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[Official] Katayose Ryota & Tsuchiya Tao (RyoTao | 涼太鳳) - Anikoma couple (real-life couple)


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Name: 片寄涼太 (かたよせ りょうた)

Name (romaji): Katayose Ryota

Profession: Singer, Dancer, Actor

Birthdate: 1994-Aug-29 (age 29)

Birthplace: Osaka, Japan

Height: 183 cm

Star sign: Virgo

Blood type: AB

Family: Wife (Tsuchiya Tao 土屋太鳳), a child and parents

Talent agency: LDH


Name: 土屋太鳳 (つちや たお)

Name (romaji): Tsuchiya Tao

Profession: Actress 

Birthdate: 1995-Feb-03 (age 29)

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Height: 155 cm

Star sign: Aquarius

Blood type: O

Family: Husband (Katayose Ryota 片寄涼太), a child, parents, elder sister Tsuchiya Honoka (土屋炎伽) and younger brother/actor Tsuchiya Shinba (土屋神葉)

Talent agency: Sony Music Artists Inc.


Ani ni Aisaresugite Komattemasu (Drama & Movie)



Credit: Hazukii02


Anikoma (movie) with English subtitles


Timeline of their moments



(Sometime during spring or summer 2016) Tao and Yudai came to watch Generations' Speedster concert live

(June or July)  Rehearsal for Anikoma                 (Ryota,Takuya,Sugino,Ito)

(Aug) Script-reading with Ryota, Tao and Yudai and the rest of the cast
(12th of Aug) filming started           (Ryota,Chiba)
(15th of Aug) filming started               (Tao)
(8th of Sep)   HiGH&LOW THE LIVE   (Tao,Chiba)
(19th of Sep)  Announcement of Anikoma

(Sep) Drama wrapped up
(11th of Oct)  Filming wrapped up       (Tao,Ryota)

(21st of Oct) Anikoma team had a party and they celebrated the date of Anikoma movie to be released. 
(28th of Nov)    Published of wrapped up scene
(8th of Dec)       SPEEDSTER                    (Tao) She could see last 2 songs.

(December) Tao sent flowers to wish Generations' good luck at their concert.



(April) Okinawa festival 

(12 April-10 May) Anikoma drama airing on NTV

(April-June) Promotions and pre-screening of Anikoma

(30th of June) Premiere of Anikoma the movie

(July-Aug) Stage-greetings

(2nd of Aug) Tao and the Anikoma cast went to support Ryota at Generations' Mad Cyclone concert

(8th of Aug)   Super Trans NIPPON Express(Ryota,Chiba,Sugino)

(21st of October) Ryota, Tao and Yosuke came to support Yudai's stage-play



(3th of January) Anikoma released Online

(6th of January) Ryota sent flowers to Tao on the first day of Pluto. 

(10th of January) Ryota watched Tao's stage-play Pluto. 

(2nd of August) Tao sent flowers to Ryota for Generations' first Dome Tour in Tokyo. 



March & October - Tao and Ryota were on "Shibuya Note". Tao was a temporary host.



(1 st of January)

Ryota and Tao announced on their respective social media accounts that they are getting married and are expecting their first child together.


(29th of August)

Ryota and Tao announced the birth of their first child.


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Ryota's letter to Tao:

Although you are always saying that you are really happy that the role as "Onii" was played by me but in my heart Tao is the only choice for Setoka. At the stage-greetings and during filming you always asked if it was okay for you to act the role as Setoka but it is exactly because you are Setoka that I could become this kind of Onii. Whenever Tao-chan feels uneasy, worried or troubled Onii (I) will be by your side, to lead you, protect you and feel troubled together with you. Everything will be okay. Setoka, Tao-chan, congratulations for the premiere!

/Onii - Ryota Katayose

Tao's letter to Ryota:

Calling you onii (brother) was a mistake, if I didn't ask you back then if I could call you onii how good would that have been? Because by just calling you that right now I can barely hold back my tears. It has been tough for you this past year. Onii has been worrying if there's problem with his acting, but I don't think there's, none of us think so. Although there's a lot of actors with good acting skills and talents but they aren't onii and can't become onii either because onii is onii. During the promotion period onii had everything within his grasp. Although I'm billed as leading but the real leader is onii. Bringing everyone laughter and happiness is also onii. I can't count how many times onii's "Everything is fine" has saved me at times when I felt helpless and when my mind went blank. Hereafter, I'm sure onii will have an even better development in all sort of fields. 


As for Tao's letter, I think it is touching but what caught my attention was how she mentioned that Ryota's "Everything is fine" made her overcome her problems.

During one of the interviews there was a host who asked her what kind of things that guys say that would make her heart flutter. She was a bit shy and just answered at first that what is most important isn't what that person says but rather who that person is. Ryota was smiling a bit awkwardly during the time that Tao was asked this question (at 1:06 in the video clip below).

Credit: おもしろチャンネル

Afterwards she said it should be "Everything is fine". She explained that she is someone who worries about things quite often so if a guy says that to her she would feel at ease/safe.

At one of the interviews for P&JK (another movie of hers) she also said she would like to meet a guy who would say those words to her.  

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Credit: oricon

Ryota is the one who came up with the play. It took him two days :tongue: He and Tao are third year high-school students. They like each other but they aren't dating. 

Setting: Festival

Tao: Wow, there's a lot of people here!

Ryota: Hold my hand so you won't get lost (*reaches out to Tao*). So you have chosen an university you would like to study at?

Tao: Yes, Anikoma university.

Ryota: I have chosen my own path too. I'm going to study abroad.

Tao: Study abroad?

Ryota: Yes. So we can't meet each other anymore...I don't want to see you again either as a friend, because when we meet again you would have already become my girlfriend (*touches Tao's head*). 

Tao was asked about her outfit. She explained that the top is the same as the one she wore during the scene at the car with Chiba Yudai and the skirt is similar to the one that Ryota had chosen to her before. She remembered that he had said he liked those kind of skirts on girls. 

Here's the skirt Tao was referring to. Ryota and Tao were asked to choose clothes for each other and they chose these:


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Tao and Ryota seem to be very serious and cautious regarding relationships. Till now Tao hasn't dated anyone before. During her school days she thought students shouldn't date and when she grew older she didn't want to start dating until she has become an outstanding actress. When she turned 20 in 2015 she had a change of mind and started thinking if having some dating experience would help her come closer to her goal. She then listed three requirements that she wanted her future boyfriend to fulfill 1) he has to meet her parents first before they can start dating 2) they can't contact each other during work and 3) they should go home according to time. After she has listed them she asked if she was being too strict and harsh. She thinks it would be hard to find someone who would agree to those. Tao has said that she is slow when it comes to these things so she would want a straight-forward confession.

As for Ryota, he revealed in a recent show that he hasn't dated in 8 years so he has forgotten how it feels like. The last time he went to a date with a girl was when he was 14 years old. He has disclosed before that he is someone who is very loyal and who has only eyes for the one he likes. There are quite a few interviews where he was asked about his ideal girlfriend. He said he likes girls who can take care of people, even if there's a lot of them. He gave an example that she would know how to divide salad evenly to all the people. Coincidentally, he has mentioned before that Tao would make her own salad on set. In the same interview when he was asked what he thinks about Tao. He said she knows how to take care of people, is very polite and is even more mature than him in some aspects. So it seems like she matches his criteria. 

Tao has expressed that she admires Ryota very much. She said "No matter if it is when he is acting or when he is on set, his actions and words are really like an elder brother. He treats all the staff and actors, including me who is acting as his younger sister, very well. He knows a lot of things that I don't, and he would also patiently teach me those. When I was filming he would always support and help me silently. Even though this is a comedy he would still put a lot of effort on his character. He seems like a very reliable man. If I would date someone, I would definitely want to date onii."



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Here's the clip where Ryota said he hasn't dated for 8 years.

It is around 29:20


No wonder Ryota seemed so shy when filming initimate scenes. He even asked Alan for advice for the kissing scenes. 

Here's a new trailer for Anikoma movie. It shows a lot of new scenes that haven't been shown before. For those who don't want to see spoilers it is best to avoid this :tongue:

Credit: moviecollectionjp



Setoka: I took for granted that I would always be able to be together with brother but for the first time did I realize that there would be a day where brother and sister would separate.

Haruka: Please hurry up and fall in love with me.

Haruka: Let's elope together.

Takane: You have fallen in love with your little sister.

Haruka: I have not fallen in love with my little sister. I have fallen in love with Setoka.

Haruka (hugs Setoka): I don't want to let anyone else have you.

Takane: Setoka, I like you.

Setoka (bows): I'm sorry.

Haruka (turns to face Setoka): I...

At the church

Haruka: If Setoka is happy/blissful I would continue to be her brother.

Takane: There's someone else in your heart other than me.

Setoka: Such things...

Takane: It is possible!

Setoka (holds Haruka's arm): Answer me brother!

Haruka: Don't make my little sister cry again.

Setoka: Thank you brother.

Haruka: Setoka, I love you.

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Latest video clip posted on the official account of anikoma. I noticed that a lot of people commented on how close Ryota was leaning in to Tao. 

Btw, Ryota has said he has hair fetish. He likes girls with nice long hair (healthy hair) and especially when it is swept to one side. 

I don't know if it is just coincidence or if Tao knows about this because her hairstyle is similar to Ryota's description. I mean she did wear a jeans-skirt on purpose because Ryota has said before he liked that kind of clothes on girls. The theme of the last stage-greeting was summer date so I think Tao has been putting some thoughts on her look for that occasion. 


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I'm very surprise that Ryota hasn't dated with anyone since he 14 years old. It is too difficult, can't believe that a boy can be single too long. And so, it means Ryota is single now? :(((( when did they join this show? I don't ask the day this show was public, tv show use to complete before some days, Maybe a long time untill the day it public on TV. I think Ryota can't say about his status now (if he is dating someone), so he only said about 8 years ago.

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I'm not sure either when the show was recorded but it should be sometime between May-July since his hair was longer earlier this year and he just cut it shorter a week ago. 

Yes, it is rare nowadays for guys to stay single for so long. That's why I think he is someone who is very serious when it comes to love and who would like his next relationship to lead to marriage. The same goes to Tao. 

Here's a video I have posted before. 


Tao revealed some unknown things about Ryota in this show. She jokingly said he is a handsome guy but surprisingly he is a bit weird. He doesn't know how to start the stove although it is at his own home. He also gets really happy when he finds matching socks (he has many socks of the same colour but of different style). She also asked him if he can stop calling her a baby in interviews. :tongue: Tao seems to have read his interviews. 

Ryota revealed that Tao herself is quite weird too. She has been asked a few times by hosts how it feels like to be surrounded by handsome guys and she once said she is going to save this video to show it to her children and grandchildren in the future. 

Although Ryota and Tao aren't dating at least they are both single and they seem close enough to hang out on their spare-time and at his home too. The clip above indicates that Tao has been to his home before. They also have similar interest, they like food, piano, dance and visiting shrines and temples. So who knows, maybe their friendship can develop to something more. 


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I think this show was on before June, because his hair was different in June. 

If they aren't dating together, it will be ok, no problem. But I hope they will date in the future, or at least they are BFF, brother sister.

I think Ryota's answers was not mean he isn't dating now. He is too young & he becomes to famous after Anikoma. He can't say that he is in love with anyone, and If he said he is dating now, everyone will regard Tao with suspicion, so Ryota want to protect Tao like his words in letter for Tao. Because almost fans think Ryota & Tao have something Over friendship now. 

And, I really think they started to date since June or July, base on their reactions & action LOL

Not because I am a shipper, But Ryota always makes me think he really loves Tao, and want to public  his Love for Tao. But he worries that Tao will have troubles. 

Not similar with girls, When a boy is in Love, very easy to realize his Love for a girl. Ryota has 80% Signals of a boy in love. And Since he debut, He is only close and does those actions with Tao. Ryota is really a shy boy with girls. 


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You are not the only one. I have read that some fans think that there's something going on between them because Ryota has revealed some things unconsciously in interviews. I think they are referring to how his description of his ideal girl matches Tao well, that he mentions he would like his girlfriend to be like this and that and then when he is asked about how Tao is then he would use exact those words to describe her. They have also noticed that he was always vague and kind of wanted to dodge the question before but now his description is becoming more concrete and detailed, which makes them think that he either has a girlfriend now or likes someone. He would also mention Tao when the question doesn't have any connection to her, for example when he was asked about his ideal dating place he mentioned that Tao went to Kyoto and he would like to visit that place too. The fans also think the letters and how both Ryota and Tao seem to emphasize so much on "Everything is fine" (daijoubu) is another hint. 

I have read another comment about this video where Tao did something she thought was embarassing and then she hid herself behind Ryota. The fan thinks that it is a natural reaction which you would only have if it is someone you feel  really comfortable with. 

Around 1:52

Credit: tommylemke

In this clip Ryota also called Tao just Tao, which a few fans reacted to, since only really close friends/boyfriend would call you by your name without honorific (without -san, -chan nor -kun)

At 1:20

Credit: JP shower

People have also noticed how Ryota seems especially shy around Tao and that he kind of avoids to look her in the eyes. The way Tao was looking at him when he held her hand and when he patted her head makes it seem like she likes him as well.

I don't know if we and the other fans are over-analyzing though but that's what we have noticed. As said before (at youtube), I think it is best to let things go naturally and hopefully if they do end up being a couple that they don't get exposed by the paparazzi until it is time for marriage :) 

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This is quite cute. A fan noticed how Ryota was pouting in this scene when Tao leaned in to him, as if he wanted a kiss from her. 


If you can't watch the gif. Here's the link to it 


The comments are quite funny. The top ones are "Don't forget that he hasn't touched a woman for 8 years." "He has been single for too long, so can't blame him."

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@thuyhoang62 Welcome to the thread! It is my pleasure to share news of RyotaxTao with you guys :) 

Here's the radio interview hosted by Ryota and his bandmate Hayato in which Tao and Chiba Yudai attended as guests to promote their movie Anikoma. Ryota and Yudai had a competition on who of them has the best qualities/manners of a super star. There was a part where the scenerio was that a hardcore fan would like to propose to them. How would they react? Tao played the role as a fan.

Tao: Katayose-san, please marry me!

Ryota (silent/stunned for a few seconds): Let's get married.

Begins at 13:55

Credit: エグザイル大好きチャンネル

Hayato then asked if it is like lying to fans if he said yes to all fans who propose to him. Ryota said he initially thought of just giving an answer quickly but because Tao seemed very sincere so he got confused and was stunned for a while. Hayota jokingly said he should have recorded that part. The fans who have heard this interview said Ryota probably said yes because it was Tao who asked him and that he unconsiously really considered her proposal. 

Another cute part is that they have said at the beginning that whoever loses will get a punishment from Tao. The punishment is that she has to flick her fingers on the arm of the guy who loses. So when Ryota lost Tao asked: "Can I come over now?" and then you could hear a quite loud sound of her fingers hitting Ryota. 

More pictures from the movie. Credits as marked.006zj0xygy1fhqbhi57sdj30zj0qo10q.jpg



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They're so cute together! OMG! I love them so much! 

Hope Tao will appear in the PV of Generation one day!

(Do you know what Chiba Yudai replied to Tao when she proposed in the radio interview?)



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