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Underrated Thai Series


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Hey everyone, I wanted to create a thread on underrated Thai series (not lakorn), since I've not noticed any here on Soompi, and would like discuss this with others here!

This topic idea stemmed from me watching a Thai series titled Love Rhythms The Series, i.e. ซีรีส์ Love Rhythms ตอน อยากจะร้องดังดัง. Watching this drama made me realise that even though this was pretty darn good - in terms of production value, acting, plot, etc. - it was really underrated when compared to other teen series such as the Secret Love series, to just raise an example (though other factors such as the inclusion of the BL theme & the availability of english subs, could have made it much more popular).

This then made me realise that there must be many other series that are equally underrated (if not more), and hence would like to bring this topic into discussion. Thus, are there any Thai series that you guys feel are underrated and deserve more attention than it is given? Feel free to share :).


Now for the underrated series that I want to share:

Title: Love Rhythms The Series | ซีรีส์ Love Rhythms ตอน อยากจะร้องดังดัง (2016)

A brief summary of the series: A student drama centred around Jo, his crush on his neighbour, his friends, and good Thai music from the early 2000's.

I honestly think it's one of the better Thai teen series that I've watched so far, in terms of production value, plot, cast chemistry and of course, music - though almost all Thai series have really good music. Some of you might recognise the some of cast members from The Underwear series. In a nutshell, it's a feel-good teen drama that revolves around friendship, relationships (kinda) and Thai music. While its plot might not be totally new (teens, music, aspirations of forming a band = Suckseed? Not exactly.), nor is it the most controversial, I have to say that it was pretty well-executed and possesses a certain sincerity and authenticity that I do not observe in many dramas. 


Episode 1: 


Note: I watched it without English subtitles and relied on my pretty basic understanding of the Thai language to understand what was happening in the episodes. (Thank god for all those LINE convos between the characters!). Plus, the plot is pretty straightforward so while I might have missed out on the details of the characters' conversations, I could still understand the main gist of the series.

Lastly, and once again, if any of you know of any underrated Thai series and want to share it, be my guest :).

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