@amyanhn Sad to hear that Tori girl isn't doing well on boxoffice but then as you said it is nice that Tao got good reviews. It is hard to know what audience like and I don't think artists should just choose productions which they think will be a hit but the character is one-dimensional and not challenging. So I hope Tao won't get disappointed because of this and continue to strive to become better. I wonder too if Ryota will like her post with Ryoma :tongue:.




@ryotatao9495  Yes, Ryota has liked the group pictures and also the one of her with the guy in Orange so it seems like it is only her solo pictures with Shotaro that he hasn't liked or perhaps also the one with Ryoma. Perhaps he can sense who his love rival is? :tongue: Kento and Tao being on the same event doesn't sound good...at least not for us Ryota x Tao supporters.




Tao was on Down Town, a variety show, recently where she answered many questions and here are some which I thought was interesting. 




Q44: What type of guys do you like? 




Someone like a warrior. A guy who would fully focus on the thing he really likes and when he has encountered failures and understood them he would communicate (with others), I think such person is outstanding. 




Q45: Your ideal date?




There are a lot but my absolute ideal date would be to see a scenery together that we haven't seen before, I think it will be very awesome. Compared to rare sceneries or a place far away I would prefer a place where you can't forget the feelings you had when you first saw it together. 




Q46: What kind of actions and words of guys do you like?




When they read or think about something I think that look is awesome. As for words, I can't think of any right now but I'm someone who gets worried easily so if he could choose to say something that would make me feel at ease then I would feel more calm. 




Q48: At what age would you like to get married?




Getting married is about fate and having a future that you yearn for. I haven't set a time for myself. Acting is about being able to connect with your character I think it is the same in real-life. In real-life I think it is possible to that you can cherish being able to connect with another person through your hearts. 









Ryota likes to read books and as Tao herself has said before he has rescued her many times with his "It is okay" daijoubu. He really likes singing and has focused on that solely until Anikoma. He also discussed a lot with the director regarding how he should act the important scenes in the drama/movie. Tao's answers are practially the same as before except for marriage age. Tao has said before that she would like to get married at 25 but now she says she hasn't set a time. 



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Tao said she wants to marry at 25, but now she change. Maybe because she is dating a boy who is the same age with her. Maybe he is a Male artist, too difficult to marry soon, especially under 30 years old. And all thing she said about her type match with Ryota. 
You're right. No girls close with Ryota more than Tao. At least we can see only Tao around Ryota and Ryota only shows his attentions for Tao, only Tao is mentioned many times by GENE member to tease Ryota. And Ryota said he hasn't dated anyone for 8 years. It's mean he is always single since 14.
honestly, Not only Tao, some fans have shipped 3 girls in E-girls (in LDH with GENE) with Ryota for 3 years to now. They ship secretly, and just several fans who bias Ryota and one of 3 girls ship them together. 
In 2015, a Fan said she saw Ryota and Fuji Shuuka went to movie theater and fans thought they were dating. Also with Reina, in 2016, a fan said they saw Ryota Reina went out together (at that time Ryota mostly completed Anikoma), some fans thought they were dating. If Ryota really went out with Shuuka or Reina, just two of them, or maybe with another artists, another friends, it didn't mean they were dating, friends can do that, like KenTao ate yakiniku together. 
Some LDH fans like to ship artists in LDH together, EXILE boys (not only GENE) and E-girls, many couples. also ship Reo-Yurino.  LDH is their company and they are Senpai- kouhai. Too difficult to find anything relate between Ryota, ShuuKaren, Reina. Can't see any pics just two of: Ryota and Shuuka, Ryota Reina or Ryota - Karen, Reo Yurino, can't find anything they said about each other. Just some pics EXILE boys and E-girls together, many people in those pics. And fans said that LDH don't allow artists in the same company date together. They're too busy too meet and date since LDH let them have many show in Japan & foreign countries.
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@ryotatao9495  I don't think it is common that you date someone from the same company since they are all like brothers and sisters. For example 10 years ago when S.H.E and Fahrenheit were very popular and a lot of fans shipped them they said they haven't had that thought (of being together) because they are lika a family. 




I also thought about Ryota and how it matches him when I read her answers. I have a feeling too that Tao has changed her mind because she is dating someone around her age so like you said getting married at 26 is quite early for a male artist. She herself would still be young too and it is a pity if we won't be able to see much of her then because she is a good actress. On the other hand with her plans being possibly delayed it also means we won't be able to know if the couple we ship (Ryota and Tao) has become real until after 7 years perhaps (if she is going to wait until he has turned 30 before they get married) , although there are many signs that indicate that it might be real.

I had problems posting yesterday too but it seems to be better today with soompi. 

Btw, Ryota has liked all of her pictures yesterday but not the one with Ryoma and not the one with the girl from Aozora Yell :tongue:.



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Haha Ryota still didn't like Tao pic with Ryoma...I see u onni :D



@Transition thanks a lot for the translation. Wondering what made Tao change her ideal marriage age. Maybe she wants to focus more on her acting career or like you gus have said she's dating someone around her age ^^




You guys are watching GENETV too? The show is hilarious even though I hardly understand what they're saying, but Gene boys are just effortlessly adorkable. If you notice, there's a big change on Ryota in the latest episodes. He seems much more relaxed and easily enjoys joking along with other boys. 




Tao has finished filming Kasane today, hopefully she will have a good break before starting a next project. Don't know what Ryota has been up to...looks like he's filming something with Gene, maybe their new album videos ~



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Yes, S.H.E and Fahrenheit have many shippers. I agree with you. Artist in same agency shouldn't date, family is the best way. 




Ryota liked all Tao's pic, Tao - Dori pic, Tao and an actor in Tori Girl, although they just have 2 people. But he doesn't  like pic where Tao and Ryoma, or Tao with Mamiyan. The way he chosen pics to "like" makes me think he is really jealous with actors who acted as a couple with Tao. ,




I also think Ryota is more happy and relaxed, he smiles too much, and the way he smiles is proofs make me think that recently, he has more happiness, like a boy in love, since fans notice he was very busy on his phone, he reached it all the time and typed, seem he chat with someone (at yakiniku livestream with GENE on his birthday)




I heard J-fans said next year LDH will promote for JSB or other group, that's why GENE have more activities promotions this year 2017, because next year they won't. So I think next year GENE won't have new album. If Ryota filming for GENEKOU or something with GENE, LDH...I wonder why fans only saw Ryota. If it for GENE or LDH, fans knew and saw someone from LDH. I think LDH never let 1 artist do something, I watched more activities of LDH (promote on show, shooting, DJ party...), always have more than 2 people (although not in a same group/band) join together (except movie/drama not by LDH and promotions for those movie/drama not by LDH).







I realize that if we don't tag another name, we can post our comment. Right?

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