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[Official] Katayose Ryota & Tsuchiya Tao (RyoTao | 涼太鳳) - Anikoma couple

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@Transition You know, even though Tao and Ryota both claimed that there's a specific scene for each of them where they simultaneously portray feelings from both their roles and themselves, I honestly think that these two managed to effectively deliver these double mixed feelings of SetoHaru/RyoTao nicely all throughout the drama, be it deliberately or not. (can only mention drama since we all haven't watched the movie aha) Buuuut yeah when I first watched Anikoma I felt this kind of comfortable and natural(?) but unusual feeling while watching them both interact. It's a feeling where I don't feel like it's staged? Which is amazing because I watched the drama in a state of not being biased at all bc I didn't have any idea of who Ryota is and how's Tao's acting skills like, yet they managed to immediately make me, an outsider, grow attached to them due to their amazing chemistry. Now since you've revealed about those portrayal of two feelings, and the fact that they did discussions on how to act like actual (adoptive) brother/sister I guess I could say thats why I felt that kind of comfort while watching them for the first time.

Thank you for the info of the children's real names! Was curious of their age and I felt that the boy looked really familiar. Turns out he was in one of the movies I've watched. (Also I find it amusing that he played the younger ver of Kento in that one drama, another actor whom Tao is commonly shipped with hahaha)

Anyway, woah Tao's done with My Little Monster filming? I honestly thought she hasn't even started filming yet for that movie lol. I also just heard about Tao and Yoshine's casting for Kasane! Quite surprised with what's the story about. These two girls just had a movie each which was released around the same time just weeks ago (Anikoma and AOTH) so it's nice to see them collaborating. Though, Tao has been getting projects which is good but I also hope she can have some break ;-;

The chances are slim indeed but I, too would like to see a collaboration between RyoTao again uhghgsh (Even if it's not for an acting project, really really need to see them dancing together tbh lmao)

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There will be another event on the 31st of July but only Ryota and Takuya (the third male lead) will be attending. I don't know if it is because Tao is busy filming her other movie but it does feel sa

@Transition Woa just right when I was wondering whether Ryota has written lyrics for any of his group's songs, thanks for the info and lyrics translations! He's really multitalented.  Personally

Ryota's letter to Tao: Although you are always saying that you are really happy that the role as "Onii" was played by me but in my heart Tao is the only choice for Setoka. At the stage-greetings

@marchingfishes I agree with that you said. I also think the chemistry between Tao and Ryota was unexpectedly good and that they managed to convey the feelings well, the complicated feelings of thinking that they are siblings but that they somehow feel that affection towards each other that isn't sibling love but love between a man and a woman. I think the majority of people who watched Anikoma felt it too since those who didn't read the synopsis nor the manga already asked if they like each other in episode 1, when the truth hasn't been revealed yet. As you also mentioned I think it helped them a lot that they put time and effort to get to know each other and that there were always discussions on how they should bring their characters alive. But then, isn't it easier that the actors would fall for each other if they are putting their own emotions too instead of just acting the characters themselves? Since it would be harder for them to get out of the characters afterwards? Not that I'm complaining since I'm a shipper of Ryota x Tao :tongue:. There are quite a few real-life couples that got together after filming drama/movie together so perhaps it is generally easy for love sparks to ignite on set, especially if you click with that person. 

Yes, I think the filming of My Little Monster has wrapped up for a while already since it usually takes 1,5 month to film one movie. Tao will be done with Kasane in middle of September of what I have heard. Yes, she has been very busy during these past 2 years. Hopefully, she will be able to rest after Kasane and the stage show Pluto. 

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Although I don't think Ryota will see this among the thousand comments of his I still think this is cute. A fan posted this on his IG:

"Onii, kento followed her <_< Your ninth single year is coming soon. "

Yamazaki Kento started to follow Tao on IG yesterday. Tao and Kento haven't had any interactions since earlier 2016 after their rumours so this action made all Kentao supporters very happy. You can see a lot of comments on Tao's IG where fans are telling her that he has followed her and that she should follow him back. She still hasn't followed him though. I think her agency would like her to avoid taking any action that may give anti-fans chances to bash her. 

I find it cute how fans are being worried for Ryota that Tao might get snatched away by Kento. They are hoping that if he feels threatened then it might give him a push to start courting her. Since a motto of Ryota's is "To grasp on the opportunity". 

Fans have also noticed that Ryota who always like Tao's posts on IG and even those who aren't about Anikoma, such as promotions for Felicies, Tori girl, Kasane, that he didn't like the recent one of her with Mamiya Shotaro (her co-star in Tori Girl). He liked the latest posts after that entry and all the others before but just left that single one out and another one earlier and those two that he didn't like happened to be of Tao and Shotaro. Do I sense some jealousy here :tongue:?

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@Transition My thoughts exactly! They've involved their own feelings as Ryota and Tao into the drama/movie so thats quite something there, heh. Not to mention the amount of matching ideal types and all. 

Oh man, Kento already followed Tao? Even the Ryota/Tao shipper in me feels threatened hahaha. Seems like he just got back to IG after taking a break from it bc the last time I checked, his latest post was months ago. Now he just added 2 photos and his latest was 1 day ago. Probably to promote his new movie?

Anyhow, I do hope that actly really helps to give a push to Ryota. 

Ryota not liking that recent photo of Tao and her Tori Girl co-star though LMAO IM SCREAMING it's so obvious theres some jealousy there! Bc Ryota ALWAYS likes Tao's photos, and as pointed by @one23507, he barely likes the photos posted by the other girls he followed. Also, that fan's comment is so cute though. So heartwarming to see fans supporting these two. I, too, hope it's not gonna be Ryota's ninth year of being single ehh ;-)

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Hi everyone!!This gonna be a long post as I have been away for a few days :)

@marchingfishessame with me.I also thought that the picture of them playing piano is bts because as we know,Ryota knows how to play piano.So,I thought maybe he was teaching Tao XD 

@purplekhieIndeed,lately Tao has been posting many pictures about Anikoma.Based on what I read from Google translate,she had said that she want to post the bts pic of Anikoma until this Sunday.So,maybe after this she will not post much about Anikoma.But Im not sure though whether the translation is correct :)

@TransitionLol I found it quite funny that we talked about maybe Tao will not go to the Gene concert last Tuesday as she was so busy but the next day we got news about Anikoma team went to the concert XD Maybe we should be pessimistic in the future in order to make the things that we want happen for real haha XD

Im kind of embarrassed for Tao when she said that if she were a guy the first thing she would like to try is to go shirtless.How can she casually talk about that XD ? I wonder what Ryota was thinking when Tao talked about want to go shirtless:tongue:

Yeah ,Im also feel empty when Anikoma's promotion is over.Most of the time,I just watch Tao and Ryota like each other post to cheer up my shipper heart and rewatching Anikoma or the bts.

Im really glad that Tao and other Anikoma members go to the concert in Saitama!!The bonding between them is really close isn't it?Perhaps in the future,Tao will also go to Gene concert again :) If you guys watch Mandy's(Gene member) live in instagram.He was in the car with Reo(also Gene member).When the song,Sora(Anikoma theme song)was playing,they talked about Anikoma.I saw someone post in twitter that they were talking about Anikoma members go to their concert during that time.After that,Reo mentioned TT-san.I wonder what does it means as he didn't mention other Anikoma's cast but he mentioned Tao in the live although he didn't said the full name.

@TransitionLOL Im also notice that when Tao was asked about love,Ryota's face looks kind of awkward and just like you said he looks nervous and worried(?)XD

I can imagine Tao being hyper in the concert XD She definitely adore the idol side of Ryota.I wonder whether Ryota did the hand movement that Tao find is mesmerizing during Love You More performance as I don't think that hand movement is part of the choreography.

LOL no wonder when Tao leaned in to Ryota nose,Ryota looks like want to kiss her because his lips was pouting as that is not on the script.Maybe Ryota thought that Tao want to kiss him but nahh Tao just want to touch his nose instead:tongue:Poor boy XD @TransitionWhen Ryota spins her around,that is not in the script?

Ryota and Tao should go to yakiniku date since Tao loves bbq so much but I wonder if Sony Music will give Tao permission to go out with another man because after the dating rumour between Tao and Kento broke,Tao has quite a lot haters from kento's fan.That maybe will affect Tao's popularity.Well,just like I said before that if they want to date,they should do it secretly :)

Does anyone know about how much is usually the bluray dvd?Im not going to buy it though XD.Im just curious.

@marchingfishesSame with me!Honestly,I found the Anikoma's drama because Youtube recommended the mv to me.So,Im kind of watch the mv without knowing the cast.I don't know Ryota at first and for Tao,I didn't recognize her in the mv as she looks different without her bangs.My first impression is they looks really natural and have good chemistry just like you said and after that I decided to watch Anikoma.

@TransitionThe fans are so cute XD.I hope Ryota notice the comment and quickly pursue Tao as the opportunity doesn't come often.Actually Im quite surprised when Kento followed Tao as I think they would avoid each other after the rumour.Kentao's fan also tagged kento's IG account in Tao's comment section to make her notice that XD They must feel overjoyed after all.So,I think we should wait whether Tao will follow him back or not.

Exactly what I thought,I find it quite suspicious that Ryota didn't like only that picture of Tao with her co-star.His jealousy is obvious!!By the way,I found it quite funny as Ryota and Shotaro were guesting in the same show once and they were sitting beside each other.In the show,Ryota also promoted Anikoma.I think that Ryota shouldn't waste his time anymore as there are a lot if ikemen around Tao if he doesn't want to be single for the ninth year XD

@thuyhoang62I first discovered Kento in L-DK.Im not his fan but Im kind of adore him because he is so handsome XD. LOL this is off topic.Sorry :)



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@marchingfishes Yes, the matching ideal type criteria are too much of a coincidence if they aren't describing each other. I just watched a Japanese drama called N no tame ni where the lead actress Eikura Nana and the actor in the drama Kaku Kento started dating a while after the collaboration and ended up marrying each other in real-life and even got a baby recently and all these things happened within 3 years and they managed to keep their relationship hidden until marriage. That would be the most ideal for all couples in the entertainment business. 

Speaking of marriage Tao has expressed before that she would like to get married when she is 25. That's in 3 years. So pursuers *cough*Ryota*cough* better hurry up. 

Yes, fans of Yamazaki Kento also commented that he hasn't been active with IG and that even if he is following somebody he would start to follow one at a time but this time he followed Tao and four other artists. They think he is being a bit cautious too so people won't make a big deal that he started following Tao. Tao has still not followed him back.

Ryota's act of jealousy is cute. Like he himself said, that side of him is quite similar to Haruka (onii). 

@thuyhoang62 I have not watched many of Kento's dramas nor movies, only Orange and 2 other dramas where he was playing a supporting character. My impression of him is okay but I just don't like some of his fans who bashes Tao, even in videos which don't even concern Kento. 

@one23507 Hi! Nice to see you back! :) Yes, I think being a bit pessimistic is good. Like you said it would be a huge surprise when something unexpected happens.

Haha, regarding the comment of Tao's that she wanted to try going shirtless if she were a guy I thought it was funny and cute too. Like Ryota has said about her, she really is very natural and real, saying things out loud like that just because that's what she would like to try :tongue:.

I haven't watched Mandy's live myself but I have read about Reo calling Tao TT-chan (TT is Tao's initials, Tsuchiya Tao). I also wonder why they were being cautious there, avoiding to say her whole name. The feeling I get from the Gene members is that they seem quite familiar with Tao. The shipper in me is thinking it is because they are indeed quite close to her and have met her privately many times already whereas they haven't had much interactions with the other cast members that's why they didn't mention them. Btw, in a recent poll where the topic was "My friend's girlfriend seems easy to get a long with" Tao came on second place after Aragaki Yui. I agree with the netizens, I think Tao seems like someone who would get a long with both girls and guys as could be seen in the promotions of Anikoma where she was surrounded by guys. 

Oh, so the hand-movement isn't in the original choreography of Love You More? I haven't watched many live videos of Gene so I had no idea. 

Haha, poor Ryota. Ever since someone pointed out that he was pouting in that scene I can't help but look at his lips now everytime that scene appears in the videos I have been rewatching. Yes, since that movement with Tao leaning in and then their noses and forehead touch was added on spot by Tao I guess Ryota wasn't prepared for it and his natural reaction was that they are about to kiss and hence the pouting of his lips. 

I think the spinning around scene was on the script. It was just that particular scene which was mentioned above that Tao suggested herself. 

I think Sony Music wouldn't like the idea of just Tao and Ryota hanging out openly so if they are going to have dinner together in the future I think she will drag along other cast members or he would ask the other Gene members to join them. As you said, if they were to date I hope they are going to do it secretly and not get caught and then reveal their relationship once it is time for marriage. 

I think the price for a blu-ray of a new released Japanese movie would cost around 62 US dollars if you buy it online, for example in yesasia. I checked the price of Aozora Yell for reference. 

I also noticed that Ryota and Shotaro were on a show together quite recently. Yes, I think Ryota should take action soon because being an actress it is indeed inevitable that Tao would meet a lot of guys on set and with such personality as hers, nice, polite and out-going, it is hard to not like her. 

I have read the translation of Tao's recent IG update of her in a yukata (the traditional Japanese clothing). She mentioned that her mother who watched Anikoma on the pre-screening day said something to her regarding a scene which she herself didn't pay attention to. Her mom pointed out that compared to other scenes what surprised her was a scene when Onii had prepared the yukata for Setoka. She said that there are all kinds of brothers in the world but a brother who would do such thing is rare. 

I think it is cute how Tao's mother is paying attention to the details in the movie that she even notices the small things that Onii does for Setoka. A fan commented and asked if Tao's mom would like a son-in-law like Onii because Ryota would perhaps treat Tao like that in real-life too. I think the fans' comments are so cute.

Tao said she has read some comments about Onii going to Setoka's room often but Setoka hasn't gone to Haruka's room before. Tao explained that the live-adaption is different from the manga where the story starts off with Setoka going to Haruka's room to wake him up for school. She also explained that due to time restriction in movies most of the times everything from the manga won't be able to fit in. She has her own interpretation of the situation though. She thinks Setoka unconciously restricts herself from crossing that line due to her inner feelings for Onii.

I like reading Tao's posts of her thoughts of their characters and story and also what they were thinking during certain scenes. It is sad that today will be the last day that she will be posting things regarding Anikoma. She is probably going to start promoting Tori girl starting from tomorrow. 

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I'm a fan of Reo & too surprised when he call Tao as TT-chan. I also notice after that, one of Gene's picture Mad Cyclone in Saitama, Reo's hands made a TT sign (TT is Twice's song - a Korean girl group which have 3 Japanese girls, they promoted TT in Japan recently & joined some live shows where have Gene performed. Twice & Gene are competitive on top ranking). 

I really believe that Gene's members met Tao sometimes and be familiar with her. Because Generations members are really close, like brothers in a family. They aren't only a band. So I think they know and help Ryotao. Ryota is an introverted boy, he likes to be at home more than go out eat or shopping with Gene's members. He rarely smile, talk, joke with Gene. All members and fans often complain him about that. But he is very different sine he met Tao, talkative, jokes everyone, laughs more. The Ryota beside Tao is the Ryota that Gene hope to see, they used to say that in past. 

Tao made Ryota change. And he haven't dated for 8 years. Gene want to help Ryota.

@one23507   @Transition

Do you have link show where Ryota & Shotaro joined together. I'm surprised to hear that.

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@one23507 Yeah me too! I thought there happens to be a piano in the filming set and he was just teaching her during a break in the midst of filming. I hope we get to see that moment in action ;u; 

@Transition Oh I just knew about them! Since I just watched Kuro No Onna Kyoshi last week and ended up reading abt Nana Eikura's profile so thats how I knew abt her and Kento Kaku being husband and wife after tht one mystery series. I was amused too that it all happened in quite a short span of time, but I had no idea they hid their r/s until marriage. Sounds like a case of k-actors Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo haha

But I honestly would prefer that kind too, if it was a couple involving celebrities. Lately I've been seeing celebrity couples in the Korean fandom being caught dating so they had to sorta announce it to public in a forced manner, and shortly after they broke up which is sad. So I say I rly prefer if my fav couple head straight to marriage announcement instead of revealing they're dating, which has more chances of them breaking up later due to netizens.

Speaking of these two couples, NE/KK and Songs, when I first read up abt NE/KK I kept on thinking abt and imagining RyoTao haha. For the Songs, iirc Ive read that SHK too said she prefers if the man is straightforward with his confession so thats what SJK did. Sounds like Tao there, heh. Ryota may be a little more shy compared to SJK so it's understandable that he may need some help from his connections to act as a catalyst for him.

Also, although the Songs hid their r/s, there was one time during an award show where SJK teared up while SHK was giving her winning(?) speech and from there fans have assumed theres smtg (special) going on btwn them. Reminds me of RyoTao too when they were reading their letters to each other. You know when a project has impacted the actors a lot if they teared up about it.

The comment from Tao's mother is heartwarming btw. Mothers know, ayye ;-)

@ryotatao9495 Oh, Ryota was the introvert type in his group? I did get an impression that hes more on the composed/quiet type but I thought he still has his joking/laughing side simultaneously. It's surprising bc we have heard abt Ryota constantly being the one to assure Tao that it's gonna be okay and help her a lot with stuff. I think he's a case of that one type of introvert where he's quietly reliable. But yeah seems like Tao rly has helped him to be more bright and open in return ;u; Ugh these two rly did help each other to grow, encourage and bring the best out of each other it's so precious ehdhhd

Knowing Gene members comfortably calling or referring to Tao is a nice info too, shows that theyre somehow fond of her. And yeah I kept on remembering Twice's TT when Tao's initials are mentioned, which I find amusing lol. Gene members seeming familiar with Tao is most probably a result of Ryota presumably bringing her to hang out or meet with his members a number of times. I hope they're aware of Ryota and helps him 

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Unfortunately, I could only find a cut of Ryota's part and not the whole show. 


Here's a picture of Ryota and Shotaro from the show. 


Yes, Gene members have said that the way Ryota interacts with the Anikoma cast is very different from how he is in the group when they saw him with the others at the pre-screening day. Ryota has said before in a show where he appeared as a surprise guest when Tao and Yudai were out eating at a restaurant with a host, that he often just stay silent when the other members are joking around. He has that kind of role in the group, the calm and quiet one. I think it is good that he seems to have opened up since he has filmed Anikoma. Fans have also noticed that Ryota's smile seems brighter whenever he is around Tao. 

Except that his ideal girlfriend criteria matches Tao's the things he has said regarding what he would like to do on dates seem like something they could do if his partner is Tao. He said he would like to bring his girlfriend to eat pancakes at a café and also to a restaurant to eat curry. If his girlfriend gets angry at him the sentence he would say to make the atmosphere better is to ask her what she would like to eat. These may seems a bit far-fetched and it could also be explained that it is because Ryota himself likes to eat. I just found it cute that not only Tao is thinking of food often but that Ryota does that too.

@marchingfishes I'm not 100 % sure but I think Eikura Nana and Kaku Kento hid their relationship because I remember fans and everyone were shocked when they heard about their marriage announcement. The Songs did a good job too hiding their relationship. Oh, that's sweet how SJK was tearing up when SHK won an award. I agree with what you said, showing emotions such as crying says a lot about how much impact the project and also co-stars have made on you. I think the things that Ryota wrote really managed to touch Tao's heart, he once again assured her that everything would be fine, that he would be by her side to protect her and lead her whenever she is worried and feels uneasy. He may be shy but I think he is very considerate and knows Tao very well. Like what we have mentioned many times before Tao needs this kind of security so I understand why she thinks he seems like a reliable man. As for Tao's letter, I think everything she wrote was very sincere too. Hopefully, those tears of theirs share the same meaning as they did for the Songs. If they are not at that stage yet then I also hope that Ryota can get more courage and help from people around him and start taking actions because I don't think Tao is someone who would take initiative even if she likes him.

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Takuya's group had a concert today. Ryota, Yudai and Yosuke went to support him but Tao wasn't there. She was probably busy filming the new movie. Aw. I hope this group will continue to meet up often. 

Some MVs of Ryota and Tao




Ryota will be having a fan-meeting in Shanghai on the 25th of August. I think many of the fans who will be attending are also fans of Anikoma so hopefully the movie or something regarding the cast will be mentioned there. It is also Ryota's birthday at the end of the month (on the 29th). I wonder whether Tao and the others will be celebrating it with him this year.

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Tao had a lot of updates about Anikoma last week, to say goodbye I guess since the movie probably won't be showing on cinemas after this month and she is soon going to promote Tori Girl. Today Ryota had four updates in a row, which is rare for him, about Anikoma. 

Here's one of the updates. Another family photo :) 

Ryota-Tao's BTS cut for those who haven't watched it


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Here's a bit of Genetalk where Tao is mentioned. I think it was from December 2016. 

It starts from 1:50

Hayato: What do you think of Tsuchiya Tao who was acting as your little sister?

Yuta: Tao-chan?

Ryota: Tao-chan, how should I put it?

Hayato: Were you born on the same year?

Ryota: We are of the same age.

Yuta: Ah, so you are the same age.

Ryota: Although we are of the same age she is extremely busy.

Hayato: You are not losing out to her either. 

Ryota: But I still think she is really awesome. She takes care of the people around her very well. "This kind of girl is quite nice". She is a nice girl who would make you have such thought. 

Hayato: Ah, so that's how she is. 

Ryota: Yes, really awesome. 



You shouldn't miss your chance then, Ryota :wink: 

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@Transition thanks for keeping up with these updates  happy to see you still continue :)


Ryota is a guy hard for me to read and understand his motivations but I'm glad to know that many of his fans (even his fellow group realize) how he act differently between Tao and the others it's really make us suspect if there is something going on  but that's Tao-chan for you where even articles describe her as co-star killer. I actually love to hear Ryota's opinion on Tao than the other way around though Tao descriptions can be funny and entertaining but I usually love to see how the guy thinks of the girl :D


@Transtions here is Ryota's first impression about Tao he talked about her Sia's performance but cannot able to understand if you can translate this please? 





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@00lama00 You are welcome! Yes, my interest for Anikoma and Ryota x Tao is still here. I hope there will be news about them now and then so I can keep this thread alive :). Or I'll just have to wait for the movie to release and then come back here again. 

I'm with you about being more interested in what the guy thinks about the girl, especially in this case. It is probably due to Tao being very friendly and isn't afraid to shower her co-stars with love and praises so you won't really find her actions suspicious. I know what you mean when you say that Ryota is hard to read. I don't know if it is because he is very calm and not that expressive, or it can also be because we/I didn't know Ryota before Anikoma so it is not easy for us to get the signals? With that said though, I think his praises for Tao and how his description of her and his ideal girlfriend matches is a quite huge indication that he might be interested in her. 

As for his change after knowing Tao, like you said it is probably really obvious for people who are close to him or who have followed him for a long time (Gene members and his old fans). Except for him being more talkactive, some fans have also noticed that the way he writes his instagram posts is becoming more like Tao's way of writing; the long texts, using polite form, the formation of the texts, starting the entries with a greeting, writing about his feelings and thoughts during that moment (when the picture was taken) etc. It seems like he has taken after her habit unconsciously. This habit is really appreciated by fans so please keep it :) .

Here's the translation of Ryota's first impression of Tao:

Before collaborating with Tao-chan my impression of her is from Sia's MV, that she is an actress who dances extremely well. While working with her I still think the same (that her dancing is very good). After filming ended, I really think she is an extremely amazing actress. Everyone around me would ask what kind of person Tao-chan is and I would once again feel how much interest people has on her. 

Chinese translation by 土屋太鳳搬磚GO

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@marchingfishes Regarding the piano scene you talked about before I just read that it is indeed in the movie. The producer added some scenes after knowing that Ryota is good at those things, such as playing soccer and playing the piano. I'm not sure what Tao meant that she hopes it is included in the BTS. 

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it has a video where Chiba talked about 3 times he worked with Tao. Ryota screamed & talked so loud, he seemed jealous about it. 

Did you guys watch Gene's live which have Reo, Ryota, Mandy on car. When a fan's account name Yamazaki Kento appeared in comments, their reactions were uncomfortable. They stopped laughing, talking and were quiet, But fastly, they tried to be normal. Maybe only me noticed it. 

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@ryotatao9495 Fans have also noticed that Ryota seems to get jealous whenever Tao and Chiba Yudai are being close. :tongue: I just re-watched this line live and when they were going to take a photo with the special effects Ryota just naturally put his arm behind Tao. He did so twice between 04:40-05:20. When he was looking through the comments on the cellphone around 04:15 he especially read one comment out loud and that was: "Someone said that Tao-chan looks very cute."


As for the video with Reo, Ryota and Mandy, I haven't watched that yet. I think I just saw a screen-capture of that but not the video itself. Hm, I think they all know that Tao and Kento have had rumours before so therefore they felt uncomfortable about it and if our speculation is right about Ryota having feelings for Tao or if there's something going on between them then that's also an explanation to their reaction. 

In the earlier posts we talked about how Ryota has changed since he has met Tao I think Ryota has influenced Tao as well. I have mentioned this before in the chat we had over on youtube. There was a variety show which Tao went by herself (during the Anikoma promotion period) where she mentioned that she has started to drink alcohol lately. Ryota likes to drink all sorts of wine. It may or not may be because of him, it depends on what we choose to believe :tongue:.

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I just rewatched some old clips, the BTS being one of them. While watching it I also read the pop-up comments and I started to notice things that I haven't paid attention to before. There were some people who pointed out that Ryota's gaze was following Tao even when either she or he himself isn't on camera. The first moment is around 18:37 when Tao was on charge of the barbeque and Ryota sat on the other side near the sea and he was looking at her bouncing from one place to the other. Btw, before that they were talking about food and how much Tao eats. Ryota asked her if she is someone who can eat a lot and she answered "till the point that I can't stop". "Coincidentally" Ryota has mentioned before that he likes girls who like food. The second moment was at 24:06 Ryota and Ito Ono were talking first and then you could see that he was looking elsewhere and said: "That suits you" and after a while Tao appeared on camera and that's when we get that he said that to her. At that time Tao was filming with Takuya a bit away from them. The third moment was at 48:20 when he was monitoring Tao and Takuya when they were filming and after they were done he was watching her from afar and waited for her, to give her a compliment. 


A bit off-topic but another reel to real couple has been caught by the paparazzi and that's Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol from the Kdrama Answer Me 1988. 2017 is indeed the year for shippers :)

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in this video, Tao was happy when she was eating, and you can hear Rypta laughed loud. 

Anywhere, anytime Tao said or ate, do something, I often hear Ryota laughed happily although He didn't appear in camera. In BTS, in interview, on stage. 

I notice Ryota always looks for Tao, looks at Tao as he can (since the first time they met? Maybe) I can feel Tao is no.1 in Ryota's eyes

I like Hyeri x Ryu Jun Yeol in Reply 1988. I'm happy that they became a couple.

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