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[Official] Katayose Ryota & Tsuchiya Tao (RyoTao | 涼太鳳) - Anikoma couple (real-life couple)


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Sorry for not posting for so long. I had a cold that made me very tired so I haven't been able to work either and have basically only eaten and slept these past 1-2 weeks. I'm feeling better now though :)


@setokaonii Thank you for sharing the news clips of RyoTao's marriage! It makes me happy too watching them. Also whenever they call them husband-wife in news clips and articles. Thank you for sharing the magazine interview with Ryota! I think it is natural too for couples who were first friends to continue calling each other by first name. My husband and I call each other by first name too. 


Thank you for sharing the link of Tao in Australia! It has been a while since I watched Tao in a variety show. She seems different (in a good way). She seems more confident and doesn't get "lost" in words often like she used to do :p

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Aw. This is so cute. Komatsu Nana and Suda Masaki were on Paris fashion week together. Nana introduced Masaki as her husband :)




I don't expect to see RyoTao together on any fashion events (since I don't think they usually go to those?) but it would be nice to see them appear as a married couple sometime in the future like for a magazine or something like Eikura Nana and Kaku Kento. 

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@Transition No, you don't have to say sorry. No worries. I hope you are feeling better now. Please take care of your health.


Thank you for sharing the video of Nana Komatsu and Suda Masaki on Paris fashion week. Aww, so Nana introduced her husband, Suda Masaki to the other person. Me too, I think it's imposibble to see RyoTao together on any fashion events but I would love to see them appear in any programme or tv shows or perhaps working together in movie/drama (Although I know it will never happen especially since they have announced their marriage). Any directors please choose RyoTao as your main casts of your project. A story of their love story would be a good idea for a movie/drama. Lol see I'm still hoping. Kawai kantoku onegaii.


Btw, I have made this short FMV which summarize RyoTao's love story. I haven't done this kind of video in a while, sorry for the imperfections. 



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@setokaonii Thank you! I'm better now. :)


Thanks for sharing your video! I think you did a good job summarizing RyoTao's love story. I like the song you chose too. 


Tao and her siblings had dinner yesterday with the music producer for her short film. Netizens noticed that Tao had a diamond ring on her left ringfinger in the picture. It is most likely her wedding ring. :) Wonder why Japanese artists don't wear their wedding rings on events? I understand that they have to take it off during filming or concerts but I don't understand why they can't have them on when they are themselves or when there is minimal risk of losing it due to singing/dancing? Tao and Ryota and other artists haven't been seen wearing their wedding ring on events (of what I have noticed). Except for maybe Akira from Exile The Second. 





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