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[Official] Katayose Ryota & Tsuchiya Tao (RyoTao | 涼太鳳) - Anikoma couple (real-life couple)


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@TransitionThat is surprising for me to know that he also used his own feeling when he acted the bathroom scene.I had only read about he needs to re-do the scene many time only.No wonder when I saw the snippet of the scene,he looks serious there.I guess we need to wait for the movie to come out to watch how the scene turn out.Of course he will feel shy when acted the scene.He was shirtless there plus with wet Tao who only wore shorts and white clothe which is quite revealing:tongue:

LOL this boy for calling Tao sexy.This means that he really thinks that Tao is a woman unlike some of her other co-stars who said Tao is just like their mom XD.I do agree that Tao looks good there but I don't think she looks sexy there (?)I mean she just standing there beside the mirror with her hair down.How can that be sexy?-_-I think she looks pure in that scene though.Tao is well known for her cute and pure image in Japan.So,it was surprising that Ryota would say such things.

In my opinion,from their interview etc Tao is close with Yudai.They even had collaborated for three times already.I think she is closer with Yudai than Takuni.That is why I feel weird when she follows Takuni but not Yudai.Maybe she doesn't know Yudai's instagram account.About Kento,it must be that they want to avoid the dating rumour again.Kento also doesn't follow Tao either.

I love it when Ryota constantly liked the pictures from Tao's instagram these days although maybe there were a few pictures that he doesn't like.I try to look into the people that he follow.For example,Ito Ohno(Chiaki's sister in Anikoma) and also some of the e-girls members.He barely likes their picture XD This is not spazzworthy enough but still it means that he care for Tao.For Tao,I think mostly she liked all of the pictures of the people that she follow.She only followed 16 account though.

Have you guys watch this video when Ryota goes to Tao's changing room?Looks like he get used to it already because as you can see he knocked Tao's door and abruptly(I don't know whether this is the right word to use) entered her room.That is woman's changing room so I though he need to wait for Tao to open the door first because maybe she was changing clothes during that time or doing something.By the way,Ryota's laugh at the end of the video is cute.


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Ah! So good to hear about majority of Ryota's fans being supportive or open about him and Tao. More surprising to know that his fans would go to the extent of even defending her although they're fans of Ryota >< It's soooo soo rare to see those kind of nice fans these days, which I feel sorry for towards some idols bc they aren't able to feel free to date. Ryota's truly a lucky idol guy to have mature fans uhghg @Transition @one23507 

Speaking of the bathroom scene, that's interesting of Ryota to actually act it out through the feelings of both Haruka and Ryota, himself. Two characters into one, sounds complex. But no wonder that scene seems pretty tension, but good. Can't wait to see!

These days I've been thinking about the mild possibility of these two collaborating but not as actor/actress, but as dancers? Or probably singers for an OST would do too since I've heard that Tao recently sang an OST for a movie(?), and the lyrics was written by herself. Anyhow, I've watched 2 of Tao's dancing clips and I got chills!! Really surprising to see these skills coming from her! o.o These two are so versatile together it's so overwhelming LMAO

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@one23507 I was surprised too that Ryota would be that honest with what he thought regarding that scene. As for us not finding it sexy but he does I guess perhaps it is because of her hair and expression? :tongue: Ryota has hair fetish and the hairstyle that Tao had there was different from the usual hairstyle of Setoka's and perhaps also because she looks sad and vulnerable there which makes him want to protect her? Something that Ryota has mentioned in an interview (regarding wanting to protect girls who look vulnerable).  

Regarding instagram I have also noticed that Yudai doesn't follow Tao either. Perhaps it is like you said that they don't know about each others account? Because as you said, I think they do seem pretty close. I have also noticed how Ryota likes almost every post by Tao. He is quick too. It has sometimes only gone less than 30 minutes and he has already liked her post. It seems like he has been reading her essays too since he has replied to some of them. 

Thank you for sharing the clip! I haven't watched it before. Yes, I think it is a bit unusual too how Ryota just opened the door without waiting for Tao to open it. It does make it seem like he is used to it, so it is natural for him. 

@marchingfishes  I also think it would be good if Tao and Ryota could collaborate as dancers/singers. Yes, Tao recently sang and wrote the lyrics to the themesong for an animated movie. Ryota too has penned the lyrics for the song Pray in the latest album of Generations of Exile Tribe. Not to mention, both of them knows how to play the piano so there are a lot of things that they can do if they were to collaborate. Speaking of the lyrics to Pray. The fans think it seems he is talking about Tao. I'm going to try to find the English translations of the song or I can perhaps try to translate it myself later on. 

Here's a compilation of Ryota saying "It is okay" to Tao. There are probably even more times that he has said that but off-screen. For fans who have missed the earlier translation of what Tao said in the first few seconds. She was asked what kind of things that guys say to her that would make her heart flutter. She said what is most important isn't what one says but who says those words and then she replied "It is fine. "/Everything is fine" (daijoubu) are those words that would make her feel at ease/safe. 


Here's a part of their last stage-greeting where Ryota seemed jealous of Yudai again. Yudai said he would like to untie the straps to Tao's top (as he did in the movie). The third male lead Takuya then said: "Stop." Ryota said jokingly to Yudai "That movement will perhaps appear later (in the play)?" Fans noticed Tao's expression there. She turned to Ryota and pouted. Haha. Then Takuya asked surprised: "Hm, untying the straps?" To which Ryota said loudly: "No, there is no such thing". Wasn't he teasing Yudai-Tao at first, how come he suddenly switched to the jealous-mode again? :tongue:


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English translation of Pray 


Always… I pray for you…
oh… you…
I’ll always be here…
for you…

The sweet scent that smells like a familiar perfume (sweet flavor)
That day, with a childish smile on your face
I met you
I have to come to grips with everything
So even if I’m clumsy with my words, I’ll tell you how I feel
Please just forget about me

I’ll pray for your sake now and forever
Everything that reminds me of you is starting to come back to me
The words you told me will always be a treasure of mine
I’ll hold you, hoping not to break you
From the bottom of my heart, I Pray for you

Always… I pray for you…
just for you…
waiting for you…
for you…

If you could look at the other you (look at yourself)
What kind of words would you tell yourself? Just like that
In times of pain, 
I’ll be taking you with me to a beautiful world
I’ll tightly hold onto your cold hand
I won’t ever let go

I’ll protect you now and forever
Because my special place is being beside you whenever you hold your head down
You smile you showed me will always be a treasure of mine
I’ll warm you, hoping not to make you sad
From the bottom of my heart, I Promise you

This is the only place where there isn’t a cloud in the sky
The sky wearing a blue of mixed feelings is
Mirroring my heart
Will my words reach you now?

I won’t ever find the answer
To the feelings that I parted with
Oh… oh…
You don’t have to hurry

The words you told me will always be a treasure of mine
I’ll hold you with my wishes and future, hoping not to break anything
I swear this just for you, I still love you
Let’s colour the sky that’s just ours
From the bottom of my heart, I love you

Always… I pray for you…
oh… just for you…
yeah… loving you…
for you…

For you

Credit: meikatsudon's tumblr

I personally think it sounds more like a song talking about his past relationship but he hasn't dated for 8 years and it seems like it is too mature for a 14 year old boy? So he probably just wrote something that he thought of without exactly associating it with something. Although the description of sweet scent and childish smile do match Tao. 

Here's some pictures that you probably have seen before. I just wanted to post them because they seem to be wearing matching clothes there. As for the last picture, I think they look genuinely happy and cute there. According to fans who have watched the movie Setoka and Haruka are already a couple here. 




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@Transition @marchingfishesIt will be great if they could collaborate as singer.Tao has a nice voice even though she is an actress.Tao had said before that she want to dance with GENE LOL:tongue:I hope that will come true XD

I love how Ryota always encourage Tao and said daijoubu to her.He seems like a reliable man:wub:Besides,Tao also said that she likes it when someone say that word to her.

I cant help but laugh when Ryota tried to look cool and not jealous LOL.He clearly jealous but he doesn't want to show it:tongue:By the way,I also notice that the video that @Transition posted above about untying the strap,Tao was also glaring at Ryota when he said "That movement will perhaps appear later (in the play)?"

Regarding the english translation of Pray,I personally don't think he talked about Tao there because the lyrics look like the couple have been together for a long time already.Just like you said "So he probably just wrote something that he thought of without exactly associating it with something."

I like Tao's hairstyle in the pic that @Transitionposted above.She looks so pretty!!


You can see that Ryota was staring at Tao with tender eyes here:D


cr owner

Ryota's IG update

They are so cute!!!


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@one23507 Aw, so cute. I can imagine the scenario which Ryota described how he was dancing by himself and then Tao joined him. I hope they will include that to the BTS too. I have heard that Gene is doing a tour right now and that there are 23 stops left. Hopefully Tao would be able to be a guest for one of them when she is done filming her movie.

I didn't notice Tao's pout/expression until some fans pointed it out. I thought it was cute. It is like she was trying to stop Ryota from teasing her. 

I like Tao's hairstyle in those pictures too. I actually like most of her hairstyles except during 2015-2016, the hairstyles she had for Mare, Orange, Aozora Yell and P&K (octopus hair and uneven bangs). 

Thank you for sharing the pictures! It isn't often Ryota looks Tao directly in the eyes but whenever he does that his eyes and glance always look very tender. Aw, Tao's eyes look puffy in the picture at the church. It was probably taken after the crying scene. 

I just read the translations of some interviews another thing in common that Ryota and Tao have is that they like reading books. Ryota mentioned that he reads a lot of books and the recent one is so thick that you never think you will be able to finish it. When he was asked if he reads on set too. He said that he didn't but that Tao did. He then recommended some books to Tao in the interview. 

According to Ryota except for the Gene members his parents have also watched Anikoma. His mother came to one of the stage greetings but his father was unable to attend so he watched the movie afterwards. He told Ryota that he thought it was touching. As for Tao I know that her siblings tend to support her movies and shows, they have watched Tori Girl (pre-screening) and they also came to watch her on the red-white show. Her parents also came to watch Orange back then. So they have probably watched Anikoma too. I'm mentioning this because that means both of their families have perhaps met each other or at least they should have met Ryota/Tao :tongue:.


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@Transition Woa just right when I was wondering whether Ryota has written lyrics for any of his group's songs, thanks for the info and lyrics translations! He's really multitalented. 

Personally I could sort of relate to Tao liking guys who would constantly assure her that it's gonna be okay. It sounds like not much of a big deal but it actually is! The phrase "it's okay" is actually very meaningful and comforting to some people. And here you have Ryota having that protective side for Tao's security. So precious!

That untying strap scenario though, he's clearly jealous, just trying to hide it hahaha

I've seen 2/3 photos that you shared and they look very refreshing there! The last shot of them smiling brightly from the movie is <3 

As for the family, yeah they most probably have been introduced to each other by Ryota and Tao. Even if they haven't, though, I'm pretty sure Ryota and Tao have somehow tell stories about each other to their respective fam ;-)



OMG THOSE TWITTER POSTS. First time I'm seeing them sjanxjje thanks for sharing! So apparently RyoTao have already tried dancing together during filming aaaa ;-; Ryota even taught her but later claimed that Tao has no serious focus LMAO SJDNDNS. but yes lets hope for it to be included in the BTS.
Sooo exciting to hear Tao saying she wants to try dancing with GENE. Would be really cool if that happens in the future! 

Tao not focusing reminds me of that event where they played basketball. There were few times when she repeatedly asked the mc to help hold her mic for her while she attempted to throw the ball. When shes done afterwards Ryota had to nudge and remind her few times to take back her mic from the mc haha



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@marchingfishes Tao said she is someone who worries about things a lot and she isn't good with expressing herself by words either, probably due to nervousness, so like you said being told that "it is okay" is very meaningful to her. I think not only Tao but many girls would like guys who would be able to give you that sense of security. Ryota seems like a very considerate guy too. Tao mentioned that her voice was hoarse once because she had to yell a lot for another movie and he would ask her about her condition and also gave her some tablets to sooth her throat. He would help her to hold the umbrella and help her with the fan. She has posted a picture of her on the swings with Ryota standing behind her on IG before to which she described that she was swinging by herself at first but then he walked to her side and gently pushed her on the swing. 

Yes, Ryota is indeed talented. He knows how to sing, dance, play the piano and write lyrics. He has barely any experience in acting but I think he did pretty good in Anikoma, especially in the emotional scenes. 

I also think Ryota and Tao have heard a lot of stories about each other and their families already because in interviews they have mentioned they would talk about all sort of things, like what they experienced when they were children, how they picture the relationship between an elder brother and younger sister would be like etc, to get to know each other better and build up a good relationship and chemistry. 

Updates on Tao's IG

This is so cute. They look like a family


Tao said she has forgotten what they swore about here :tongue:


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@TransitionWoah 23 stops!!That quite a lot.Tao is busy right now filming My little monster and Tori girl's promotion in the future so,I dont think that she able to join them though :( However,I still hope she will come to the concert to support them.

I dislike her hairstyle the most in Aozora Yell.2nd is Mare.3rd is P&JK and fourth is orange.That kind of hairstyles are unflattering.She need to follow the hairstyle from the manga though so I can't complain XD.

Both of them share a lot of hobbies and specialty.For example,just like @Transitionsaid before singing,dancing,reading etc.If you guys watch Anikoma's bts,they were also exercising together on set :DThey are so compatible to each other!!

I think that both Ryota and Tao probably had met each other family members at backstage because if they come to support Ryota or Tao,usually they will go to backstage first(?)Im not sure about this though.Im just saying :)

@marchingfishesI didn't realize that Ryota had to nudge and remind her few times to take back her mic from the mc XD.I need to check the video again after this!!Thank you for pointing that out:D

The pictures that Tao update in her IG is so CUTE!!



@TransitionThanks you so much for translating the instagram post!!:heart:Woah Ryota is very very very nice to her.His action feels like a boyfriend LOL.If Im Tao,I would fall in love already with him XD.Just date already you two!!:wub:

Today,Ryota and Takuni will attend stage greeting right?I hope we will get new things to spazz about :)

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@Transition Uhhh everything you said. I'm getting all soft at Ryota's consideration towards Tao. Can sort of feel the warmth there. He's such an ideal guy ;-; They may not be a couple (yet ehehe) but I'm sooo happy to see these two having this kind of comfortable, caring friendship.

My favourite Tao hairstyle is actually the one she has as Setoka tbh! (no bangs, long, slightly wavy) Or basically any one with no bangs. But with bangs is actually alright too. Also yeah I didnt fancy her short hair either like the ones you both mentioned.

@one23507 You're welcome! It's little stuff but I had fun watching them interact even at the smallest things aha

I SQUEALED SO HARD at that photo of them laying down with their mini self lmao I even yelled at my friends. So adorableeeee. Thanks a bunch Tao for those mini spam of Anikoma BTS photos <3 Does anyone know what are the kids' names?

OMG guys, I just learnt that this picture of them playing the piano is most probably gonna be a scene from the movie. I thought it's just a candid picture of them casually playing the piano during their free time in the midst of filming lmao


I just learned about it after realising that one of the posts that Tao uploaded just now has a cut of their children ver playing with a piano music box(?) on the left and a picture of Tao standing with Ryota playing the piano at the back. SO EXCITED


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Wow 6 post in Tao's ig in one day...and lately it seem she's more post bout anikoma than other movie...sorry am i wrong? Maybe she wanna cheer her onii in this event..Happy to see this forum fill many stories bout our couple...arigatoo minna

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@one23507 Oh, I totally forgot that Tori Girl is going to be released in September so there will probably be a lot of promotions that she will have to attend. I think she is also going to be in a stage show later on as well. Not to mention that she is still a student and has to be at university for a certain amount of time in order for her to be able to graduate so it might be a bit difficult for her to cram in time to be a guest for Gene's concert. Although it is sad that we won't get to see them on public events but hopefully they will still keep contact and meet up once they have time. In one of the line interviews the 5 of them did say they would try to get everyone together to eat bbq sometime because so far they have only met up in small groups privately. They teased that Takuya is the one who usually don't have time to come to their gatherings. 

Yes, an actress said once that their hair don't really belong to them but to the characters so they will have to adjust that to match the characters. 

Right, thank you for pointing that out. Exercising. That's another common interest of theirs too. I like how they were playing soccer together for a while in the BTS. Tao's comments were quite cute there too. Ryota was shirtless while playing soccer and he was sweating a lot. Tao said that it must feel great to play soccer like that. She then added that if she were a guy the first thing she would like to try is to go shirtless like that. Ryota laughed at her comment :tongue: 

Many of the things that Ryota has done for Tao is indeed very boyfriend-like. Yes, Ryota and Takuya went to two stage-greetings today. Ryota posted on his IG story that Tao sent them a present, a souvenir, probably because she was away for two days to promote Tori Girl in another city. So nice of her. 

Thank you for the pictures! I like how they were lying there alone, although still quite near but with a bit distance and then they went even closer in the next picture with the children. :) 

@marchingfishes I like Setoka's hair too and the one she had in the dramas Konya wa kokoro dake daite and Kuro no Onna Kyoushi. I'm like you, I like her with slightly wavy long hair without bangs. 

I thought the picture of Ryota and Tao playing the piano was off-screen too but after reading the translation of her post it does seem that it is part of the story? 

Tao said that although the two pictures are from different occasions but there's still a connection between them and that the song that was played has deep meaning as well. But the weird thing is Tao said she hope that the song can be heard in the BTS or something which means it has been cut from the movie?

@purplekhie Compared to P&JK Tao has indeed posted more pictures of Anikoma. I think it might be because the filming period was longer and also due to the cast being around the same age so they would play around a bit more together. 

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@Transition I found a video you talked about where Tao said that she is quite slow when it comes to relationships, that she wouldn't notice or sense if a guy likes her if he doesn't make it clear to her, and that's why she would like a straight-forward confession

Ryota was chosen to confess.

He said "I will wait until you Love me". 



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@Transition Oh thats weird, wonder what she actually meant by that. Sucks if that scene didnt make it into the movie though bc I can already the cuteness of it ;;

Also sad that theres most probably gonna be no more Anikoma events after this.... Just gonna watch Ryota and Tao constantly liking each other's photos then aha

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@marchingfishes It is indeed a pity if the scene got cut in the movie. I'm also feeling a bit empty now when the promotions for Anikoma has ended and Tao has moved on to promote another movie. Hopefully, they will still keep in contact and if we are lucky enough we might perhaps see a picture or read about their gatherings through their IG accounts. The picture of Ryota and Tao swearing above Tao's friend in real-life and in the movie Ito Ono said that if she remembers correctly it was a BBQ-alliance they formed there, which means that there might be BBQ-gatherings now and then in the future. 

@ryotatao9495 Thank you for sharing the video. I like how Ryota's confessions are always so straight-forward because that's what Tao like :) I have noticed too when Tao gets asked about her personal preference regarding relationships that Ryota would either smile awkwardly or try to help her out. Like in this video when she was asked in what kind of way she would like to be confessed and he said: "That's a bit difficult to say it out loud." Like he feels nervous too regarding her situation, I don't know if I'm overanalyzing things though :tongue: 

I have also just heard that Tao and the other cast members and producer went to watch Gene's concert together. The fans who saw them said that Tao was very hyper. Wonder whether they performed "Love You More". If they did then she would be able to see that hand-movement again which she finds so mesmerizing. When Anikoma was mentioned Tao acted really shy and hid herself. She is so cute. I'm curious on what they talked about regarding the movie that made her so shy. The kissing scenes and intimate scenes?

Speaking of intimate scenes the scene at the church where Ryota lifts Tao up and she leaned in to him with their noses and forehead touching each others' that was suggested by Tao herself. The original script was that he lifts her up and then they kiss. But at the end it was: he spins her around and then he lifts her up, their noses touches each others' and then he let her down and that's when they kissed. 

I think the touching noses movement is very sweet so that was a good suggestion by Tao :) But it wouldn't hurt if there were two kisses in the church scene, one when he lifts her up and one when they are both on the ground :tongue: .

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@Transition BBQ-alliance hahah thats cute of them. It's also nice to know that they all went to Gene's concert together and Tao was hyper about it. Could sort of feel that she adores the idol side of Ryota for some reason ;u; When was the concert btw? 

The fact that Tao herself suggested to improvise that scene in the church, squeals!! Interesting! Its a little odd that Tao suggested that kind of sweet moment considering she has no dating experience but, she must have watched stuff and did some homework or smtg ;-) I heard that there are 2 (lips) kiss scenes btwn Haruka and Setoka in the movie, any idea if it's true? 

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@marchingfishes The cast went to the concert yesterday and there will be one more concert tonight at the same arena. Fans who saw them said that all of them except the producer wore the t-shirt and towels of Mad Cyclone (the name of Gene's concert tour), like all the other fans. So cute.Tao and Yudai has actually been to their concert before (which ryotatao9495 has mentioned once). They went to support Ryota last year too.  Sora was the 2nd last song that was performed last night and the members reenacted the important scenes in the movie such as kissing the neck. Haha, that's probably why Tao felt shy and hid herself.

You are right. I have also heard that there are two kissing scenes between Haruka and Setoka in the movie. Regarding the scene where their noses and forehead are touching each others' Tao explained in her IG that it was a feeling that she herself and the Setoka in her mind would like to express. A mix of memories from when they were kids, from the time they started to get to know each other till now and also the anticipation of their future. She hopes that she has been able to convey those feelings through this scene. She also said what she remembers from the filming of that scene was that she was very nervous. If Tao was nervous then I believe Ryota's nervousness was N times more considering it was his first on-screen kiss :tongue:.

Ryota and the producer mentioned at the stage-greeting two days ago that the rubbing/touching nose movement is something Setoka and Haruka always did when they were younger so that's probably what Tao meant about memories from the past. As for the future she probably meant that the kiss afterwards means that they now know that their feelings are mutual and they are therefore ready to accept each other as lovers. 

I forgot to answer your question about the child actors' name. The child who played Haruka is called Towa Araki 荒木飞羽 and the girl who played Setoka is called Seishi Naho 横沟奈帆

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I have just heard that the pre-order of the DVD/blu-ray will start in September/October so the official release should be not too far away, hopefully in December. 

Tao has finished filming My Little Monster and is now going to film a new manga-adapted movie called Kasane. It has a dark theme where the two female leads will be switching faces so Tao will be playing two characters but her original character will be Nina (the beautiful one) whereas the other actress Kyoko Yoshine will play Kasane, the ugly one. Except for these two female characters there will be a guy who Nina has a crush on and who she apparently shares a lot of kisses with. I know the chance is slim but it would be nice to see Ryota and Tao collaborating again. 

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  • Transition changed the title to [Official] Katayose Ryota & Tsuchiya Tao (RyoTao | 涼太鳳) - Anikoma couple (real-life couple)

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