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[Official] Katayose Ryota & Tsuchiya Tao (RyoTao | 涼太鳳) - Anikoma couple

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@setokaonii I'm looking forward to Tao's SP drama too. I haven't heard any Japanese songs from the 70s so it will be interesting to hear how those songs are.


I saw on your IG story how fast Ryota was to like Tao's recent posts. I'm amazed how he manages to like almost all of her posts during these two years although he follows more than 200 people. Oh, thanks for the information! I didn't noticed he has started to follow the new co-stars. It is easier to notice Tao's list since she only follows a few people :P.


Tao looks so cool playing basketball. It is a pity that she didn't get to show her skills in Harumatsu Bokura. Hehe. I have watched Slam Dunk the anime too. 


@ryotatao9495 I don't think Tao will follow Takumi back either unless he starts to follow her first. She did the same when it came to Kento. 


Thank you for the information about Ryota's new event and Tao taking the 13th spot on the list of female artists who earned the most this year! I'm happy for her. Let's hope next year will be even more prosperous for her! 

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@ryotatao9495 Thank you for sharing information about this thread views. And sharing about news Ryota in WEIBO Account Festival in Japan 2018. Ryota has more followers on Weibo. This is amazing :)


I am so happy to know Tao taking the 13th spot of list of Top 30 highest earning Japanese actresses of 2018. So proud of RyoTao. Always proud of them both :)


@setokaonii You are right. I just realized it yesterday. I thought Ryota was following them to respect them as partners.


@Transition Thank you for sharing about TCL. Finally this drama will be aired. Is this drama not shown on TV like 3A? I'm not sure I can watch it because I'm not in Japan :(


Maybe Pray really became the soundtrack of this drama. I really like that song. Just like I like Anniversary songs. I have memorized it hehe.


Yes I saw Tao following several people. Isn't it okay she doesn't follow each other with Takumi?


They look close. Maybe on the set they can talk about Tao too lol (I expected it)


Ryota looks handsome tonight :)

Appeared in "WEIBO Account Festival in Japan 2018". Ryota is awarded "Annual Popular Artist Award". He walked through the red carpet and accepted a photo session with a smile. So proud of him too.


I want to immediately watch Harumatsu Bokura. I am looking forward to it.


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Ryota & swing again. He really likes it, right?


Tao was so beautiful in this show.

She said "a handsome guy with his Ferrari is kakkoii (cool)"

Tao isn't a girl who likes luxury things, especially cars.

I wonder if she thought about Ryota?

We can see Ryota with luxury carsin MV and films.

I don't know much about cars, I wonder if the car Ryota sat in MV Big City Rodeo is Ferrari? He looked really cool and sexy haha

And Ryota said he wants to have a driver license, he often come to driving school recently.

Since last year, fans notice Ryota uses a lot of expensive things (clothes, jewelries...) so I think he likes luxury cars too.

Honestly, men always like luxury cars, right? 


Here is Ryota in Big City Rodeo


I found Ferrari's cars and Ryota's car in Big City Rodeo look alike. But I'm not sure she I will wait for everyone confirm it.

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@ryotatao9495 Thank you for sharing the information about Top 30 highest earning Japanese actresses of 2018. I have been wondering before about Tao's earning all this while and finally I knew about it now. 


About Takumi, I wonder why she didn't follow Takumi but other Harumatsu Bokura co-stars. As Transition said, I think maybe she would follow if he followed her first.


Thank you too for sharing the videos of Tao saying that a handsome guy with Ferrari looks cool. I agree with you, usually it is always the men who always like talking about luxury car. Hehe. Talking about getting driving license, Ryota said in latest Genekou episode that he would want to drive next if there will be activity involving driving in Genekou. :P




@Transition Hehe. As you said, it is easier to notice who Tao is fllowing because she only followed few people.:D




@liemmeciau Thank you for sharing the photos and videos of Ryota at WEIBO Account Festival in Japan 2018. As usual, Ryota looks handsome. Hehe. I was wondering about his love neclace/pendant that he had on. Haha. Is it the idea of his stylist or is it his own neclace? :lol:



By the way, here is another similarity of Ryota and Tao. I got it from my IG follower. :)



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@liemmeciau Thank you for sharing the new pictures of Ryota! He looks good with the suit. So he got an award there? That's nice. 


Ryota has been seen with a lot of Tao's co-stars recently, Kento, Sota and now Masaki. 


@ryotatao9495 Thank you for the clips of Tao! I didn't know either that she likes guys with sports car. Yes, the logo of Ferrari is a horse. So a the car that Ryota sat in in BCR is a Ferrari? Perhaps Tao has watched that video so that's why she said that she thinks that handsome guys in sports car look cool? 


@setokaonii Wow, since Ryota said that in Genekou that means he has a driver's license now? Congratulations to him! I hope he can have that date that he has been looking forward to :)


It is cute that RyoTao have used the same umbrella. You have good eyes I didn't notice that his necklace was the shape of a heart. 

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@Transition haha I'm not sure if it was Ferrari. 

Honestly, my friends and I think it is Lamborghini, not Ferrari.

But it's not important since it isn't Ryota's own car.

If Ryota has driver license, he will buy a car. Let's wait for it, I wonder if it will be Ferrari?

Will Ryota buy a supercar and show us.

It's weird when Tao suddenly talked about a man with a sports car and mentioned "ikemen with Ferrari" obviously. 

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@ryotatao9495 Thank you for sharing about clip Ryota play swing and Tao say that handsome guy with his Ferrari is kakkoi :)



Ryota is so cute when he play swing.


Hehe, I wonder about car of Big City Rodeo. I think that is Lamborghini too. 


@setokaonii Thank you for sharing picture of RyoTao at the same umberella.


I like Ryota's style tonight with his necklace.


RyoTao was posting the similiar photo on Instagram.




Black clothes and the same photo position :)


They post it at the same time.

It's just that Ryota doesn't write much like Tao hehe

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Those pictures remind me of a nickname "Black swan".

Fans and some articles often call Tao is a black swan since she's good at ballet. Hope Tao will have a role like "black swan".

I also like "office lady" Tao haha.

Tao looks so attractive in office dresses.


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@ryotatao9495 I'm curious too what kind of car Ryota would buy. I think young people would usually like sportscars but if you are a practical person those cars aren't the best choice. 


Tao looks good in the pictures. Haha. She was creepy indeed in the clips you posted. 


@liemmeciau Thank you for sharing the latest picture of RyoTao! They look good in black indeed. 


@cwkwkhp2 Nice to see you here again. :) Thank you for telling us what Tao said there! 


Here's a clip of the latest episode of Genekou


Ryota: To me you are the best present.


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There will be two new additions to the JRA team next year. One guy and one girl. Wonder who they are going to be. Since they said 'kouhai' (juniors) then it will probably be artists that are younger than them. 


Downtown Rocket 2 ended today but there will be a SP next year. 

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@Transition I agree with you. 

Sports cars, supercars just suit for special activities or places.

that’s why people often buy a normal car to use in every day life and just use sports cars, super  cars when they go to bars, parties.

Luxury cars aren’t easy to use, I tried some in Dillard and asked some people have them, they complained a lot, those cars have many problems, fix many times, can’t last a lot of miles like they expect.

I just use a smart car to drive all the time. it’s red too. No one notice when it’s a normal car, that’s why I feel comfortable to go everywhere haha

On 6/4/2018 at 12:43 PM, Transition said:


@frostyautumn Haha. It is because Ryota has such a babyface while the other members look quite mature. The actress/singer who acted as Haruka and Setoka's mother was jokingly saying in the BTS that she thought Mandy looks like an uncle. 


Here' a clip of the latest episode of Genekou. Ryota's confession to the sakura tree.


"I have finally met you. You are my destined one. No matter if it is right now or hereafter I will always love you. Thank you!"


As we have said before, he is getting really good at this ^_^. I have noticed Ryota seems to like saying "before/right now and hereafter I will always...". He wrote it in the letter to Tao, in the comment for Anikoma manga (the last volume) and also here. 


Here's the clip of the same segment but from weibo


Ryota said in Genekou:

"I have finally met you. You are my destined one. No matter if it is right now or hereafter I will always love you. Thank you!"

 I don't know if it was posted here but I remember @setokaonii translated it:

"Tell your girlfriend about your transfer (to other places)"

then Ryota wrote on the blackboard

"You are always the best / you are the best for me forever, baka (stupid)"


And now Ryota did it again, he said in Genekou:

"TO ME, You're the best present"

Those videos cited that Ryota really have girlfriend and he loves her too much.

At Least it makes me think so.

If we notice other members,  we will see Ryota is always different and serious in those situations.

Feels like Ryota often uses Genekou to express his love to someone haha

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