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[Official] Katayose Ryota & Tsuchiya Tao (RyoTao | 涼太鳳) - Anikoma couple (real-life couple)


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It is funny actually that we could foresee that Ryota wouldn't like the picture of Tao and Ryoma. It means that he is making it quite obvious.








Yes, it could also be because Tao is getting more chances now so she wouldn't like to start a family that soon. Actually both Tao and Ryota are ambitious people who seem to have a lot of things they would like to achieve first before going to the next stage. On the stage-greeting in Okinawa when the host asked them what they talked about on set. Ryota revealed that it were mostly things that didn't have anything to do with filming for example "We definitely won't die before we can do that without leaving any regrets behind". 








I haven't followed Ryota's blog but according to fans he has updated it everyday recently? So he didn't do that before? That's another habit of Tao's since 5-6 years back. 








So she is already done with Kasane? That was fast. Like you said hopefully she will be able to get some rest before the next project. 








I haven't followed all episodes of Genetv. I have just seen some snippets of them. But of what I have heard from other fans Ryota is indeed different compared to before.








Thank you for the advice! I tried to post yesterday and today but it didn't work until I removed the @. 








Yes, "the pattern" which Ryota likes Tao's posts on IG do make people think he is jealous. It is too much of "a coincidence" that he has liked all of her pictures these few months except the ones with her and Shotaro and Ryoma. 








If Gene won't release any album next year then I guess they will all focus on solo activities, which means another movie or drama for Ryota perhaps? 



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@Transition About Ryota's blog, it is mobile blog, every GENERATIONS's members have mobile blog and fans  have to pay money to watch what they post. But I don't know how to pay or register. Hope someone can translate Ryota's blog. Before, I heard fans said LDH don't allow fans bring pictures and translate entries in GENE's mobile blog out, so I only see some screencap from fans.




There was an entry on Ryota's blog on December 11,2016 , a picture Ryota (wore Speedster hoodie) with flowers. It had Tao's name in Kanji 土屋太鳳. He wrote "flowers from lead actress Tao-chan, who acted Setoka Tachiban."  He was happy.  He said he posted it on Twitter, Instagram but it was hard to read, so he post on his blog.









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Ah, I see. So that's the blog that fans have been talking about. It would have been nice if there were some translations of Ryota's entries. Tao has a blog too which she updates along with her IG. She started that blog long before IG though. 




So cute of Tao to send flowers to support Ryota when he had concert. I wonder whether he would go to the cinemas sometimes to support her when she has a new movie out such like P&JK and Tori girl? Although if he did I don't think he would write about it.




Ryota and Tao were online on IG right after one other today. Ryota posted two pictures of the sky, one as a normal post and the other on IG story. He wrote something in the likes of that it is a photo of the sky of summer but that the winds of autumn are coming. Not long after Tao posted a picture of the sky too and mentioned that it is the sky of autumn. 




I just read further of the CamCam interview. That issue has a lot of interesting facts. 




Q: When you are dating would you like her to hold your arm or do you prefer holding hands.




Ryota: "Holding hands".




Q: Looks or personality which do you think is more important and what would the percentage be?




Ryota: "50 % each. I like girls with an outer-appearance that is clean and mature and who has an outgoing and bright personality. "




Tao is overall a girl who is quite mature for her age whether it is appearance- or personality-wise. No offence intended but I was a bit surprised when I first saw her in Limit and got to know that she was born in 1995. As for her personality as we all can see she is outgoing and is always very happy. The more I read about Ryota's ideal girlfriend criteria the more I think it matches Tao. As for the holding hands part I just thought of the last stage-greeting when he initiated to hold hands. 




I have read another interview where Ryota was asked about the similarities between him and Haruka. He has said in another interview that it is that both of them would easily get jealous and in this interview he also said that they are a bit clumsy and also that everything are written on their faces so once he gets angry the Gene members would immediately know that. 




I was thinking of the things you said about Ryota being a lot happier and outgoing lately which make you think that he is currently in a relationship. That might be the case since he is someone who is very obvious and would show whatever he is feeling on his face, just like what he said :tongue:.







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@Transition Thanks for your information. On twitter fans also talked about Ryota and Tao posted "Sky" pic and their captions.




I saw Alan (GENE's member) follow Ryoma Takeuchi's instagram some hours ago. Why? I'm sure he saw Ryoma-Tao pic LOL. But I think Ryota saw it before :))




the way Ryota "holding hand" Tao on last stage let me think he did it many time, they do it normally like a couple. It was a hand grip on STAGE. And I notice, Ryota's fingers moved softly on Tao's hand when he talked, he wanted to direct Tao's action? Tao looked so embarrassed and worried, she was confused that Ryota would confess? LOL I think Tao looked at Anikoma boys (especially Chiba) to ask what she should do before she give her hand to Ryota. 




Honestly, Ryota is a boy who easily to know what he thinks. What if I said I guessed true about Ryota's actions on last stage? LOL before last stage on July 12, I thought it was a last chance Ryota and Tao to stand and do everything they want publicly. I was sure that Ryota would do something to "confess" to Tao or do something to make everyone feels Ryota loves Tao. So, I wasn't surprise when watching  :))



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Except for the picture of the sky both of them also talked about the future. Ryota said to make everybody happy he will continue to work hard while Tao said that she is going to work hard for her future and that she is going to be careful with words. She has been self-reflecting yesterday and today she will continue to work even harder. It seems like they have been through some difficulties? From what I have heard Ryota's Japanese fans didn't like him wearing tank tops because they think it is too revealing so they have been leaving some complaints on his mobile blog. As for Tao I'm not sure what she has encountered. No matter what the difficulties are I hope they will be able to overcome it.




Haha, so Ryota is that predictable and easy to read? I myself didn't expect him to do anything special so I was pleasantly surprised when he did those cute gestures to Tao on the last stage-greeting. Tao probably didn't expect that either because she hesitated a while before she reached out to him. I liked how she looked a bit shy and I also like the way she looked at him and then smiled when he was leading her with her hand in his. Like you said, he looked very confident when he took her hand. 



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@Transition  I don't think Ryota wearing tank tops are revealing, but sexy. He is 23 years old LOL 




another GENE's members (even Hayato, Reo are younger than Ryota) are more revealing, sexy, often show their bodies on stage and real life. 




Fans don't like Ryota wears tank tops because Ryota is a shy boy, he never shows his body. That's why when he wore tank top, show his shoulders on backstage camera with GENE, fans were shock, he was so sexy. And one pic Ryota at pool, he selfie with a towel on his neck, shirtless, but he only showed his head and his neck, nothing else LOL.




 When rumors Ryota will act Haruka on Anikoma, fans didn't believe, they said that Ryota won't agree act Haruka, because Ryota is never shirtless (Haruka is shirtless in manga).




But I wonder why Ryota posts many pics he wears tank tops on his blog/instagram recently. His style becomes strange (fashion, selfie style)  (I mean it's not baby face style) I think recently Ryota like this style: sexy, mature. 



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Perhaps Ryota thinks it is time for him to change his image? He probably is less shy now too after having acted Anikoma. 




Here are more of Ryota's answers from interviews.




Q: Do you fall in love fast or slow?




Ryota: Not too fast. I'm one of those who would think throughly before making a decision. I'd want to know what kind of person she is and when we have gotten closer that's when I'd slowly fall in love with her but once I have fallen for her I'd take a lot of initiative to try to attract her. 




Q: When is the moment when you would think "This girl is very cute."?




Ryota: When I see her fragile side. Probably because I would then have the urge to protect her. When I see her being down or when she feels troubled with something I would like to help her out.




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In Anikoma manga, there was a scene Setoka talked about her favorite band. The picture was very similar with a GENE's pic on magazine. In that band, there was a vocalist who sings & dances well, handsome and cute, tall, small face, he is called "prince". Onii Haruka was jealous with this vocalist LOL it's exactly Ryota Katayose, who is called "prince" by members and fans. I think mangaka is GENE's fan and Ryota was chosen for Haruka. It wasn't a coincidence. I wonder if movie had this scene. I wanna see Ryota will be jealous with himself. 

@Transition When I watched Anikoma and BTS, promotions since April to now, I feel like it was a course how Ryota fall in love with Tao :))  although we couldn't see all their moments, but we can feel it. At first, they were confused. But they are more closer day by day.

 Like Ryota said that "want to know what kind of person she is and when we have gotten closer that's when I'd slowly fall in love with her but once I have fallen for her I'd take a lot of initiative to try to attract her. "

We can see Ryota did many initiative actions for Tao. In BTS and on stage, livestream, video promotions... 







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Oh, now when you mention it I have a vague memory of that part in the manga. It could be funny indeed if it is included in the movie.




I'm with you. Fortunately, Anikoma had a drama version and also movie because it made the filming process longer. They filmed for 2 months (3 months for Ryota because he had to go through a bit of training before the actual filming). The promotion period was also long, from April to August which made them have more time to get to know each other. I also think the story itself helped Ryota and Tao to get closer too. Since they were acting as brother and sister they really had to talk with each other and get close so they could create a natural chemistry. As mentioned by them before they also put a lot of their own feelings when they were acting particular scenes (the bathroom scene and the church scene) which might have confused them and made them harder to separate Haruka x Setoka from Ryota x Tao. 




In this article Ryota said that in the ending scene where Haruka thought Setoka was very cute he smiled without knowing it himself, it was a smile from the bottom of his heart. After thinking about this he thinks whenever Haruka is smiling it is the most real him. He thinks it is better to keep it that way because if he tried to hide his smile it would seem pretentious. Portraying a bit more realistic feeling is better. Although it is a comedy and there are a lot of impossible things with the story but the feelings are real. He is thankful that the script has made Haruka such a fleshed out and relatable character. It made him able to connect himself with the character. As the filming proceeded the will of wanting to make Haruka alive through his acting became stronger. 





I think the scene Ryota mentioned here is the one that you posted before when Tao kissed him by the sea. Too bad the clip wasn't longer or else we could have seen the smile which Ryota said was a smile that came naturally from the bottom of his heart. 



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In this article Ryota and Hayato were asked what they think their relationship with their girlfriend would be like. Hayato was asked to answer for Ryota and Ryota for Hayato.




Hayato: As for Ryota-kun, he gives me the feeling that he would take care of his girlfriend extremely well. If he is too busy which leads to his girlfriend being sad he would immediately make it up for her. So he needs a girl who trusts him completely and who doesn't need him to make up for her? Even if Ryota says: "If I'm too busy you can do things that you like." she would still enjoy being by herself while waiting for Ryota. Due to her trust for him she wouldn't ask him a lot of questions even if he comes home late, no matter what Ryota-kun does she wouldn't feel any pressure. In short a pure and perfect person. 




Ryota: I would search for such girl (*laughs*). If I'm going to date someone, it is best if it is a girl who can take care of people. Someone who can improvise depending on the situation. I hope it is someone that I respect.








Here's the show DownTown that Tao went to where she was asked to answer 50 questions. Among those 50 questions I translated some of them on the previous page. 




Around 18:30 Tao was asked to describe her ideal boyfriend.




Tao: Someone like a warrior. When he is "outside" he would work hard and protect himself well and when he is at home he should be able to let his guard down and feel at ease.




Host: Someone who can differ between being at work and off work?




Tao: Yes. I would like to create such home for him, a place to protect "his presence".




Host2: Till now have you liked anybody before?




Tao: Yes, I have liked someone before.




Host2: Of course you have. You are 22 already.




Host: After hearing what you have said you seem to want to take care of your own family and home once you have gotten married? 




Tao: If I were to date I would want to be a girlfriend who isn't a bother (to my boyfriend).




Host: So the priority is the guy?




Tao: Yes.




Host2: It feels like you are one of those who would want to "retire" from the entertainment industry once you have gotten married.




Tao: I don't think I'd be able to do that right now. In short I'd like a relationship where you can influence, encourage and respect one another. Someone like a warrior who I can respect. 




Host: Kai Shu (Tao's old classmate/friend since kindergarten), although she says she would like a guy who is similar to a warrior but what kind of guy do you think Tao will get married to?




Kai Shu: Part of Tao's inner self is full of passion so if the guy isn't ambitious they won't be able to end up together. So it should be someone with a high ambition and goal. 




If you pay attention to Tao's expression after her classmate said that it seems like she already has someone in her heart. 








On the same variety show but with Ryota as guest Tao said since they have started to act in Anikoma till now she has always respected him but after getting to know him more she realized that he is quite weird and then she mentions the things about him not knowing how to use his own stove and also that he would be very happy by just finding matching socks. 








Both Ryota and Tao wish for their other half to be someone who they can respect. Tao has expressed that Ryota is someone she respects. Except for that point, their other ideal girlfriend/boyfriend criteria also matches one another (it has been mentioned a few times on the previous pages). The scenario that Hayato brought up that Ryota would need someone who trusts him and who wouldn't ask him a lot of questions because he is always so busy also matches what Tao said about her not wanting herself to be a girlfriend that is bothersome. You can also tell that Tao has influenced Ryota a lot. As we have mentioned before he has become happier and more outgoing and his way of writing entries on his blog and instagram is becoming a lot like Tao's. Not to mention his new fondness of taking pictures of the sky is also the same as her. 



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I noticed this pic for a long time, the sky picture was similar with some Tao's sky pictures. But important is Ryota's caption: Mirroring my heart. It made me think more about "what does it mean?"

what did he think when he looked at the sky? Why he said the sky was mirroring his heart? 

Recently, Ryota often posts sky pics and writes about his feelings, his memories like the way Tao posts. If we are right, Ryota looks at the sky when he misses Tao, and when he looks at the sky, it makes he misses Tao :)) 

the latest post on Ryota's IG. Pic, caption...Very similar Tao's style. I read some new fans said Ryota copy Tao's blog/IG LOL day by day, more fans realize it. Ryota doesn't hide that  Tao influences him. 

I saw Tao and Kame promote PtoJK, I was surprised when I saw Alan was a guest of this show. Alan and Hirunaka cast watched Tao/Kame trip, look how they walk and eat famous foods. Alan laughed so much, especially when Tao appeared. Tao was very cute, beautiful and funny. 

Recently, to PR Tori Girl, Tao also appeared on a show where NAOTO (J Soul Brothers, LDH) was a guest. He also laughed so much when watching Tao. NAOTO and JSB are very close with GENE's members.


I read a blog in 2016, Tao wrote about herself and MV Alive - Sia, she mentioned that one member of EXILE (LDH) commented about MV Alive - Sia (Tao's version), that was a compliment for Tao's dance. I don't remember who he is, but at the time I read, I found his name and I remember he is dancer, still young, maybe under 30, very famous by his dances and of course, he is also close with GENE. EXILE & GENE like a family.

So, some people in LDH have a good sight for Tao. I can see they like Tao, because she is friendly, talent, cute... 

I hope oneday, Ryota will meet Tao in a show, or he will be a guest and sit to watch Tao promote with another male partner LOL

I also hope to see a picture where Tao and GENE together. 

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Tao has written before something in the likes of "although I'm is not in the same place as you (I think it was when Taiwan had earthquake) but we are all under the same sky so my heart is with you." So like you guys I also think whenever Ryota/Tao is posting a picture of the sky it is their way of saying that they miss each other and although they aren't together they are both looking at the same sky. 


Thank you for the clips. I have watched a bit of the show before but I didn't notice that Alan was one of the guests who were watching Tao and Kame. He was indeed laughing a lot but can't blame him Tao was really cute and funny there. 


Many singers have probably watched Sia's MV featuring Tao and got surprised that an actress could dance so well. Yes, I think many people have a good impression of Tao. She is well-mannered and nice. Except for her acting, her personality is also what makes her stand out among the many actresses out there. 


Do you guys remember Tao's criteria of her ideal boyfriend? If not here's the translation 


Q44: What type of guys do you like? 


Someone like a warrior. A guy who would fully focus on the thing he really likes and when he has encountered failures and understood them he would communicate (with others), I think such person is outstanding. 


Here's Ryota's way of handling failures:


Even if you have failed, you must be able to stand up again and continue to fight. If you don't do that then failing has also lost its value. 



Not giving up and the way he used the words "continue to fight" matches the description of "a warrior". 


I would like to see a picture of Tao with Gene too. Haha, if Ryota were to see Tao promoting her movie with another actor he might get jealous :tongue:.


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Both Ryota and Tao posted something related to Anikoma today. At the end of the post with the picture of Tao riding a bicycle Tao mentioned that this scene is similiar to a scene in Anikoma where Setoka was cycling with all her might (Note! spoilers! Setoka took Kunimitsu's bike so she could find Haruka at the church and confess to him.)

Ryota posted a short video on his IG story of him singing a song. It was without sound but a few fans could see by reading his lips that he was singing Leola's song Koiseyo Watashi, which is also an insert song in Anikoma. This song was coincidentally also the song that was played during the scene I mentioned up there with Setoka on the bike. 


Here's the clip with music included, which a fan made and it matches his lips movements. 



Apparently, on his mobile blog he posted the clip with sound and it was indeed this song that he sang. 


He also posted an entry that he could hear a lot of people call him Onii during the concerts in Hokkaido. Although on spot he said some teasing words but that was to cover his shyness. 

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I can't understand what he said, but I heard that he talked about Anikoma and his birthday. 

Ryota really loves Anikoma. I remember in an interview where he was asked about Anikoma, Ryota said it was very happy time, although it ended for a long time. 

I read somewhere that Ryota said that Tao likes to sing, Tao always makes everyone feel comfortable, out of stress. So, Tao often sings when she is beside Ryota, and Tao always makes Ryota comfortable. In This video below:


The way Ryota looked at Tao was very sweet, also his smile. He looked so shy, tried to look another place, out of Tao.

When Ryota was asked who he chooses in 4 Anikoma ikemen, he choose Kunimitsu. He said girls like a boy who makes them comfortable, naturally, like a close friend. Ryota know girls's feelings. I think Ryota in real life, when he is beside Tao, exactly is Kunimitsu (plus a little Haruka). Ryota is very close, like a brother, best friend, a family for Tao. Tao is very comfortable and natural beside Ryota. 

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@ryotatao9495  Unfortunately, I also only understood that Ryota said something about Anikoma instagram and then he mentioned his birthday. Nevertheless, I'm always happy to hear them talk about Anikoma. 


I noticed too that Ryota looked shy in the second video, especially at 1:38 (his smile) whereas the others didn't have any reaction. He always seem shy whenever he is asked to say something directly to Tao or when Tao is asked about her view of love. 


Speaking about love, Tao was at an event today for the mochi icecream that she is spokesperson for and she was asked about love and also Takei Emi and Takahiro's news. Tao said it is difficult mentally and physically for her to date (due to her being really busy) but if she has time for relationship she would like that her and his heart are able to connect. As for her thought of Takei Emi and Takahiro's sudden marriage announcement she said she thinks it takes a lot of courage to enter a new stage but that also means that their fate is beautiful. She wishes them happiness from the bottom of her heart. She also said she wishes to become like mochi, a calm and flexible girl who can be tolerant to everything and everyone. 


To be it sounds like Tao would like to date but she doesn't have the energy to do that? She mentioned that she is trying her best with work at the same time that she is trying to not cut her sleeping hours. She only gets around 3 hours of sleep usually. However, from the things she describes about her ideal boyfriend and how she would like herself to be as a girlfriend it sounds like she has someone in her heart or is seeing someone?


A fan that follows Tao and Ryota said that the news today had a lot of interesting facts and that what Tao said was the same as what Ryota has said on his mobile blog. Not sure which part s/he meant though. 


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I wonder why they asked Tao about Takahiro x Emi? 

Tao is very busy for dating, but it doesn't mean she can't date. I hope Tao will have a good boyfriend, understand her job and take care of her. Although she can't come to meet him, can't take care him, he still find and meet her, take care her. I really worry for her health. 

Ryota is busy, too. GENE have new single, and they still have Mad Cyclone concert until Dec 17. But they also have time to rest (I saw MC's schedule, they have some days to relax, or sometimes they can rest in 2-4 weeks before they perform MC at next places) maybe they have more activities in their rest time like filming, GENEKOU, TV show, music stages...

honestly, everyone knows Tao is very busy, she doesn't have enough time to sleep. So, if a boy accept to date her, I think that boy knows and understand for her busy schedule, but he still loves her, take care of her.

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@ryotatao9495  I was surprised too at first that they asked Tao about Takei Emi but then I remembered that they were both in Rurouni Kenshin. It could also be because both of them are young popular actresses so they are curious on what Tao thinks about shotgun marriages? Or perhaps the reporters are thinking like us fans that there might be a chance that she too ends up getting married to a member of Exile Tribe (*cough*Ryota*cough*) :tongue:.


That was what I was thinking too that singers' schedules aren't as hectic as actors/actresses. It is good to get a confirmation from you though. So it probably easier to accommodate if a singer and actress are dating each other. It worked at least for Takei Emi and Takahiro. 


But I agree with you that Tao should really take more rest. 3 hours sleep isn't enough. Yes, the best would be if her boyfriend is someone understanding and who wouldn't complain about her being too busy and who would take his time to take care of her. The dilemma is that Tao is thinking the same. That her boyfriend should come first and that she shouldn't be a bother to him. Hm, I guess if they are meant to be then they will find a balance somehow. 


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Hm, I guess Tao's agency would like her to grasp on every opportunity and not let go off these characters that she can only act now when she is young. A lot of Japanese actresses would stop accepting school girl roles after a certain age. I understand also all fans' worries. Movies/dramas based on Shoujo mangas are often not as challenging and it would restrict Tao's chances to show what she is capable of. For me it is fine as long as the script and character is good. 


Btw, the news yesterday that I mentioned have made the Chinese media draw the conclusion that since Tao said she is too busy to date that she and Kento have broken up. So there are people over at weibo who have been misleaded and think they were a couple before. I still don't like how some of Kento's fans are treating Tao and saying things that "That's good news, then Kento can return to my side now."

"I have never understood her beauty."  etc. I understand why Tao still haven't followed Kento back. If I were her I would like to avoid all these comments too. 

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  • Transition changed the title to [Official] Katayose Ryota & Tsuchiya Tao (RyoTao | 涼太鳳) - Anikoma couple (real-life couple)

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